susharmaaa  asked:

HEY REALLY LOVE YOUR ART AND I WANNA KNOW what were the brush settings of your lineart for the anniversary of tlok and the other one with a caption going like bros escaping the law??? The second one had something to do with mako and bolin THANKS I REALLY LOVE YOUR LINEART

Hi! I figure it’ll be easier to just show you~

For the anniversary sketch I used a regular oil pastel brush from the Photoshop Dry Media Set.

To add that to the basic PS brush repertoire, just click that gear at the top right and scroll down to “Dry Media Brushes.” Once you click on it, it’ll ask you if you wanna replace your brushes with the brush set. Hit the “Append” button on the left to add them instead. They’ll appear at the bottom of your brush list.

Then just make sure pressure sensitivity is turned on to get line variation.

And boom. There you go. :) As for the Bending Bros drawing, I used the same brush for the initial quick sketch below.

Then you make a layer underneath and use the magic wand tool to make basic shapes underneath. This way you can edit it & make sure the design works.

Then just lock the layer and color it! Add in base colors on that layer and use clipping masks to get more details/ use overlays. I used the Helen Chen brushes for the color passes. 

And there you go! Hope that helps. :)