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Klaine Advent: Ch. 6 - Fair

Chapter 6 of my two continuous AU stories; the first, “Snow and Mistletoe” is set in Lima with high school age Blaine and Kurt, and the second, “Plan on Me” is adult Klaine with doctor!Blaine and Broadway!Kurt, done in a series of drabbles.  POV’s will change. I hope you enjoy - please reblog and share the love!

Note:  Both titles are lyrics from “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

Snow and Mistletoe
AU, Klaine, A03, 100 words
Prompt:  Fair

“I saw you with that boy.” Burt’s face is indecipherable.

Don’t ruin this for me, dad, Kurt thinks frantically.  Not when something good might actually happen.  At least give me a fair chance.

“He’s a singer, too. Goes to Dalton.”

“Hmm.”  Burt tugs hard on the rope holding their new tree to the top of the car.  

“He’s nice.”  Kurt’s hand grips his phone tightly; Blaine’s number is in there.  Burt’s not going to take that away.

“You two could duet,” Burt says.

Kurt risks a quick glance to Burt’s face, sees only fond curiosity.  “We could.”

Burt nods.  “Good.”


Plan on Me
AU, Klaine, A03, 100 words
Prompt:  Fair

Off the heavy painkillers, Blaine’s mind clears.  Kurt is pressed up against him in the hospital bed, a layer of comfort over the stream of anxiety running underneath his skin.

“Hey, you’re awake. Feeling better?”  Kurt presses a soft kiss to his temple, and Blaine closes his eyes, leaning his face against Kurt’s cheek.  He smells wonderful, like home.  Like love.

“You always make me feel better,” he whispers, his voice rough.  

“It’s only fair,” Kurt says. Blaine feels Kurt shuffle him closer, hold him tight.  “You do the same for me.  Least I can do is return the favor.”


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by anderhummel

Day 5 of Klaine Advent 2016. The prompted word is “early.”

Blaine’s late and Kurt isn’t there.

Words: 607, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Klaine Advent 2016

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A Day Early

Written for Klaine Advent.

Prompt: Early

Burt and Carole arrive a day earlier than planned.

403 words.  Rated: G

Can also be found on AO3.

Knock Knock Knock

Blaine, who had been helping straighten up the living room before Christmas visitors arrived the next day, looked up at Kurt upon hearing someone knocking at the door. “Are you expecting anyone?”

Kurt shook his head as he looked towards the door confused. “Nope. Not until tomorrow. Are you?”

“Nope. All I have is that order from Amazon coming in, but they usually will just leave the package downstairs.”

Kurt put the pillow he had picked up off the floor and placed it on the sofa before heading to the door to see who was standing behind it. He had just unlocked the door and barely had it open before…

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New Sweet DREAMers Fic Coming Soon!

I’m busy making final edits to a new Sweet DREAMers fic that I hope to post beginning later this week. It’s a post-Presidential election fic, titled The World Turned Upside Down (thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda!).  It’s been in my head since the day following the election, and I had hoped to finish it a few weeks ago.  I told @flowerfan2 this evening that I found it really difficult to write a fic about a real event that I’m grieving over. But I pushed through, thanks to flowerfan’s fabulous beta skills and encouragement.

It’s three chapters long, and once the first chapter posts, the remaining chapters will go up two days apart.  Kurt, Blaine, Elliott, and Santana along with Elliott’s boyfriend Matt and other Sweet DREAMers OCs, struggle to understand why the election turned out the way it did, and the events that follow. I hope you like it.


Kurt and Blaine have endured their share of ups and downs this season on “Glee.” From Blaine’s eye injury to Kurt’s pursuit of a place at NYADA, the couple has remained strong despite obstacles. And the relationship will only continue to evolve as the spring premiere airs April 10. On Friday, new scoop about one of the most loved “Glee” couples has fans breathing a sigh of relief for once.

E! News revealed that Kurt and Blaine will come together once again over some family drama. The debut of Blaine’s brother, Cooer Anderson, will bring up some uncomfortable feelings. Fortunately, Blaine has Kurt to lean on.

Kurt will play a pivotal role in helping his boyfriend come to terms with some feelings of jealousy. Blaine and Cooper will be able to mend their relationship by the end of the episode.

There will be more than uncomfortable drama between Blaine and Cooper. The duo will perform at least two duets together for the episode including a Duran Duran mash-up.

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