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                                         i want to go to your house. okay.


what are they actually looking at

 if you never heard about the time they met the Bananasaur it is because it was a secret, the goverment could find out and take Bananasaur away for experiments, we recently got a message that now our healthy and prehistoric buddy it’s finally safe, so ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you to Mr. Bananasaur.

Klaine Advent Drabble and Bitchmas one-shot “Relinquished Opportunities” (Rated NC17)

While Blaine and Jeff work late, Kurt and Nick are in Kurt’s studio doing Jell-O shots and discussing “serious issues”. But when Blaine returns, Kurt tells Blaine to make love to him, leaving Blaine to make the decision that’s in both their best interests. (1785 words)

I’m really proud of this scene for one very important reason - it shows Kurt get into a situation where he makes a slightly irresponsible call, and Blaine takes care of him. For people who love to read D/s fic, this is really important because it illustrates some things that people tend to forget, and that’s that Dominants are human beings who sometimes make mistakes, and submissives are strong people with minds of their own and the ability to make judgment calls without the help of their Dom/mes. Both Kurt and Blaine are strong individuals who also find strength in one another. They are in love, and they are human. Those are all important things to remember about D/s. Written for my Take Me Over series, but can be read alone. Written in part for the Klaine Advent Drabble prompt opportunity, and @lilinas’s Bitchmas prompt ‘naughty’.

Dom Kurt, sub Blaine. Warning for drunkenness. With a touch of Niff.

Read on AO3.

“Okay, okay, okay, we’ve covered whips …

“… chains …”

“… and underwear. So since we’ve answered all of the serious questions, what should we talk about now?” Nick asked, clumsily reaching for the Jell-O shot closest to him. His fingers danced around the tray as he zeroed in on the blurry shot. As soon as his skin brushed plastic, he grabbed it as if it would scurry off. He lifted the little plastic cup of orange gelatin to his lips and sucked it into his mouth like an oyster from The Four Seasons.

Kurt stared wide-eyed, as if amazed by Nick’s Jell-O shot eating prowess, then barked out the word, “Butts.” A pause later, he laughed out loud, rolling on the floor like a giddy kindergartner.

Nick raised an unimpressed eyebrow at his usually more sophisticated mentor, but then burst out laughing, too. In the midst of their guffawing, Nick grabbed another shot, this time purple. He slurped it out of the cup and swallowed it in one go, but the noise he made in the process made Kurt laugh so hard, his entire face went a shade of red to rival the paint on the walls.

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Title: When the Time Is Right
Author: Lostinfictionalworlds
Word count: 134k
Chapters: 17 + 2 part epilogue
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kurt is 25, successful, handsome and sought after by all, but still looking for more, bar owner Blaine 10 years his senior is on the exact same journey of looking for love and life.


#god i can’t believe blaine forgave him after this #i still can’t fuckin believe this #and you know what fucks my brain every time? #that first thing blaine assumes it’s his fault #because what the hell it’s always his fault right? #when he came out and dad was an asshole #it was his fault because he disappointed him #when kurt started flirting with chandler #suddenly it was blaine’s fault that he sings too much #i can’t believe there were people who judged blaine that he mentioned his transfer to mckinley that time #jfc #and now hummel’s basically menstruating or whatever AND IT’S BLAINE’S FAULT RIGHT??? #OF COURSE WHY NOT #sometimes i hate this show #because blaine was everyting and they made him suffer sometimes even more than kurt did #and i will never forgive kurt for this one #never


Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”? They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s someting about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you”.

I have never sworn off a show before

Let me repeat that.
Not when Giroro left Natsumi in SGT. Frog.
Not when Blaine cheated on Kurt in Glee.
Not even when Charlie died in Supernatural.
But I just… I can’t. Not after this. If there’s a series 5, great, good for them, but I’m not watching it.
BBC’s Sherlock is dead to me.

McKinley’s resident gay kid Kurt Hummel frequents Scandals - the one place where he can be himself and also the one place where he ran into Blaine Anderson, McKinley’s resident golden boy (straight!Blaine).

rating: pg-13

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.” 

“Holy shit.”

Kurt couldn’t believe his eyes. Blaine Anderson, football star and boyfriend of head cheerleader Quinn Fabray, was standing in the middle of Lima’s one and only gay bar, looking more lost than a kid who had gotten separated from their mother in the mall.

“Shock seeing you here, Anderson,” Kurt said, sidling up to Blaine, laughing when Blaine jumped.

“K-Kurt. Oh, my god. Um I – what are you doing here?”

Kurt smirked, loving seeing calm, cool, and collected Blaine Anderson squirming. “Well, I’m not sure if you knew this, but I’m gay. And Scandals is a gay bar, so the two sort of just go together.” He put his hand on Blaine’s shoulder and leaned in close. “I think the better question is what are you doing here?”

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“Makes Perfect” - Kurt/Blaine

Early!Klaine smut.  Kurt wants to bottom, but they both learn the benefit of patience and the right mood when the first time is a spectacular failure.

Contains: fail!sex, bottoming from the top, prostate stimulation.

(Yes, I wrote the thing, iconicklaine!)

The first time Kurt mentions it, they’re halfway through arranging a second batch of oatmeal cookies for the oven.  They’ve been alone all night, but there’s a strange tension between them that has kept Blaine from relaxing, and when Kurt throws his oven mitts down and crosses his arms and puffs out his right cheek with his tongue, Blaine knows he’s about to be told off or shocked or both.  The look on Kurt’s face says I have something to say and I’m going to say it.

Still, he isn’t prepared for what comes out when Kurt finally speaks.

“I want to have sex.” Kurt blushes all the way down to the collar of his shirt. “I want to—receive, I want to be on top, and I want to do it with the lights out.”

Blaine blinks, and then holds up a long wooden spoon. “The timer’s about to go off on that first batch?” He puts down the spoon, picking at a clump of dough stuck to its back. “No more cookies?”

This is not the right thing to say, which Blaine learns as soon as the words leave his mouth and Kurt’s blush goes from an excited sprawl to a blotchy, irritated show of embarrassment.

“Blaine Anderson, unless that’s an objection you will march your butt right up those stairs while I safely pause our baking endeavors and get—ready.”

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johnlockwrites  asked:

For the celeb/character meme thingy, Rachel Berry

I like Rachel Berry to a point. There are certain things in canon which makes me annoyed with her, especially when it comes to S6. Did you ever notice that when Kurt, Blaine and Rachel had a scene together - it was like she owned Blaine and would not let Kurt and Blaine just have a moment. I don’t know if that was Lea bleeding into Rachel though at that point.

It is little things like that.

I think it is why I only started liking Finn when he was single and not with Rachel, but again I also liked him better when he was not with Santana or Quinn - so think that is a Finn/independence thing for me.

I’m not totally against Rachel, but she isn’t a character that I adore. I mean I ship Hummelberry so…

“Fishbowl” - Kurt/Blaine

bagels-and-netflix​ prompted: “an AU where one is a goldfish and one is a cat”

*mad, hysterical giggling* 

~1700 words | AO3

Kurt worries about his humans sometimes. Truly.

Mercedes and Sam—and Rachel and the baby human she’s carrying and Jesse when they visit, though Jesse doesn’t come over quite as much because he sneezes every time Kurt rubs against him—are all wonderful in different ways. But every so often, they do things that make Kurt think they’ve gotten a few too many sniffs of the catnip, if you know what he’s saying.

Kurt’s settled and cozy on top of that warm black box Sam is so fond of, the one that sits right next to the TV. This is his favorite spot, besides the couch when humans are on it. Kurt is so comfy with his brown paws tucked under his furry white body, matching brown tail curled around him. When he hears the humans coming into the apartment, he perks up, big blue eyes gone wide in the brown triangle that covers his face, and leaps from his spot to greet them.

Mercedes makes kissy noises and reaches down to scratch between his brown ears. Kurt purrs loudly (he loves Mercedes) and rubs against her legs as usual. But there’s a funny, other-animals scent around her, and the scent gets stronger when Sam comes in, smiling down at Kurt.

“We got you a friend!” Sam says, carefully lifting a bag of water in front of his face.

Kurt sniffs in the bag’s direction and flicks his tail dismissively. This is when he knows the silly humans have lost it again. The bright, shiny thing moving around in the bag is not Kurt’s friend. It is, most certainly, food.

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