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Unpopular opinion

I don’t like Kiliel.

For the longest time, I was on the fence about the pairing.

But after giving it some thought, there are things that bother me about its existence.

And NO, it’s not because I dislike Tauriel. I love her. She’s a super amazing queen. My problem comes from the fact that as one of the only two ladies in the entirety of the films, she almost automatically gets relegated as the love interest for someone. And why? It’s completely unnecessary.

I would have accepted Kili having an unrequited puppy crush on her. He’s still young and rebellious and she’s a hella awesome elf warrior. It’s perfectly understandable. But the fact that they decided to make her return the love and delegated her as a love interest rubs me the wrong way.

At least she has agency, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of other ladies as love interests. But seriously, can we stop with this trend? It’s super gross.

I think it also bugs me because now that he has a love interest, Kili automatically gets more screen time and attention while Fili, who you know, is the heir and shit, barely gets any time at all.

It’s crap.

And that concludes another unpopular opinion time with Rita. *throws glitter* kindly send all your hate straight to the toilet.