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Some Fe heroes tidbits:

-Those swirly intricate designs? Celtic knots. I appreciate the detail in this. Alfonse, Sharena and Anna all have armor and designs similar to Celtic armor as well.

-The tree symbol on the relic that you summon different orbs from is a reference to the Celtic tree of life. Which is cool considering you as a Summoner bring “life”

-The name “Alfonse” derives from the Latin name “Alphonso” which means “Noble and Ready”. Quite suitable for his character don’t you think?

I’ll add more later when I feel like doing research. Feel free to correct me or add more

don’t let your political interest fade when this passes. this isn’t just happening in america. i see all of us blogging from elsewhere in the world. i know it’s engaging because america is a global superpower, but fascism is becoming more and more prevalent internationally. look to what’s happening in your own countries too. don’t stop caring when you get used to what’s happened in america. don’t let yourself get used to it. don’t ever let fascism become the norm in the way it has today.

Man, I’ve really been in the mood to play FFVII lately, but I don’t much the time. What time I do have I’m using to play FFXV, since I’ve never played it or seen a play through before. Of course, I’ve seen some spoilers on my dash, but they’ve only made me all the more interested.

By the way, did I ever mention I lost my completionist save file? As in the save file I had where I’d gotten every character to level 99, all of Cloud’s stats to 255, all but 2 of Yuffie and Vincent’ stats to 255, half of Tifa’s stats to 255, every master materia, like 6 Knights of the Round, etc…. I mean, it’s of course fun to play through the game. But I never actually beat the Weapons on that file. Or Sephiroth. I was planning to get Cloud, Yuffie, and Vincent’s stats all to 255 so I could crush him and the Weapons, but that never happened. Ugh. When I have the time again I’ll go on Steam and play some.

I have way too many unfinished FF files right now. IV, IV: TAY, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XV… I’ve watched full walkthroughs of all but XV and TAY, but I’ve only completed IV and VII on my own. So I have these games I want to play so I can say that I actually beat them, rather than…. well, watched someone else beat them. Playing them is really fun too, of course. That and I’m a completionist to the extreme. To play and beat every FF game is my goal one day. I’ve also beaten XIII on my own. I lost my I save file at the same time as my VII one. I only got 15 minutes into II, and have never touched III, V, XI, or XII. X I watched a play through of. So yeah. Gotta finish a lot.

I don’t know where I’m going. I have 25 more pages to take notes on tonight and I don’t feel like doing it. I come here whenever that happens.

Though I should probably finish that. I’m averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night right now, and have been for almost two months. I’ve been doing the same thing off and on for about 8. I’m tired.