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Fic: Practice

In which Kurt is nervous about stage kissing and Blaine just wants to reassure him. PG, ~850 words, all fluff.

“What if I just skip rehearsal tomorrow?” Kurt asked as he and Blaine walked out of McKinley’s performing arts center. He squinted as they opened the doors to the parking lot, unused to daylight after two hours in a dim theater.

“Seeing as we open in two weeks, I don’t think that would go well. Why?” Blaine said, looking up at Kurt with big, curious, beautiful (no Kurt, not beautiful!) eyes.

“We have to do…that scene tomorrow. Like, full-out,” Kurt said, feeling himself blush as he glanced down at the ground, embarrassed. “Not just blocking it.”

That sc- oh, you mean our kissing scene?” Blaine asked. He stopped and tugged gently on Kurt’s hand, trying to get his attention. “What, am I that repulsive?”

“Ha, as if,” Kurt said, rolling his eyes before looking back at Blaine. “I just - I guess you don’t know this, since you just transferred here this year, but - I - I’ve never….”

He trailed off, but Blaine seemed to understand.

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#god i can’t believe blaine forgave him after this #i still can’t fuckin believe this #and you know what fucks my brain every time? #that first thing blaine assumes it’s his fault #because what the hell it’s always his fault right? #when he came out and dad was an asshole #it was his fault because he disappointed him #when kurt started flirting with chandler #suddenly it was blaine’s fault that he sings too much #i can’t believe there were people who judged blaine that he mentioned his transfer to mckinley that time #jfc #and now hummel’s basically menstruating or whatever AND IT’S BLAINE’S FAULT RIGHT??? #OF COURSE WHY NOT #sometimes i hate this show #because blaine was everyting and they made him suffer sometimes even more than kurt did #and i will never forgive kurt for this one #never

McKinley’s resident gay kid Kurt Hummel frequents Scandals - the one place where he can be himself and also the one place where he ran into Blaine Anderson, McKinley’s resident golden boy (straight!Blaine).

rating: pg-13

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.” 

“Holy shit.”

Kurt couldn’t believe his eyes. Blaine Anderson, football star and boyfriend of head cheerleader Quinn Fabray, was standing in the middle of Lima’s one and only gay bar, looking more lost than a kid who had gotten separated from their mother in the mall.

“Shock seeing you here, Anderson,” Kurt said, sidling up to Blaine, laughing when Blaine jumped.

“K-Kurt. Oh, my god. Um I – what are you doing here?”

Kurt smirked, loving seeing calm, cool, and collected Blaine Anderson squirming. “Well, I’m not sure if you knew this, but I’m gay. And Scandals is a gay bar, so the two sort of just go together.” He put his hand on Blaine’s shoulder and leaned in close. “I think the better question is what are you doing here?”

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Klaine fix-it for 6x07. How that blasted choir room scene should have gone.

As soon as Blaine was parked at McKinley he wasted no time.He leapt from the car and barely paused to lock it before he was racing into the school. Thankfully Kurt’s car was in the parking lot, a sure sign he was still here, where Blaine had instinctually gone. He sprinted down the corridors elation spurring him on, flashing past the familiar halls to the choir room, the room where he and Kurt had loved each other despite the environment they were in.

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Okay this is super cute, the way he was to the girl is just so kind and caring.


Blaine transfers to McKinley

Troubled Souls

Author: theoreoqueen 

Fic: Troubled Souls

Summary: “Kurt Hummel is now at the top of popularity at McKinley. Blaine Anderson is still residing as the school’s bad boy. So it’s a surprise to both when the two are matched as each other’s soulmate on their seventeenth birthday.”

Word Count: 91.7k

Chapters: 25  

Rating: M

Warnings: soulmates, badboy!blaine,

Status: complete