ღ Voidwatcher Dress ღ

finallyyy I finished this piece of work XD, there’s a few issues here and there that will be stated, but I hope you enjoy. Important note: this dress was inspired by @pixicat-sl​ ‘s dress here. I have gotten permission from them to upload this (and even slight help with my latex shader). This is not however a conversion (as you can see from the differences). You can see my meshing process here :) This is my first time working with latex and shiny cloth materials, so it may not be perfect, but I am proud of it (and the hard work it took to get a nice looking latex bake XD.) I will try to improve on my next latex/leathery project~

Also this has a pregnant morph!

Thankyou very much Pixicat for the permission~ <3

DOWNLOAD & INFO : @ my website

Thank you to all the CC creators who created the other items used in the photos.

Special thanks to @pixicat-sl for her permission, also a huuuuuge thanks to @sintiklia for teaching me how to bring bones into 3DS max.

                       Enjoy ~ (& insert motivational quote here)

You're the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I'm singing.

Good evening my #Beautiful #Yogis. Hello from @wanderlustfest! I’m in the gondola going down the mountain and pretending not to be afraid. So why not work on my splits?? Lol. I hope you’re having an amazing weekend! Stay #Light and #awesome

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