Summer Event Schedule

Hello, everyone!! @alianne and I have a lot of cool things for you coming up!!

May: Theme Weeks

  • May 1st-7th: Broadway Klaine fics (Where one or both are Broadway performers.) 
  • May 8th-14th: Weddings (Any fics relating to weddings)
  • May 15th-21st: Daddies!Klaine
  • May 22nd-28th: Graduation (Or anything relating to the end of the year)

June: Monthly Event Summer

Set up like the Klaine Advent, we’ll be supplying one word prompts inspired by summer!!

July: The Daydream Believers Big Bang Kickoff!!

August: Theme Weeks

  • July 31st- Aug 6th: Kid!Klaine AU
  • Aug 7th-13th: Fantasy AU
  • Aug 14th-20th: Fake Dating AU
  • Aug 21st-28th: College AU

We’ll give out more information as each of the events come out, and we have plenty of things planned going into the fall and winter, too!!! 

Please help us spread the word!!


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by adiwriting

Blaine and the girls are stuck at the airport over the holidays trying to get to Kurt.

Words: 1389, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 46 of Hearing Verse

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The Surprising, Complex History of LGBTQ Characters on TV Shows
It hasn't always been like this.
By Mic

April 25, 2016

Teenage Dream. It’s hard enough being an awkward teenager, but it gets exponentially more complicated when you are trying to figure out your sexual identity along with all of the other regular parts of growing up. Two mainstream teen shows dramatically moved the conversation around teenage sexuality forward.

Almost a decade later, Glee (2009) expanded on the Dawson’s Creek kiss by exploring a romantic relationship between two gay teens — Kurt and Blaine. Kurt, struggling to come out to his macho dad while avoiding jock bullies at school, meets Blaine from a neighboring private school with a rival a cappella group. Blaine’s “Teenage Dream” serenade to Kurt shortly is a pivotal moment in the show, fully capturing what it feels like to fall in love for the first time.

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