Lackluster at Best

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: ???

Warnings: Dickhead directors.

A/N- This is for @bradburydiary’s musical writing challenge. My song was Someone like You from Jekyll and Hyde. It’s short it’s shit it’s unedited. Enjoy.


You’d been acting for years. It was your passion. It’d started when you were 6 and joined the theatre club at school. You never felt as at home as you did when you were on stage. So when you got the call to say you had gotten the part as Lucy in a new production of Jekyll and Hyde you were over the moon.

Lucy had been you dream part for years. You obviously already knew all of the words to her songs and all her lines, so for you it was just a matter of putting it onto the stage. That of course was not how it worked out though. The director was being a pain in your arse and changing things and making it extremely difficult for you to work.

You had come home to Bucky moaning about David, the director, on many occasions but this time Bucky could tell there was something else.
“What’s the matter doll? David again?” You gently nodded and explained how he had told you your performance of Someone Like You was ‘lackluster at best’. Bucky knew how much the song meant to you. He had no idea how to comfort you though.

“Well I may not be a hotshot director but I know that your performances are never ‘lackluster’ especially when it’s Lucy and I would be delighted to have my beautiful doll sing it to me right now.” He said with a firm determination in his voice that made you believe every word. So you did. Bucky drifted off to sleep that night listening to you sing the words to him cuddled in his arms.

astrological signs in love
  • aries:likes to fall deeply in love with incredibly insecure people and have an explosively passionate, yet volatile relationship... but hey at least it's interesting
  • taurus:likes to pretend they're so heartless that they don't even know how to fall in love, fails terribly every time
  • gemini:likes to fall in (and out of) love with anyone and everyone that crosses their path, multiple times a day. confuses all their friends (and themselves tbh) to the point of not even listening when they talk about love
  • cancer:does not like to fall in love, does it very grudgingly, throws adorable temper tantrum when they get called out on it, sulks, repeat
  • leo:falls in love rarely. completely, 100%, OH MY GOD BARBARA CALL THE POLICE stuck in love when they do. painful to watch honestly, but shit it's cute
  • virgo:likes to fall in love with nerds. every. single. time.
  • libra:likes to fall in love way too fast and make a complete fool of their weirdo selves trying to woo their unsuspecting prey (endearing and surprisingly successful)
  • scorpio:likes to bullshit their way through multiple "serious" relationships for years and years until one day they realize that they're in love w their gross best friend... but in a cute way
  • sagittarius:likes to fall in love from afar and watch the object of their desire go about their daily life, hoping senpai will magically notice them in their quiet little world of reflection
  • capricorn:falls madly in love, shows it, "JESUS WHAT HAVE I DONE", terrifies self and lover with erratic, confused behavior, takes it all back, runs away, pines for months, tries to be friends again and act like nothing happened (until alcohol attacks)
  • aquarius:?? ?!?! ?? ? :) !! ? :(
  • pisces:likes to fall in love with people who have fallen in love with them, basks in love's glow for a few months, realizes they just needed attention, formulates an escape plan
Hetalia fics
  • Aph America:his eyes were the color of the sky
  • Aph Russia:his eyes were childlike, yet not
  • Aph Canada:his eyes were nearly purple
  • Aph Japan:his eyes were deep and full of wisdom
  • Aph England:his eyes were green like emeralds so green they were like staring into the rarest form of emerald so emerald were his eyes I can't imagine anything more emerald it's as if God took two emeralds and shoved them in his fucking eye socke-



Here’s to hoping for more Dan plays Pokemon and that Phil’s last two babies survive the harsh wilderness.

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