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In industrial literature, “nitrite” is synonymous with “cyano-”. So yes, the nitrile gloves you find in the doctor’s office are so named because of the cyanide group in their rubber.

Cyanide is natural, organic, and free of GMOs, gluten, and artificial sweeteners, so feel free to consume them.

Pictured: Deliciousness.


↳ DAY 1: Angel

From the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning “who is like God?

His body seems to be moving on autopilot as deft fingers loosen the tight knot of his tie in jerky movements that are so unlike him. His eyes scan the crowd for that familiar tuft of black, spiky, unruly hair and a twinge of panic jabs at him when he can’t find Hajime anywhere.


His name, said in that same rough voice with just the softest hints of complete and utter love, makes him melt in relief. Tooru turns around and his breath catches in his throat when he finally lays eyes on him.

Hajime’s face shines with a thin coat of sweat, his tie completely undone and resting haphazardly across his shoulders. His shirt is a size too small, showing off his delectable arms and those broad shoulders that have always been a source of strength and support to Tooru. His cheeks are flushed and the broad grin on his face is so genuine, so raw, so Hajime. Tooru swallows slowly and takes a step closer, and Hajime mirrors him, his smile softer, but no less happy.

One step, two step, three steps and they meet, with no place to go, no place to run, no place to hide.

Hajime’s head tilts up the slightest bit the same moment Tooru raises his hand and hesitantly places it on his shoulder before sliding it up, cupping the side of Hajime’s neck.

“We did it huh?” Tooru chuckles, mere centimeters away from Hajime’s lips.

Hajime nods, leaning into Tooru’s touch. “We sure did. I’m proud of myself for not killing you, you know.”

“I’m proud of you too.”

Hajime huffs and leans in closer. “Shut up and kiss me already.”

And Tooru does, with a smile on his face and a pounding heart. He pulls back a moment later, his eyes still squeezed shut when he murmurs, “Always.”

Hajime’s the one to close the distance between them, stealing Tooru’s lips and his breath and his heart all over again, and he doesn’t need to say it for Tooru to understand.


(for @kidovna, based on this masterpiece

The Pact

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Imagine: You and Peter made a pact to be each other’s 1st time if you were still virgins by the time you graduated high school.

Warnings: Smut (also ik virginity means different things to different people and is a made up concept and blah so please don’t get salty about it)


You sat across the room from your best friend, Peter Parker. He was laying in his bed, fiddling with some gadget he made. A soft smile formed on your face as you watched him, trying to memorize him. The two of you had graduated high school just a week ago and for the first time in a long time you would be separated because of college. So you tried to remember little details about him whenever you could, like how his tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth a bit when he was focusing really hard on something.

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Dan’s Livestream // 7.12.16

He’s wearing the sadboys jumper

He will not be wearing a tank top in his new video


“That is Phil’s chin”

He couldn’t remember his password 

He still has a cold that he’s had since Seattle 

He took medicine on camera it’s getting personal

“It tastes like sad rocks”

“We’re not doing that anymore are we?” when asked about the Haru pillow

He missed the company of everyone on tour

GoT discussion

“Dan’s sexy cough voice”

Said tour is literally the biggest thing he’s ever done and he felt very important

Pajama week

Deep discussion about the world continuing regardless of their big happenings

“Thank you for caring”

“I have a feeling that [Austrailia] won’t be the last tatinof announcement”

Pokemon Go

He may just get the Australian version because he wants it so badly

They played Mario Kart last night and Phil won 

He thinks they should work together but Phil just wants to crush everyone

He got very worked up about the whole Mario Kart situation 

YouNow broke nice goin

The airport backpack incident 

“I. Am going. To get. The backpack.” -Phil 

He wasn’t playing Angry Birds he was playing his Star Wars game cmon Phil

Pastel discussion 

He doesn’t know what “pastel” is I don’t know him

Talked about the new Dil video

The light up shoes were a gift

“I got a message that just said Phil. Same.”

They were going to upload a video about the AUS tour but they sold out so quickly 



He tries to remember to floss

He doesn’t know if he’s ready to be a grandpa 

Rosanna is one of the nicest people he’s ever met

They’re making donuts 

“Enjoy Dan and Phil successfully baking”

Talked about their tour documentary on YouTube Red

There’s loads of footage from even before the tour started

He missed the liveshows

Jacksepticeye gets the Dan seal of approval

He doesn’t have like any yellow clothes

He played lots of Guild Wars

He’s proud of Phil for finishing Doom

He listened to Radiohead which he loved but Drake was eh and he loved Death Grip

He loves Bo Burnham 

“On the drugs again. You know Dan.”


He’s going to do another anime recommendation video

They watched Fruits Basket and Death Parade

Talked about the pizza v models incident

“They looked like Haru”

They may make something physical to commemorate tatinof??

Someone from their tour team gave him a llamacorn pinata 

He put on the Gatorland hat

Phil video spon 

Talked about Bates Motel which he highly recommends 

They saw The Conjuring 2 in theaters which he loved

“I’m glad that you’re smiling”

He wore the weed jumper so much because it didn’t wrinkle too badly

He doesn’t think he watches enough comedies


Discussion on how people are uneducated on BLM 

Yes he supports gay rights as he’s said before

Heterosexual pride was started as a joke but people got upset about it and got it trending and attention 

Basically the internet is good and bad and everything is confusing lmao ^^

Undertale genocide route is a maybe 

“Hello Hawaii how are you?”

They did 5 videos with the Fine Bros so look out for those

He wish he could’ve hung out or filmed with Nathan Zed

His opinions on dick is “nice” idk don’t even ask

He has like 40 pairs of earrings but he only wears his plain black ones

He was in love with their NASA tour guide #willneverforget #phandivorced

Opinions are terrible

Vaping (not actually don’t come complaining to me about this its a joke)

He ate lots of pancakes but not as many as Phil

A cheeky leg

Filming a DINOF video soon

“It’s the little things”

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Quiero que Link coma del pan de Ghibli con el queso derretido. Ya que Link va a cocinar quiero pan, y pizza. ¡¡¡¡Sólo quiero Masaaaaa!!!!