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velI was tagged by: @lizzy384​ - Ooooh, new questions! I’m sure you’re all just desperate to know these crucial details about me :P 

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Coke or Pepsi: I try to avoid soda at all costs, but Iike Coke more. Something about Pepsi literally hurts my stomach. 
Disney or DreamWorks: Despite some hiccups in recent years, Dreamworks has really come charging over the line when it comes to movies, and I think they’re on par with a lot of Disney stuff. I adore Kung-Fu Panda (Po is basically my spirit animal).

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The only thing I wish was that they were making movies like Prince of Egypt and Road to El Dorado. I thought both of those movies, especially Prince of Egypt, are super underrated and quite stunning. I wish there were more animated movies like that these days.  
Coffee or Tea: Tea! I make a whole pot of it every night while I burn the midnight oil. 
Books or Movies: What is this, Sophie’s Choice? Mmmm, they’re so different these days, in my opinion. I like books for when I want some peace and quiet, but I like how much art and talent comes together to make a film. For me, it’s different moods. 
DC or Marvel: Marvel. Holla atcha boi. 

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Xbox or Playstation: This question hardly matters these days since most of the games I like end up being released on both. I game on PC mostly, these days. 
Dragon Age or Mass Effect: I’ve played two Mass Effects and zero Dragon Ages, despite urging, so I guess that’s that. 
Night Owl or Early Riser: Night owl. What is sleep? 
Cards or Chess: Chess. Except when I play my friend Nick, who is a math genius and is impossible to beat. 
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla. 
Vans or Converse: Oh… no… no real opinion…

Cadash or Adaar: Haven’t played either. 
Paragon or Renegade: I’ll take oldschool Renegade for $100, Alex. 
Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars
Gandalf or Obi-Wan: I knew who Obi-Wan was first. When I was a kid, I never liked Luke Skywalker, but Obi-Wan was legit. 
Heroes or Villains: Villains. It’s usually a shock if I like the cleancut central character. I tend to only like a hero if he’s very flawed, like Daredevil. 
John Williams or Hans Zimmer: John Williams, but barely 
Disneyland or Six Flags: Six Flags because rollercoasters! 
Flying or reading minds: Flying. I’d be scared to know what people think. 
Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure: Twin Peaks
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings: LotR, just because it’s the benchmark for pretty much everything else fantasy after it. 
Cake or Pie: Pie, especially a savory pie. 
You are banished to a desert island, which Benedict Cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you?: I’m between his portrayal of Alan Turing and his character on Cabin Pressure. 
Train or Cruise ship: TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!! CHUGGA CHUGGA!! I love the rails and the wiring and the locomotives and the carriages and the bridges and train stations and everything about them. They have a certain urban aesthetic I adore. 
Brian Cox or Neil deGrasse-Tyson: Neil deGrasse-Tyson
Sherlock in dark purple shirt or blue shirt: red? red….
Molly Hooper in yellow dress or white and red dress: red again? Can I have red again?  
Pizza or Pasta: Are we in New York? My answer is very conditional. 
Drawing or Writing: Both. Since they’re pretty much the only things I’m good at. Also depends on my mood which one I want to work on, though. 
Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman: Ohhh, Martin Freeman, no question. He’s adorable and I love him in everything I’ve watched him in. 
Favorite musician or band: impossible choice. Ummm… really quickly, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Led Zep, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Stone Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Rancid, Sex Pistols, Arctic Monkeys, Clash… ahhh… too many. There’s too many. 
Nature or the big city: I’m a city slicker through and through, though it’s probably healthy I learn to take my time. 
Sweet or spicy: Caliente! 
Multishipper or one OTP: I think there has only ever been one show I ever watched where I sincerely endgame shipped the same character with two different people. I usually get pretty gungho about characters I like together, one way or the other. I also tend to choose OTPs based on canon plot elements. 

Additional question: Humanities or STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths): humanities. I’m hilariously bad at math and such. 

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