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When You Fall

Summary: Same support group AU Klaine (prompt by anon), PG, 5k+ words. Kurt and Blaine meet at Elliott’s LGBTQ+ support group. Maybe Kurt is exactly the person Blaine needed to talk to about his past. And maybe Blaine can help Kurt get over his trust issues in return.

Warnings: Characters talk about bullying, violence, non-supportive parents and death of parents (mostly canon occurrences).

Notes: It’s so cheesy that you might smell like cheese afterwards. I am so sorry (a little… or maybe not at all). I apologize for clearly having no clue what support groups actually do most of the time. I included first-hand experience from theatre and yoga classes to make it more realistic. ;) Also, if anyone wants to talk more character meta, please, hit me up with an ask, I LOVE talking meta.

FF | AO3

When Elliott had told Kurt he was going to start a support group for LGBTQ+ students at NYADA, Kurt hadn’t been sure if many people would be interested in joining. But to his surprise, at their first meeting, eleven people showed up – not even counting Kurt, Dani and Santana. And the group kept growing. Rachel had promised to come to support them but she could only manage to do so a few times because her Broadway schedule kept her too busy.

Well, okay, Santana was only there because Dani nicely asked her to. And then bribed her with sex, Kurt supposed, because asking Santana nicely never had gotten him anywhere. Then again, he wasn’t Santana’s girlfriend.

It was easy to see that Elliott’s yoga retreat had provided him with some inspiration. The support group wasn’t just a safe place for discussion and exchange. He included breathing and trust exercises, some methods that Kurt had definitely seen teachers use in his acting classes before, and even music. Kurt jokingly told Elliott he should start teaching in kindergarten but Elliott knew just as much as Kurt that NYADA had been needing a support group.

People had issues to talk about. It was nice to see that they weren’t alone with their problems. Kurt certainly felt like he was starting to get more comfortable in his skin. Some of their group members even started dating.

After a while, Kurt somehow became the co-leader of the group. He took over when Elliott couldn’t make it or when the group needed two instructors.

The group had been in session for a whole semester and they did a lot of advertising for their first meeting of the new term. The turn-out was great: fifteen newbies. Kurt got them started with a quick overview of what they were going to do in their first session.

As usual, they started with some breathing exercises and moved onto the discussion round. After introductions, a few of the old members shared their stories for the new ones.

“Okay, do any of the new members want to share anything with us?” Elliott asked.

Some did. One girl, Alicia, told everyone how she came out as trans to her parents. Patrick shared the story of his disastrous first date. And then Blaine raised his hand.

He had caught Kurt’s eye earlier during introductions. He was a freshman at NYADA, majoring in vocal performance and theatre, just like Kurt. He made Kurt smile when he said that he loved musical theatre but had a burning passion for pop music and felt like most new artists were really underrated. There weren’t many people who would dare to say something like that at a school like NYADA.

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hi i'm the same anon that was looking for the kurt seeing blaine after high school fic and turns out it was chaos & calm, so thank you and whoever mentioned/suggested it!(:

Great! I’m happy that one of the several fics suggested was the one you were looking for! ENJOY!


Finn: All right, everyone, listen carefully. Puck’s scheduled to arrive at the Schneider’s pool at 2:00 p.m., which means he should be there at 3:30. Sam, you’re the driver, so stay in the car.
Sam: Well, can I play with the radio?
Finn: Rory, you’re on lookout here.
Rory: Who am I looking out for? I mean, besides Puck?
Finn: Blaine, Mike and myself will triangulate a very carefully planned attack on Puck here, here and here.
Blaine: Is that a bear I’m hiding behind?
Finn: No, no, it’s a bush.
Blaine: Looks like a bear.
Finn: But it’s not a bear. It’s a bush.
Rory: Maybe a shrub.
Sam: What’s the difference between a shrub and a bush?
Artie: What do I do?
Finn: Oh, that’s the best part. You’re going to be the bait. So, when Puck comes in the gate, you just roll your wheelchair into the pool, and all of a sudden, we…
—  Glee: Finn Hudson, Sam Evans, Rory Flanagan, Blaine Anderson and Artie Abrams - 03x18 Choke
Fanfic - My New Years Resolution - 1/1

Title: My New Years Resolution

Summary:Sebastian hasn’t seen Blaine in years when he receives a drunk text from him on New Years Eve.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1962

A/N: Written for the Seblaine Holiday Extravaganza 2014. The prompt was “Blaine is walking around singing Christmas songs when someone snaps at him to shut up, and Sebastian snaps back.”

It was suppose to be a quiet New Years eve.

Sebastian had an early flight the next day to visit his mother’s side of the family in Paris and opted not to party with the rest of New York. Since graduating high school Sebastian had been trying to curve his previous endless appetite for alcohol and hooking up with faceless boys in back rooms. He figured at twenty-two he should be trying to be the mature adult he was expected to be. His friends and family were pleased with the change but none of them knew the reason why. He’d never admit that a pair of hazel eyes filled with hurt that compelled him to promise to turn over a new leaf was what kept him on the straight and narrow.

Funny how a boy Sebastian hadn’t seen in years could still have that effect on him.

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Fic: More Than a Feeling

Here’s my fic for @todaydreambelieversfic‘s gift exchange, written for @author-without-an-outlet! I’ve always wanted to write a big ND reunion fic like this, but unfortunately the whole thing just didn’t work out. I still hope this is as enjoyable. Title of the story comes from the Boston song of the same name, and the song Kurt sings in the story is “When We Were Young” by Adele. 2700 words, PG-13. AO3 link.

It’s the final evening of the New Directions reunion and Blaine is exhausted. Not from the activities of the week or the socializing with long-forgotten friends, but from the pickup of this stupid cat-and-mouse, will-they-or-won’t-they game he has with Kurt.

He didn’t even expect this as he pulled up to Sugar’s majestic Lake Michigan beach house four days ago. With significant others included in the invitation, he was certain Kurt would arrive with Josh, his Canadian model boyfriend. It was a shock to him Monday evening when Kurt stepped out of Rachel’s rental car alone. The only explanation he gave was that they amicably broke up due to Josh’s travel schedule. Blaine was surprised by this, as they’d been dating over three years.

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Klaine Advent Drabble - “Well, Isn’t That Bazaar?” (Rated PG-13)

Kurt and Blaine have been working together at Vogue for over two years, and Kurt has been in love with Blaine for every second of that time. He’s wanted to tell Blaine how he’s felt for so long. The only problem is that Vogue has a policy against employees dating. So for two long years, he’s weighed the pros and cons of telling Blaine how he feels. And today’s the day. He has it all planned out, every word he’s going to say …

… so, of course, it doesn’t go anything like the way he’s planned. (2160 words)

Written for the Klaine Advent Drabble prompt ‘audience’ and inspired by this prompt from @dailyau - “You just told me you got a better job offer and you’re quitting and I’ve always liked you but they have a strict ‘no office relations’ rule that’s so weird how did we end up making out in the break room” AU

Mostly light angst and fluff <3

Read on AO3.

Today’s the day.

Kurt repeats that in his head as he straightens his desk, his shirt, his tie, reorganizes his top desk drawer, and cleans up the contacts on his phone to calm his heart running laps in his chest, the hard knot forming in his throat jostling beneath the buttoned top-button of his shirt with every beat. Today’s the day he plucks up the courage to tell one Blaine Anderson exactly what he thinks of him, every last, painful detail, with nothing left out.

And depending on how well that goes over, this will either be the greatest day of Kurt’s life, or he’ll have to find a new job, because there will be no way he can come back to Vogue and see Blaine’s face every day if Kurt tells him he’s in love with him and Blaine doesn’t love him back.

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Famous!Kurt fic recs

The perfect follow-up to the famous!Blaine fics is a list of famous!Kurt fics :-)

Fanfare, by @chatterboxrose.

When Blaine is bullied in high school for being gay, he takes courage in the fact that his idol Kurt Hummel is openly gay. And then, of course, they meet, and it’s magic :-)

War of the Words, by @arainymonday.

Both Kurt and Blaine are famous online book reviewers, and they don’t share the same views (to put it mildly). Only, when they meet, one day, their chemistry is off the charts …

Not Like the Movies, by @unchainmylove (knightlycat).

Kurt is a famous film star with a stalker, Blaine is hired as his body guard and posing as his boyfriend so as not to raise suspicion. This story is so beautifully written! Your heart aches for Blaine, who’s kind of love-starved, and you root for the both of them to get together from the very start.

No Regrets, Just Love, by xBleedingBlackRosex.

Kurt is a famous fashion designer, Blaine is a singer/songwriter. They prove to be soulmates, and this is about their first meeting. Short but sweet. Unfortunately removed from ff dot net by the author :-( Anyone who knows her and could persuade her to post her stories again?

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Fic: Four Phone Calls That Never Happened [1/4]

Four of my lovely cookie giveaway winners are too distant for delivery and they’re fantastic enough to take fic! 

Four Phone Calls will be a series of four stand-alone stories that might have taken place during season five. Each chapter features a different relationship or friendship, and I’ll post all four sometime this week.

First up, Tike (with bonus Bike Chanderson and Klaine) for @troutymike!

Phone Call #1: Pure Imagination

WC: (this chapter) 1K

Summary: Mike and Blaine wouldn’t let a little distance come between their beautiful friendship. Takes place between “New Directions” and “New New York.”

Thank you to my awesome betas gluttonouspenguin, amongsoulsandshadows, and foramomentonly!

Read on AO3


“So, would you characterize your love of New York as an intense crush or everlasting true love?”

“Hmmm.” Blaine pretended to think through the question while Mike laughed on the other end of the line. “Can I say neither?”

“That’s cheating, my friend, and you know it.” 

Blaine could hear the honks and squeals of the Chicago streets behind Mike’s voice, like a warped version of the city sounds outside his own apartment window. Since the big Glee reunion and Blaine’s move, they’d fallen into weekly phone calls while Blaine made breakfast and Mike walked to his first class of the day. In an odd way, it still felt like he was giving his friend a ride to school, minus the smell of his dad’s 1993 Dodge Dart.

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anonymous asked:

top three klaine fics? and nice seblaine fics

Oooh my god that’s an awful question. And by awful I mean good.

My all-time favourite, and to-go fic rec is

Singing the Journey by winterscreek, It’s just so beautifully written, they are very in character and all the pain and worries feel so tangible. Also it features one of the most amazing/romantic sex scenes I’ve ever read. 


Until My Dying Breath, by emilianadarling, coolest most awesomest Vamprie!Kurt AU ever


Is it weird?, by a_simple_rainbow, the cutest epistolary fic ever and very romantic. I haven’t been moved so much by a fic in a long time!


(or if you’re in for some heavier stuff i’d reccomend Hurricane, Lovesong  A Minute from the Deep End)

And I’m really sorry I don’t read a lot Seblaine fic? I’ve only ever read some one-shots, and my favourite isn’t even endgame Seblaine

King of the Warblers, by flamingmuse (a os to a main story which premise is that by chance Kurt and Blaine didn’t meet in High School. Blaine and Sebastian dated at Dalton and this shows a glimpse at their relationship, but isn’t entirely Seblaine freindly, but I think very very realistic in terms of what would have happened)

but if anyone has any great seblaine fics, i’d be grateful for recs! I’ve been meaning to read some for a while!

And as an apology have my top three five klaine one shots as well!

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hitchhiker in the rain gets picked up AND THEN their car breaks down on the side of the road - klaine for giggles!!!

Klaine Bingo: Mechanic

“You’re not doing it.”

Blaine finishes packing his bag to look at his brother. “Watch me.”

Cooper moves from the doorframe and goes to sit on Blaine’s bed, fiddling with his bag. “Come on, little bro, you’re not going to go on a soul-searching trip along Road 66 just to prove to Dad that you can be gay and a manly man.”

“It’s not just that, Cooper,” Blaine says with a sigh, sitting next to Cooper. “I want to do it to see the country, take a road trip without having to drive.”

“Very hippie chic of you,” Cooper says with a sigh as he picks up one of his old T-shirt that ended up in Blaine’s bag.

Blaine lets out a short laugh. “I’ll have my phone, I planned all my stops, it’s not like I’m being reckless,” he says, swatting at Cooper’s arm as his brother starts unpacking his bag to dig in it.

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anonymous prompted: Could you maybe write sugar daddy Kurt who has an amazing successful job and young innocent Blaine? Like maybe Kurt works in a very high position in Vogue and Blaine is a fresh faced just out of high school intern. Would love Kurt pampering Blaine and maybe Blaine calling Kurt daddy. Ohh and office fucking in Kurt’s office perhaps. Also available to read on AO3.

There’s a knock on the door, and Kurt mindlessly calls out “Come in!” without looking up.

“Your coffee, Mr. Hummel?”

Kurt looks up to find a boyishly sweet guy peeking his head in and holding a cardboard coffee tray. His hair is matted to his head with gel, and Kurt notices a few stray curls that have escaped the hold at the base of his neck. His face is young, eyes wide and perky and eager.

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When You Leave - (NC-17)

Summary: Kurt and Blaine are step-brothers who really, absolutely, entirely hate each other. Honestly. | AO3

Warnings: they’re step-brothers, so pseudo-incest. also the use of alcohol. (more detailed tags on AO3)

A/N: I never in my life thought I’d write something like this, but then I did. Thanks to Marlie for encouraging me! Where this idea came from, I do not want to know, but it was the funnest thing I’ve ever written.

His dad getting remarried was not part of Kurt’s life plan.

Getting two new brothers at the age of twelve was most definitely not part of that plan, because not in his wildest dreams would he ever wish for that.

It still happened.

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A Cup of Coffee

Summary: Sequel to Dreams. Kurt was living his dream in the city. Blaine was just trying to survive. 

Prompt: Could you write a sequel to “Dreams” where Kirt finds out about his baby several years later (i.e., at a New Directions 10 year reunion) He stayed in NYC and made a name for himself on Broadway and is engaged to Adam while Blaine is just barely scraping by providing for their child? (And when Finn died, Blaine did go to the funeral, but slipped out right afterwards so he could go home and take care of his newborn.)

Warnings: Past MPreg, talk of infidelity, Kurt/Adam but Klaine endgame 

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