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Anon requests: hey hey hey :) i was wondering if i could request a jughead x reader where they’re best friends have been for as long as anyone could remember, but they’ve been in a relationship for quite a while now and nobody knows until the others (betty, kev, veronica and archie) notice one night when they’re all at pops that reader and jughead are sharing quick glances and yeah i think you might get what i mean, you don’t have to but i thought it was pretty cute :) x

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The reader and Jughead have been keeping their relationship a secret, but their friends are growing tired of the sexual tension

Warnings: none

Word count: 715

A/N: so we hit 300 followers today?? This is insane, thank you guys so much for the support, you are all incredible!! Enjoy!

The heels of my boots clicked against the floor as I walked down the school hallway.  I scanned everyone’s faces, searching for my boyfriend. An arm grabbed me and pulled me into an empty classroom.  I looked up and saw my boyfriend.

“Jug!” I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist.  “You know I have to get to French class in a few minutes.”

“I know,” he smirked, “which means we have a few minutes.”  I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“The bell’s gonna ring any second,” I whispered, my face inching closer to his.  Jughead’s smirk faded into a smile as he leaned in.

“Better make every second count then,” he replied.  Our lips were millimeters apart when the bell rang, causing me to jump out of his arms. When I saw him pouting, I winked before exiting the room.

“Au revoir, Jughead,” I called over my shoulder.  He rolled his eyes, but there was a smile etched on his face.

Later that day, I was sitting with Betty and Veronica at lunch.  

“So you’re still coming to Pop’s tonight, right (Y/N)?” Betty asked.  I smiled and nodded.

“Of course!” I replied.

“And will Jughead be joining us tonight?” Veronica asked, her lips curving upwards in a smirk.  I rolled my eyes but nodded.

“Yes he is,” I responded. Betty and Veronica shared a smirk, causing me to shake my head.  “Oh my god, guys, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Veronica waved her hand, dismissing me.  “I know what you’re gonna say.  You and Jughead have been BFFs since day one and blah blah blah ruin friendship and so on so forth.”  She shook her head.  “Whatever. You know what we have to say, and it’s your choice.”  I laughed to myself, amused by Veronica and Betty’s lack of knowledge about mine and Jughead’s relationship.  For a second, I considered telling them the truth.  Instead, I just smiled and shrugged nonchalantly.

Jughead was the first person to arrive at Pop’s that evening.  Once I arrived, he perked up and waved me over to the booth.  When I sat down, he pecked me on the lips.  I playfully pushed him away.

“Our friends are going to be here any second,” I scolded him with a smile.  He laughed and rolled his eyes.

“We have to tell them eventually,” he reminded me, and I nodded.

“I know.”  The jingle of the bell signaled someone new entered Pop’s, and we turned around to see Veronica walk in.  I waved at her and she quickly caught sight of us, striding over to our booth.  She slid into the seat across from us.

“Hey lovebirds,” she greeted with a smirk.  I smiled back at her, unbothered.

“Hey, V,” I said. Kevin, Betty, and Archie arrived soon after, and we ordered our food and fell into a playful conversation. Occasionally, Jughead would steal some fries from my basket.  In retaliation, I would take his onion rings.  Our other four friends noticed these playful exchanges.  At first they said nothing, but when Jughead and I started to lightly shove each other, Kevin stopped us.

“Oh my god, just date already!” he shouted, slamming his fists on the table.  Jughead and I shared a glance, then burst out into laughter.

“What?” Archie questioned, all four of our friends looking back and forth between me and Jughead.  I bit my lip and smiled up at Jughead, ignoring our friends surrounding us.

“Oh my god,” Betty muttered, her eyes widening.  “You guys are…”  She couldn’t finish her sentence, her train of thought lost in shock.  Veronica and Kevin gasped.

“Are what?” Archie asked, still not getting it.  Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Dating, Archiekins,” she explained.  “(Y/N) and Jughead are dating.”  His eyes widened.

“You guys are dating?” he gasped.  “Since when?” I shrugged, not making eye contact with any of them.

“About a month?” I said, looking at Jughead for confirmation.  He nodded.

“Sounds about right.”

“And you didn’t tell us?” Kevin demanded.  I bit my lip guiltily and shrugged.  

“We were waiting for a good time to tell you guys,” I explained, but it came out more like a question.  The whole table groaned at us, but everyone wore smiles.

“Well,” smiled Betty, “it’s about time.”

Throw me under a bus to CTO and CEO? I throw you out of country.

(warning: long story. tl:dr at the end.)

My prorevenge story is from earlier in my career when I was a team lead of 20 people and was accountable for one of the core product lines company sold. Company was a tech startup and was in process of disrupting sector we were in. So much so that our parent company, a huge global conglomerate bought us out right as we were growing into mid size. Parent company invested hundreds of millions of dollars to try to hypergrow the business after buyout which also costed them hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re talking fuck ton of money.

Now back to my revenge story. In tech startup, infrastructures is often given just enough money and love to be just good enough to keep things alive. If you make it out of early stage and have a growing business then you pay your dues and put in some serious work to get your infrastructure to be more sustainable and scalable like a start of a real business. Or you suffer the consequences and slow the growth of the company in wide degreeing of severity. Our company just hit that stage and required major overhaul or business was going to suffer greatly. I’m talking like slowing our growth by 50% because that’s what was told to us as why this is now #1 priority for everyone involved. To take care of the overhaul SVP of IT was put in charge by the new CTO to get this done. SVP of IT being ‘busy’, he put his top lieutenant whom I shall call Asshat to run point on it.

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I told you- Ethan Cutkosky

Two days ago, I told Ethan that I did not “dare” him to run out in the rain in just his boxers because he would get sick. Two days ago, Ethan took that as me daring him to run in the rain in just his boxers. One day ago, Ethan developed a stuffy nose and a sore throat.

“Eth, you need to take your medicine to get all better,” I felt like I was talking to a 5 year old, he was acting like one anyways.

“I don’t wanna, it’s gross,” he whined, his voice was hoarse. I waved the spoon in front of his face causing his nose to scrunch up in disgust. He laughed at my unamused expression, which sent him into a deep coughing fit. I patted his back, wanting him to just get it all out.

“Ethan…” I warned, raising my eyebrows, he groaned but opened his mouth, accepting the spoonful of medicine. After he swallowed it, he closed his eyes, threw his head back and stuck his tongue out from the side of his mouth.

I stood there, watching him, deciding that I would just wait to let him explain.

“I just died because it tasted so horrible,” he explained, he giggled at his own joke.

“Was it really that bad?” Was medicine really that gross? I couldn’t remember the last time I took cold medicine.

“Worst thing I’ve ever done,” he responded matter of factly.

“I told you not to run in the rain…”

*2 hours later*

“Ethaaaaaan, I’m home,” as usual I called out to him, waiting for his response, I doubted that he would be asleep the whole time.

After hanging up my coat, keys and bag, I walked into the living room, expecting to see Ethan on the couch, where I had left him. After he had fallen asleep I decided to go to the store and get everything I needed to make him a nice soup.

“Ethan?” I called out again. Again, no answer.

As quickly as I could, I put the groceries away, growing anxious to see how Ethan was doing. Deciding that he was probably in bed, I climbed the stairs, making my way to our bedroom.

My angel was curled up in bed, he clutched a pillow to his chest, his eyebrows were furrowed, eyes shut and lips slightly parted. A blue beanie was placed on his head, pushing his hair away from his face, he wore a gray sweatshirt that was a little too big. The covers were pulled up to his neck, he looked so cozy under the mounds of blankets. As quietly as I could, I made my way to him and sat on the edge next to him.

His cute little nose was red, contrasting the paleness of the rest of his face. My eyes wandered to the box of tissues by his head, then I noticed that in one of his hands he was loosely holding a tissue. I brought the back of my hand to his forehead, feeling the hot clammy skin. My hand moved down to his cheek, caressing his soft skin, Ethan nuzzled his cheek further into my hand.

Are you feeling any better since this morning?“ My voice was soothing and gentle, despite feeling worried and anxious. Although it was just the common cold, seeing Ethan sick was one of the worst feelings.

“Not really, I’m okay though ” he croaked, his eyes remained closed.

I could tell that Ethan’s demeanor did a complete 360 from this morning, it was probably because he felt worse. My heart ached, I knew he wanted to be his usual bright, playful self but he couldn’t. I didn’t expect him to be in a good mood when he was sick, which is why I was so confused when he was fine this morning.

I continued gently stroking his cheek for a few minutes before deciding to get him more medicine and make him a cup of tea.

Before getting up I pressed a light kiss on his forehead, as I began to stand up Ethan gently grabbed my wrist, “No, stay. Please?”.

His gaze slowly rose from his hand holding my wrist, greeting me with his cool grey eyes. Mostly his eyes were blue, a very light blue, but they would darken to a grey shade depending on his mood and the clothes he wore. Sometimes, every so often, they’d look green. Today, Ethan’s eyes were an icy grey, his pupils weren’t as dilated as they usually were.

“You’re a lot less energetic than this morning,” I chuckled softly, peering down at him, taking a seat next to him again.

“I didn’t feel half as shitty as I do now, also I got grumpy because you were gone, also because I watched the episode where Michael leaves The Office,” his tone was light.

Before I could respond Ethan said, “Will you lay down with me? Please”.

As soon as I nodded, Ethan scooted over to his side of the bed, leaving a big space between us.

He must have noticed my confused expression as I climbed into our bed because he said, “I want to cuddle more than anything, but I don’t wanna get you sick”.

As irresponsible as it was, I didn’t care if Ethan got me sick. All I wanted was to make him feel as comfortable as he could under the circumstances.

“Come here,” I whispered, holding my arms wide open.

“You’re going to get sick, babe” he replied, sighing lightly.

“I don’t care,” I softly objected, I added “Pleeeease?” knowing that that would get him.

“Okay,” Ethan made his way into my arms.

Regularly, Ethan was the big spoon, on rare occasions I got to be the big spoon. Being wrapped in Ethan’s arms was my favorite place to be, Ethan would always tell me how much he loved to hold me. That was just the way it was most often. Getting to hold him felt good too, in a way I felt like I was protecting him, he was my cute little baby and being able to cuddle him felt very rewarding.

“Ethan?” I asked after a few minutes of laying in silence, checking to see if he was still awake.

“Yes?” his voice was throaty, reminding me just how sick he was. He flipped over, facing me to give me his full attention.

“Nothing, I just wanted to see if you were asleep…” my eyes studied his face as he studied mine.

“Oh…I missed you,” he brought his hand up to tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“I missed you too, Eth” my grin grew bigger, even though I didn’t think that was possible.

Ethan’s smile mirrored mine, I scooted closer to him so that our foreheads touched. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, then released it. I pulled away so that I could run my thumb over his plump bottom lip, his lips were irresistible. But I knew I couldn’t just kiss him because he would tell me how “I was going to get sick and blah blah”.

I could feel his eyes on me. His mouth was parted slightly, he brought one of his hands to where my jawline met my neck, his thumb ran back and forth across my cheek.

“I want to kiss you so badly,” his voice was gruff, I could feel his cool breath fanning over my face.

“Then do it,” my voice was low, I brushed our lips against each other.

“I want to, obviously. Really badly. But if you end up getting sick then it’ll be my fau-”

I cut him off by pressing my lips against his own, after a second he gave in and kissed back. Our lips glided over each other’s smoothly. He captured my bottom lip in between his lips. Ethan bit my lip gently, softly tugging at it. His hand slipped to my waist to try to pull me closer to his body, even though we were already as close as we could get.

His mouth tasted of vanilla, contrasting the taste of mint from my mouth, creating the most delicious combination.

Our lips moved in perfect sync, making an intoxicating rhythm. My hand moved to remove his beanie, once it was off I gently gripped his hair. Ethan smiled against my mouth, breaking our kiss, but kept our foreheads against each other. Our eyes met but all I could see was Ethan’s huge grin.

“What?” I tilted my head slightly, confused about Ethan’s unusual behavior. He seemed giddy almost. Again, changing his demeanor quickly.

“Nothing… I just really fucking love you,” he shook his head slightly, the hoarseness of his voice made it 10 times cuter. Some color was finally added back onto his face, a soft pink tint trailed along his cheeks.

I felt the heat rise onto my own cheeks and responded, “I really fucking love you too”.

“Good,” I situated myself so that I was laying flat on my back, Ethan laid his head on my chest, nuzzling into my boobs. What a weird child.

“Your boobs are warm,” he looked up at me with a toothless grin and then nuzzled in further. His arm draped over my stomach, while he tucked the other one under his head.

“You’re an odd one,” I told him playfully.

“Can you play with my hair?” he rasped, the moment my fingers ran through his curls, he hummed softly and smiled a satisfied smile.

I could tell Ethan was really tired. With each blink, his eyelids would get heavier. His eyes slowly shut, making his dark eyelashes touch his cheeks.

Out of nowhere, a cough came from the back of my throat disrupting the comfortable silence. The second I coughed, Ethan’s head shot up off my chest, he looked directly at me, widening his eyes and throwing his hands up in the air.

“See? I told you!”


No smut today, just fluff. There wasn’t much of a plot but I felt like writing about cute,sick,needy Ethan. Buuuut don’t worry there’s smut coming very soon😉

Feedback is appreciated, and please don’t hesitate to send in your requests (anon is on). I promise I’m working hard to fulfill all your wonderful requests!!!

anyways, hope you enjoyed - M💚 

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i'm sure it's been brought up but i need to talk about he difference between bob's bellamy voice and his normal voice. like bellamys voice is all sexy and deep and gravelly blah blah we all know but his regular voice is so adorable??? it can get so high pitched and he has such a cute lil giggle anyway he clearly wants me dead so later

ikr?? and he just switches back and forth? so? effortlessly?

bob: the cute new boyfriend that everyone loves, who takes you on coffee dates and buys you all kinds of books and walks with you through greenhouses and botanical gardens while talking very enthusiastically about the different kinds of flowers.

bellamy: the boyfriend that has a bad rep but can charm the pants off of anyone. a certified nerd who’ll help you sneak out in the middle of the night to drive up to a lookout where you watch the stars and he traces the stories between your thighs with his tongue


Why I’m Suing SimplyImaginaryPeople for §5,000,000

Naaah but get it? Simoleons and.. we’re in the..sims community..? No? Ok well that’s the only funny thing about this post.

*Opens up powerpoint and presses play*

It is frustrating when you work very hard on something exciting and original to share with others and to be wary about even doing it because someone is in tow to copy. This is exactly how I feel about SimplyImaginaryPeople.

This is so disrespectful not only to us (TheTogetherStore) that have spent so much time putting effort into the things that we make but it is even more disrespectful to the amazing wonderful people that have chose to support us on Patreon and get exclusive gifts in return, only to have someone turn around and remake everything that we’ve made specially for them, just because

The thing that bothers me the most is that of everything that we (TheTogetherStore) make is that she ONLY copies the things that are on Patreon (A website where we upload exclusive content if you CHOOSE to support us, and sometimes Patreoners will personally ask for our own personal use items or conversions from various sites to be uploaded so why not? They support us with their hard earned money, it’s the least we can do). 

Like, okay girl I get it, you expressed (repeatedly) that you dislike Patreon and believe everything in Sims should be free and no one should pay for content even if they wanted to, I get it. It’s cool and all that you want to be the Robin Hood of the sims 3 community but news flash, this is not a damn folklore so go ahead and take off your lil Peter Pan outfit and ya lil burlap made shoes and knock it off because it’s not cute. People are free to buy w h a t e v e r they so please, it’s not your money, it’s surely not your hand made cc, not your time, not your effort, I’m not using your computer, they’re not using your bank card, nada, nothing.

Every single time she has copied, we’ve politely and privately addressed this and messaged her to reach out as a small heads up like “Hey not sure if you’re noticing but you totally just duplicated *item here*” and each time it was that ole’ “Silly you, I’m not copying! (; “ BS mumbo jumbo and we would get an excuse about how it’s all just innocent people requesting items, pinterest inspo, followed by links of pictures or an elaboration on her “ideas”.. but she’ll TTYL because she’s a “bio-scientist doctor” in the lab with her hands covered in cells as she types, studies, remake whole youtube tutorials and makes 230 pieces of cc per week with time left to spare

Yeah, ok

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Random thoughts on common core math.

I’m now at an age where a lot of my friends have kids who are in school.  And a lot of them complain on the Internet about how stupid common core math is, so I just had a few random thoughts I wanted to put out into the Internet.

1) The US has fallen behind in math (and science) because our kids don’t understand math – they just memorize it.  Common core is a push to get kids to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing instead of just how to do it so that those same principles can be applied outside of Barbara has three bananas and Ken has seventeen apples blah blah blah…

2) You probably do “common core math” anyway whenever you deal with money.  If your bill is $9.47 and you give the cashier a $10 bill, you know what the change is, not because you figured out that 10.00 minus 9.47 is .53 by borrowing from the 1 in the tens place and making the ones-place a ten so you could subtract nine and then borrowing from the ones place to the tenths place and so forth.  That’s the way you would do it on paper, but you don’t have to because you automatically see the 9.47 as 9.50, being the closest reference point for easy mental math.  You’re going to get fifty cents back plus three pennies.  This is a popular example that gets passed around as evidence of how stupid common core is.

It’s badly worded, but the concept is there.  Every kid can memorize 8+5=13.  Common core is just testing your understanding of what you’ve done.  You’ve made ten and you have three left over.  It’s not the best example, but one awkward problem doesn’t negate the entire standard.

3) Most of the aversion to common core comes from parents who are embarrassed that they can’t “get it” immediately.  I can’t do my second-grader’s math so it must be stupid and useless as opposed to I can’t do my second-grader’s math because I’ve been doing it the same way for 40 years.  People in general have the tendency to look at something they don’t understand and either hate it or deem it worthless.  Don’t do that to your kid’s education.  Your struggle with common core isn’t a reflection on your intelligence.  Once you take yourself out of the equation (so to speak) and stop making it about you, you’d probably realize that most teachers are more than happy to sit with your child and you to explain concepts so you can help them at home.

4) Common core is kind of an odd term that’s misused.  It really refers to standards across a number of subjects that have been adopted by most of the states in the US.  There was a lot of fluctuation between the standards of one state and the standards of the next, so the goal is to get all American kids on the same page as well as make them more competitive in the global marketplace.  When you’re someone who looks at common core math and you “get it” immediately, but you still think it’s stupid because you can help your kid or sibling get the right answer with an “easier” method, you’re really just hurting them down the line.  You’re not preparing them for higher math concepts and it’ll be harder for them to go into math-based subjects in college.  We outsource that talent to other countries because we don’t give our kids the building blocks to really think through math.  Maybe your answer is “well my kid wants to be an English teacher so all this stress about math is dumb.”  And my response is “well maybe your kid would’ve wanted to be a mathematician instead if you had a more positive outlook on the subject.”

That’s all.  I might add some more later, but I just had a FB discussion with a few people who think common core math is the worst thing to happen to our educational system so I had some thoughts to jot down.  This pretty much says everything about why the system is the way it is:

Update with the times, sir.

Career Day

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff & humor || 514 || more fics

summary: olicity + it’s career day at their kid school but only one parent can give a small speech (thank you, @bazingagubicorn)
a/n: this is so silly but [shrug emoji]

Felicity sat beside Oliver, legs crossed, and ready to give a speech to their daughter’s class. They were both going to give a little talk to the students. Just like the rest of the parents there on Career Day.

Their little pipsqueak sat in Oliver’s lap, excitedly bouncing, and waiting for class to start.

Finally, her teacher stood and spoke to everyone. “Welcome to room blah blah blah it’s going to be a great career day blah blah blah blah. Since there are so many parents only one from each family can give a short speech, blah blah blah.”


“What?” she blurted out.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Queen. We only have so much time.”

With a soft huff, she leaned back into her seat.

“Looks like I’m giving the speech,” she whispered to Oliver.

“No way,” he hissed back, “I get to do this one.”

“You already get PTA meetings, Girl Scout den mother, and all that other crap.”

“Because you don’t want to.”

“So? I want to give the career day speech.”

They whisper yelled back and forth until the teacher walked right up to both of them. “I don’t tolerate students talking in class and I’m not going to tolerate either of you doing it. If you can’t decide who’s going to give the speech then neither of you will.”

Felicity suddenly felt like she was back in grade school and she didn’t like it. Ms. Whatever walked away from them and one of the kid’s lawyer parent went back to talking. Their daughter had turned in Oliver’s lap and was glaring at the both of them.

“Embarrassing,” she whispered with a pout.

“I’m sorry,” Felicity whispered back.

She looked to Oliver and they both glared at each other for a moment. How were they supposed to decide who was going to be the one to speak? Mayor of Star City or CEO and founder of Smoak Technologies?

A light bulb suddenly went off in her head. She leaned over and whispered to Oliver.

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Some Reasons why I love Peniel’s VLOGS:

Let’s start from the very basic: 

1, The editing is dope!  

 And by that, I mean really, really good. Most of his shots and the quality of contents are above average!  I usually feel bored easily when watching vlog, but Peniel’s camera point of view is so beautiful as he showed the view in between places, from train, car, (also time lapse and stuffs) and.. yeah it also makes me even more excited to visit Japan again, someday. (hiks). And, remembering his profession as an active singer slash celebrity with packed schedule. I really admire Peniel’s commitment in shooting, editing and everything. 

2. The very simple titles given:

Well done! 1st! My worst enemy! or.. Tokyo! Udon! New Camera!

I love the very simple title, some are only consisted of one or two words. And the title given even makes me feel more curious to see the content compare to other Vlogs with such long title like here, here, and here.
I guess he is the kind of like really easy going man so he just name the video what ever is on his head at that time, and (again) it’s kinda cute for me, lol

3. No cliche opening, ending, like, subscribe or anything.

Everytime I watch a youtubers or vlogs, I will always skip the last few second since it will be the same all over again. Please like, subscribe, blah blah blah, which is very cliche and… boring. And Peniel doesn’t do that! (teehee)

4. He speaks in English (almost all the time)! so I can do something else while watching his video.
Like revising. Tried this before and it’s kinda work for me. Fun!

5. The content shows fans his daily activities and what are behind the scene of his profession. Like MV making, how long he’s waiting. Dry rehearsal, camera rehearsal, make up, change clothes, so on and so forth. Like it is kinda interesting to know about this stuffs directly from an idol perspective! (especially for international fans)

6. The background songs! it is usually one song per video which is good because it’s simple. But,,, what I like even more is, the songs are so good as well! Peniel rarely ever pick other artist’s song, so either it was BTOB’s songs, or his mixtape songs, which are very original! Represents his mood, preference, and profession, and make the audience feel even closer to his vlogs.

7. You can see BTOB members appeared randomly here and there in some of the videos. Either only their voice, in the background, or they’re singing, sleeping, sometimes giving random jokes; which is… super fun! Mostly those members will pop out speaking in little random english as well, bcs Peniel is speaking in fluent english, so again, yea that’s cute to see!

8. His english is pretty cute!

Like in my opinion (from what I heard), Peniel has a lisp right? and his english is nearly perfect as well (no grammar mistake whatsoever) which makes it become very pleasant to hear.

9. Bringing camera to every where. Rather than snapchat-ting or Insta Story-ing, why not youtubeing?

Yea at the first few videos my reaction was like… oh well why does he have to carry a camera or go pro to almost everywhere? Like it’s not really the culture for Korean or Japanese people bringing Gopro with the stabiliser at public space. But.. when I think about it again, Well other artists like Jessi and Tiffany (only two that I know) very often be seen  holding their phones for snapchatting as well during events.
So, rather than filming for something that will only last for 24 hours, why not making it available for days, months, or even years? Yea Peniel’s idea is at a different level obviously saying.

10. He has manner, guys

Peniel doesn’t just record everywhere anytime out of nowhere. He often whispered, or typed, in order just not to bother other passengers or people around him. I think if he really wants to, he can just ignore those kind of situations, shoot in more places to create more fun contents. But, he will not shoot where he is not supposed to, to show respect towards other’s people privacy, then just say sorry to the audience (even when he doesn’t have to) and told us afterwards what was happening instead.

11. Last but not least, his effort in providing Korean subtitles!

I thought Peniel just has to edit videos and upload it directly so I didn’t get it at first when he mentioned about “I gotta do subtitle and stuff..”. And then… because he mention it very often (or I’ve just watched too many of his videos), just reckon that he has to translate ALL what he said (in English) into Korean to treat Korean fans/watchers.Well, job of editing and everything isn’t little already. And I can imagine, translating isn’t an easy (or fun) deal too.

But then, that’s probably why fans love his videos with all of the efforts given SO MUCH, and I hope he knows how so many people enjoy his videos and vlogging activities. And of course, including for me, I enjoy it very very much. Thank you Peniel! haaha..

Some of my recommendations (few of my most favourites) are..

-> the best part in this video is obviously… Changsub with his “OH MY CAP, OH MY CAP, OOHHHH IM SORRY” LOLL. Seriously you guys should watch it. It’s just sooo funny! haha.

-> I like the background song of this video very much, which makes me discover BTOB’s awesome Japanese songs as well. The content are awesome in this video too, lots of stuffs that makes me want to visit Japan. Anddd lastly, you can see  BTOB’s member’s randomness (with their english) popping out here and there too, lol.

// DO NOT take content away without permission PLEASE.

I’ve got enough with a random someone who paraphrase the whole content of this post, publish it at a Korean Entertainment News Portal and got noticed by Peniel on twitter -__- )) 

If you are a true writer or fan please respect the existence of copyright hence at least give proper credit to the actual writer. cheers! //

The One Where Jordis Learns How to Write Country Music and Intimidate Men

This is the story of how I wrote a song on a whim and put the fear of God into my sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Late one night I was thinking about all the creeps my sisters have to deal with, featuring a certain ex boyfriend who had been convinced I was trying to sabotage his relationship with my little sis. Not saying I that liked them together, but anyone who knows my sister at all knows that she is her own woman. I got inspired and started jotting down some lyrics, and before I knew it I had written a country song. I don’t really listen to country music, but country is the music of shotguns. If you’re going to sing about shotguns, the rules say it has to be country or “Angel with a Shotgun,” and that’s already taken.

Anyway, the finished song said over the top things like “mess with her and you’ll burn” and “they say that blood’s thicker than water/well, we’re about to find out.” Generally warnings that could only be fulfilled if I actually intended to stalk and kill these people.

I was really pleased with myself because I’d never written a song before, and I posted a happy status about it on Facebook. My little sister’s ex was among the people who expressed interest in it, so I posted it to Facebook and tagged him in it.

Two hours later, Ex messaged me.

Dude knew he’d been Taylor Swift-ed. He wasn’t the only person I tagged, but apparently he saw himself in the lyrics. He apologized for how he treated her, said he’s learned from his mistakes, he should have listened to me, blah blah blah and so forth. It’s a wall of text and reeks of panic.

Thing is, poetry and truth are very different animals. Yeah, at the base of the song was a very real desire to protect my sisters from men who don’t respect boundaries and a frustration at their actions. But at the same time, I don’t subscribe to revenge, and I am (almost) never violent.

Most importantly, I was a 115 lb weakling who still feels faint at the sight of blood. If you were to go into battle and had to choose between me and a limp rag, I would recommend bringing the limp rag. At least you could dip it in water and flick people with it or something. 

Yet somehow or another, I unintentionally managed to make myself an object of fear in this young man’s eyes. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m not big on revenge, so instead of terrorizing him further I told him I didn’t tag him to call him out, I know he’s changed, the song wasn’t about him specifically (technically true).

Jump forward a year later, and he’s asking me for relationship advice.

I doubt anyone will ever find this as funny as I do, and that’s okay. Also, holy crap, is this how it feels for big guys when they intimidate people? I can see how it gets addicting. Dang.

Life Swap Chapter 5

Hi guys hope everyone is doing well! I didn’t realize how much I wrote for this chapter, but I hope you all like it! Tell me what you think, I’d love to talk to you guys! Enjoy!

Chapter 5:

           I wake up to my new unfamiliar room. I don’t remember going to bed last night which is a bad sign. I remember Shawn making out with me, and from there on it’s a blur. I’m glad I didn’t forget that kiss, it was surprisingly enjoyable. I know it was just for show, so his friends would believe our relationship, but a girl can have fun once in a while.

           I snuggle up in my sheets, the bed is too comfy to move from but I know I should get going. I lean my hand over to the dresser to grab my phone. Usually Nicole leave’s a thousand messages for me to read in the morning.

I look through my social media before I get up. Usually I don’t have time during the day, it’s sort of relaxing to see what other people are doing. I exit out of my phone and throw it to the side of me. I take a deep and slowly get up from the bed. I don’t want to move but I know I’m going to have something to do today.

           I throw on some shorts, with my oversized tee-shirt and head out to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. It feels so weird to be doing this in a different place, making a new routine, with a new roommate.

           When I walk into the kitchen I see a hunched over Shawn drinking a cup of coffee himself. The TV flashes on the counter and is playing a celebrity gossip show of course.

“You look a little hungover.” I say grabbing a coffee mug from the cabinet. I pour myself a cup and then sit on top of the counter.

“Did you see the news?” Shawn said not even responding to my judgement. I look over to see pictures on the TV of us two, kissing and holding hands. There were some group pictures of us at the party with his friends, and others of Shawn just drinking. My face feels a little flushed, and I start to get embarrassed. I thought we could forget that it happened but I guess not. I take a sip of my coffee so I don’t have to make eye contact with him.

“Could this be Shawn’s new girl, sources say he may be hiding a relationship from his fans.” The reporter stated. I looked at Shawn who surprisingly didn’t seem fazed. He just kept running his hand through his hair and leaning his head on the table.

“I bet you liked it! That’s why you aren’t saying anything.” He said trying to crack a joke.

“Yeah you fucking wish. Is it that hard to believe that I’m not obsessed with you?” I admit while rolling my eyes.

“All jokes set aside. News travels fast, so you better get used to it.” He says getting up from his chair and pushing it in. He grabs his guitar case that was set beside him and throws it over his shoulder.

I can only assume he is going to the studio or something, because of course he won’t tell me that.

I continue my morning as usual, doing my morning routine and getting dressed for my second job. I texted my boss when Nicole told me to cut my hours. He didn’t care, and scheduled me for afternoon shifts one day a week. Nicole let me have this day off, so it worked out for me.

I put my work uniform on and get ready to go. I have to drive from now on because the restaurant is no longer walking distance, which makes me upset. It was a good time to clear my mind before the restaurant’s crazy rush of people.

When I arrive at work, there seems to be about ten new waiters and waitresses. Maybe that’s why my boss was so lenient on cutting my hours.

I spot Trevor when I walk in, he was taking a table’s order. I’m surprised he managed to work today because he was trashed last night. He was living for all the celebrity encounters.

I walk back to the kitchen to log in my hours. I place my name tag on my shirt, wrap the apron around my waist, and now I’m ready to get to work. I look at the chart that’s on the wall, and where my assigned area is today. There’s no one currently seated in the bar area, so I get to relax before the craziness starts.

“Hey Y/N!” Trevor says sneaking up behind me. He punches his orders into the computer and continues talking.

“Last night I met so many people it was crazy. You’ll never believe who I ran into!” He says with excitement.

“I don’t know who?” I say clueless. I don’t remember much of the night only meeting that crazy girl and kissing Shawn.

“Niall, that guy from one direction. He must be close with Shawn or something. I was chillin with him and having some beers. It was insane.” He says enthusiastically. He probably met more celebrities than I did last night. The news said there was a lot of celebrities popping in and out. I don’t remember even meeting one.

“I’m jealous, but you’ll never guess what happened last night to me!” I say changing the subject.

“You were sucking Shawn’s face last night…. Yeah I saw in real life and on the news.” He blurts out. He can tell by my expression that I was shocked he knew what I was talking about.

“That shit is everywhere!” He laughed, like he was enjoying this.

“This isn’t funny!” I say slapping his arm. He grabs it making an ‘ouch’ noise but continues laughing anyways.

“It didn’t even faze Shawn that it was all over the place. Like doesn’t he want his privacy?” I complained. Trevor looks up and me when he is finished with punching orders into the machine.

“Y/N remember he is used to that bullshit. Just remember me when you are famous!” He says walking away to his table.

I take a deep breathe, and travel over to a table that was just seated in my section.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. I will be your server today. Can I start you guys off with some drinks?” I state in my peppy waitress voice. I always try to be super nice, so they give me a good tip. It’s also a big party which means a big check. It must be a family party because there’s a lot of little kids and teenagers with parents. The kids keep giving me weird looks and whispering like I have something in my hair. I get nervous so I start fixing it just to make sure.

The people start to give me their drink orders. I start off the adult side because they usually order alcoholic beverages, and then the kid’s side because they end up ordering the same things. When I get near the children the chattering stops and it gets oddly quiet.

“I’ll start off with you honey.” I say pointing to the teenage girl in front of me. She gets extremely awkward like any other teen would. The girl next to her, who seems about the same age, keeps whispering something in her ear. It sounds like “ask her, ask her”. But it’s probably something about the drink order.

“We will both have two cokes but can we ask you something.” They say in a shy tone.

“Okay two cokes. And of course, shoot.” I say in an outgoing tone.

“Are you Shawn Mendes’s girlfriend?” They say giggling.

I give them a really big smile because I really don’t know if I should confirm it. I think they can tell because they get really excited and turn around to talk to each other. They are probably one of his super fans who know a lot about him because we were only seen together last night. News does really travel fast I guess. I move on though because the girls just are giggling and staring in excitement. I get the other kids orders and leave the area as fast as I can.

“Trev! Trevor!” I say whispering but trying to get his attention. I wave my hand so he knows to come over here.

“What! What’s wrong?”  He asks concerned.

“I have officially been noticed.” I say letting out a little laugh in disbelief.

“By who?” He asks, sounding intrigued.

“The teenage girls at my table over there must be fans of Shawn. They asked if I was dating him.” I explained.

“And did you say yes?” He asks. That would have been the obvious answer to say but of course I didn’t say it. I made an awkward face, and scratched my head trying to avoid the question. He gave me a look, the kind that’s like ‘what the hell you are crazy’.

“Okay! I got nervous! I didn’t know if Shawn was going to confirm it or not.” I say trying to cover myself.

“You give me stress. We will talk about this later.” Trevor walks away laughing. I go back to the table and get everyone’s orders.

As the night went on, the crowds of people grew larger. No one else noticed me throughout the night which was good. I got some strange looks but no one said anything to me. I rather it be that way because then I won’t have to respond to any questions.

“Hey look what I found on twitter.” Trevor says running up to me. Our shifts were over so we both are going to clock out and walk back to Shannon’s apartment.

“What is all that?” I questioned. He showed me a bunch of tweets but I couldn’t see what they said. I was multitasking, while taking my apron off and clocking out.

“I typed in Shawn Mendes girlfriend on twitter and this is what came up.” He said showing me his phone. These tweets were all his fans talking about me. Some were nice and some were sad because some of them want to really date him themselves. Some were hateful but Trevor skipped over them. As he was scrolling there was a video that came across that had over 12,000 likes.

“Oh my god is that us!” I shout silently to Trevor. I look at him, and we both are shocked.

“That was us talking earlier!” He said laughing.

“What does the caption say?” I ask as we start walking toward the door. Our co-workers say their goodbyes as we pass through. We just wave because we are too distracted by the video.

“It says ‘a fan videotaping Shawn’s new mystery girl’. Some of the comments say ‘She is a waitress’, ‘She is so normal’, blah blah blah.” Trevor states while swiping through his twitter.

“I bet it was those girls who I was waitressing.” I say trying to find out who started this.

“I can’t believe I’m in the video. This is hysterical.” Of course Trevor is just excited that he is trending on something.

“Do you think I should be concerned?” I ask him in all honesty.

“Y/N, I’m way to famous now to even care.” He jokes as we link arms and head to Shannon’s apartment.

It’s so weird not walking back and forth to work from this apartment anymore. I feel like a stranger to it, even though it’s been a day.

We knock on the door because I have no need to carry around the key anymore. Maybe I should because techniquely I still have it and this can be my safe zone.

“Yay! My friends are here.” Shannon said giving us a hug. We walk into the apartment, and head straight for the kitchen where we all have a beer. No small talk we go straight to talking about last night.

“So Miss Y/N, are we going to talk about your super stardom or?” Shannon says while taking a sip of her drink.

“What’s there to talk about?” I question like there’s nothing to talk about.

“Okay I guess you don’t make out and tell?” She jokingly remarks.

“I’m not that kind of girl.” I sarcastically say. But in all honesty I’m over it. It happened once, and probably never again.

“Oh come on, was it good? You both looked like you were enjoying it.” She says.

“I mean it was really good. And he looked really good last night but like his personality still sucks. So don’t take what I’m saying in the wrong way.” I joke to Shannon. Trevor chokes on his drink when I was explaining the kiss.

“Hey I don’t blame you girl. If I wasn’t dating brad, and Shawn Mendes was pretend dating me. Oh man that boy would have to hide from me.” Shannon says confessing her love for Shawn.

“Not to start anything. But Shawn is cool. I don’t see what’s wrong!” Trevor states.

“I don’t know we just get under each other’s skin. You never had to work with the guy.” I snap a little.

“Listen, I’m going to need a little more to drink if we are going to talk about last night.” I say.

A couple shots later, Shannon, Trevor and I are dancing around her apartment. Trevor threw up and got right back to it three seconds later. Shannon is just lying on the floor gazing at the ceiling.

“Oh man I should get going.” I say stumbling to the table to get my keys.

“Not this intoxicated, you are staying here.” Trevor says fumbling to me. We both let out a laugh because we both are being silly right now.

“OH! I know! Give me your phone.” Trevor says with a sneaky glance. I didn’t realize he was looking through my contacts, that’s how drunk I am. I barely can see straight. The floor looks like it’s moving but I’m standing in one place. I see Trevor click a number and put the phone to his ear. He looks up at me and runs away to the couch where he falls. I tackle him trying to get my phone back.

“Hello? HELLO?” He shouts.

“Who are you talking to?” I say getting frustrated but letting go of his hand.

“Is this Shawn?” Trevor says laughing. My eyes grow wide as I mouth to him, ‘hang up the phone’.

“Oh cool. I’m Trevor, Y/N’s friend.” He says shortly.

“I’m good, how are you?” He says getting excited. He puts his phone over my phone’s speaker and mouth’s to me, “he is so chill.” I just roll my eyes.

“I just wanted to ask you, if you can pick Y/N up from Shannon’s apartment. We are all very drunk, and she has no way home.” He explains to him.

“Thanks dude. I’ll text you the address.” He said pressing the end button. He looks at me but doesn’t say a word.

“Soooo…” I say waiting for him to tell me something.

“Oh yeah. That was Shawn he’s coming to pick you up.” He tells me.

“Oh great. Thanks for letting me know.” I say throwing a pillow at his face. He just lets out a laugh. We look over to see why Shannon was being so quiet, turns out she was snuggling with a wine bottle.

“I’m taking a picture of this.” I say putting it on my snapchat story.

Twenty minutes pasted and it’s already two in the morning. We raided Shannon’s pantry and fridge, so I’m not sure if she is going to have anything left.

We hear the doorbell ring. I press the intercom system to see who it is.

“Who is it?” I question.

“Shawn.” He says unenthusiastically.

I let him into the building, He knocks on the apartment door, for us to let him in. Trevor answers as I gather my things.

“Hey dude, come on in.” Trevor says while doing that hand shack all guys seem to know.

“Hey how’s it going?” Shawn asks him. He is dressed in a tee-shirt and joggers. He looks super tall and cute. He looks around the room with his hands tucked into his pockets. It makes me hate him because I want to snuggle with him and I don’t want to feel that way.  His hair is all messed up but I think he just came from a different party because there was a hickey on his neck.

“Y/N, you almost ready?” Shawn questions.

“Yeah I just can’t find my phone.” I say getting dizzy and stumbling everywhere.

“Y/N, umm I have it.” Trevor says lifting it up. We both hysterically laugh. I begin walking near him but I lose my balance. Shawn ran over and held me up. He threw my arm over his shoulder, trying to help me walk.

“Here you go! I’m going to help you.” He said. I think he noticed that I’m more intoxicated then he thought, so he was genuinely trying to be nice for once.

“Nice seeing you Trevor.” Shawn said while walking us toward the door.

“Bye Trev Trev.” I say with my puppy dog talk.

“Alright let’s get you back because you are so drunk right now.” He laughs while walking me down the steps. I keep slipping because the steps just keep going and going and I don’t know when to stop.

“Why are you this drunk anyways?” He asks while holding me up, and pressing the unlock button to his jeep.

“No reason! People recognized me today though. I didn’t say anything.” I say while he helped me into his car.

He casually walked over to the other side and start the car. He looks to see if he can go before pulling out of the parallel spot he was in.

“So that’s why you are drunk. Because you are overwhelmed.” He states while resting his elbow on the arm rest. His eyes look deep into mine before he turns and looks to the road again. It’s like he noticed something in me that he didn’t before which made me snap out of my trance.

“No, my friends wanted to drink, so we did.” I say becoming defense.

“Alright that’s the last time, I’ll ever pick you up then.” He says giving it right back to me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why but I’m so mean when I’m around you. You bring out the worst in me Shawn Mendes.” I tell him in all honesty. I look at the road because I didn’t want to make that confession to his face.

“Me too. But we have to be civil. So I’ll be nice to you, if you’ll be nice to me.” He said. He stuck his pinky out.

“Pinky promise.” He joked. I went with it anyways.

“Pinky promise.” I say wrapping my pinky around his. We both smiled and continued on.

“I think we just had a moment.” I say trying to break the silence.

He looked at me, smiled, and nodded his head before turning into the parking garage.

He comes over to my side once he parked the car. He opens the door like a gentlemen which has me surprised. I say thank you and jump out. Which wasn’t the best idea cause I barely land on my feet.

“Here get on my back. I’ll give you a piggy back ride.” He said, gesturing me to jump on. When he bends over, his white shirt framed his back muscles. I jumped on scared that I was going to be too heavy but he lifted me with no problem. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he started walking downward the lobby. I really felt like I was in middle school again.

As we approach the door we saw something in the bushes moving around.

“Is that someone?” I asked him. We both glance over at the bush and we her a click noise.

“It’s just paparazzi.” He said continuing with me on his back.

We walk in silently. The door man doesn’t work this early in the morning so no one was there to greet us. We take the elevator up and soon enough we are back in the apartment. All of the sudden I feel very dizzy once Shawn gently put me down.

“Y/N are you alright.” He said rubbing his thumb against my cheek. His eyes inspecting my face.

“I need the bathroom.” I say running away and sliding into the bathroom. I find the toilet, and barely making it, I start to vomit.

Footsteps sound behind me.

“You okay?” Shawn questions as my head rest on the toilet seat. He crouches down and sits by me. He tucks my hair behind my ear, and grabs toilet paper to whip my forehead rid of sweat.

I look at him still leaning my head on the toilet with my hands rested around the rim.

“Thank you.” I say shutting my eyes.

All of the sudden I feel soft lips press against my forehead. The smell of his cologne drifts near me. His big hand rests on my neck, as he finishes his quick peck on my forehead.

“If you need me, I’ll be watching TV.” He said while leaving and closing the door behind him. His eyes slowly disappeared through the crack of the door.

I take a deep breath and lay down on the cold tile floor. My eyes slowly shut, hoping to forget how embarrassing I was tonight.

ATTN: My co-worker just discovered Outlander for the first time. Not sure how I feel about it.

We have daily discussions about this now.

It is a good thing, AND A BAD THING LOL. I was trying to keep my obsession just within the fandom.

Right now she is talking to me about Sam and Cait, and how she wishes they were a couple IRL. She thinks they maybe used to hook up, and might be into each other even though she knows they are with other people. She wishes they would get together……

My response to her, “No they are not. It’s not real life. They are too different. They have a loving  bond, but not romantic. Cait isn’t into Sam’s type, and he might be a bit hyper for her and vice versa. Thy are super serious about their SO’s…blah blah blah….blah blah blah NO they are not together.”

And so on and so forth….

anonymous asked:

I have a villain bnha oc who could be like friends with villain Bepis or friends with regular Bepis and they could have met through Bepis's dad

Bepis shaking and terrified to shit of his dad and he’s just “oh this is my coworker blah blah” so on so forth

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Imagine Steve and the team living like frat house buddies basically, like sometimes it gets really REALLY messy and then Coulson or Fury basically act like the headmasters and keep them in order and blah blah blah, so on and so forth

“My god,” Maria says faintly when she walks into the Avengers mansion. Take-out boxes litter the kitchen counters and table, shoes and clothes piled high on the couch in the living room. Steve munches on cereal in the kitchen while Natasha picks absently at her laundry pile. Maria looks at her and Natasha narrows her eyes dangerously.

“Alright,” she says decisively after a moment. “Everybody out. I’m getting some cleaners in here.”

Nobody moves and Maria sighs. 

“Everybody out, now. Don’t make me call Fury.”

“Aw, Maria,” Clint whines, but he puts on some sneakers and starts making moves. There’s general mumbling but everyone seems to follow suit, leaving Natasha and Steve last.

Maria looks at her despairingly and Natasha pats her shoulder. “Remember–”

“Nobody in your room, yeah, I know.”

She smiles. “Come on, Steve. Let’s spar.”

Steve nods at Maria politely, smiles, and puts his cereal bowl in the sink. Unrinsed.

God help her, Maria thinks.

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You're summing up every white person into the same group and I find that unfair. And your using terms like "it was the whites who blah blah blah." Never in my life have I ever said the blacks did this or so on and so forth. So why don't you stop being fuxking racists and lets all stand together and fight for humanity not just race.

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Omg omg tell me all about the au!! Im excited ur pjo writing is always so good and i wanna hear about this au so much!!

oh my gosh thank you ;A;


So a while ago (like 75 years maybe? Still working on timelines…) this asshole Kronos was in charge of this giant empire. But he kind of was, you know, super tyrannical and a warlord and casually was responsible for a whole bunch of destruction and most of his subjects were pretty upset about him and his army razing their homes and destroying their cities and so forth and so badaboobadabing we gots a big ass civil uprising. And it’s like HUGE and also lead by Kronos’s kids/grandkids whatever so HAHA WHOOPS. 

Anyway they totally win. Except minor issue, they can’t decide who gets to takeover as king. Zeus, who was the major military force, is like “It should obviously be me I will be the new emperor”. Poseidon, who was equally important and lead the navy is like “Nah dude it’d just be more of the same like you’re all about that total power blah blah blah. I should be king b/c I’m more chill than you and also less of dick”. Hades, who was the one who started the uprising in the first place actually is like “You are both terrible and the entire POINT was to break up the empire and give the people justice like were you not LISTENING dammit you guys uGH”. And so after a lot of deals and treaties and arguing, the empire is broken up into three countries with each of them as the king. They form the continental alliance of nations and all agree to help each other while ruling themselves.

Zeus gets the lands to the south and the former capital city - very important strategically, the majority of the old empire’s farm land, and some holy mountains and forest. He splits it up among the new noble class (Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Demeter) who get to essentially be governors. Notable are Artemis, who is the head of the largest religious cult and oversees the sacred forest, Aphrodite, who got an island in the middle of a big ass lake and it’s nicknamed “Pleasure Island”, and Demeter, who instigated agricultural bylaws and increased the food industry so much that there is TOO MUCH FOOD. 

Poseidon got the middle chunk, which is a lot of the coasts, and I really important island. He didn’t bother dividing his land up- technically his heir Triton is in charge of the island but Triton is pretty much acting regent. Poseidon essentially fucked off after establishing his kingdom as is off abroad doing…something. His kingdom is home to a big ass desert. 

Hades has the lands to the North and the northern isles. He, true to his word, gave most of the land back to the people, with his trusted advisers acting as governors and overseers, and are supposed to help the people with reconstruction, strengthening economy, and instilling some pseudo-democracy. It actually works a little TOO well and Hades starts getting a lot of political strength, including treaties made with countries that AREN’T obligated to coexist with the old empire. 

Zeus gets super wary of Hades doing all this DIPLOMACY business and sends a small military unit to go “assess and diminish any threat” (which basically means “But that asshole Hades in his place because I don’t want him getting IDEAS and he’s super far away”). Well, they do, and basically start a mini coup that leads to a raid on the royal house and the “death” of both of Hades’s children and heirs. 

WHOOPS! Hades, who has now lost three children, goes into mourning while trying to quell the not-actually-civil war. He basically shuts down his borders and the country sort of descends into chaos. Yikes! 

Zeus is all like “ok don’t have to worry about that!” BUT AHAHA that backfired because now, with Hades’s people mourning the apparent death of their royal family and recovering from that, there’s a rebel force of people who want the old empire back who are gunning to take over by installing their leader as the new king. Oooh harsh.

So Zeus gets wind of this and is like “ah shit” and so he decides to send his son and crown Prince (who is not the legitimate heir but they lied and told everyone he was) Jason to go investigate. Not only will this be a “goodwill” statement, but also gives Jason a chance to prove himself worthy of the crown. Actually, Zeus is planning on sending Jason to go be himself essentially and then become the crown Prince of Hades’s kingdom as well because they ARE related and, well, technically Jason would be in line for the crown if Hera (who is the brains behind this actually) can work some political witchcraft and make it happen (which she has never failed at doing before). And, after all, Hades no longer has any heirs, right?

WRONG. They’re both TOTALLY ALIVE. Turns out one of the palace staff managed to smuggle the kids out before they actually got slaughtered by insurgents. They go into hiding which is super hard, especially because Princess Bianca is all of, like, eight years old when that happened as has to take care of her little brother Prince Nico. They go on the run and masquerade as orphans (which isn’t uncommon in their country) which, while REALLY HARD, works out OK until they get captured by pirate slave-traders. Yikes. The siblings get separated- Bianca luckily gets rescued by the Sisterhood of the Hunt (who are the major religious organization and entirely badass but more on that later) so she’s fine! Yay Bianca!

Nico gets sold to a merchant ship. Less yay. Kids sold as slaves to merchant ships don’t have a very long lifespan because they have to do all the shady work that kids can get away with or that the adults don’t want to do. But Nico is super tough and survives and keeps running away and then getting picked up on some other ship. He figures it will work EVENTUALLY and eventually it KIND OF does and he gets involved in a mutiny scheme. So he and some other sailors fuck right off with a whole bunch of gold and sail off into the night. But Nico isn’t DUMB even if he’s still, like, 13, and so he buggers off with his share (and a little more) because he knows that they’re planning on betraying him and are probably just going to throw him into the ocean or sell him off again and screw that honestly. He falls into the ocean anyway because he didn’t really think things through but luckily gets saved at the last minute by OH FUCK is that the royal navy? That’s totally way too nice of a ship to be not some fancy asshole and oh dammit he’s totally carrying stolen goods and he’s probably going to go to prison if he’s lucky and get fed to sharks probably. 

Nico’s right, it is a royal ship, but it happens to be the personal vessel of none other than Poseidon’s favored son who is off doing his naval trials or some such nonsense. And as it turns out Percy isn’t really interested in throwing Nico to the sharks, especially after Percy JUST saved Nico from that like come on. Percy’s super chill and Nico can use a sword - not well, but he can use one- and so Nico gets recruited by Percy to go on adventures and such.  Except Percy’s crew TOTALLY ends up selling out Nico to the captain he mutinied against who is PISSED and wants his stuff back and Nico gets captured and taken off and is convinced Percy betrayed him and fuck that’s what he gets for trusting people. Nico waits until he’s back on land and runs off again, but still, ouch. He ends up holing up with miner and she’s great and it’s Hazel. So Nico’s chill for now. That was a couple of years ago.

BACK TO THE PRESENT and his Imperial Highness Jason Grace is on his way towards Hades’s kingdom. His father thinks it’s to be a puppet in Hera’s scheme (which he knows about because COME ON he isn’t stupid), but it’s really his own plan to investigate, especially since he had a very interesting meeting with his sister and one of her sisters of the Hunt who told him that the Prince and son of Hades may very well be alive and- “I mean ahaha it’s not like I know anything or am secretly the crown princess but like if you found this kid it could solve problems and also please tell me right away thanks Thalia’s brother”. 

Basically the plot goes from there and it’s Jason, who eventually teams up with Percy, to go and find Nico (who, by the way, has no idea who he actually is) and install him on the thrown before the BIG BAD ANTAGONISTS can put their guy on there B)

Dear Mr. Moreno...

“We regret to hear of your decision to withdraw your place in the 2014 class of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, but we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.” blah blah blah, so on and so forth, “with best wishes” blah blah blah. 

So it’s done.