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I finished this semester at college working with four other incredible people on a game for our game class for our final project. 

This game is Introspect, a game that explores some of the basic traits of Dr. Markus Saunders, a psychiatrist who one day receives an anonymous note that makes him slightly distraught. You explore a surreal landscape that helps you learn more about Dr. Saunders. 

It would mean so much to me and my team if all of you could take some time to play through it. The average play time is a little under 10 minutes, but 15 if you want to take the time to listen and enjoy the mood of the game. I worked on all of the music in the game while three wonderful artists ( @endernach ) put the visuals together and one incredibly talented programmer made it all work (I have no idea how he did it, but he did). We spent an enormous amount of time understanding how we wanted this game to feel and how we worked together as a team. For our very first game, I think it turned out pretty damn great and I think my teammates would agree with me!

You can play Introspect for free here. Full-screen mode and earphones/headphones are highly recommended! (As a music side note, in three of the rooms you will enter, there are two versions of each track. Feel free to hang out in each room both at the beginning and the end to listen to them!)