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Sorry if I sound incoherent but I’m so dissapointed angry and I need to let it out. 

How lovely to see the one who wanted to escape the most be stuck at Downton, ugh. It’s true that people change their minds and blahblahblah but what the hell was that? it was like “well, here’s Barrow, he’s been quite unhappy, and there’s this position so why not”, it didn’t feel like they made him butler because they really value him. Thomas was always one step ahead, always making plans, and this WAS NOT HIS PLAN. It was luck. How come that Molesley, Daisy, Andy, Patmore got something to do aside service but not Thomas? Thomas, the clocks expert, the sports master, the manager of Downton during the war (alongside Cora that now is the president of the hospital!!), the man who helped Andy try to read, THE BRAVE AND PROUD THOMAS BARROW? 

And those lines about being nicer? Yeah Thomas, all this is your fault for not being nice, nevermind people ignoring you when you were trying to change. Suicide attempt? what suicide attempt? This is what happens when you’re an ambitious man that, by the way, has society condemning him for being the way he is.

Also a love interest? what for?! it’s not like Thomas wanted somebody to love, right? 

Just smile, Thomas, the children love you at least, what a relief! And remember to be nice. Don’t complain. You have a position at Downton now, all it took was a suicide attempt and more misery (and Carson getting ill). Never speak badly of the upper class again. And smile when you have to serve Tom and Gwen if she visits again. Don’t be jealous because they escaped. Nope.