blah blah stars

Technically my Inktober day 2 drawing that I wasn’t sure I liked enough to post. Didn’t bother replacing my terrible hand written text.
Could also be seen as a Season 3 spoiler so Im sorry!! Hope you’re caught up!
Just couldn’t resist drawing my lame idea FTTT also… Anyone else notice how terrible and gloriously mismatched Mauls space t-shirt is? Couldn’t resist

It’s just———

RENT was so important to me as a young Gay ™. It literally gave me the courage to come out to my mother at a time that I was suffering from the worst of my depression and anxiety, at a time that I really didn’t know I was allowed to be the way I was.

So Anthony Rapp’s face (along with the faces of the rest of the cast) just makes me feel warm and safe. His mannerisms and his voice are so familiar and so comforting because he was my MARK. 

The fact that he’s now going to be a part (even if it’s a small part) of a franchise that has affected me in myriad other ways– that has also helped me find confidence and surety and inspiration and a sense of morality– just—

It feels really really good? It feels like two huge pieces of my heart are coming together to form something new and different and great and I’m just happy. I hope that’s okay, that I’m just happy.