Hola hola my #Beautiful #Yogis. I was scrolling though my feed looking at my journey. Talk about a Flashback Friday! Here is one of my more epic falls. I would like to say I don’t injure myself anymore, but that’s not true. I only learned to practice in an open space. Now I dodge the furniture. 😜

I hope your Friday has been amazing! Stay #light and #awesome

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Hello my #Beautiful #Yogis. Welcome to Monday. My tribe is all the way up, and that blesses my whole being!! I hope your day is just as amazing as you are!! And if negativity tries to creep in and set you up for the fail… in the words of Kanye, “Run away fast as you can”!! If no one told you today, I love you. Stay #light and #awesome.

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lledra replied to your photoGuys, space pyjamas. Space pyjamas!  They do…

I’m super hoping we DO actually get her name once the episode airs. Because she is ALIVE and oh my gosh. I need her to have a name. Not just titles and ‘mom’.

ugh, right? Let her be a person unto herself, defined by her actions not just her roles as mother and Mandalorian. But also… also… look at the helmet, armour, everything:

That’s Rook Kast. It has to be. But please just confirm it. I can only assume they’re building some revelation, but it’s just not going to land given the majority of viewers haven’t read Son of Dathomir, and then the rest are just too beyond frustrated at Star Wars’ on-going maternal crisis.


Hello my #Beautiful #Yogis. I really needed to practice tonight and it felt great to be in my body. Just moving and being aware. Time well spent. I’ve always wanted to try this. It was fun. 😅 here’s to you and a great night’s rest. Stay #light and #awesome.

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“Emmett,” you cried putting your hands on your hips, like you always did when you were getting frustrated, “I’m not wearing a damn bear costume, it’s ridiculous, it’s childish, it’s,” she was cut off by a weary Rosalie.

“It’s just like Emmett.” 

You let a light airy laugh pass through your lips, Rosalie had really lightened up since Renesmee was born, she’d even gone as far as to get a boyfriend.

“Please, just wear it, for me!” Emmett begged, choosing to ignore the girl’s comments. 

“Emmett, listen. You and I are both roughly around 80 years old, okay, so wearing this bear costume is completely inappropriate,” you tried to reason with the childish boy you were madly in love with. 

“I’m begging you, y/n, I will do anything for you, anything at all,” Emmett countered staring into your soul with his big dark brown eyes causing you to bite your lip. You looked away instantly knowing soon you’d give in. 

“Fine, but if we do bears this year then I get to chose what we are next year,” you gave in sighing. Emmett lit up in joy, he let out a loud hearty laughing and picked you up and swung you around.

“Oh this will be so great, ahhh, your the best y/n!” 

So this is my first imagine, and clearly it’s an au and blah blah. I know Halloween was like 8 days ago, but I couldn’t resist. Ugh, okay, so I hope people see this and people like it and if no one sees this then pretend it never happened.

Oh boy I’m late. Thanks to @prophetandcatalyst, @thedreadvampy, @foolsfantasies and @effallya for tagging me!

Favourite RotE Book: Ahh… Hum… at the moment… Fool’s Quest?

Why: The characters have changed in the 25 something years between the previous series and this one, and it’s in this book we’re really shown to what extent. I love rediscovering them, and discovering all the new characters that walk with them. It also starts the busy, busy work of tying the threads of all the RotE books together and I am SO EXCITED about that! To get an answer (or at least more hints) about how the Wit and the Skill and the dragons are tied together and where they all come from in the first place. Is it all the same magic that branched at some point and found different recipients? So many questions!! Some nice action to accelerate the pace of the build up to the coming journey, long ongoing plot resolutions that made me tear up with joy a tiny bit… it was a good good book all around. 


Top Three Favourite Characters: Beloved, Ronica and… let’s be honest, as masochistic as it is, Fitz grew on me throughout the years and I love this dumb man dearly (despite my endless bitching about him). 

Top Three Least Favourite Characters: Not counting any of the characters made to be hated: Brashen, Starling and uh.. the whole cast that came from the Rain Wilds Chronicles I guess. I don’t actively dislike most of them but they left me pretty indifferent, unlike the rest of the RotE characters.

Favourite Ship (of the floating kind): Big Whiny Boat. 

Top Three Favourite Ships (of the people kind): Fool/Fitz is really the only ship I put thoughts into.

Would you rather be Witted or Skilled: Skilled.

If you were Witted, what animal would you bond with?: A feline of some sort (I love cats so much /cries into hands).

Edit: FUCK I hadn’t thought of the lifespan problem, abort, abort; uh, let’s say a turtle then?

Would you rather live in the Outislands, the Mountain Kingdom, the Six Duchies, Bingtown, the Rain Wilds, Kelsingra, Jamaillia, the Pirate Isles, or Fool’s Homeland?: Kelsingra. I’m not too into the idea of being turned into an Elderling but boy I like both my comfort and magical shite being part of everyone’s daily life and Kelsingra seems amazinggg.

How were you introduced to the books? Ages ago a friend bugged me to read the Fitz books. “Later”, I said. Fast forward a couple of years and I’m devouring both series in one summer and crying for more. That led me to the rest of the RotE books. Fun fact: for some reason (???), before reading the series I thought that the Farseer trilogy was going to be a nautical adventure. Ended up getting that in the Liveships ahaha. 

Share a quote you love: “She Who Remembers. I taste her in the wind, feel her presence in the water. Does she look at me?”

Who hasn’t been tagged yet? Mhhh, @nightfoot, @suspiciouspopsicle@tinzeal, @bad0mens (I can’t remember how many books into the series you are ;;;;), @kingdomkett?

Take the thing, copy and paste it into your own post, tag it “elderlings” and then tag as many people as you can that you know in the fandom :D Let’s see how many of us can do one before the new book comes out :) 


Sorry, long ass post.

As I’ve been blathering about in the tags, Luffy’s learning a lot from Vivi - he’s got bravery and loyalty down, but she’s been demonstrating diplomacy and the need to think things through before haring off at top speed. Her backstory has also emphasized these traits.

Here’s where Luffy starts synthesizing it - his solution is most emphatically NOT diplomacy, but he’s thinking more than 2-3 steps ahead. (And because he’s Luffy, he does it by taking a straight cut to the action.)

Everyone in One Piece is learning and advancing; not just in terms of “I can now punch more things” but in leadership, independence, bravery, and all that good stuff.