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Man…. I’ve just been reading William Lily’s “Introduction To Astrology” book and it’s so cool to know that astrologers existed in the 1600′s, it makes me happy that astrology is still practiced even to this day

And I thought about how cool it would be if most colleges offered Introduction To Astrology courses, and like, on the first day of class, instead of introducing yourself by sharing your major, you just say “yo my name is blah blah blah and I am a ____ sun, ____ moon, and ____ rising” HOW RAD WOULD THAT BE SERIOUSLY. And like, each class session would cover something different. One day the students would learn about basic zodiac traits, and then archetypes, and then houses, and so forth.

And there is SO MUCH to learn about astrology, so the course would definitely stretch out for an entire semester; I just wish astrology was a study that was taken more seriously. It’s been relevant for so many years. :(