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The Play’s the Thing by whatstheproblembaby 

Nerd!Kurt’s the TA for popular!Blaine’s Shakespeare course. Blaine’s not at all disappointed with this turn of events. 

Bonus Hummelberry friendship! Fluff beyond bounds.

About 2,000 words, one-shot, low rating. On Tumblr.

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NYADA rivals - could it be An Improbable Fiction by quizasvivamos?

Maybe? But I don’t think they have sex in a dance studio. Anon? Could this be it?

An Improbable Fiction by @quizasvivamos

Kurt and Blaine are both theatre/performance arts majors at NYADA. When a group of seniors decide to put on a traditional all-male production of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Kurt and Blaine go up against each other for the male lead. When Kurt gets cast as the lead role he didn’t want opposite his rival Blaine, drama ensues and life begins to imitate art.

You Make Me Fell So Young by chatterboxrose

Blaine Anderson was eighteen and pretty sure that, in a world where you get your soulmate’s name on your wrist the moment they are born, he was never going to have a soulmate. Then on the day of his high school graduation, Kurt Hummel is born. His wait begins.

Warnings: age difference.

About 15,000 words, one-shot, low rating. On Tumblr and AO3.

LALALALALALA wasn’t it cute how Glee ended with Klaine getting married and having a big NYC wedding where Kurt got June to use her connections to get Katy Perry to surprise Blaine by performing at their reception?

And it was so sweet how Blaine asked Mike Chang to be his best man (much to Cooper’s dismay) while Kurt had his best bestie Mercedes by his side during the wedding.

Oh and I loved Burt’s toast and it was great finally meeting Blaine’s parents and it was especially nice to see Blaine speaking Tagalog with them and discussing how Kurt was going to come visit Blaine’s extended family in the Philippines.

And we can’t forget the OTT glam-fabulous one-of-a-kind designer tuxes both Kurt and Blaine wore to the wedding. Plus their custom made Tiffany wedding rings. And didn’t you cry when Blaine surprised Kurt during their first dance by wearing his own “gay braveheart” kilt as he asked, “Excuse me, may I have this dance?” because Blaine is older now and even braver than he once was and he wants Kurt to know how much Kurt’s courage has inspired him.

And weren’t you shocked when Sugar Motta showed up to the wedding (with her BFF Joe in tow) and as her wedding present she gave them an all-expense paid trip around the world for their honeymoon just because she thinks they’re both adorable and Sugar is awesome like that.

And everyone cried when Kurt and Blaine sang “Come What May” together, and cheered when Blaine joined Kurt on the “Single Ladies” dance. Also, Blaine sang “Thinking Out Loud” to Kurt and Kurt sang “Unconditionally” to Blaine, all the while with the Warblers (Wes, David, Trent, Nick, and Jeff) and the New Directions (season 3 version + the “original” newbies) singing back-up.  

And wasn’t it great how both Blaine and Kurt graduated from NYADA at the top of their respective classes and Kurt went on to become editor-in-chief at Vogue and also perform in a few critically acclaimed off-Broadway productions while Blaine went on to become an A-list movie star who starred in all of Artie’s Academy Award-Winning movies and even record some of the Grammy-winning soundtrack? (And also it was pretty cool when Rachel Berry won her first Tony for her role in Funny Girl and the first person she thanked was Kurt Hummel for being her inspiration and friend even when she was totally awful to him and from then on she was significantly nicer to him and never took him for granted ever again.)

Also Kurt and Blaine had kids and they never fought about anything ever again except for who loved the other more and which one of them needed to take little Hepburn and Tracy to ballet and piano class and who was going to get the snacks for their pee-wee soccer games. (They had long since hashed out all of their issues, Blaine regained his confidence, Kurt became a better listener, and they both became better communicators.)

And most importantly, nobody every set foot in McKinley High ever again and they all lived happily ever after. The end.

And they all lived...

Schue is the principal of  the McKinley performing arts highschool.

Sam runs the Glee club and texts Mercedes.

Mercedes is Beyonce’s opening act.

Tina starred in the movie that Artie directed. Tartie is on.

Kurt and Blaine are celebrity performers in NYC who have starred in an LGBT version of ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ and are soon to be the world’s most fabulously dressed daddies.

Rachel starred in ‘Jane Austen Sings’ directed by her husband Jesse St. James. They have both won Tonys.

And Sue is Vice President of the United States.


Now that we have images of Darren as Hedwig, we therefore also have images of Blaine as Hedwig, and I think they should be used for the following purposes:

  • A furture fic about a sweaty, post-performance Blaine walking into his dressing room in those tiny shorts, curls sweaty and makeup starting to run, and Kurt’s there waiting for him and he’s seriously worked up from watching Blaine’s performance, and they have messy, glitter-smeared sex right there in the dressing room.
  • An AU fic in which Kurt is Blaine’s Hedwig understudy (or vice-versa), and they work on the show together and maybe start out as rivals, but then they fall in love.
  • An AU fic in which Kurt is sitting in the first few rows and Blaine (as Hedwig) starts directing raunchy comments and so forth toward him, and it gets super-flirtatious.  Then Kurt somehow meets Blaine when he’s not in-character as Hedwig, and Blaine is all flustered and shy and dapper and adorable about it.
  • A future fic in which Blaine revives the role, and Kurt takes their teenaged kid(s) to see it.

And more. So, so many more. We cannot waste this delicious opportunity. That ass in those shorts is every bit as glorious as we all knew it would be.

Can we discuss how a preschool teacher is the all time perfect job for Blaine.

1.) Blaine loves kids: he has said it himself and we all know Blaine is a kid at heart. I mean this cupcake walked around talking to a puppet for goodness sake. Blaine likes to help people, he wants to teach and he loves children, its honestly the perfect fit.

2.) Blaine loves performing: I know it wouldn’t be a Broadway audience but Blaine singing to his class of kids would so cute. Younger kids often learn better, quicker and more fun with songs and Blaine has amazing talent. Imagine Blaine singing, playing piano, guitar or even performing with puppets, with the kids sitting around him, he would have just as much fun as them and his talent wouldn’t go to waste. He even could teach the kids how to play. Its two things in one job: performing and teaching.

3.) Blaine’s personal qualities: Blaine has the kindness, enthusiasm, charm and patience for the job. He’s sweet and a good listener and will listen to the kids stories or problems They are only kids so there won’t be major problems but Blaine does give amazing advice and is very supportive. Plus he’s gorgeous and I can see all the little kids seeing him as a Prince. hehe.

4.) Blaine has insecurities: Blaine has fears, seems to crack when he’s really under pressure and has suffered from depression in his past. I think he needs a calm environment (though kids can get crazy) where he can just be himself. Being a preschool teacher he gets to work with people who don’t judge him… Love him as he is.. Make him smile everyday and have the ability to make him laugh. He can have fun and act silly and not have stress. Plus kids that age can be good listeners and I can just see Blaine cutely ranting to them :)

5.) Blaine being a dad: Blaine (and Kurt) are going to be amazing dads and I feel like Blaine (and Kurt) wouldn’t want a job where he travels or works late or is away from his family longer than needed. A preschool teacher is a not a 12 hour job that makes you come home late or prevents you from family time or has you go home only to work more in an home office (jobs like that dont mean you’re a bad parent or anything i just feel Blaine is gonna be a huge family guy). He would be home in the afternoon and for dinner. He wouldn’t crawl into bed late not saying goodnight to his husband and he wouldnt have to wake up super early to miss waking up to his husband and morning routines with his kids.

so yea I want Blaine to be a preschool teacher.