art ideas, inspiration, notes to self...

because my imagination could do with a stretch.

♡ flora & fauna scaled way up or way down, alice in wonderland style
♡ women in costumes (bunny ears, fox ears, masks) 
♡ rainbows of various sizes in interiors
♡ feathers sticking out of the ground
♡ things on top of clouds
♡ flowers growing in improbable places
♡ strangely coloured things
♡ smoke containing things (birds, crystals, planets, galaxies, dreams, etc)
♡ heads or ankles with butterfly wings
♡ little monsters
♡ graffiti
♡ post-apocalyptic landscapes containing glitter 
♡ things coming from / growing from skin or mouths or hands or hair.. 
♡ frozen-over ice lakes, ponds, or seas, (and things on top of them, things reflected off of them… growing from them?…)
♡ tents…
♡ tents on boats…
♡ tents on boats on frozen-over ice lakes…
♡ magic carpets (good for interesting picnics & tea parties.. maybe for human friends of faeries…)
♡ references to LGBTQ+, mental health, cultural issues, awareness, etc
♡ things in jars
♡ jars hanging from things (clouds, trees, etc)
♡ freckles, lots of them. girls with lots and lots of freckles. 
♡ things indoors which aren’t usually indoors
♡ things outdoors which aren’t usually outdoors
♡ references to 90s toys, video games, etc
♡ things inside flowers (homes?)
♡ tools and accessories obviously crafted by mermaids
♡ oddly coloured seas
♡ animal, beast, ghost companions 
♡ TRANSPARENCY (make things transparent… trees, girls, etc..)
♡ look up weird plants, fungi, and rare flowers
♡ show below ground
♡ magic wands

Listen I really, really love how Anti and Dark are pretty much exact opposites of the same concept, and they’re such interesting characters to attempt to analyse.

Anti is chaotic. He’s loud, he shows himself off, he likes to build himself up. He shows up in little glitches in occasional videos, and he is, I reckon, doing it on purpose - you know how FNAF lore gets so much attention because it’s so few and far between, it just keeps making you want more and more? Anti is doing that with his little glitch appearances. He wants everyone to try and figure out what it means, why he’s in THIS video and why NOW and when will he be BACK. He wants everyone’s attention.

He’s a performer. He lives on the attention. He’s histrionic, he wants to be the centre of attention and, as just seen, gets upset and lashes out when he’s not. However, he doesn’t really seem to be USING the attention. He doesn’t seem to have any grand plan, doesn’t want us on his side - in fact, he regularly pits himself against us. He frames himself as a grand villain, and knows we will worry about Jack, but doesn’t try to dissuade us from it. Anti doesn’t have any direction, and isn’t trying to get us on his side - he just wants to cause chaos and have people watch. 

Dark, on the other hand, is deeply manipulative. At his core, he is a manipulator. He is cold and controlled and actively tries to talk us onto his side, into going along with him. He makes few appearances, often with long stretches between them, but each appearance tends to be rounded and complete. In those appearances, he isn’t usually loud, or aggressive or making a fuss. In the Don’t Move and Don’t Blink videos he doesn’t even really do anything. He has a much more insidious vibe, mainly because he isn’t out and loud. Even when he tries to get us to shoot Mark, he doesn’t do it outright, doesn’t boast about it. 

He tries to offer us things - he can give us anything, anything we want, if we just go along with him, just trust him, just let him. Dark wants us to not just pay attention to him, but be on his side and help him. It feels like he has a much bigger plan, and it feels like our attention is NEEDED for that to happen. That’s why he is trying so hard to manipulate us into helping him, and why he’s so much more controlled.

I just find it so interesting how these two YouTubers have run with this concept of “their dark side/dark version” in totally different ways. Jack has created Anti, a troublemaker who wants to cause pain and chaos and laugh as everyone watches him, unable to stop him; Mark has created Dark, a sinister and manipulative plotter who somehow needs the attention and support of those watching to achieve his goal. It’s so awesome and I really really look forward to seeing how they move forward with the characters, and can’t wait to find out what they’re up to.


Since i got so many messages asking me about notebook and phonecases, now i’m selling them again! here’s the price list:

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“I want to know what she thinks we’re going to do to her -  because I’m going to do something worse.”

That is, indeed, very frightening to hear from Blue Diamond. She is pissed af.
But please remember: Steven is not a gem. He is a human AND a gem and he can do things gems can not.

For example, we learn in ‘Jail Break’ that Steven is not affected by the gem prison cells and the Gem Destabilizer. He has a human body and is not made of light.

So when Blue Diamond is furious and wants to do something very bad to Steven, maybe it won’t be that bad for him? She does not know he is half human, she thinks he is Rose Quartz, leader of the rebellion and a gem. She will punish him for the actions of his mother but she does not know that he is something entirely different, a human/gem hybrid.
Aquamarine told Steven in ‘Stuck together’: “You think shattering is bad? Wait ‘til the diamonds get their hands on you!”
So there is something worse than shattering. 
I hope Stevens human part will save him from the impending doom.

I have this idea of what I want my art to look like in my head, I feel sooo far from it but so close at the same time! I will be able to draw the way I want to someday and that makes me excited! It is so fun to get a little bit closer every day, like grinding in a video game so I get all the special powers.