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Story Time

Okay, so I had made a post inviting Taylor to my graduation ceremony and I said “this is just an invite but I sent all the details through message if youre interested!”
And later on I got a message from Taylor

Taylor has noticed your invite and unfortenantly she wont be able to make it to your graduation, however she has some graduation gifts that she would like for us to deliver to you.
Please let us know the time and blah blh blah
This message is confidntial blah blah blah..”

It was after the student dioloma ceremony and all of a sudden the doors opened and people started walking in carrying gifts in their hands there was like 7 and the last person was tAYLOR HERSELF I WAS SCREMAINF AND CRYING SHE WAS LIKE “My friend Shkurte invited me here today for her graduation, and I couldnt missing her graduate …”

And right about now the phone rang letting us know school was cancelled so I woke up but like HAKAODOXISIWIWUQUQYQYQIDBBDBDHJKAIDOOBSNSNSSMEKME

Blh blah blah insert kinda obvious post here about how Vriska didn’t just hate (Vriska) because of the fear that she herself could end up like (Vriska), but because she 100% knew that (Vriska) is just like she used to be before she found out about Mindfang, and that she thought she’d killed that part of herself ages ago.

The big factor in (Vriska) becoming the person we know and love was that she witnessed Aranea’s betrayal, and saw how pointless and self-aggrandizing and cruel and unpleasant a fully realized Mindfang imitator could be, and started to drop her own Mindfang act that she’d been building up since she was a little kid, revealing a face of Vriska that hadn’t been fully seen for sweeps: a Vriska who could experience terror without completely repressing it and express weakness instead of assuming she’ll be destroyd and left behind if her facade wavers.

Vriska talks a good talk about how (Vriska) disgusts her because she’s an impossibly, ridiculously weak degradation of the original Vriska Brand ™, a decline of personal integrity, but yeah, no, it seems to me that Vriska’s real main issue with (Vriska) is that she’s a visceral reminder that without the Mindfang persona she’s been inhabiting for sweeps, she’s still the same scared little kid she always was.

its only spoiler , and its only few freaking sec, but I have bomX3 on repeat about 50 times

its sounds so good

its probably yugyeom who sings party all night and then right beat coming Let me ////////// ofc jack rap

mayby I m too biased but I don’t care this song is my style

like OMG, Rewind or Wolo 

but from my fav chill songs from them will be forever Moonlight <3

this is then who is on repeat when I feel nostalgy or just have this mood