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if you make michael and jeremy’s interactions in the boot solely about boyf riends i WILL kill you… they’ve been best friends for twelve years they are bound to be physically close, especially considering them as separate characters!! their intimacy and comfort with one another is also one of the big reasons why they get bullied, so, like, keep that in mind.

when you jump to boyf riends, you negate the commentary on close friendship between boys (i.e. the standard that boys can’t be close without it seeming gay, which is problematic in itself but y’all get me). this isn’t to say that it isn’t interesting or okay to examine, for example, michael’s actions as a kid with feelings for his best friend, but you also must keep in mind that they are best friends first and foremost, so the intimacy or physicality isn’t uncalled for otherwise!

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dril just got doxxed.

his name was figured out, but he wasn’t doxxed in the sense that anyone wanted to hurt him. it was very much of a “wow! cool! an ancient internet mystery solved! holy fuck!” kind of thing

but I’m looking at twitter, and even some news sites, and they’re painting it as if it were angry homestuck fanatics doxxing dril, which totally isn’t what happened. no one was angry. people felt like they had discovered something.

was the end result, that dril’s name got out, the same? yeah, and it’s kind of shitty. we got caught up in the excitement. I know I became part of the problem by posting about it. but considering he put his real name in the hiveswap credits, it was only a matter of time. but did anyone mean anything bad by it? no!!!

hi hello!!!!!!!!!! im ilke/liz/1iwoo and today is the end of my third month since i remade!!!!! plus ive reached 800!! ive been planning this ff for like….. a month and🎉here it is🎊!!!!! anyway im very lazy to check if im still mutuals w everyone so if were not anymore you can ignore and im sorry if i forgot you its probably bc u changed urls or remade and i didnt see that pls message me if thats the case!!!! also message me if were not mutuals and i included you!! also message me if u want to talk!!! i love talking (once we get past the awkward and nervous stage ill never shut up lmao) anyway i love yall 

💓 💓i love you so much and youre really precious to me (interacted before) or i love you youre so cool and i admire you and wonder why you decided to follow me in the first place


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people say the one downside of the lazytown fandom is the fact that they will see the same post over and over bc the fandom is so small,

i actually really like it bc it makes me feel much more like a community vs a fandom

i mean like if i follow you, even if i dont talk to you i 100% know your url, heck even people who i dont follow i recognize

its probably the most family like fandom ive ever been in

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Prompts about an adult hero and a teenager villain?

1) “It’s not your fault,” the villain rolled their eyes. “People always say that, when you’re a kid. It’s not your fault. Nothing can ever be your fault. You were misled, you were taken advantage of, blah fucking blah. Bit of credit, please.”
The hero blinked. They’d expected a troubled young thing, vicious yes, but only because they’d never been shown any other way. A little broken. 
The villain sneered at the look on their face and crossed their arms. 
“Well, if you come in quietly, I can assure you that everyone will know what you did and why,” the hero said. 

2) “You think they’re going to believe you?” The villain eyed them. “You lay one hand on me or take one step closer and I’ll scream. Wonder what people will think of having a child molester of a hero?”
The hero’s jaw clenched. 
The villain grinned. “You wouldn’t hit a child, would you?” 

3) It was an unnerving thing, to realise that your own child had become a stranger to you. To realise that you didn’t know them at all, that everything you thought they were…they stared at the teenager in utter horror. 
Something flashed across their kid’s face, before vanishing. They straightened slowly, knife in hand, before their face crumpled again. Their baby looked five years old again, two the first time they fell and cut their knee, like nothing in the world would ever be fine again and the protagonist was the only person who could fix it and make it better. Except they hadn’t cut their knee this time and the blood dripping on the knife wasn’t their child. 
“You won’t tell, will you?” the teenager begged. “Please. It was an accident. They’ll take me away.”

4) “Look, kid,” the hero said. “Go home. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. You don’t have to do this-”
“If you’re going to be a cliche,” the teenager yawned. “At least be a good one.”
“I’m serious.”
“I know.” The villain widened their eyes. “That’s what makes it so fucking pathetic.”


Some of the awesome cosplays from this year at 221B Con!

Disguised-Boat-Captain Mycroft (I didn’t even recognize you at first! XD): @littleowls3

The most amazing fawnlock!: Bambi at @beelock-cosplay

Ice Prince Sherlock (other people had been telling me about your fantastic cosplay, I was glad I caught you and was able to see it myself!): @scienceofcumberbatch

The best Shitty I have ever fucking seen: @starwarsrockstars


↳ DAY 1: Angel

From the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning “who is like God?