Headcanon stuff

Gordon Tracy has two stages of sick- the over-dramatic, flopping-on-every-surface-in-the-house, moaning like a banshee “seriously, Scott, I’m dying. Just put my twisted body in a shoebox and drop me in the ocean when I’m dead” sick; and the much less frequent and far more serious “pretty much just lays there and either stares at people or sleeps” sick- that’s the one to watch out for. If he’s not cracking jokes, he’s definitely not faking it and it’s time to worry.

Alan gets tornado nightmares. Having grown up at least partway in the tornado belt, he is very aware of the safety precautions for them as well as the devastation tornadoes cause. Most of his nightmares, at least recently, seem built around the concept of his dad and/or Scott/his brothers being pulled away by a tornado. (The others have had one or two, but with Alan it’s a reoccurring thing)

John has long been dubbed “the king of picky eaters” by his brothers- he has a very short list of things he likes, and tends to be very particular about the taste and texture of his food. Gordon, however, is basically a human garbage disposal, and will eat or at least try just about anything. The two have a mutual agreement that whenever possible, things that John doesn’t like go to Gordon instead. (Such as onions or peppers in Chinese food- they go to Gordon since while John doesn’t mind them flavoring his food, the texture makes him gag.)

Gordon doesn’t just search thrift stores for stuff he likes- he’s been known to come home with something that he knows one of his brothers will love and appreciate. Most of the time it’s something unobtrusive like a shirt or sweater in their size, but then there was the time he brought a nearly 100-year-old Yamaha electric grand piano back in Thunderbird 2 (the kind with an honest-to-god action and soundboard inside). The electronics weren’t hard to get working, and Virgil has it set up in his room with speakers, but most of the time he plays with the speakers off so that there’s just the really quiet acoustic action. It’s more private that way. (This is why he doesn’t spend a lot of time at the regular grand.)