ღ Voidwatcher Dress ღ

finallyyy I finished this piece of work XD, there’s a few issues here and there that will be stated, but I hope you enjoy. Important note: this dress was inspired by @pixicat-sl​ ‘s dress here. I have gotten permission from them to upload this (and even slight help with my latex shader). This is not however a conversion (as you can see from the differences). You can see my meshing process here :) This is my first time working with latex and shiny cloth materials, so it may not be perfect, but I am proud of it (and the hard work it took to get a nice looking latex bake XD.) I will try to improve on my next latex/leathery project~

Also this has a pregnant morph!

Thankyou very much Pixicat for the permission~ <3

Information // What Am I Getting?

you are getting a zip file with 3 sims3packs/packages, with 4 different textures. (why am I getting 3 packages you say? different specular maps, and my computer likes to give memory issues when putting too much presets into one sims3pack/package.) as shown in the picture above from left to right,  top to bottom is Matte with Design, Plain Matte, Shiny Leather, and Latex.

Matte :

  • two presets one with the design, and one without
  • the first preset has 3 recolorable channels, the pattern,the full dress, and the sleeves and midsection. 
  • the second preset has 1 recolorable channel

Leather // Latex:

  • two presets, one non recolorable of the original texture, and one recolorable
  • the second preset has 1 recolorable channel (note: when you switch to the second preset you will have to let your patterns load before it allows you to recolor it)


  • female  (to use for males I believe you use Master Controller from here to enable it.)
  • young adult/adult
  • morphs/all LODS - pregnant morph as well
  • categorized as fullbody - everyday/formal/maternity
  • custom mesh & textures by me
  • polycount (of the dress w/o body attached): high ~ 7.8k , medium ~ 3.6k, low ~ 675.
  • doesn’t explode as far as I’m aware (was tested with different body shapes, a tall shape, a chubby shape, and a short shape, all curvy) but there is minor clipping in some areas. also don’t use crazy poses again etc.
  • custom normal map ✓, custom spec ✓, no body seams (as far as i’m aware) ✓
  • 2048 textures, but they still ain’t the best ;_;
  • this download is not compressed with the Compressizor tool (mainly because it slows down my game when I compress) however, when exported from TSRW I export as a sims3pack first, which compresses the file, then I use Delphy’s dashboard to turn it into package format for youuuus. howevahh, if you want to run it through the Compressizor because it works fine for you and compress it again feel free~ <3

Feel free to tag me if you use this (not required). Also please let me know if something is wrong (other than what was stated). My terms of use is on my page. (but if you wanted a TL;DR its basically do whateva you want just ask me/credit me, I’m more than likely going to convert my things to Sims 4 myself though, anything else go deez nutz, put a hamburger on the butt, or wherever, mesh edit, retexture idek just have fun & ask/credit pls~ I’d like to see what you do.)

DOWNLOAD : SimFileShare (adfly, wait 5 seconds then hit skip) I Dropbox (non adfly) ღ

Thank you to all the CC creators who created the other items used in the photos.

Special thanks to @pixicat-sl for her permission, also a huuuuuge thanks to @sintiklia for teaching me how to bring bones into 3DS max.

                       Enjoy ~ (& insert motivational quote here)

  • interviewer:and what makes you different from every other person that ive interviewed today? what can you offer?
  • me:how many of these people know the entire danny phantom theme song?
  • interviewer:just you?
  • me:just me

So one time I was playing TF2 as Medic (because I usually played Medic) and I was with a Heavy (naturally) and we were doing a good job getting through the map and taking care of shit. Mowing enemies down, healing my teammates as they came by, pushing our way to the motive. Everything was going super good.
But the other team ganged up on my Heavy and killed him and I LOST IT. I pulled out my needle gun and something had just come the fuck over me. I was shooting headshots like a maniac and all these dudes kept coming to put me down but somehow I just filled their heads with needles and killed them first.
I killed like six or seven enemies before a Pyro finally got me and I’ll never forget what I heard a guy say over the mic:

“That was the scariest battle Medic I’ve ever seen!”

I dunno how I pulled that shit off but it was such a wild moment. 

anonymous asked:

How flexible are the lekku that you made?

My lekku are pretty flexible as they’re latex. I made a clay lekku mould on my headform then painted it with liquid latex, making sure to dust it with talcum powder between layers once dry (this strengthens the latex.) I don’t remember how many layers of latex I did as I did it over several days over a year ago. It may have been anywhere from 15-30 layers.

I then filled them with a small layer of hardened rice at the tips (this weights them so you get that realistic bounce, and as I made them for Hera this seemed crucial), polystyrene beads up to the curve of the lekku, then wadding and expanding foam for stability at the base. You can kind of see the various strata in this image:

They’re flexible to wrap around my neck Bib Fortuna style, but kind of awkward for that because I made them with the exaggerated Rebels shape. (This is also why I made them individually rather than as a full headpiece. Also because I wanted to reuse the mould, and couldn’t do that if I took them off as one piece - I ended up making three pairs.) I’ve since base-colour painted them and attached them to a cap base, and have vaguely started toiling the top cap but have no pics, sorry.

Just for interest and comparison, my Ahsoka montrals were not flexible. Well, a little. They were 1″ and 2″ upholestery foam covered in lycra and liquid latex. I ran millinery wire in the front lekku but only for poseability, but only up to the shoulder. This proved fairly ineffective - along with a couple of other issues I’m correcting - and is the reason why all my photos are so awkward as I can’t really move my head. Also, I stupidly forgot to make her headband, so just quickly threw something together in cardboard at the hotel. But this means fit and where it was sitting was all kinds of awkward. I’ve since attached a proper headband which helps the piece sit right. My new montrals - for Ahsoka S6 - are going to be fully wired.

Thank you!

Thank you all for reading along with Catching Lightning!  Really glad you are enjoying that one.  I actually think/hope there are only a couple of chapters left.  I’m back to working on the next chapter for Celestial Navigation at the moment, and, again, thank you for the wonderful, somewhat overwhelming, response on that one!  It is hugely motivating and deeply appreciated.  

In other news, I’m just a few followers away from 2000.  Which is kind of incredible, since I don’t really post a lot of my own content.  I’m glad you are here, for whatever reason, and am very much humbled that this many people are interested enough to follow along.  *waves*  Thank you all!


  1. Wolf, who has never built anything, and Josiah, who has never built anything, and Artemas, who has only built a couple things, spent today building a bed frame for Josiah.
  2. Wolf has spent the last 4 times home, working on our old Corolla trying to fix an exhaust leak.  He got the noise problem fixed but everything still smells like exhaust.  Today he found a crack in the front exhaust manifold, so we bought a new one and gaskets, and he spend several hours changing them out, and there’s still the smell of exhaust.  He is understandably upset.  
  3. A couple of Des’ friends are coming over Sunday.  I’m doing tattoo work on the wife in exchange for the husband (a car-guy whiz, apparently) doing some mechanical work.  So I’ll have him look at the exhaust leak.
  4. I spent the day today going to the store and the auto parts store and the hardware store and the store again and Big Lots.  It took until a 4th trip to a store in 2 days for SOMEONE to remember to buy the damn eggs I needed to make breakfast burritos with.  I also cooked all day:  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, onion rings and fish filets for lunch, and instead of making dinner, I made Spanikopita and quiche, breakfast, and pizza burritos.  Artemas brought home roast chickens and potato salad from the store.
  5. I am tired.  I didn’t hurt, the entire week out in the truck, even with having to climb in and out of the bunk and sitting 12 hours a day in the front seat.  But I’ve been home 32 hours and can barely move.  Somebody explain to me why.

I’m slightly less rubbish at digital watercolour than I am at regular watercolour. 

The only part of this I did was the colouring, the lineart was from xxajisai-graphicxx.

also I’m really loving vanitas no carte right now. it’s good, you should read it. especially if any of these words catch your attention: vampires, 19th(?) century paris, steampunk, cats, jun mochizuki, mystery

I always feel lonely.

I know that’s such a common thing for everyone to say at some point in their lives.

And I am really lucky to have the friends that I have in my life. 

I used to pray (back when I was a kid and religious) on my knees, near the bed and everything, about wishing to have a friend or friends that could take care of me, and me to them. And a tall best friend if possible because I felt too small in this world and that’d be useful. (I was an opportunistic child) :P

And, well, I have those things.

And I still feel lonely. 

I have an amazing family, great friends, an awesome twin brother, a family full of love and support, I am surrounded by a great support network and I still feel so alone. 

I don’t know what to do. I find great comfort in knowing I am not alone on the feeling.
I am happy when I am alone to think to myself and to write and to do things.
I am happy when I’m with those I am close to.

But I want to be comfortable with feeling lonely.

I had been planning to take the next few weeks off. In part to recharge, in part because I had been anticipating moving at the end of september so I could have gotten a jump start on that, and in part to try and pull myself up from the massive let down of all of that just…utterly disintegrating in front of me and the various related ramifications. I was going to take Sugi up to Edinburgh to meet her cousins the Clone Cats. I’ve been turning work down to give myself that space and because I’m in a place where I can actually just…take time for myself. But.

Today I got a call from an unknown number that, within five minutes, had me in a spontaneous phone interview with a pretty amazing designer. So I have an interview-slash-first-day tomorrow, and if things go well I should be working on a pretty exciting film until I move onto the film I already have set for September. So.. yay! This certainly helps with the string of disappointments the last week has been. 

anonymous asked:

"Papers Please" literally has the player use body scanners to "catch" trans people as a game mechanic... like, if a game had you running around yelling slurs at gay characters, but overall condemned homophobia, you wouldn't want to put it on a list of "LGBT friendly" games and just say "has gay characters!" Like, at least you said is about playing an immigration control officer, but still, you could at least mention that it has you play "catch the t****y"

First; you are right, it may have been indelicate of me to put a game like Papers Please in a LGBT friendly games reclist without explicitly stating its content, and for this I am sorry. Now let me argue my reasoning behind this choice:

When I say “LGBT friendly”, I don’t always mean a game where, in the story, everything’s going well for LGBT people and they don’t get discriminated against. I mean a game that acknowledges alternative sexual and gender identities and doesn’t make a joke out of it. Papers Please passes both those checks. The whole point of the game is to put the player in a position where they have to make difficult moral choices and to question the way they view people. The game’s here to tell you “Are you sticking to your morals or are you just following the government?”. Do you see what I mean? I haven’t actually given much info in those small “descriptions” I added to each game (gotta keep it short and to the point), and I assumed most people read the summaries on Steam before getting any game. The way Papers Please is summarised on Steam should be enough to turn away anyone who doesn’t want to deal with dystopian situations that include queer people.

That said, I’ll add a warning if that can reassure people.