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All Kurt can do is watch his husband fall apart as the tries to get his unresponsive body to wake up.

Felt like writing angst…


The room was white.

Kurt stared at his own face, as white as the sheets that were as white as the walls. He didn’t feel his own heartbeat but the beeping told him that it was, in fact, beating. The cuts, the bruises, the cast on his leg told him that his body was broken, though he didn’t feel it.

“Wake up.”

It was only a whisper that he managed. His body lay unresponsive, unaffected by the tiny sound.

“Wake. Up.”

How he had ended up in the white room, Kurt could not remember. He remembered a taxi and lots of flashing lights but other than that, nothing. He didn’t remember being in pain or even being scared.

And yet here he was.

The handle of the door clicked. For a second or two, the door stayed closed, but then it was slowly pushed open. Puffy eyed and even paler than Kurt, Blaine came in, visibly trembling.

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A Crime Against Pizza (co-authored with @mshoneysucklepink)

From this prompt:  "Your pizza keeps getting delivered to my house by mistake and I need to talk to you about your choice of toppings AU" by @ashesinyourhair from the @dailyau

Rating: PG (for innuendo)
Summary: Some people are very particular about their pizza.
Warnings: Pineapple on pizza, orgasmic descriptions of pepperoni, egregiously overused italics, general idiocy. Stoner Brett.
~3100 words 


First this happened. Then this happened. Super thanks to @snarkyhag for the awesome beta.

The only saving grace about exam time, Blaine thought, was that somehow it made pizza taste even better. He wasn’t sure if it was some psychosomatic reaction or the perfect balance of protein, carbs, and fat traveling through his bloodstream straight to his brain - but it set off his reward center like nothing else. Except maybe a good orgasm (ideally brought on by something other than his own hand, thankyouverymuch).

The only problem was his roommate. Sam HATED Blaine’s preferred toppings of pineapple and ham, (“it’s fruit on pizza, Blaine, and fruit is healthy, it totally defeats the point of pizza being junk food! It makes it, I don’t know, less junky!”) Which was why he considered himself lucky that Sam had a nighttime photo shoot. Nothing was stopping him.

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anonymous asked:

Klaine cross paths with Malec in a NYC nightclub when an unexpected demon attack spills out onto the dance floor.

How About a Drink? 

Malec/Klaine crossover. 

“C’mon, Blaine! It’s okay, everybody hangs out around here.” Kurt spoke up, taking Blaine’s hand into his own and dragging him inside the dance club. It was by far the noisiest and craziest club he’s seen since he moved to New York and he already felt high on adrenaline. 

Pandemonium, that was the name. The club everyone seems to be talking about and a place where you could find anyone who meant something at NYADA. A place where you went when you wanted to mean something, too. 

“I still don’t think it’s a good idea.” Blaine shouted, his voice sounding soft and quiet in the loud raging music. Never in his life has he heard anything that would even come close to this strange song. It was dancy and shrill, but in the same time held a sense of melancholia and some sorrowful undertones that made shivers crawl up his spine. 

He came to New York to finally see Kurt after tormentuos months they spent apart, only to find this completely new person standing before him. It was still Kurt - tender and bold and expressive, both in his fashion and opinions. But there was so much more to him now. He seemed more care-less and easygoing, free in his choices. As if the heavy weight and burdens he carried on his shoulders in Lima let go of him at last, let him breathe. 

As much as he had to get used to this different aspects of Kurt, he felt closer to him than ever before. The confidence in his steps, the passion in his lips. It was like falling in love with him all over again. 

“It’s fine, I promise!” Kurt was already losing himself in the strange music, pulling Blaine through the crowd. Pale skin and dark leather. That’s all Blaine could see. Colorful hair shining in the dark, bodies moving and swaying as one. 

There was an odd-looking smoke in the air as Kurt looped his arms around Blaine’s neck a closed his eyes, dancing. Except, it didn’t really look anything like the smoke you normally see at concerts and such, Blaine realized. It was silvery and almost liquid, leaving drops anywhere it touched bare skin.  

Kurt’s hair were covered in beads of this silvery fluid and Blaine could also smell it on Kurt’s skin when they pressed together on the dance floor. It was very sweet, but tart, leaving a sickening taste in his mouth. 

“Are you sure it’s safe?” Blaine said close to Kurt’s ear, steadying himself with his hands on Kurt’s hips. He started feeling dazed and light-headed from the moment they walked in, his mind becoming foggy and unfocused despite the cautious parts of his brain. 

He caught glimpses from the corners of his eyes. Shadows moving in the lights and figures running through his vision. There was a man sitting on one of the few sofas, surrounded with people. Even from the place where Blaine stood, he noticed the silky fabric hugging his body and shimmers on his face. For just a moment Blaine though he saw golden eyes glimmer in front of him, his heart beating fast. It seemed as if everyone waited to get a piece of that man, touch him with the tips of their fingers or lock their gazes for a second at least. 

But the man never looked at them. He stopped scanning the crowds and a smirk grew wide on his glittering lips. He stood up and made his way away from the couch, his movements graceful and cat-like. 

Turning his head, Blaine found another man walking through the entrance. This time, though, there was tension behind Blaine’s eyes as he tried to make out his features. He looked blurry and hazy, only the dark inky tattoos stood out on his fair skin. 

“Blaine? Is there something wrong?” Kurt’s voice made him turn away. With worry in his eyes and pursed lips he resembled the old Kurt so much, it hurt Blaine a little. 

“No..” Blaine replied, shaking his head and looking at Kurt. It was their night. One evening they could spent wrapped around in each other’s arms without the worry of what will come. And Blaine wanted to make the most of it. Even if he didn’t really like this particular club. “Everything’s fine.”

He let himself go after that. Tried his hardest to forget about the strangeness of that place and get lost in the way Kurt’s lips grazed his own, his fingers tipping his chin upwards. People came and went, drinks appeared in their hands and songs changed, even though they always got somewhat creepier than the previous ones. 

It felt as if he had spent years simply moving to that rhythm. He almost didn’t want to wake up when he heard a horrifying shriek.  

There was a girl. A girl lying on the ground, frightened eyes looking for help that wouldn’t come, her dress drenched in her own blood. Her skin already turned an ugly shade of gray as if someone literally sucked the life out of her, as if she wasn’t alive just a minute ago. There were wounds on her neck, flesh torn to pieces and even burnt on some places. Claw marks, bite marks and blood everywhere. 

Blaine wasn’t able to look away. He heard Kurt’s shocked gasps next to him, felt his hand tighten on his waist. How was it possible? She must’ve died only a couple of feet away from them. Why didn’t they notice? Why didn’t they do something? 

A dark figure approached the body on the ground. Slumped and limping, it crouched down and made a low gurgling sound, its slimy arms leaving fresh cuts. 

“What is it?!” Kurt’s pitched voice came to Blaine’s ears. But he didn’t know. His mind was telling him that it was a man, deformed and monstrous, but it had to be human to do something like that.

“Step back!” They were pushed away by a tattooed hand. It was the guy from before, his tall slender frame standing in front of them. In an instant, he drew out a blade, casting a gentle light around him. He took a step towards that thing and the girl’s body, and in one swift motion buried his blade in its flesh.  

Everything stopped. There was a moment of silence and then air was filled with sharp acrid fragrance that made Blaine stomach turn. Both the thing and the girl disappeared, and the rest of the crowd went on in their fun, not caring.

“Magnus? What are mundanes doing here?” The tattooed man spoke up again, barely sparing them a glance. Blaine’s body was stiff, going through some kind of shock. 

“Don’t know.” Another voice came up behind them, shifting as the man walked up towards them. 

“You just killed someone.” Kurt whispered, his eyes wide open. It seemed he was doing a bit better than Blaine, despite the trembling in his muscles.  

“It was a demon.” Magnus said, coming closer. Lazily, he snapped his fingers and suddenly Blaine felt oxygen surging through his lungs again, his legs not giving up under him anymore. 

“What just happened?” he murmured, dazed and confused. Kurt was holding onto his arm, both of them supporting the weight of the other.

“It was a demon that attacked the poor girl.” Magnus told him, sadness filling his eyes.

“The thing he just killed?” Kurt asked, pointing at the other man. 

“Unfortunately, Alec didn’t kill it. The demon escaped back to its dimension and took the girl with him.” 

Blaine’s heart was beating steadily, but his brain was screaming. He knew he should feel something - fear, shock, anxiety, but he couldn’t for some kind of a reason. 

“You two shouldn’t be here.” The man, Alec, retorted. He was frowning, pulling at the sleeves of his shirt.

Blaine and Kurt looked at each other, uncertainty mirrored in their eyes.  

“It’s okay, Alexander.” Magnus interrupted Alec’s firm gaze and placed a hand on the small of his back. “I can handle this.” 

He moved his arms, sparks and blue waves coming out of them. In front of Kurt and Blaine, two glasses with long stems started to appear. Gradually, they were filled with midnight-blue liquid, with shining spots just like stars on the sky outside. 

“How about a drink?” Magnus suggested, a warm smile spreading on his lips.

The next morning, it all seemed like a bad dream filled with a bit too much alcohol. There’s no such a thing as demons anyway, right?

Here it is! I haven’t really written any actual Klaine fics before, so hopefully it isn’t out of character too much. Also, I quess Klaine didn’t really break up in this universe? 

Let me know what you think! ^^

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Prompt Me/Ask Me.

Klaine Summer Challenge 2017 Day 4- Saturday in the Park

Word Count ~750

The post season 2 Warbler pool party we never got. (AO3)

“I’d hate to kill the fun, but is possession of fireworks legal in Ohio?” Kurt asks as he watches Wes and David drag out a box from the shed.

“That’s never stopped them before,” Blaine shouts from his place at one of pool lounge chairs. “Every summer since my freshman year.”

“It’s Warbler tradition,” Trent adds, setting plastic cups on the fold out table near the pool.

Kurt rolls his eyes. “Of course it is.” Even though he no longer attends Dalton Academy, dating Blaine gave him a +1 invite to the annual Warbler Fourth of July Bash at Jeff’s house.  

“Last year they tried to time their show to a five part rendition of America The Beautiful,” one of the other boys says and everyone else start to laugh.

“And it would’ve been epic if someone came in on time,” Wes says, glaring at David.

“Dude, there were exploding lights above me, I got distracted.”

The two abandon the box in order to hash out the logistics, and Kurt leaves them to sit on the edge of Blaine’s pool lounger.

“Is everything okay?” Blaine asks, sitting up and Kurt averts his eyes so it doesn’t look like he’s trying to ogle his boyfriend’s shirtless body.

“I’m alright,” Kurt replies, taking a bottle of water out of the cooler next to him. “It’s just that this was a lot different than the last party we were at together.”

Blaine cringes but quickly gets over it, placing his hand on Kurt’s shoulder. “It’s gonna be fun, but if you want to go at any time we will.”

Kurt twists his head and gives him a quick peck, and is met with whistles from across the backyard. His face flushes and he turns back to Blaine.

“Is it going to be like this all night?” He asks, thinking about how the Warblers acted when they first got together in the spring.

“Mmhmm,” Blaine hums, leaning against Kurt. He tilts his head to kiss him on the cheek and as Wes yells as them to “Stop being so gross” across the pool, Blaine whispers a quick “I love you” next to his ear. (Kurt smiles and makes a mental note that this is the eighth time they’ve said it, and the fifth time Blaine’s said it first.)

“I love you too,” Kurt says intentionally louder, and David threatens to throw a lit sparkler at them if they don’t stop.

Partying with the Warblers is a lot different than partying with the New Directions, Kurt thinks as kicks his feet in the shallow end of the pool. While there is alcohol- one of the newly graduated seniors brought a keg- nobody’s crying over an ex or fighting about a stolen solo. Granted him and Blaine are the only couple at the party, there’s an odd amount of affection between the boys (Nick and Jeff are currently intertwined on a pool floaty) and the amount of singing is the same. Currently half of the songs on Trent’s playlist have turned into sing offs or shoutings of “remember that time when..” followed by tipsy half-hearted sing alongs.

He’s thinking about putting his shoes back on or going back to David and continuing their conversation about continuing the tradition of Pavarotti when Blaine sits next to him and intertwines their hands. “Come with me.”

“You want to go?” Kurt asks, confused. “Someone says the fireworks are about to start and I want to make sure Wes doesn’t lose a finger.“

“No, I’ve got the best spot in the yard to watch,” he explains, standing up. He waits for Kurt to stand and put his shoes back on before leading him to a secluded corner of the backyard. There’s a worn picnic blanket laid on the grass and a glowing lantern leaning against the fence.

“This is nice,” Kurt beams as they sit down, Blaine’s head on his shoulder.

“I thought you’d appreciate the quiet,” Blaine says, squeezing his hand once the first pop is heard and a blue spark lights the backyard and several boys start cheering. “But if Wes loses a finger I’m sure we’ll know.”

Kurt barks out a laugh and smiles bright as a louder boom happens and red and white flash and someone breaks a small confetti popper.

“Happy fourth of July,” Kurt says, letting go of Blaine’s hand in exchange for wrapping his arm around him.

Blaine faces him and leans in for a slow kiss. “Happy fourth of July.”

anonymous asked:

can you do something with ryan where either he or reader gets jealous and accidentally blurts out their feelings please?

Word Count: 541

“Can we,” Blaine paused trying to think of the words as he scanned the room of people, trying to get an idea. “Y/N!”

“Blaine!” you called with a laugh as you set down the slice of pizza you were working on. It had been an amusing lunch so far watching the entire live action crew try to shoot in the break room while you were eating. No one had asked you and Ryan who had joined you to move so the two of you didn’t budge. You figured Blaine was finally kicking you out.

As you stood to go, Blaine shouted, “No! Wait! Come here!”

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The Goddamn Door (Klaine Oneshot)

Word Count: 1,738

Description: One of Blaine’s friends thinks that it would be a good idea to lock Kurt and Blaine inside a room together for 24 hours. Well, he’s not exactly wrong.

Genre: Fluff 

Kurt sighed loudly as he turned the keys into his Escalade, placing a coffee on the dashboard and hoping that it wouldn’t tip and scold his crotch (it happened a few weeks ago, and let’s just say that there was now a small rumour that Kurt was a bed wetter).  Luckily for him, it stayed put, and he actually remembered to put it back into the cup holder so that the movement of the car didn’t make it wobble.

After the initial purr of the engine turning on, the radio suddenly started blaring out music (terrible music that is) at goodness knows how loud. Kurt shoved his fingers at the radio station buttons, changing the station to something he actually enjoyed.

He pulled out of the driveway, tapping his hands to the beat of the song. After a few minutes of peaceful journey his phone began to buzz.

“Hey Siri,” He started, “Answer the phone.”

A few seconds later Kurt was greeted by his best friend’s voice.

“Hello? Kurt, are you there?”

“Yup, I’m just on my way to Dalton.” He answered.

“You’re not on your phone whilst driving are you? You know how dangerous that is Kurt!” He could hear the worry rising in Blaine’s voice.

“No, it’s fine,  I– I got Siri to answer it.”

“Oh, okay then. All I wanted to say was, make sure you stop by my room this morning before class, I need to tell you something.”

Kurt gulped. What could Blaine possible want to say that he couldn’t over the phone?


“Hey Kurt, I think Blaine was looking for you.” Stated one of Blaine’s friends, Wes, as Kurt walked through the seemingly endless corridors of the dorm rooms.

“Oh, thanks.” He replied.

It took him a few minutes to locate Blaine’s door, but as soon as he had, he started feeling a bit queasy. Why was he so nervous? What exactly was Blaine going to tell him that could be so bad?

“Calm yourself,” he muttered, before knocking quickly on the door.

“Hey Kurt! Come in. Make yourself at home.” Blaine gabbled, gesturing towards his side of the room.

It was funny, the difference between his and his roommates. His side was full of colour, vogues stacked on top of each other, playbills hanging on the walls, little pictures of Blaine’s family. When Kurt looked closer he noticed a picture of himself and Blaine, cute.

The other side of the room was pretty bare. A simple white bedspread, some schoolbooks on the shelves, and a hoodie on his desk chair.

“So.. what did you want to tell me?” Kurt enquired, curiosity filling his eyes.

Blaine opened his mouth to speak when he and Kurt heard a key turning in the lock, giggling, and then footsteps running away. He and Blaine sped over to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked from the outside.

“Fucking Wes,” Blaine cursed, scratching the back of his neck. “Wes! Wes! Come back!”

He tried once more to pry it open, but it was no use.

“Well, it looks like we’re going to be in here until they let us out, so please, make yourself at home.”

Kurt smiled gratefully, and retrieved his homework out of his satchel.

“Might as well get this done while I’ve got time.” He explained.


It didn’t take the boys very long to finish their homework, so Blaine had started strumming on his guitar, as Kurt hummed along.

“I didn’t know you could play,” he stated, plopping himself down on Blaine’s bed. He had misjudged where he was going to sit, and was now very squished up next to him. Blaine pulled an arm around him, and his heart felt like it was going to burst.

“I can hardly, only a few chords.”

“Well, it’s more than I can play.” Kurt replied.

Blaine propped his guitar up beside his bed and, in one sudden movement, tugged Kurt down with him so that they were both laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling.  After staying like that for a few minutes, Kurt turned onto his side. He was so tired, all he wanted to do was snuggle up into Blaine, and place his face in that cute little crook in his neck, where he probably smelt really nice and…

“Kurt?” came a whisper from beside him.

“Whhat..” he murmured into Blaine’s shoulder.

“Sorry, I thought you were sleeping.” He explained. “Want to do something enjoyable?”

Kurt giggled sleepily.

“That sounds weird.”

He could almost hear Blaine rolling his eyes.

“Get your mind out of the gutter Hummel.” He chuckled. “No, I meant wanna do something entertaining.”

Kurt paused for a moment. “Like what?” He queried, prising his eyes open.

Blaine gestured towards the window.

“We could always sneak out and have some fun.” He paused while Kurt snickered, “Ok, I heard it that time.”

Kurt got up and peered out of the window.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, Indiana Jones, but I doubt that either of us will be able to shimmy up that pipe to get back in here.”

Blaine sighed, “You’re probably right.”

“What time is it?” Kurt asked, yawning. Blaine checked his watch and announced,

“It’s 3:30.”

Kurt groaned.

“That explains why I’m so hungry. I haven’t had any breakfast, or lunch. I’m starving.”

“Aww, is someone a hungry baby?” Blaine teased. Kurt nodded, and as if on cue, his stomach rumbled.

“Well, luckily for you, I always keep a stash of granola bars and peanut butter underneath my bed” He stated. Blaine then reached between Kurt’s dangling legs and pulled out a small basket filled with energy bars and a couple of jars of peanut butter.

“Here you go.” He said, handing Kurt a couple of bars and a jar.

“Romantic..” Kurt muttered, under his breath.


Crap. Did he say that out loud?

“Uhh.. nothing.” He gabbled, as a blush spread across his face.


“Wes! Let us out of here!” Blaine shouted, banging against his door.

A voice (Kurt guessed it was Wes,) replied,

“Not until you tell him!”

Blaine groaned, sliding down the doorframe.

“Tell me what?” Kurt asked. Blaine’s face flushed a shade of red.

“Well, God, how do I put this?” he started. “Wes thinks that I-“

His confession was cut off by the lights suddenly shutting off.

“Great.” He murmured. This was either a power cut, or a trick by his friends. He didn’t know which one was worse.

Blaine checked his phone.

“Its 8:30 at the moment, and it says that the sun is gonna set in about 10 minutes. Wanna climb up to the roof and watch? We can bring blankets and stuff, if you get too cold.”

Kurt nodded. “That sounds nice.”

Once they had reached the top they started to set out their blankets and cushions. Blaine noticed that Kurt was struggling to sit down, so he offered his hand.

“Thanks.” He said, settling down next to Blaine. Once he had made himself comfortable he realised that he was still holding Blaine’s hand.

“Oh, sorry.” He said, tugging it away, but Blaine kept hold of it.

“No, its nice.” He replied, with a blush spreading across his face. Kurt shot him a smile and snuggled under the blanket. He could feel Blaine’s hand rubbing circles into his back, and leaned his head over so that it rested on his shoulder.

“It’s so beautiful.” Kurt admitted. He could hardly restrain himself from saying “just like you.”

Before they knew it the sun had set, and although it was early, Kurt so exhausted that he dozed off.


Kurt was woken by sunlight streaming in through the window. He was cuddling up against an unusually warm pillow, that smelt amazing. It was soft and seemed to rise and fall and..

It was Blaine. The pillow was fucking Blaine.

Kurt tried to sit up, but he was dragged back down by Blaine’s arm.

“Blaine.” He whispered

“Mgffh” Blaine replied.

“Blaine!” Kurt murmured, with a bit of an edge to his voice.

“5 more minutes.” Groaned Blaine.


Kurt snuggled back down under the blanket in Blaine’s bed. He assumed that Blaine had carried him down after he fell asleep last night. How chivalrous.

Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine, one on his waist and the other on his neck, and pulled him closer. So close that he could feel Blaine’s breath on his neck.

“You smell nice.” Blaine slurred. Kurt blushed.

“Thank you,”

“I love you..” he mumbled.

Kurt almost choked.

“What?” he gasped, rolling out of Blaine’s grasp.

Blaine sat up. “You asked me what Wes wanted me to tell you. That was it.”

Kurt felt like laughing out loud. When Blaine saw his expression, he looked hurt.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“That I’ve been waiting to do this for ages.”

Kurt moves his head closer to Blaine. He sits frozen, from both fear and excitement. Kurt leans in, so his foreheads rests against Blaine’s. They close their eyes. Both their breaths are shaking. “Thank you,” Kurt says in barely more than a whisper

“For what?” He replies, his voice low and husky.

“For being you.” His voice wavers, exhilarated from the tension between them. 

Kurt gently leans in and kisses Blaine’s warms lips. They pull apart and take shaky, shallow breaths. Unable to contain themselves anymore, Blaine holds Kurt’s head in his hands and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Blaine’s hands work their way around Kurt’s body, feeling each crevasse, each line along his perfect physique. 

He lies on his back as Blaine matches his body’s form. Blaine’s hands venture over Kurt’s curved body, exploring. They pull apart and open their eyes. They stare at each other, deep into each other’s eyes. Blaine’s full of wonder and love, Kurt’s full of curiosity and passion. No words are spoken but a story worthy of them is communicated. 

As if on cue, a key is turned in the lock, and the door swings open.

“Seriously, Wes? You really know how to ruin a moment.” Blaine mutters, rolling off of Kurt’s stomach.

“Well, if I’m correct, that moment wouldn’t have been created if it wasn’t for me, so you should really be thanking me!”

Instead of a thank you, Wes received a shoe in the face, and quickly left, giving Kurt and Blaine some privacy.

“I love you Kurt.”

“I love you too.”

Give Us A Try

Notes: Hey guys! I’ve been working on this for a while and I finally finished it so here it is! Thanks for all the support recently :) You guys are awesome. Requests are still open, by the way! I’m always happy to write a request :)

Summary: Read the request :)

Give Us A Try

Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Word Count: 2,705 (wow this is rly long sry)

Character Count: 14,363

Warnings: none :)

“Are you excited to go back to Ohio, (y/n)?” Your twin brother asks you, obviously excited himself.

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, I miss Blaine.” You don’t look over at him since you’re driving.

“Hey, (y/n)?” He asks suddenly. You glance over at him.

“Yeah?” You ask.

“Well…I was wondering…do you ever miss mom and dad?” He asks, completely out of the blue. Both your parents had died a year ago in a car crash when you were sixteen.

Instead of answering your brother, who’s only younger than you by seven minutes, you turn up the radio. He takes this as your answer.

“We’re here.” You announce, stepping out of the car two hours later. You hadn’t said another word during that car ride after he asked about your parents. You don’t like to talk about them.

“Sweet! We’re back home to our old house!” He runs into the house. You sigh, looking up at the huge house towering over you. You never liked this house. It reminded you of everything you had to live up to. The standards. The expectations.

“Come on! I think my old Xbox is hooked up!” He calls you over. You smile slightly. He always knew how to lighten your mood.

“I can’t. Not right now. I’ve got to go fill out some papers for the house and to get us enrolled in Dalton again.” You tell him, closing the front door behind you. You go to your office space and spread out all the papers as you sit down.

“You’ve got to do all of that?” His eyes widen at the stack of paperwork in front of you.

“Yup. That’s what happens when you own both your deceased parents’ businesses, squirt.” You smile tiredly at him. Squirt was your nickname for him that you used all the time.

“I’m sorry. I wish I could help you with some.” He frowns. You can see the pity he feels for you in his eyes.

“It’s okay. Some things have to be handled alone.’ You nod and get to work on the papers.

~the next day~

“Hey, squirt, are you ready? We’re going to be late on our first day!” You call up the stairs. Another con about this house. It’s so big it’s hard to tell where anyone is or if they can even hear you.

“Yeah! Coming!” He slides down the railing of the stairs, bagel in hand.

“Well, I’m glad you got breakfast because if you hadn’t, there wouldn’t be time to get it now. Let’s go.” You all but push him out of the house and into the car.

Upon your arrival to Dalton, you grin. Dalton was one of the only places you actually enjoyed yourself. Sure, it was supposed to be an all boys school, but you were the one exception. The one girl in the whole school. It made you a target for many boys. But not all of them.

“Are you ready for school?” You smirk at your brother. He was never big on school, but you could tell he was excited to be back at Dalton where all his friends are.

“Yup! You?” He asks.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” You nod, walking in.

“Ah, Mr. and Miss (y/l/n). How very nice to see you again. Here are your class schedules, and I assume you know your way around.” The principal hands you your schedule and ushers you out. Must have a meeting or something.

“Well, I’ll see you later, bro.” You mess up his hair and walk off, grinning. You walk straight towards where you hear singing voices.

“Well, look who it is!” You hear voices greet you.

“(y/n)! Guys, it’s (y/n)!” Jeff runs up to you and hugs you. You laugh and hug back.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Guys, I can only hug so many people at one time!” You laugh as they all dog pile you. Once they’re finished, you get up and dust yourself off.

“We were just about to perform Uptown Girl, you in? I’m sure you’ll catch on within seconds.” David grins.

“Sure, I’m down.” You laugh. You notice someone staring at you out of the corner of your eye. Someone you don’t recognize. Someone who wasn’t here when you left. They start singing and you jump in, fitting at the front and singing lead. You always sing lead.

Uptown Girl

She’s been living in her white bread world

As long as anyone with hot blood can

And now she’s looking for a downtown man

That’s what I am

You grin and sing, everyone nodding. You knew they were thinking, she’s still got it. You were one of the best singers at Dalton until you left. You see some people, including the guy who was staring at you earlier, smile and look at the entrance but you don’t let that distract you. You keep singing.

And when she knows what she wants from her time

And when she wakes up and makes up her mind

The new guy who was staring at you starts singing lead. You see everyone waving and pointing to the entrance, so you decide to turn around and see what’s going on. The guy you don’t recognize is walking towards…Blaine!? You have to refrain from shouting “BLAINE!” at the top of your lungs.

She’ll see I’m not so tough just because I’m in love with an

Blaine grins at you and gives you a friendly wink.

The new guy pulls Blaine into the group and he starts singing and dancing with the rest of you.

Uptown girl

You know I can’t afford to buy her pearls

But maybe someday when my ship comes in

She’ll understand what kind of guy I’ve been

And then I’ll win

A teacher walks past and tries to shush you guys, but you just walk towards her with the rest of the group and sing louder. The guys wink and try to be flirtatious, but you just sing normally. You weren’t into girls, thank you very much.

And when she’s walking

She’s lookin’ so fi-i-ine

The new guy butts in and starts singing lead for a line again.

And when she’s talking

She’ll say that she’s mi-i-ine

You start to sing lead again, glancing over at the other guy.

She’ll say I’m not so tough, just because I’m in love with an

Uptown girl

Everyone throws their hands in the air along with the teacher, except she’s pointing for you all to go back into the classroom. Everyone runs back to the classroom except for you. You, instead, are walking backwards as you sing.

She’s been living in her white bread world

As long as anyone with hot blood can

And now she’s looking for a downtown man

That’s what I am

You jokingly wink at her before heading back into the classroom with everyone else.

You’re singing a chorus of “Whoa”s when the new guy you’re not familiar with walking into the center of the semi-circle and spins before dropping to the floor and doing a kip-up. You’re pretty impressed, you have to admit. Then, another guy jumps, does a weird side flip thing, and lands. Then, your personal favorite, someone just swings their arm back and forth as if doing the robot or something.

Then, as if on cue, everyone starts to form back into their lines and Blaine’s on the side, clapping to the beat. You’re in the front and center.

Uptown Girl

She’s my uptown girl

You know I’m in love with an

Uptown girl

Everyone goes rigid and still except for you, putting their hands behind their backs and standing straighter.

You, on the other hand, are putting your hands out in front of you and getting into the song.

My uptown girl

You know I’m in love

You walk out of the group and up in front of them before you slow it down a little bit, dragging out the last few words.

With an uptown girl

Blaine claps once you’ve finished, grinning. He goes up and hugs you. You hug back just as tightly.

“I’ve missed you.” Blaine mumbles.

“I’ve missed you too, Blaine. How come you’re not at Dalton anymore?” You ask, your smile faltering a little bit.

“I’ve moved to McKinley. But, might I ask, why are you back here? I thought you moved?” He asks, smiling a little.

“Well, I did. I just…moved back recently.” You smile.

“We’ll have to catch up sometime. But for now, I’ve gotta get back to class. By the way, I got a new phone. Here’s my number.” He hands you a slip of paper he just hurriedly wrote on.

“Oh, uh, okay! Bye, Blaine!” You wave, smiling slightly as he walks off.

“What, let me guess, you like him?” The new guy of the group scoffs as he walks up next to you. The others are minding their own business, talking amongst each other.

“Me? Like Blaine? Sorry, no. He’s gay, has a boyfriend, and isn’t my type anyways.” You shake your head.

“Who is your type?” He asks, raising his eyebrows skeptically.

“None of your business. What’s your name, anyways? I haven’t seen you around before.” You muse.

“Sebastian Smythe. What’s yours?” He returns the question.

“(y/n) (y/l/n). Nice to meet you.” You fake curtsy and smile.

“Okay, (y/n) (y/l/n). I think I’ve already got you figured out.” He chuckles and smirks.

“Oh, really now? I’d love to hear what you think I am, Smythe.” You hum.

“I think you’re the goody-two-shoes. You’re nerdy, quirky, kind-hearted, and the type of person who’s all ‘violence is only for self-defense!’ and stuff.” He guesses.

“Well, I’ll let you figure out yourself if that’s really what I am. Anyways, I’ve got to go. I only have half the classes you do because I also have to run two businesses on the side so the school decided to let me have four classes instead of eight like the rest of you. Ta-ta.” You wave daintily before walking off.

~that night~

“Ugh, stupid business!” You yell, tempted to punch your computer.

“What’s wrong, sis?” Your brother pops his head into the office room. You quickly compose yourself, hoping he hadn’t seen you like that.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. Just…someone trying to steal the business from under me. But don’t worry, I won’t let that happen. Everything’s fine.” You shake your head and fake a smile.

“Oh, okay. Well, I’m gonna go to bed. Night.” He smiles and goes to bed. You sigh frustratedly. This was going to be a long and stressful night for you.

~a couple weeks later~

“Hey, (y/n).” Sebastian slides up next to you, grinning smugly.

“What’d you do this time?” You smile slightly. You had taken a bit of a liking to Sebastian, but you noticed that he’s taken a liking to you, too.

“Threw a rock salt slushie into Blaine’s face.” He shrugs. Your eyes widen.

“Seb!” You smack his arm, concerned for Blaine.

“What? I want to win!” He holds his hands up in defense.

“That’s not cool Seb! He could be seriously hurt!” You frown, thinking of Blaine. He’s your best friend, besides Sebastian. You couldn’t bear seeing him hurt.

“He’s not that hurt. He’ll be fine. Plus, I was totally right.” Sebastian smirks.

“Right? What do you mean? Right about what?” You narrow your eyes at him.

“You are the ‘violence is for self-defense only’ type of person!” He pokes your shoulder playfully. You roll your eyes and playfully shove his arm.

“Whatever. Hey, I’ll catch you later, ‘kay? I’m gonna go outside and clear my head.” You smile at him.

“Yeah, ‘course. See you later.” He grins and walks off. You go outside and sit down on the trunk of your favorite willow tree.

“Stupid businesses ruining my stupid life.” You sigh and lean your head against the willow tree. Little did you know, Sebastian was watching you from afar. He knew you’d been acting weird the past couple of days and he wanted to find out what’s wrong. But, he knew you, and he knew that if he asked what was wrong you weren’t going to say a thing.

“I just want some peace and quiet! I want some time where I don’t think I’m a piece of crap because I can barely run my businesses that got handed down to me from my stupid crap parents! Their genius thought was ‘hey, if we die early, let’s hand the business over to our seventeen-year-old daughter who should be learning calculus and chemistry, not how to run a freaking business!’ I can’t be normal now!” You growl, growing more frustrated by the second. You’re on the verge of tears now. You can’t seem to calm down.

So, to help yourself calm down, you take out a cigarette. Lighting it, you’re about to put it in your mouth when something stops you. Well, more like someone.

“Cigarettes kill people, you know.” Someone plucks the cigarette from your hand and throws it on the ground, stepping on it with their foot to put it out.

“Sebastian now is not the time.” You shake your head and try to get up and walk away, but he puts his hand on your shoulder. You look up at him and sit back down again.

“Please, tell me what’s wrong. I want to help you.” He pleads you.

“You can’t help me, Seb. It’s business stuff. You wouldn’t get it.” You roll your eyes, trying to get another cigarette out. Instead of answering, Sebastian just takes your packet of cigarettes and stands up.

“What are you doing, Sebastian?” You ask him, getting annoyed with him. He throws the packet of cigarettes next to his feet and stomps on them before picking them up again and throwing them into a pond near you.

“I was doing that.” He sits down next to you again.

“Great. Thanks.” You roll your eyes and cross your arms, huffing in annoyance.

“Now, how can I help you?” He asks.

“You can’t. I’m a hopeless cause.” You growl. He takes a moment to look at you. Really look at you.

“What are you staring at, Smythe?” You sneer at him.

“You’re beautiful.” He blurts out.

“What?” You ask, eyes widening in surprise. You turn your body to look at him.

“Like I said. You’re beautiful. You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” He repeats himself.

“You’re joking, right? Seb, you can’t like me. I’m a mess. I can’t do anything right. I’m pathetic.” You shake your head.

“But I like you anyway, don’t I? Look, (y/n), you’re amazing and I don’t care that you’re a mess. So am I. We can help each other.” He looks deep into your eyes.

“Seb…” You trail off, but your eyes can’t help but flicker to his lips for a second.

“I know you like me too, (y/n).” He lets his eyes flicker down to your lips, too. You gulp.

“But, I…we can’t…the businesses…” You trail off, leaning in slightly. Sebastian leans in, too. Eventually, your lips meet in the middle and you feel sparks fly in between the two of you.

As soon as your lips meet, your hands fly up to Sebastian’s head. You run your fingers through his hair, messing it up. His hands find your face and cup your cheeks, bringing you closer to him.

“We can make this work. Please.” He pleads once you broke the kiss and leaned back a little bit. You weren’t going to lie, you liked Sebastian a lot. You just didn’t know if you could have a relationship and run the businesses and have school at the same time.

But you wanted to give it a try anyways.

“Seb, I want to try this. I want to try us. I want to try and have a relationship with you.” You nod, fiddling with your fingers nervously.

“So do I.” He nods, waiting for you to continue.

“So let’s give us a try.” You smile slightly.

“(y/n) (y/l/n), will you be my girlfriend?” He asks, grinning widely.

“I’d love to.” You smile and kiss him, making him kiss back eagerly. This could either be the best or worst decision of your life.

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you liked this request! Once again, requests are open so don’t be afraid to drop in there and ask away! (It doesn’t even have to be a request, you can just ask me some questions if you want ^-^) Until next time~

fic: a lost boy (ready to be found)

This is my fic for the Todaydreambelievers 2016 fic exchange! My prompt was: husbands!Klaine finding each other again after one of them has been missing for a long time (years) because of some dramatic event - kidnapping, amnesia, voluntarily needing time away, midlife crisis, etc … Once they find each other again they have to then start over, getting to know each other, catching up with each other’s lives, etc.
Title is adapted from Troye Sivan’s song, Lost Boy.

warnings for kidnapping, some light physical injury, depression and angst.

word count: 41k | on AO3

for @fearlesslysgleefics. hope you enjoy it!

Kurt will not give up on finding Blaine.

Three years, and he refuses to give up. He still looks for Blaine on the street, listens for his laugh on the subway. Blaine’s clothes are still in the closet, and once every few months he gets them out and washes them, keeps them fresh and spritzes them with Blaine’s favourite cologne. He still goes to sleep on his side of the bed, even though more often than not he wakes sprawled across the entire mattress, or curled around Blaine’s pillow.

He still has his wedding ring, on a chain around his neck. Wearing it was too hard, people would ask after his husband and the explanation would leave Kurt cracked open and raw every time. He prefers it this way - it’s his reminder of Blaine, kept close to his heart, against his skin. He never takes it off.

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Better Than I Know Myself

based on this prompt:  Fics I would love you to write?! Hmmm. I’ve always wanted a Kurt/Blaine fic where one of them honestly assumed they were straight until they ended up falling for and kissing the other. And then in the middle of making out with them begins smiling manically and happily and saying, “Yeah. Definitely not straight.” More fluffy and fun and silly than anything else. Also based on tirpse‘s addition to this post. And also for my klaine bingo prompt “jock”. 
Read on AO3

Romantically speaking, Kurt’s always been a bit of an anomaly. At least in comparison to all of his friends.

High school had been… well, nothing extraordinary. He joined the football team at his dad’s insistance during his freshman year, then joined glee club at his best friend Finn’s insistance his sophomore. While all of his friends seemed caught up in the whirlwind that was every high school romance ever, Kurt instead chose to focus on his academics, football, and improving his singing voice.

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Fanfic - My New Years Resolution - 1/1

Title: My New Years Resolution

Summary:Sebastian hasn’t seen Blaine in years when he receives a drunk text from him on New Years Eve.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1962

A/N: Written for the Seblaine Holiday Extravaganza 2014. The prompt was “Blaine is walking around singing Christmas songs when someone snaps at him to shut up, and Sebastian snaps back.”

It was suppose to be a quiet New Years eve.

Sebastian had an early flight the next day to visit his mother’s side of the family in Paris and opted not to party with the rest of New York. Since graduating high school Sebastian had been trying to curve his previous endless appetite for alcohol and hooking up with faceless boys in back rooms. He figured at twenty-two he should be trying to be the mature adult he was expected to be. His friends and family were pleased with the change but none of them knew the reason why. He’d never admit that a pair of hazel eyes filled with hurt that compelled him to promise to turn over a new leaf was what kept him on the straight and narrow.

Funny how a boy Sebastian hadn’t seen in years could still have that effect on him.

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anonymous prompted: I seriously hope you will write a fic after they drop off Rachel at the airport and they come back home and they both just look at each in silence and just pounce at each other and Blaine not holding back on his begging and screaming while Kurt is fucking harder then he has ever done before

They’re finally alone.

Kurt doesn’t realize it right away, steps into the silence of the loft with sadness still heavy in his belly, Rachel’s smile as she’d disappeared into the airport still fresh in his mind. He’s glad for her, truly, even though there is still a part of him bitter for not having the success she and Mercedes and Blaine are having.

The room seems bigger than before, less like the home Kurt’s carefully crafted it into over the last two years; he can hardly imagine doing all of this without Rachel at his side, petty fights notwithstanding. The idea of New York has come more or less fused with the idea of her. But now, at least, Kurt has Blaine.

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As Though Fire Burns Under Your Feet (1/2)

A slight twist on the events of “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester.” Kurt and Blaine are just back from their honeymoon when Dalton catches on fire, with Blaine and all his students still inside. Part of my asthma!Blaine verse. TW: Fire, obviously, and some medical talk, but no major character injury (no burns) or death. Title comes from thissong (which is beautiful but so angsty, you’ve been warned). 3.6 K [AO3]

Kurt (3:05 pm): How’s my lovely husband doing today?

Kurt (3:05 pm): God, I’m never going to get tired of saying that.

Kurt (3:06 pm): HUSBANDS, BLAINE. We’re HUSBANDS!

Blaine (3:07 pm): What? This is brand new information ;)

Kurt (3:07 pm): Haha, very funny. Clearly that Netflix binge-watch of Friends was put to good use if you’re still quoting it.

Blaine (3:08 pm): Sadly, it wasn’t possible to have sex for the entire time we were on our honeymoon. We sure did try though…

Kurt (3:09 pm): Hell yeah, we did. I thought we utilized our time pretty well. Speaking of which, I miss you. When are you done?

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The Golden Trio

Mercedes drags Kurt out trick-or-treating to the nicer part of Lima. 

This is my contribution to @todaydreambelieversfic round robin event! I actually really enjoyed writing this, so thanks for giving me the opportunity :) Make sure you read the first and second parts of the round robin first! They’re super cute! 

This is set in 2009! I’d put it anywhere between Preggers and Throwdown.

Kurt feels incredibly stupid. Quite frankly, he doesn’t think he has ever been this nervous about an ensemble before – and he wore a corset to school once.

“Stop fiddling,” Mercedes smacks his hand with her wand. He pulls it back from where he’d been adjusting the red wig on his head with a hiss of pain. “You look fine.”

“I look like a moron,” Kurt says, catching sight of his reflection in the bus window.

When Mercedes had first suggested Ron and Hermione, Kurt thought it was a fantastic idea. Mercedes already had the right hair for Hermione, and Kurt was sure he’d be able to pull off redhead as well as he pulled off everything.

He was wrong.

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Supernatural Storms

“I’ll be back in a few!” Kurt called to Blaine as he plucked his cat keys from the bowl resting by the door. Kurt remembered when they first had gotten it.

Blaine, there is no way I am going to try and work this rainbow monstrosity into my interior design!”

Kurt, come on. It’s part of who we are.”

Blaine, we’re gay not unicorns,”

Kurt had settled for using it as a key bowl when Blaine had threatened that either the bowl was staying or he was getting matching curtains.

“Okay, Love.” Blaine replied from his spot on the couch, never pulling his eyes from the TV screen.

Kurt smiled to himself. Ever since Blaine had discovered ‘Supernatural’, he had become a hermit. Days passed as Blaine curled himself into a ball and eagerly watched the show, often begging Kurt to come and watch. While Kurt didn’t really have an interest in a pair of attractive men hunting down ghost, he enjoyed teasing Blaine about his little crush on Cas.

Kurt, a new episode is starting! Come here!” Blaine pleaded, patting the couch cushion beside him.

Is your boyfriend in this one?” Kurt cocked one brow as he slid into his seat.

Shut up.” Blaine grumbled.

If wings turn you on so much, maybe I should go buy us a bird to keep in the bedroom.” Kurt continued, poking lightly at Blaine’s side.

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There’s so much Hogwarts!Klaine and it’s making me happy and want to write more! For miss-awesomesauce because she asked for more of this verse.

This is the third part but chronologically comes before this and this. I think I’m going to have to make a tag or something for these because it’s becoming a thing and I have ideas. It’s a ‘verse not a story though so they’re not really going to have a specific order or organisation to how they’re posted.

“Mr Anderson, would you care to share with the class?” Professor McGonagall asks, shooting an icy glare across the class room. Everyone turns in their seats , including Kurt, to look at where the Gryffindor is sitting with his back rim-rod straight and his eyes wide as he stares at his Head of House. On either side of him, Finn and Sam look like one of the ghosts have just passed through them.

“Uh, n-no, professor, I was just-” he tries to explain and the whole class snickers, watching with amusement now. “S-Sam and I were just-”

“Maybe,” she says in a hard voice, “if yourself and Mr Evans spent more time concentrating on Transfiguration and less time on Quidditch you’d be able to successfully turn your Teapot into a Tortoise and not merely give your crockery a new pattern, Mr Anderson.”

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Disneyland Prince

i-love-u-and-i-like-u answered: “I play one of the princes at Disneyland, you work in the cafe just across from our area and i’m having a hard time pretending to be in love with the princess when you keep looking at me like that” AU where blaine plays the disney prince bc he is one.

 “Look mum! It’s Prince Eric and Ariel!”

 Blaine smiled brightly at the young voice. He turned and saw a young girl who looked about six pulling a weary looking mother along behind her. It was three o’clock in the afternoon and Blaine suspected that it had been a long day for the mother and noting but boundless child-like excitement from the daughter.

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Wide Awake

Summary: Prompt: Person B being the cuddly kind when asleep and Person A being the kind that unconsciously kicks you off the bed.
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Words: 2108
Read on AO3

When Kurt and Blaine first begin sleeping together, it isn’t long before they realize they still have a lot to learn about each other.

Though they’ve been friends now for over a year, (and lovers for a decently-sized fraction of that time) Blaine finds he’s discovering new things about his boyfriend every day. More specifically, he’s learning new things about him at night: how Kurt likes to be kissed for a long time as a form of foreplay, that he seems to enjoy being the one in control, that he’s most sensitive between his thighs. They’re small, nuanced revelations that probably come with the territory when you start having sex with someone, but Blaine cherishes each one of them dearly as they appear.

The most surprising thing that Blaine learns however, does not come while they’re having sex.

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