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rule number two ✰ beek fanfiction

disclaimer: i do not own bunny and creek, nor the idea behind them. everything belongs to @vikconder and vik only. i’m also so sorry for ruining your babies with my writing, vik, but i felt like i needed to get this out of my system or else. by the way, this is a tiny little bit nsfw-ish, but it doesn’t go into full nsfw territory so, don’t worry if you want to read this in public !! by the way, i didn’t edit this so, this is the full thing unreviewed.

Very few people knew this, but Bunny – local teenage heartthrob that doubled as that one rebellious kid with the sides of his head shaved and his ears pierced – lived his life by two very simple rules, rules that were made both for special occasions and that he strongly adhered to:

1) If he came across anything, from a dirty magazine to a simple shirt, that was bunny-themed or reminded him of bunnies, he had to buy it, no matter the amount of money he had with him at the time or the price of the thing in question. It was a fact that Bunny fucking loved bunnies, a love that was only rivaled by one thing, and one thing only…

2) If the moment was right, whether he was in public or in private with his ‘special friend’, Bunny had to fuck Creek. Or Creek had to fuck him. Whatever, really, as long as someone had a dick up their ass, anything suited his boat. (Besides, Creek was pretty hot in any position they had tried so far anyway so, who cares if Bunny was the one being fucked, as long as he could enjoy the view?)

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