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An analysis/theory about everyone symbolism in the story

That said, this is something more of a wishy washy thoughts that I came up with in the chat group. And although I said everyone, it’s actually more about about Hide, Tsukiyama, Touka, and some others and how they could be represent the sun, the moon, the eath, etcs. 

Hideyoshi Nagachika: The Sun

Mr. Sunshine! The manifestation of sunflower itself. With bright and cheerful personality that brighten up everyone’s day. 

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Unpopular opinion

I don’t like Kiliel.

For the longest time, I was on the fence about the pairing.

But after giving it some thought, there are things that bother me about its existence.

And NO, it’s not because I dislike Tauriel. I love her. She’s a super amazing queen. My problem comes from the fact that as one of the only two ladies in the entirety of the films, she almost automatically gets relegated as the love interest for someone. And why? It’s completely unnecessary.

I would have accepted Kili having an unrequited puppy crush on her. He’s still young and rebellious and she’s a hella awesome elf warrior. It’s perfectly understandable. But the fact that they decided to make her return the love and delegated her as a love interest rubs me the wrong way.

At least she has agency, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of other ladies as love interests. But seriously, can we stop with this trend? It’s super gross.

I think it also bugs me because now that he has a love interest, Kili automatically gets more screen time and attention while Fili, who you know, is the heir and shit, barely gets any time at all.

It’s crap.

And that concludes another unpopular opinion time with Rita. *throws glitter* kindly send all your hate straight to the toilet.

Hide is ‘dealt’ with by CCG

Or more like, Hide took one for the team, the hidekane team, the Kaneki team. HIDE DIED FOR YOUR KANEKI’S SINS.

Okay nonono, sorry for being dramatic but rereading tokyo ghoul, Hide’s ‘missing’ status is very, very much suspicious. I mean if he was missing the normal way like Seidou and Amon did, his status would surely be dead. As like they’ll surely make use of his will, like Marude said here.

And then, to come back further, I came across this. 

Here is Kimi begging Kaneki not to tell on her for harboring Nishiki, because harboring a ghoul will give you a severe penalty. Well, for a human fugitive it depends on the crime that they committed base and you’ll usually get a sentence what would almost par as the person who committed that crime (if it’s a felon or something). In a case of ghouls then…Hide would be..  

Root Nagachika: Caged Sunshine! 

I’m laughing so hard!! Sorry, I had do that. 

Oh, that said, Hide didn’t actually ‘harboring a ghoul’ as if Kaneki was hiding in his apartment or anything, but he did keep quiet about knowing Kaneki is a ghoul from CCG, which is right under their nose too, of course. 

Though would not reporting to CCG your best friend is a ghoul considered a heavy crime? The fact that Kaneki himself is the Eyepatch ghoul, the Centipede, the source of CCG uproars at that moment. 

Regardless how it happened, CCG knows that Kaneki is Centipede, and Hide can’t deny that he knows Kaneki. As to how CCG found out, we can go a few ways:  

What if CCG discovered Kaneki is the half-ghoul by themselves, (maybe through Arima, who looked through Kanki’s files one days, and used his sadistic and massive intellect to figured it out). And since they figured it out themselves, and as long as Hide kept denying that he knows Kaneki is a ghoul all along like that, he would be fine. 

(but then Marude would put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Son, I know you’re too smart for this bullshit” and led Hide to his jail cell) 

Or, let’s have Hide leaked the information that Kaneki, his friend is a ghoul, a half-ghoul,  to CCG’s higher ups.. and let’s say that he somehow figured out that CCG wanted a half-ghoul ..

And since CCG wanted a half-ghoul (in which they can use to research on and then make a quinx army.. to be ready for a war vs Kanou’s half ghoul). This would technically be the perfect opportunity to somehow save Kaneki from the raid and being killed by Arima. 

Though this is risky because, this would mean that Hide knows too much… and the last time a person knows too much information about the secret of CCG, CCG ‘finished’ him off. Also not to mention..

Kaneki’s sins …>w> 

Since Kaneki destroyed everyone’s quinques, and delayed Arima from resurfacing to capture owl. And, of course CCG can’t take this ‘big lost’ out of Haise (who have became CCG’s vital assess), the next person who have to take the blame for all for all of this… would be…. 

And if Hide is being punished for this… whole knowing Kaneki being a ghoul, and knowing a little too much, plus if CCG needs a scapegoat for the raid, it could potentially explains his status as being MISSING. Although, not reporting to CCG about Kaneki being a half-ghoul a long time ago already gives Hide a deserving MISSING status, because he directly kept secret, hence betraying CCG after all. 

How do we save Hide now? Well, the  Washuu theories by sans-san might save him now, so that he won’t get a heavy punishment. But since he messed up big time, this allows Matsuri from the branch family to raise to power. While they kept Hide away somewhere, hence.. 

That! or right after revealing Kaneki’s a ghoul. Hide fled and actually currently on CCG’s wanted list (plus CCG wouldn’t have him going around to mess with Haise’s memories), and currently joining Floppy or something, idk.

So, if Hide isn’t a Washuu, and he didn’t run away, (and other theories about Hide). He just might, might be…. you know.. in jail. Oh, since CCG higher ups had to erase his existence too, hence the missing statue as to keep secret from the lower ranks.

Anyway, this could be a clue on to where Hide is..