You don’t have to see me,
as I cast a loving glance whilst you figure the meaning.

You don’t have to hear me,
as I insult your very being and make you doubt.

Don’t smell me, 
let the essence waiver between us as we conceive imagery of times passed

I’m not too soft,
if you strike me hard enough I will bruise, but will not falter.
However, I’ll quiver at the slightest surprising touch.

If I’m lucky, you’ve kissed me.
Whether it be in thought or otherwise or in lust or love,
that taste will never leave my mind.

But none of this is really necessary.
Just as long as you feel me.
Know as I know you.
Be here with me.
Accept that this is all temporary unless you truly feel me as I feel you.
This is what never dies.

gift for miss tinu for purchasing(?) more than 50 dollars. i saw someone else do it so im doing it too ha ha ha ha 


wow sunrise brisk’s mane was hard, BUT I KINDA MIXED 2 HAIRSTYLES FOR THAT ONE and i kinda like it hahahha

comfy clothes for all of them of course, i dont want to explain clothes anymore bluhh other than ww’s were based on her original design for her and i on purpose made it look dorky-ish and the boots for cp was made thanks to this handy dandy boot tutorial

also bonus really quick sb x millie miss tinu suggested it

im sorry sb, i keep calling you sunset brisk i realize my mistake now haha