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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: Hi! Idk if your requests are open but imma go for it: can you please do a Sebastian Smythe x reader thing where they are secretly dating because she’s in the New Directions and they wouldn’t approve? But she is the one that gets hit by the rock salt slushee and he gets all worried? You can go off from there! Thanks 

Word count: 1.678

A/N: Hi, sorry for the late post. I had no time in these weeks, unluckily. Anyways, I added some fluff at the end and I hope that you liked it. Honestly, I’m not happy how it turned out, but I had no clue on how to write it. I tried, though.

- G. x

Love is one of the most important things in your life. You’ve always dreamt of having a prince charming since you were still a little innocent child. You would always envy the Disney princesses and you would always ask your mum when was your prince charming going to arrive in your life. You were just so delightful at the thought of it and it caused you to be so thankful when your other half came into your life: Sebastian Smythe.

You loved the idea of having your boyfriend with you, but the situation became unbearable when the both of you had to hide your relationship from your friends.
Sebastian and you were both in a glee club, The Warblers and New Directions. It was just a shame that the two of you went in two different schools and your groups are always in competition, of course.

Sebastian was the leader of the Warblers and he was the most hated member, of course. He was a competitive person and he loved to annoy his opponents, provoking them with his unnecessary insults and ironic stupid jokes.

You found it hard to hide your relationship from your friends, because you couldn’t ask them for any advices or you couldn’t tell them how your date with Sebastian went. Sebastian forced you many times to reveal them your secret relationship, but you knew that your friends would just separate the two of you and they would never approve it. You loved Sebastian, but you loved your friends too and you just didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Kurt shouted your name and you finally turned your head to his side. “Finally, the others have already gone!” He rolled his eyes and you snorted for his actions. Kurt was your gay best friend and his mannerisms have always made you laugh, you never knew for what reason.  

“Sorry.” You finally apologized when you stopped crying and laughing at the same time. He knew the reason why you were laughing and he threw you his empty water bottle, dodging it perfectly. “What is it?”

“The Warblers are already in the auditorium. Let’s kick their asses and get this chaos done.” You laughed at his intensions as you stood up from your chair and you walked towards Kurt.

“C’mon and kick their asses.” You agreed smiling, thinking that you will see Sebastian any time soon.

You walked through the auditorium arm-in-arm with Kurt and you started thinking of the mess your boyfriend’s group creating once again. They were competing against your group at the regionals, but then you found out that both of the groups had the idea of doing a Michael Jackson song. Probably it was your fault, because you left your papers lying around your house messily, but there’s no way you are telling you them that fact.

“Oh, hey losers.” Your cheeky boyfriend looked at you and your best friend as you entered the auditorium. Kurt rolled his eyes once again and you gave him a playful death glare, him trying not to let out a laugh.

“Shut up, idiot.” Santana blurted out. “I think it’s time that I show you a little Lima Heights hospitality.”

“Unless you want to join your relatives in prison, that’s probably not the best idea.” He flashed her a flirty smirk and Santana crossed her arms furiously.

“Smythe, shut your filthy mouth.” You seriously said to him as you went near the auditorium stage. He crossed the line with that offense and he just rolled his eyes, letting you know that the fun has just started. “So why can’t we start fixing this mess?” You stood in the middle of the stage, having Sebastian behind you.

“I demand satisfaction in Warbler tradition.” Sebastian courageously challenged your group.

“Then let’s have a dual.” Kurt sassily answered Sebastian.

“Alright.” Sebastian confidently said, annoying your group members even more.

“We aren’t scared, Warblers.” Artie said as he rolled his wheels forward, nearing himself on the stage.

“You really think you’re that bad?” Sebastian smirked once again. “Is that what they teach you at that little public school of yours?”

“Let’s get it on.” Blaine then butted in, not minding what Sebastian has said, as the members of both groups went on the stage. People were divided in two big groups as the beat of Michael Jackson’s Bad started to be heard.

New Directions started to sing and dance with the Warblers and you didn’t mind that Sebastian dropped hints of you being together during your performance, also because your friends were busy on showing their best.

The most of the time, you were looking at your boyfriend’s eyes and you wanted to hug him in the middle of the song. You wanted to stop this battle between your group, because it was hard to pretend that you both hated each other and
Sebastian needed to moderate his words, because he really offended people with his sass.

You then lost Sebastian’s gaze, realizing that Kurt pulled you further and he blocked your way from Sebastian. You knew that he noticed the tension between you and Sebastian and he tried to protect you, even though you knew that Sebastian would never hurt you.

You then noticed Sebastian taking out a large white paper cup from a brown paper bag. You corrugated your forehead and you started to walk fast towards him, bumping people when you needed to. You knew that Sebastian could play dirty sometimes and you wanted to stop whatever his plans were.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Kurt shouting, but suddenly the song’s beat faded and you felt a cold and stinging liquid running down your face.

You shouted for pain and sting that you were feeling on your face.

“(Y/N)!” Your friends shouted your name.

You were about to fall on the ground, when you felt two familiar strong arms catch your weak body. You couldn’t see anything and you heard nothing, except for your sharp shouts.

“Fuck, Smythe!” You then heard Kurt, anger in his voice.

“You’re paying for this, Smythe.” You heard Santana’s sassiness. The next thing you heard was that your friends were blaming Sebastian because of what happened.

“Quiet, losers!” You then heard your boyfriend’s loud voice. “(Y/N), are you okay?”

“I can’t see and my face stings, Smythe!” You bitterly answered him. How could he ask a question like that when he obviously knew the answer?

“I am sorry,” You sensed the sadness and the regret from his voice. “it was my fault.”

“I knew it was yours, douche.” You answered him sassily, still bearing with the pain.

“Can you open your eyes?” It was Artie’s voice.

“No, don’t! It had rock salt in it.” Sebastian worriedly answered. You felt him wiping your sticky cheeks and you felt cold when the ice went inside your shirt. Your face was still stinging but the pain was bearable than before. “I’m really sorry.”

“You better be, Fievel.” I then felt someone’s hands held my forearm. “Let her go now.”

“No, I’m bringing her to the hospital,” Sebastian protested. “Whether you like it or not.”

“You hurt her.” Santana fought back, still having her hands holding your forearm. “She’s not safe with you.”

“It wasn’t meant for her, it was meant for your loser friend, Kurt.” Sebastian replied harshly. While your friends and your boyfriend were busy on discussing of what happened, you silently thought of how everything happened. The insults that your boyfriend was receiving from your friends just flew across your ears.

“Seb, I am cold.” You suddenly felt cold and you tightened your grip on your boyfriend’s arms. You felt him wrapping his arms around your cold body and you enjoyed the warm temperature that his body gave you, as you heard your friends commenting of how you called him and, obviously, for his gesture.

You were angry at Sebastian for his stupid and brainless actions, but you knew that he was regretting it and it wasn’t meant for you. He did something wrong, of course, and you are not tolerating him once you get better, but he was by your side, worrying. He cared for you and you knew that he always did, even after all those playful insults he told you in front of your friends.

“I’m bringing you to the hospital now, mon bébé.” You massacred your lower lip with your white teeth when you heard how he called you in front of your friends. “Don’t worry, okay?”

“Mon bébé?!” Your friends shouted in unison.

“Oui, mon bébé!” Sebastian confirmed that you two were in a relationship and you heard your friends talking about it. You then felt Sebastian carrying you in a bridal style, assuming that he was finally bringing you to the hospital.

“I’m sorry, love.” You heard him say, noises weren’t heard anymore as the cold breeze of the outside air hit your freezing cold body.

“Asshole.” You playfully insulted him and you laughed afterwards.

“Okay, I deserved that.” He let out a giggle as he put you on his car’s passenger seat.

“You better know it.” You pouted and he let out another giggle.

“Stay still.” You did what he told you to do and you heard the car’s door slammed.

“I love you, (Y/N)!” He sweetly said as he caressed your sweet and red cheeks.

“You’re not buying my love just like that, Smythe, even though you’re worrying for me.” You didn’t hear him talk for awhile, but then you laughed out loud. “You’re in serious troubles.”

“I know.” He shortly answered.

“And I love you too.” You then smiled at him and you felt his warm lips touched your sticky and sweet forehead.

“I know that too.” You both snorted as he started his car.

You knew that Sebastian was an asshole, but you loved him just like that. He never meant to hurt you, but whenever he did, even though it was an accident, he was always by your side and he will never leave you, not even after he accidentally revealed your secret relationship.

After Nationals

Request: Hey there! All good? I was wondering if you could a Seb fic where there’s a party after nationals (you can choose which glee club won; the reader in part of new directions) and all the glee clubs that were competing were there. And the reader is dating Seb but no one knows, so all night he has to watch her dancing with other people until a romantic song comes up and he’s like “screw it!” And leads her to the dance floor and its all fluuuuffyyyy?! 😍😍😍 I hope you can! Take your time, thanks xx

Notes: So, I’m actually pretty happy with this fic and how it turned out, there are some points where Sebastian says stuff I don’t normally associate with him, but I’m still happy with it, I hope you guys will be, too. 

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Author Spotlight: neverhaveieverbooks day 4

Time to rec other people’s fics and this has some delicious favourites.

Day 4: Recs!

1.    The OSU!Verse by Judearaya.

Favorite Quote: “Blaine is damn sure he isn’t going to figure this out in a dirty bathroom stall in a terrible club; He’s positive he wants more than a few minutes with Kurt, more than just a quick spark.  The way he’s feeling, Blaine wants a whole fucking bonfire, and whether or not he gets that with Kurt is not really in his hands right now. Blaine knows if he goes with Kurt now, it’s all this will ever be, just snapping light in the darkness, extinguished before he ever really felt the warmth.”

This fic is angst-y, dark, romantic and delicious.  An AU which starts with Blaine in an abusive relationship with another man, the plot follows the two through meeting in a college gay bar, becoming friends, and eventually becoming a couple.  Even when you think you’ve gotten past all the sad stuff because they get together, Jude pulls them both back through old nightmares and destructive habits until the very end. Tear-jerking but so satisfying.

2.     Postcards by GSJWrites

Favorite Quote: “Blaine logged off Skype and smirked with self-congratulatory pride. Kurt Hummel may often zig when Blaine expected him to zag, but on some matters, Kurt was utterly predictable. And one of those included soft, well-worn blue jeans and a lack of underwear. He elicited exactly the response he was looking for. Not just the fact that they had just had one of their most intense Skype sessions ever—and they had a few to choose from—but because he thought he saw Kurt’s walls begin to chip, just a little. Soon he would engage in a full-on romantic assault in order to get those barriers to buckle and cave. Because Blaine Anderson was indeed a man with a plan, a plan that he knew had been brilliantly executed this evening. He dipped into the jar for a last fingerful of peanut butter and headed to the shower.”

GSJWrites is best known for her epic wine country story, Sotto Voce, but even though this fic is less well known, we love it. Postcards was written mid –series but a lot of it feels awfully true to canon even now. We love how GSJ shifts the couple’s focus from New York to Los Angeles in a way that is realistic and then how she describes both Blaine’s desire to have more than he thinks he can and Kurt’s fear that he is losing everything he always wanted. Long distance creates miscommunication and yearning. A great story.

3.    Being Kurt Hummel by flaming_muse.

Favorite Quote: “Over the summer Blaine learns that Kurt likes it when Blaine picks him up for a special night out with no explanation of what they’re going to do besides how to dress, dances with him under the stars, and presses hundreds of soft kisses along his fingers and the palm of his hand. Kurt learns that Blaine likes it when Kurt picks out duets for them to sing together, wears anything with short sleeves, and ends up on top when they’re making out.”

This author has written 166 Glee fanfics, and it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite, but this one-shot sketch is honest and raw and so cleverly gets into Kurt’s head that you can’t put it down. Less of a story than a history of how Kurt feels growing up, being bullied when he’s younger, figuring out that he’s gay, what that means to him and to the world around him, and how he ultimately accepts his sexuality, told in a unflinching yet sympathetic way. Even falling in love is not enough to drive out all of Kurt’s fear and self-doubt. He has to come to terms with how he wants to approach sex slowly and carefully, in a way that most young people don’t have to struggle with. Luckily Blaine is there to help.

And for those days you don’t have time to read anything long:

4.    Ornithology by flickerthenflare

Favorite Quote: “’You look at me like you want me. I like that. I’ve missed that.’ “I want more than a moment.’ Blaine looks at him quizzically. ‘After the cat gets the canary, then what?’ Kurt asks. Kurt has not worked to win Blaine back for just a moment.”

We always look for flicker’s work and this little piece about birds and how Kurt thinks Blaine has been different birds throughout their relationship (a warbler, a canary, a blackbird a phoenix) is sweet and sensitive.

5.    Show and Tell and Drunk History, Vol. 206 by skivvysupreme.

Favorite Quote: “’I can’t tell you suff-suffis—suf-fi-ciently. I can’t. ‘Cause it’s too much. And I know you love me like that too but you can ackshully—act-u-ally say it right. So the only way I can tell you is if I show you, but I can’t show you ‘cause I can’t fuck you’ cause I’m too drunk and I’m just…’ At a loss for anything else to say, Kurt sighs. ‘You can do that, too. That thing with your eyes. The hearts. I can’t. I can’t do any of that and you need to know.’”

Two short one shots featuring Drunk!Kurt which are so funny and spot-on we can’t decide which to pick. Skivvy’s Kurt gets maudlin, emotional and all kinds of hysterical when he drinks and you don’t want to miss it, trust us.

Fic: All That Bird Talk: Five Times Blaine Anderson Talks About Sex

Words: 5800

Rating: R-ish

Summary: Blaine growing up in five conversations about sex.  Canon compliant from early!klaine right through to our American Boys hanging out in their loft.

All That Bird Talk


Blaine is pretty sure he knows how to talk about sex. He just hasn’t really had the opportunity yet.

Despite wishing the world could just get the whole gay thing, and despite having a moment of drunken confusion, Blaine has always been proud. He likes boys and if his friends and his school and his health class weren’t going to talk to him about it, then he was going to educate himself. Yes, there were those websites. But there were also some websites that were factual, informative and all around great resources - Planned Parenthood had a teen sex info website, the lgbt youth line website had a myths and reality page all about sex. And Blaine had read them all. Twenty-three times.

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A Different Kind of 'BF'

He didn’t realize that becoming Blaine’s boyfriend meant that he can no longer be his best friend.

Early!Klaine 1600 words. AO3

Their first fight shouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is. It’s stupid, or at least it starts off as stupid. Blaine has to cancel one of their dates because Trent has a last-minute audition and needs help. It’s not like it is a super important date, just a night out at Breadstyx, something they can do anytime. Still, Kurt pouts and Blaine takes it too seriously, and then suddenly, they are fighting.

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Fic: Glitter and Spice

A few months ago, dressedupinlights and I set up a giveaway to thank our followers. The winners earned themselves fic and art based on the ship and scenario of their choice. Congratulations our second winner, watercoloredroses and thanks for giving us the chance to play with jealous!Kurtbastian and some bonus Elliott being very very Elliott

Thank you to iaminarage for the awesome beta! 


“So, how was he?”

Kurt takes a second to find the voice as he enters their apartment. He’d expected Sebastian to be home, but he’d also expected a hug or a smile when he arrived. He certainly hadn’t expected to find his boyfriend slouched into the couch and glaring over a copy of Harper’s Magazine.

“Um.” Kurt drops his suitcase and cocks his head at the man now hiding behind a picture of Barack Obama. “Hello to you too, Sebastian. It is nice to be home after fifteen weeks in New York City. And how are you?”

Sebastian lowers the magazine just far enough so that Kurt can see him roll his eyes. “I’m probably a lot less exhausted than you are.”

“Excuse me?’ Kurt can handle a pissy, irritated Sebastian. In fact, he’d consider himself an expert, but even the best Sebastian-handlers need context.

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Fic: Blue Period (Kurt/Blaine)

Notes: almost 4000 words of Blaine POV set mostly early in episode 6.08. There’s more talking than kissing and some looking back, which is maybe a good step for these boys.

This fits in before A Blue Sky (tumblr/AO3). I’m still trying to make sense of the wedding episode.

Thanks: To chiasmuslovesme, dontbefanci and tchrgleek


The apartment’s quiet. Blaine sits at the breakfast bar, among boxes and between the rainbow striped wall and floor. He sips lavender and honey iced tea. He’s trying out some simple floral infusions in preparation for Summer. The silence still feels odd, like there’s a stranger in the room. This is the first time Blaine’s lived alone. He moved between his parents and Kurt and friends and Kurt and his parents and Dave. For a brief time he lived with Lara and Matteo from stage combat class. He didn’t know them well, but they had a spare room and no one can afford to pay New York City rent while spectacularly failing out of theater school.

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Fic: NYU

“I’m going back to NYADA and Blaine is really excited because he just got into NYU for next semester. So we get to start over again.“

Because this deserves more. Fillers from 6x01, 6x05, 6x10, 6x11 to help explain the process of one Blaine Anderson-Hummel.

Kurt pesters Rachel for answers in his first few days back at McKinley. He tries to be subtle, nonchalantly bringing up questions while sorting through music.

“Soooo, Blaine’s gig at Dalton…did he mention if that was a permanent thing, oorrr…?”

Rachel turns and throws him a side eye after catching his fake-nonchalance for the eighth time that day.

“If you’re trying to fish for the inside scoop on the life of Blaine Anderson, you’re not going to get it from me. I’ve already committed to setting up a meeting with you two.”

She jabs him in the chest to prove her point, and Kurt sighs in defeat, “I’m sorry, you’re right. I just, you know, want to make sure he’s doing okay. You know, financially and such.”

Rachel nods, tapping her stack of sheet music a few times on the piano, “Obviously. Well and besides if you really do want the dirty deets, all you have to do is go find some one with a big mouth.”

Kurt smirks and opens his mouth for a witty comeback but Rachel beats him, “haha I mean a bigger mouth than me.” Kurt smirks again, and she slaps his arm, “I mean Sam, for goddssake.”

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Fic: Song of Hope (Kurt/Blaine)

Kurt/Blaine honeymoon | ~900 words | PG-13/Teen & Up

Summary: On their honeymoon, Blaine tells Kurt he applied to NYU. Happy reaction fic to Glee 6x11 “We Built This Glee Club.”
Notes: Thanks to marauder-in-warblerland for the beta! In the United States, there’s often a lag time of a few months between when a person applies to a school and when they find out whether they got in. This story takes place during that lag time. Title from Styx’s “Come Sail Away.”

Also on AO3.

* * *

Song of Hope

Kurt and Blaine’s honeymoon is in Provincetown, but it feels so different from their daily lives that it might as well be on another planet. There’s nowhere they have to be, no song lists to plan, no jobs to go to, no classes to prepare for, no phone calls or texts to respond to. If they wanted, they could spend the whole day just gazing at each other and whispering I love you, with short breaks for meals and naps. It’s strange and beautiful to be like this, with no rush or hurry.

It gives them space to talk about the things that used to frighten them, and sometimes still do: their careers, children, where to live in the long-term – as well as a few things that are much more imminent.

“I want to go back to school,” Blaine says while they’re out on the beach at low tide, trying to skip stones across the water. They’re both terrible at it, but it doesn’t matter. The fun is in the trying.

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Whoops my hand slipped and I wrote some MPREG. Ahh, what a surprise. This is based off of 5x15 Bash, so TW: Assault (though I don’t get into any details as this is just a drabble and takes place AFTER the assault.) Kinda blangsty.

Years ago, Blaine Anderson’s worst fear was that his new friend Kurt would get hurt by someone at his school. The boy showed up at Dalton Academy in a particularly terrible excuse for a uniform trying to pass himself off as a new student and Blaine took him under his wing, despite being a little bit younger than the other guy. This intriguing stranger whose name Blaine later learned was Kurt came to the school to spy on the Warblers, but other than that, he was struggling with some serious bullying at his school. Blaine did his best to give some good advice to Kurt, hoping that his new friend wouldn’t have to deal with the awful shit he’d dealt with a little over a year before.

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anonymous asked:

hello there I was wondering if you had any good klaine/crisscolfer Soulmate!AU fic recs?

****We Compare Our Hearts To Things That Fly But Cannot Land by twivamp92 (Rated NC 17 -Complete) Soulmate!Klaine  This is a beautiful fic!! Haunting and tender.

****Expectation Fails by lilinas (Rated M - Complete - follow up link below)  In a D/s soulmate AU where the name of your soulmate appears on your wrist sometime during puberty, Kurt and Blaine are marked for each other. But Kurt, the dom, is a 16-year-old high school student and Blaine, the sub, is his 27-year-old history teacher.

Conjecture, Expectation & Surmise by Ilinas (Rated M - WIP) This is a follow-up (not a sequel) to Expectation Fails that fleshes out everyone’s reactions to discovering that Kurt & Blaine are soulmates. It begins right after Kurt & Blaine leave Principal Figgins’ office in EF and covers their first week of being “out.”

Star Crossed by beautifulwhatsyourhurry (Rated M - WIP) In a world where soul mates are myths and cliches, two boys turn the myth into reality. Kurt and Blaine have never met and never spoken. But when they fall head over heels in love after a single day, how can they explain that it’s all real to them and not just their young, hopeful hearts making it all up in their heads?

Etched Into My Skin by Anxiuossquirrel (Rated M - WIP) Across the world, names start appearing on people’s bodies; it hasn’t become a big news item yet, and no one really knows what they mean. Some time after Kurt transfers to Dalton, while he and Blaine are still platonic, they both wake up with their best friend’s name written somewhere on their body in the other’s handwriting. Soulmates AU.

Ace Of Cups by sundaysalvation (Rated NC17 - Complete)  Blaine Anderson never expected that the Kurt Hummel, newest fashion designer to rise to fame, was the same Kurt Hummel whose name was scarred across his palm. But they were soul mates, destined and determined to be together even through photographers, tabloid gossip and rumours.

Through The Eyes To Your Soul by LordTracySam (Rated PG13 - Complete) SoulmateAU. Story begins just prior to NBK. Blaine goes through a procedure to find his soulmate. The results aren’t quite what he was expecting.

Only A Name by Unshurtugal (Rated M - Complete) Soulmate!AU: Kurt and Blaine are activists part of a revolution where they ritualistically adopt aliases and wear wrist cuffs as to not reveal the names written there because they believe that people should fall in love the ‘natural way’. Little do they know they are each other’s true soulmate.

Chasing Your Love by framby (Rated M - Complete)In a world where the name of your soulmate appears on your body, Kurt’s mark is crossed after the death of his soulmate. Years later, what will happen when Kurt runs into someone who has the exact same name as his late soulmate?

A Lucky Man’s Charm by StarGleekBelle (Rated M - WIP) There are moments in life that stick with us, change us. And sometimes, those moments are so extraordinary that it all seems like a dream. But what happens when it isn’t a dream and is in fact, the most life changing moment of them all? (Soulmate/Famous Warblers AU)

As Long As It Takes by xxxraquelita (Rated PG13 - Complete) Soulmate!Klaine  There was a common thread that held the entire world together, a singular thought that infiltrated most minds more often than not until it reached fruition. Everyone had someone that was out there in the world waiting for them, someone they were destined to spend the rest of their lives with, and Blaine Anderson was no exception. Meeting his soul mate was a moment he’d been dreaming of and imagining ever since he was old enough to know he had one. It was a moment that he anticipated replaying over and over again in his mind — that first moment when he’d known. No matter how much he’d thought about it, read about it, dreamed about it, nothing could have prepared him for the actual moment itself.

Thaw Out My Love, Make Me Shiver bygoddessof_humor(Rated M - Complete) An accident when he was younger leaves sub Kurt unable to fully read his soulmark, a marking on the bottom of his foot that reveals the initials of his soulmate. When new student Blaine Anderson joins the ranks of McKinley, he sets out to make the icy Kurt his friend and eventually learns the why and how of one Kurt Hummel.

I Think I’m In Love by radishmusings (Rated M - WIP)

Everyone has a soulmate and kurt is a romantic, he dreamed his whole life about finding HIM.

What kurt didn’t think of was that his soulmate would be someone so unexpected he would turn his whole world upside down. Because kurt finds out that his soulmate is actually badboy Blaine Anderson!

But what kurt and the other people don’t know is that blaine is actually a sweetheart, too. Yes, he dress in leather, he rides a bike, he gets into fights and all the cliches, but the truth is he is willing to give everything to the people he loves. It’s just that nobody gave him a chance before and he uses that strong image to defend himself from the world.

Bad Connections by jory7elefant (Rated M - Complete) In a world where you know who your soul mate is by making eye contact with them, Kurt Hummel is about to get the shock of a lifetime. Badboy!Blaine. Kurt’s POV of my story Rainbow Connection, can be read alone!

Rainbow Connection by jory7elefant (Rated M - WIP) In a world where you know who your soul mate is by making eye contact with them, Blaine has given up on love…until he meets Kurt Hummel. Badboy!Blaine and Soulmate!Klaine. The Blaine POV of my story Bad Connection - can be read alone!

All For You by reidbetweentheelines (Rated T - Complete)

“Never be afraid to love.” Too bad Kurt never wants to find his soulmate, but sometimes fate has a funny way of doing the exact opposite of what you’d like. After the death of his father, Kurt moves to California to live with his cousin Nick Duval. A new state, new school, new family, and a Grammy nominated singer who wants nothing more than to find his soulmate.

Believe I’m Yours (Believe You’re Mine) by istytehcrawk (Rated M - Complete)

Soulmate!Klaine  In a world where pairs of people had started finding names written on their arms, Kurt Hummel was thriving in New York City, enjoying his job at a music charity and his relationship with his boyfriend. Then his new intern, Blaine, showed up and started talking about soulmates, sending Kurt’s life spinning into chaos.

Forever Feels Like Home by spinmybowtie (Rated M – WIP)

Kurt Hummel is a senior in college and he’s tired of waiting to meet his soulmate. He decides to take matters into his own hands by placing an ad in the newspaper. The response he gets is more than he could have ever imagined.




You Leave These Marks by drosophilase (Rated T - Complete) 6K one-shot

In a world where your soulmate is revealed by the first touch of their fingertips to your skin, Darren and Chris find each other.

A Lot Like You by nosenuzzling (Rated NC17 - Complete) Soul mate AU. Darren has been looking for his soul mate ever since the name first appeared on his palm. Chris doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know. But soul mates will always find each other in just the right time and right circumstance. Whether they want to or not.

8 times when Blaine tells Kurt he’s not being silly or stupid and 1 time when he doesn’t have to. 


“Hey, you!" 

"Hey!” Kurt greeted Blaine with the most honest smile Blaine had ever seen on him. He was positively bouncing as Blaine sat down opposite to him, obviously bursting with news. “Guess what?" 

"Patti LuPone moved to Lima?" 

Kurt squealed. "No. So much better!" 

"Better than Patti LuPone moving to Lima? Wow, now that’s…" 

"My dad and Carole are getting married!" 

Blaine paused as Kurt clapped his hands, clearly happier than what he had been in weeks. His eyes softened at the other boy’s excitement because for that moment, the default always slightly guarded expression had vanished. 

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Life and Death || Sebklaine

Things started to fall into place, relatively easily after all things considered. There were a few hiccups, which was to expected with 3 people living under one roof.  They all had their off days, time when they needed to be left alone but eventually, the three got into a good rhythm with each other. There was the added advantage that he was soul mates with one, and bound with another. It made their connections pretty solid. 

Sebastian had to really get used to the way that Kurt and Blaine were, everyday, as time went on. It wasn’t always about sex. It wasn’t always about making love and being intimate. Even though Kurt and Blaine touched each other at least once a day, even if it was some heavy grinding while they were making out, but they were still a couple. They would talk, laugh together, exchange stories, sing and play music together, read vogue while curled up next to each other and Blaine would listen to Kurt explain the dos and don'ts of every outfit he saw. 

Kurt and Blaine themselves had discovered they were actually able to have sex that didn’t involve half of the house falling down and neither party swapping to their sub/dom mode. It was a bit softer, intimate, small kisses were shared during, and the orgasms were a thousand times better. They usually ended up like this when Sebastian was out of the house, whether at Lacrosse practice, or at meetings with his father. Blaine would watch Kurt hop out of the bed once they were done, and walk slowly, sensually to the bathroom to wash his face, or clean up excess lube, because vampire or not, it was still sticky and uncomfortable, and the moment he returned they would both put on a pair of briefs, to try to limit their groping, and go back to whatever they were doing before they got turned on.  

One particular night, Sebastian walked in and his fangs automatically extended. The smell of sex was strong in the air, Blaine’s scent was overwhelming, and it made his mouth water. He kicked off his shoes, and walked slowly to the bedroom, only to see Kurt and Blaine in their boxer briefs, while Blaine was sitting up with a textbook in his hand, and Kurt was on his stomach, feet in the air, kicking them slightly,  notebook on the bed and pen twirling in his fingers.

“What I don’t understand is, if the author was trying to say he w—Oh. Hi Bas” Kurt grinned, his words causing Blaine to glance up and smile at Sebastian.

Stunned, Sebastian retracted his fangs and let out a small laugh “I can smell sex, and I find you doing homework”

“Kurt’s education is still important to me” Blaine said in that tone of voice that Sebastian had dubbed his teacher voice. 

With a groan, Sebastian stripped down to his boxers, which was how most of them stayed in the bedroom, the rest of the house they usually slipped the robe on, and moved to join them on the bed.  Kurt commented on Sebastian’s erection, making a small joke of how the other was turned on, and It wasn’t long before Blaine proceeded to jerk him off while giving Kurt pop quiz questions for him to answer. 

They had all dreaded the first Warbler meeting back after the competition. Blaine wasn’t even sure how to approach the topic. He wasn’t even sure it would be a topic for conversation. But of course, he should have guessed that it was one of the first things that was brought forward to the Warbler council. The big scandal. The big “Kurt and Sebastian” affair. 

“As you may have all heard, two of our own have been conducting themselves in a way that would hurt, and affected one of our fellow warblers. Two of our own have been heard in the middle of…  lewd acts, and it has come to the attention to a lot of us that this is not just limited to the privacy of hotel rooms, but within the walls of Dalton themselves. They have also been noted as kissing near the music room, and reports of… indecent acts near the chemistry labs”

“You can just say it was Kurt and I” Sebastian called out, bored, and leaning back on the sofa folding his arms. He, Kurt and Blaine were wedged in close, Blaine sitting in the middle and the boys either side of him. 

“Really? The chemistry labs as well?” Blaine raised his eyebrow at Kurt before he stood up, holding his hands out to quiet the room who had broken into an argument, those that didn’t care, and those that for some reason did.

“My fellow Warblers” Blaine said, slightly amused as he walked to the front of the room “While I certainly appreciate that you are looking out for me, I can assure you that whatever you have seen, heard or otherwise is no news, secret, or surprise to me”

Before Blaine could continue, another uproar started.

“Oh my gosh, you bunch of prudes shut up!” Blaine called out at the top of his lungs over everyone. He wasn’t used to not being heard, but then again not everyone was a submissive, or even if they were, they weren’t ‘his’ submissive and certainly didn’t have to listen. He began to try and explain, answering questions, disagreeing with points and comments, but after nearly 30 minutes of it, he grew annoyed, and frustrated.

“You know what, I have an easy way of answering this, and any further questions. Kurt and Sebastian, could you join me up here”

Blaine watched the confusion cross Kurt’s face, who looked absolutely mortified to begin with as he slowly got up and walked over. Sebastian was already up and walking, standing tall like he was about to receive an award.

“So. How about I say, Blazers off, roll your sleeves up,  and get into your most comfortable position”

Sebastian looked at Blaine quickly, eye’s wide, eyebrows almost at his hair line. Blaine knew he was asking a lot of Sebastian, not so much Kurt, but Sebastian, because was the other really prepared to present himself, as Blaine’s submissive, as Blaine’s progeny. Blaine nodded, giving him a reassuring smile which didn’t do a whole lot, his eyes searching Blaine’s frantically before he relaxed, giving a small nod as he slipped his blazer off, throwing it over the back of one of the chairs, rolling his sleeves up a bit until the black cuff was showing,  before moving beside Blaine, and slowly getting down onto his knees, almost curling up next to Blaine’s leg, like it was the most protective thing on the planet. 

Kurt watched Sebastian at first, looking at Blaine completely mortified. He wanted to tell Kurt that he didn’t expect him to knee, since Kurt wasn’t really the type to kneel and obey, he was … just Kurt. He tried to somehow tell him without words, giving him a small smile, nodding as well. Kurt eventually followed by taking his blazer off, rolling his sleeves up slowly, showing off the same black cuff which resulted in a few gasps,  but instead of kneeling he curled into Blaine’s side, his arm sliding behind Blaine’s back and Blaine throwing his arm around Kurt’s shoulders, pulling the other close.

They stayed like that for a few seconds, on display, like some kind of zoo exhibit before Blaine finally spoke up “My name is Mr. Blaine Anderson. Sire to Mr. Kurt Hummel, and Mr. Sebastian Smythe. We do not wish to be so public with this information, so this does not leave this room. Am I understood?”

The rest of the meeting was spent with a few people apologizing to the three, Trent mostly who was making sure they all knew he was doing it for the best intentions, and that he had been old friends with Blaine and didn’t want to see him hurt. A few apologized to Sebastian for assuming it was he that had manipulated Kurt,but he had taken a while to pull himself out of submode, and stayed pretty quiet for the rest of the meeting. 

The topic never came up again after that, and other than a few glances the next few meetings that was as far as it went. People spoke to Kurt and Sebastian as they had in the past. Hunter and Sebastian continued to be brats during Warbler rehearsals. Really, it all went back to normal except for the fact that everyone now knew that Blaine had been responsible for Sebastian all this time, and had neglected him. It made him feel like he needed to justify his answers, or, be such a good role model and sire now that no one would even remember that for the past few years Sebastian had been on his own while Blaine was so close he could almost touch him.

After that, routine’s just started to fall into place. Kurt was back at school, Blaine was teaching, Sebastian was only attending the classes he wanted while doing private study or whatever he wanted for the rest of the day until they could all meet up again. That wasn’t to say that several points during the day either boy would come to visit, especially Sebastian who seemed to have developed a new kink of crawling under Blaine’s desk and blowing him.
That’s why it was so surprising when Blaine walked into his English class, his eyes out of habit moving to where Kurt would be, only to see Sebastian sitting there, right next to Kurt.

“How nice of you to join us, Mr. Smythe” Blaine joked, without skipping a beat as he moved to place his bag down on his desk, since Sebastian had attended a total of zero classes the entire year, since he had done it last year. 

Something that Blaine did, everyday, during his first class, was write the date on the board in the top corner. Some students had been at Dalton for centuries, and it was easy to forget day, month, even year. He himself lost track of time, especially since he never really paid attention to the date even as he was writing it. It was just a habit.

Blaine moved his way to the board, rubbing out the date, not really looking at the board as he began to speak “We’re going to continue where we left off yesterday since we ran out of time, but I’d love to hear a few more examples on how Walcott uses poetic devices to convey the significance of the experience in whole” Blaine glanced up at the date, by mistake, it was just the flick of his eyes, but it resulted in Blaine freezing, his hand frozen on the last digit of the year, before the whiteboard marker dragged down slowly, making a loud squeaking noise, before the pen snapped in half, ink splattering on himself, his hands, and the board, before the only sound was the small plastic tub hitting the ground. 

He stood, looking at the digits as he read them over and over again, back and forth, back and forth. 

He heard the faint sound of someone asking him if he was ok, but it was muffled over the sudden high pitch ringing in his ears. He felt someone touch his back, and he jumped, startled before running out of the room. Blaine didn’t even run normally, he ran as the vampire in him would, something that he rarely did when it wasn’t a life or death situation. He wasn’t even sure where he was going. How could that be the date already? Was it really another year? Another year before everything had been taken from him? Another year before everything changed?

Blaine wasn’t even sure where he was going, but he just needed to hide, to get away. He knew Kurt would try and find him, or even Sebastian, and he needed to vanish from them too. He couldn’t look at them now. He couldn’t think that he did to them what … what 'she’ did to him. 

Eventually, Blaine returned home in the early morning, and was greeted by a bunch of questions and accusations. In his best way possible, Blaine tried to smooth it over, and even though he was sure Kurt didn’t believe that he was just having a “bad day”, the other eventually dropped it. 

But as the days went on, Blaine got worse. He wasn’t talking much. He was jumpy. When Sebastian or Kurt had tried to initiate sex, he made them perform for him as opposed to joining in, and most of the time they were so deep in lust they didn’t notice how he wasn’t paying attention. 

On the 3rd day. The day. Blaine avoided Dalton classes all together, instead he made his way slowly to the Dalton Graveyard. There were no bodies here, a few remains, but mostly personal items were buried as a place to mourn, and here, on this date, Blaine sat down at his sire’s grave and simply … stayed. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t even move. He just … stared. Because they were the same. 

He hadn’t understood her actions in the beginning. He blamed her, just as Kurt had. Exactly the same as Kurt had. 

He understood them now. 

Maybe he was quick to act.

 Maybe he was completely justified. 

But she had taken his life. 41 years ago, today, just before his birthday. A birthday he never got to celebrate. It should have been an exciting time of his life. Turning 21. Instead he spent his 21st in pain and craving human blood. Blaine hated his birthday, simply because he was never in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. He never told anyone anyway. What did it matter? No one took the time to be bothered by it anyway. 

… but he understood it now. Now that he had Kurt and Sebastian… he knew what he felt when it came to them. He knew what she would have felt, and he would have done the same.

Calm like a bomb || Klaine

Blaine had persuaded Kurt to give him 3 days. 3 days before heading back to Dalton. 3 days to get re-introduced to one another. 3 days to sort themselves out.

There was a lot that Blaine had to explain, and answer for, things he had done in his life, things he had done when he thought they were finished as a couple, and over the 3 days, he opened up to Kurt, more than he ever had. He wanted a clean slate, and he wanted to do everything right this time. He explained in depth the feelings, the emotions, the overall nature of their kind, and hoped to slowly ease Kurt into it. He told Kurt all he knew about his own sire, the way he felt when he broke that bond, and how they were never soul mates.  All the things he wanted to do before he turned Kurt.

Sure, it was a little late now, but he thought the gesture was still welcomed. He knew that Kurt was bored with it most of the time, he could feel the boredom in his own mind, but the other didn’t fight back much, though there was the occasional outbreak.

They had spent the entire first day, mostly nude, re-exploring each other’s bodies, only putting on a pair of pants when Kurt began to complain that the smell was too much that was wafting out of the other room. By the time Blaine had finished disposing of everything, and cleaning the room, he found Kurt curled up on his arm chair, with a book he’d found in the bookcase. None of the books were Blaine’s and the bookcase was there when he arrived, but just the image, the domesticated view of his boyfriend doing something as simple as reading a book, that made Blaine’s heart swell. It was in that moment, when Kurt glanced up, his wide blue eyes looking at Blaine, the small smile that pulled on his lips, that Blaine knew. He knew they were meant for each other. He knew that they would always be together. Thick or thin.

Kurt’s emotions were temperamental, but it had only taken a few times for Blaine to pick up the signs, to realise what was happening. Blaine however did begin to notice the stronger Kurt’s emotions,whether positive or negative, the more items began to fall over around them. At first, he thought it was coincidental, but after a while Blaine got suspicious. He knew that was something that they’d need to explore later, to see why it was happening, what was happening, and he’d need more proof that something that was, at best, circumstantial, if it was even related to Kurt, but he didn’t get long to dwell on it,  since there was a bigger issue going on in Blaine’s mind.  He could feel it. The pull on his throat. The dryness…and he was slowly coming to the realisation that Kurt was hungry. His anger was being steam rolled by his thirst. His poor boy was starving, but refused to eat. Blaine knew the feeling, of trying to be strong, of not succumbing to blood… he also knew how it affected his body. How painful it was. How irritated it made him.

Blaine tried to keep Kurt occupied, going for walks around the forest, keeping out of sight of people, playing with Kurt in a way that no human would be able to, playing with his speed, playing with his strength, realising in that moment that he used to get up to A LOT while Kurt would be asleep.  He was usually able to tidy up, do some work, and get himself ready, basically, being the best version of himself that he could be before Kurt would wake, but now Kurt was going to have to fill his own time, and Blaine was going to have to get used to not hiding anything from him. Kurt was here to see how weak Blaine got in the early morning as the sun would rise. He got to see when Blaine’s stubble would grow up. Got to see his hair, wild and curly. There would never be secrets. There would never be night time sadness where either was lonely. They shared the nights together now.

He knew it would be hard for the boy, especially while they were away from Dalton, since he knew inside those walls he would have friends to talk and hang out with, and a plethora of activities to fill his nights with, but while they were off campus he tried to make it easier.

It was by the second day that Blaine himself was growing hungry, after spending nearly 24 hours trying to get Kurt to drink. Kurt had been hand scrubbing his Dalton uniform since Blaine didn’t have a washing machine in the cabin when he made his way to the fridge to get a blood bag, not before pressing a small kiss to the back of Kurt’s neck on the way.

Maybe it was because he was hungry that he wasn’t thinking properly, but the moment he opened the bag, and brought it to his lips, Blaine could feel Kurt’s body when it took off in his direction. Blaine braced himself, quickly scooping Kurt up, lifting him off the ground, instead of falling backwards as the other tried to attack him, his hands frantically clawing at the blood bag.

“Easy… Baby, easy” Blaine coo’ed as he tried to get Kurt to stand up on his own feet, watching as Kurt bared his teeth at Blaine, eyes darting back and forth from Blaine, to the bag. Blaine stared back, watching how the vampire inside of Kurt submitted without any effort. The part of Kurt that clicked over seemed to register Blaine as the sire, and waited, like an obedient puppy… a very angry puppy who was snapping his teeth.

“Relax…Slowly” Blaine handed the bag over, as Kurt snatched it, messily drinking it, almost eating the plastic around it as he tried to get every drop out of it. Blaine simply watched, a little confused, but watched none-the-less, focused on his boyfriend. Once he was done he saw Kurt blinked a few times, confused, before looking down at his hands, dropping the bag and taking a step back from it.

“Wh… what happened?” Kurt spluttered.

Blaine smiled, giving a little shrug “You were hungry I guess. If you starve yourself enough, that, other side of you will take over. I know you don’t want to feed, and that’s ok, it’s your choice, but you can’t let yourself get this way at Dalton. If you can’t feed from a donor, then you’ll have to get used to blood bags” Blaine reached forward, using his thumb to wipe the edges of Kurt’s mouth “Also that was the last bag I had, so I’m going to have to hunt soon”

Once the third day arrived, Blaine was still hesitant. He had packed his belongings, doing a quick sweep of the cabin before meeting Kurt at the front door. He was immaculate in his Dalton uniform, hair perfect, body seeming to fill out the blazer better than ever to the point Blaine couldn’t help let his eyes drag down to Kurt’s backside, causing him to bite on his lips.

“If you’re quite done” Kurt turned his head, smirking at Blaine as the other quickly glanced up.

“You know, I don’t know if I like you being in my head” Blaine laughed as he walked over to the Kurt, pressing a small kiss on his lips. “So, we stick to the plan. You go first. You call an emergency Warbler meeting, you present yourself to them, and then you meet me at in the office. I’ll lead you from there to the elders”

Kurt had been gone for a few hours before Blaine even made his trip to Dalton. He’d thrown his luggage into his car though left it parked on the outskirts of the woods. He’d come back for it later, when he knew everything had been worked out.

The doors opened before Blaine had even approached them, as he quickly looked around to see who was watching as he made his way inside. Before he could even approach reception, the woman gestured her hand toward a second open door that Blaine moved towards, and waited, glancing down at his watch. Waiting for Kurt to arrive.

6x01 & 6x02 reaction; When home can no longer be a person, home means going back to your roots, back to where hearts can be rebuilt in the safety of familiarity. ao3

notes: guess who’s back! I am once again going to attempt to write a reaction for each episode (more accurately each night) of glee. we will see if college doesn’t shut down my drive to write this semester. please take note that dave karofsky will be involved in this and probably other reaction fics - I can’t just ignore that part of everything, nor do I want to.

“Hey, where are you goin’?” Burt calls from his chair. “It’s not even ten. Thought you were gonna be at that bar all night.”

“Not now, Dad,” Kurt says, avoiding his gaze as he passes. He’s well aware that his dad knows something’s up, but he’s also aware that he won’t press for information until Kurt’s willing to share. “Just need some time alone.”

“Alright. Just yell if you need me,” Burt says. Kurt nods and makes his way to his old bedroom. Well, not so much old anymore; it’s his own once again, at least for the time being. He hesitates before finally sitting down on the bed, worried for a moment that this, his decision to come back, had been all wrong.

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2x14 reaction fic; Kurt/Blaine; Words: 1560. A03.

When Blaine came out of the restroom at the Lima Bean, Kurt was waiting for him with a cup of coffee. “I’ve got an extra medium drip here if you’re interested,” Kurt said calmly, catching Blaine’s eye before he went to get in line.

"Thanks.” Blaine came over to Kurt’s table, tucked his coat over the back of a chair, and sat down. He picked up the coffee and took a careful sip. “You saw all that, huh?”

Kurt nodded. “I did.” He could hardly believe that Rachel had the guts to just walk right up and kiss Blaine in the middle of the Lima Bean, but she did, and frankly he couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. But Blaine was looking a little shaky.

“I suppose you’re dying to say you told me so,” Blaine said flatly, his gaze firmly fixed on his coffee cup.

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How Kurt Hummel Acquired Courage and a Photograph

Submitted by fanficfanatic2:

“I ran, Kurt. I didn’t stand up. I let bullies chase me away, and it is something that I really, really regret,” Blaine finished, inhaling deeply and letting his words sink into the espresso scented air around them.

Kurt mimicked the uniformed boys’ sigh, fingering the lid of his latte. He offered Blaine a small grin before dabbing lightly at his cheeks and under his eyes to ensure that any and all tear tracks were gone.

“Well,” Kurt said softly, biting his lip. “I guess I have a lot to think about.”

Blaine smiled, eyes twinkling in the slightest. “Just remember, you’re better than all of them, Kurt, all of those people who push you around and try to make you break. You – well, I’d say you have more courage than any of them will ever have.”

Kurt glanced up at the other boy, the corners of his mouth twitching.

“Courage,” Kurt repeated, almost making it sound like a question.

“Yeah,” Blaine shot him another smile. “That’s what makes you stronger – your courage.”

It was obvious to Blaine that Kurt had felt alone for a really long time and could use someone to just be his friend and stand by his side. Blaine’s chest expanded and warmed at the thought that he could make someone else feel good about themselves.

Caught up in his own small happiness that maybe, just maybe, he could actually make things better for this boy, Blaine let the silence last a little longer than was comfortable before remembering that he shouldn’t be making Kurt feel awkward.

“Hey, uh – is your car parked outside? I can walk you to it, if you’d like,” Blaine scrunched his eyebrows together in a way that said “Let me take care of you. I need to take care of you.”

“Yeah, yeah it’s just outside there. Thanks.”

Kurt stood up, gathering his bag and half-finished latte. Blaine followed suit, taking the initiative and stepping ahead of Kurt to hold the door open for him as they exited. Kurt’s heart fluttered at the kind gesture. No other man besides his father had ever intentionally held a door for him before, and suddenly, here is this Blaine-Warbler-boy-singer-person, doing it without a second thought, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to him.

They walked towards Kurt’s car, Blaine striding along comfortably at Kurt’s side, just behind his elbow.

“Well, here we are,” Kurt began. “Thanks again, so much, for meeting with me. Let the other two guys know I said thanks, please, if you could. You guys are all really kind, and I’ve honestly never been accepted, or even acknowledged so quickly before in my life.”

Blaine’s mouth formed into a sad, half-smile at Kurt’s words. His eyes met Kurt’s intently, listening carefully to every word.

Kurt continued, laughing breathily, “To think that the first time I was accepted and acknowledged so quickly was the time that I was actually trying to spy, and be subtle and inconspicuous is just, crazy, and, well, kinda ironic. My whole life – well, let’s just say that I tend to try to make an entrance, and I certainly have never tried to blend in. And then the first time I did, I finally got what I’ve wanted the whole time.”

Blaine squinted at him, the afternoon sun in his eyes, and responded with a spark in his eye, “I’m glad to have noticed you. But, it was really you who noticed me and asked for directions.”

“A technicality,” Kurt playfully argued.

Blaine smiled and glanced down at his shoes before quickly asking, “Hey, can I give you my number? That way you can call, or text me anytime. Whether it’s about Dalton, or the Neanderthals, or – or sectionals, or anything, you’ll be able to reach me.”

“Oh,” Kurt responded, eyebrows shooting up, one slightly higher than the other. “Sure, I’d like that. Only, my phone died about an hour ago. So, could I put my number in your phone? Then you can text me and I’ll have yours.”

 “Here,” Blaine said, reaching into the pocket of his neatly creased, grey uniform pants to pull out a wallet.  “I don’t have my phone either,” Blaine explained sheepishly. “I left it in my car.”

He opened the sleek, black leather bi-fold and searched in it for a moment, finally pulling out a wallet-sized photograph. Blaine stuck his wallet back in his pocket and, while he dug in his inside blazer pocket for a pen, Kurt barely caught a glimpse of the picture. It was of a boy in a warbler uniform against a blue background. Kurt’s heart dropped, thinking that it was a picture of Blaine’s boyfriend. As his heart picked up its pace from its new position in his stomach, Kurt felt blood rush to his face and neck for a moment, thinking how adorable, how sweet, how endearing it was that Blaine would be the type to keep his significant other’s picture in his wallet.

Blaine quickly scribbled his number on the back of the picture and handed it to Kurt.

“Sorry, it’s all I had to write on in my wallet,” Blaine said. “I promise, I’m not sure conceited or anything, my mom just always orders way too many school pictures and I had a few–”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Kurt interrupted. He smiled kindly as he took the picture, really relieved to see the now-familiar face with dark, gelled hair and golden eyes against the blue background instead of some stranger’s foreign features glaring back at him. “I’m glad you had something on you to write on. Thanks.”

“Of course,” Blaine said. “I’ll talk to you later, Kurt.”

“Bye, Blaine,” Kurt waves, unlocking his car door and trying not to watch Blaine too conspicuously as he heads across the parking lot to his own car.

Although he’s never known how to do it before, Kurt Hummel somehow manages to teach himself how to scan, enlarge, and print pictures using his father’s fancy work copier that week.  

Fic: Back to the Place Where Our Story Begins

1500 super-fluffy words that take place just before 5x13. Because I needed to see this scene. Also I’m sorry I went there with the title but it ended up fitting so well. Read on AO3

Kurt isn’t sure what to make of things when he receives a text saying Westerville, 8 AM, breakfast? while he’s busy making dinner. He knows Blaine has class tomorrow before…is it still Glee if it’s so close to the end? But it is his final week of high school, and Blaine’s all but admitted to coasting by on exams and papers since their reconciliation.

Sure, but what’s the occasion? I’ll need to get to bed early tonight to be making the tortuous drive before sunrise yet again, he texts back, setting his phone back down so he can continue preparing the spinach and ricotta manicotti for himself, his dad, and Carole.

Blaine’s reply chimes through as Kurt is setting the dish into the oven. Nothing special, just haven’t had a chance for much alone time with my amazing fiance this week :)

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