blaine anderson you are a mess and i love you

Famous!Kurt fic recs

The perfect follow-up to the famous!Blaine fics is a list of famous!Kurt fics :-)

Fanfare, by @chatterboxrose.

When Blaine is bullied in high school for being gay, he takes courage in the fact that his idol Kurt Hummel is openly gay. And then, of course, they meet, and it’s magic :-)

War of the Words, by @arainymonday.

Both Kurt and Blaine are famous online book reviewers, and they don’t share the same views (to put it mildly). Only, when they meet, one day, their chemistry is off the charts …

Not Like the Movies, by @unchainmylove (knightlycat).

Kurt is a famous film star with a stalker, Blaine is hired as his body guard and posing as his boyfriend so as not to raise suspicion. This story is so beautifully written! Your heart aches for Blaine, who’s kind of love-starved, and you root for the both of them to get together from the very start.

No Regrets, Just Love, by xBleedingBlackRosex.

Kurt is a famous fashion designer, Blaine is a singer/songwriter. They prove to be soulmates, and this is about their first meeting. Short but sweet. Unfortunately removed from ff dot net by the author :-( Anyone who knows her and could persuade her to post her stories again?

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Written in Ink: The first time that Kurt and Blaine see their married names printed uwu

The house is still a mess of boxes piled up in every room so tall that Blaine can’t see over them—to which Kurt endlessly teases him by hiding behind them and then surprising him with a hug. The crispness of every empty room is a blank canvas. They have their entire lives to plan out in these rooms—especially when Kurt insists he has plans for each and every one. 

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How I would have liked the episode Shooting Star to go

Blaine in the choir room saying this to Artie’s camera

After being terrified at school, Blaine comes home to Kurt a mess, thinking he could have lost Kurt forever

Kurt replies “Never” meaning that if something did happen, Kurt would never forget him

Blaine breaks down into Kurt’s arms for an embrace after a long and terrifying day 

Blaine “I love you”

Kurt “I love you too”