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Remember how he’s supposed to be a 15 year old sophomore here? And how he’s so mature - calm and collected and grown-up and steady and wise already, and you realize he’s already survived a hate crime at the age of 15; already seen the same thing happen to a good friend, so Blaine had to grow up, he talks more like a professional counselor than a teenage boy in this episode because he doesn’t feel like one, most teenage boys haven’t been through anything close to what he’s been through. Not only has he sought out a safe, nurturing space for himself, he chooses to leave it, confront Karofsky and put himself right back in the warzone because this wounded boy needs him there and he’s just so truly, utterly good and brave and I just have a lot of feelings about Blaine Anderson.


What’s going on? Why are you so upset? Because up until yesterday, I had never been kissed. Or at least one that counted.