blaine outfits

Role-playing Fun || Blainecedes

Mercedes wasn’t as nervous meeting up with Blaine and she thought she would be, she really enjoyed talking to him and was curious to see what would happen once they got together. She had ruffled through the closet, the outfits were pretty out there for her, but she settled on what looked to be a sexy professor outfit. Since Blaine was going with his schoolboy charm she thought it would fit the bill. It was a super short gray skirt with black stripes going down, a white shirt that tied around her breast and a cardigan sweater that added a little more lift to her bust. With the black thigh highs and heels, she knew she looked good. As an added bonus she had her work glasses that would work perfectly with it. After getting dressed she looked herself in the mirror, it fit her curves perfectly, hugging her breast and behind tightly. She figured that was one of the reasons they asked for her sizes in the first place. Pulling her hair into a messy bun and placing on the glasses she took a breath, stepping into the five inch heels she checked herself out once more waiting for Blaine to arrive.