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There is a complete 10 Things I Hate About You AU on AO3. Its's by Godthisisterriblewriting and called "But I'm Sure You've Thought About Me Naked"


But I’m Sure You’ve Thought About Me Naked by Godthisisterriblewriting

The 10 Things I Hate About You AU!
Kurt and Finn are brothers, and Finn can’t date until his bitchy brother does–but who would be brave enough to try and conquer that task? Enter Blaine Anderson. Resident Badboy of McKinley High. Now all that’s needed is the incentive…

Gotta Catch'em All

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by lostinfictionalworlds

“Can I help you?”

“Is this a pokestop?”

“Um I don’t know …but this is my house?”

Words: 1638, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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     on the outside, audrey looks like a ‘troubled’ teen – & in some ways, she is – but never judge a book by it’s cover. being sent to camp for years helped her from becoming a COMPLETE mess – along with important friendships she made along the way – & her taking up the hobby of filmography. audrey could be A LOT worse. even with her leaning towards the darker sides of life, camp evergreen was a second home to her. taking a position as a counselor as soon as she turned eighteen was the BEST choice she made this year. even though b a d choices will soon follow.


  • emma duval - camp best friend forever
  • brooke maddox - oh look, another camp bestie forever/co-counselor
  • blaine anderson - everyone needs a gay best friend tbh
  • isabelle lightwood - reluctant aquintance turned friend/co-counselor
  • more tba

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Hiya! There is a amazing story called Love's Arrangement that I've read, I don't know if you guys rec'd it to me or not but I really enjoyed it. It's arranged marriage klaine for anyone looking for some.

Yep!  Love that one - it’s in our library.  There’s a current WIP sequel called New Addtions you should check out!

Love’s Arrangement by @fablewriter

Before he passed away, Kurt’s father arranges a deal with Blaine Anderson, the son of the late Brock Anderson of Anderson Banks and Stocks – a marriage between him and his son, Kurt when he is of age. Kurt goes into a world that is so unfamiliar but more welcoming than with his step-mother and siblings, as Blaine’s husband.