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Well today I lost my job

I’m in a fuck it mood and decided to stop putting up with bullshit. So I told the bitch I babysit for this:

Well that didn’t go too well. She replied with bullshit about how she’s been searching for a new sitter and her kids aren’t sick and blah blah blah.

So I’m broke and jobless now. Send me good vibes while I search for a new job, maybe go back to school, idk.

“Your body is perfect.”


So theres this guy that I really, really like. He’s so nice and gentle and I pretty much trust him 100% and blah blah blah all that romantic crap.

But yesterday. Hoooooo boy yesterday.

We were laying there naked and he was kind of just looking at me. And then he said it.

“You’re so small. Your body type is perfect.”

And here’s the thing. I know he meant well. But my recovery is still relatively new and I’m already absolutely HORRIFIED that my weight might keep going up and up and up. I’m still underweight by medical definition. I’m still not a ‘normal’ eater. And after that comment I’m second guessing every healthy decision I make today. I’m ready to slam the breaks on recovery in order to halt any more weight gain. I’m ready to start restricting again because Thin Is Better (according to the ED). 

I just dont know what to fucking do. I know he meant well but…jesus christ. Theres no way I can even risk gaining another pound.

Finding out Jerome came back from the dead would include:

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Warning: Swearing.

A/N: Since Jerome’s comeback I started to be super trash.

  • Him breaking into your house at night, waking you up with his laughter. 
  • You screaming and swinging a bat at him, hitting him a few times before realising it’s Jerome. 
    • “Oh shit, I’m sorry.”
    • Realising he should be dead. 
    • Swearing and hitting him with the bat again. 
    • More screaming. 
  • Jerome taking the bat away and him being super salty, pointing it at you.
    • “And I thought you would hug me or give me a welcome home blowjob or something.”
    • You punching him in the face. “What in the hell is wrong with this city!”
  • After you calmed down you both sit down on your couch, staring at each other uncomfortably. 
    • “What happened to your face?” 
    • “Ya know, some ass cut it off and wore it as a mask. I had to staple my face back.” 
    • “How are you alive?”
    • “Same guy. Tried to bring me back and because it took too long, he cut off this beautiful face to face my cult, blah blah blah.” 
    • “This shit only happens in this bloody town!” 
  • Jerome telling you everything he remembers before and after his death and awakening, and you explaining what happened to you over the year. 
    • “So… you have a boyfriend/girlfriend I need to kill?” 
    • “You died before my eyes, Jerome. Do you really thing I would look for a new partner? I mourned you, you idiot.”
    • Jerome grinning and putting an arm around you, kissing playfully your cheek. “I’m glad I got a loyal gal/pal on my site.”  
  • Having a break down after your emotions settled down and Jerome trying to comfort you, patting awkwardly your back and not trying to knock you out.
Have fun being stranded in the Philippines.

Please be patient, the buildup to this is intense and long but the resulting revenge has probably put me on the Devil’s shortlist. (tl:dr at the end)

About 3 months before I finally quit, I was getting really pissed. Management was never in the office, the Owner couldn’t make up his mind about anything, and so many people were quitting that I ended up being the only Programmer/Developer in an office of about 50 people… for a company that received 95% of its business from online sales. People started taking credit for my work and I decided to quit. Looked around for jobs, found one pretty quickly, and put in my two weeks notice with a nice little note that simply said something to the effect of “I hereby resign, effective blah blah blah”.

Lo and behold the man who had in the last few days become my manager (we’ll call him Frank) instead of idk maybe promoting the only programmer in the company to the head of the development department, begged me to stay, promised me a raise, and told me about their new project and how he wanted me to be involved.

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Arguing with the Mercury/Moon Signs

LOOK AT BOTH MERCURY AND MOON - moon applies more when you’re particularly passionate about the subject, but everyone shows a combination of the two

Aries mercury/moon: lol you’re wrong, I’m right, and if I raise my voice it makes me even more right…bye

Taurus mercury/moon: no

Gemini mercury/moon: actually you could look at that from another angle and you could get a whole new perspective. I read about this once and actually blah blah blah blah *gives all of their knowledge of the subject, even if it’s unnecessary and gets them on a tangent*

Cancer mercury/moon: well from the way I know this and have experienced it I feel like you might be wrong…I remember from when we talked about it before…this subject just gives me bad vibes

Leo mercury/moon: I’m right because I’m the one saying I’m right, duh

Virgo mercury/moon: everything about what you said is wrong in 20837408327 ways *lists all 20837408327 ways in a categorical fashion*

Libra mercury/moon: I don’t know what to think!!!! forget what I said before, you’re right, I’m sorry for the conflict :///

Scorpio mercury/moon: *stares and tries to will the other person to admit they’re wrong*

Sagittarius mercury/moon: I’m right but whatever!!!! it’s fun that you’re wrong because now we can debate it haha

Capricorn mercury/moon: actually you’re wrong because you didn’t think about the practical side and it works out logistically to show that I’m right, see?

Aquarius mercury/moon: no no regardless of who’s wrong think about how this issue will impact society!!!! *rambles about something remotely related instead*

Pisces mercury/moon: if no one’s right it’s okay, it’s good to have different opinions and we can just dream about it together

First words [One-shot]



This little one-shot was inspired on two things:

-My relationship with my sister

-The manga “Shugo Chara”. For those who know the manga, it’s based from the chapter when the guardians go to Yaya’s house.


I tried to adjust Blueprint’s story to PaperJam’s story. So, since (according to his description) he lived with Ink until a certain age, he met Blueprint before the others. I also tried to make him the most canonically possible, but adjusting his personality to the story.


As you may know, English is not my first language. I deeply apologise if there are any Errors in the story. I checked it lots of times and hope there’s not a single Error ovo



*Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

*PaperJam/PJ belongs to @7goodangel (I’m sorry if I didn’t make PJ’s personality too well. I tried to stick the “a jerk on the outside but a big child inside” part and this was what I got. Sorry ;u;)

Secondary characters

*Gradient belongs to @askcomboclub

*Moku belongs to  @6agentgg9

*Palette belongs to  @angexci 

And last, but not least

*Blueprint belongs to, well, me! 

Hope you guys like it!


This will be narrated from PaperJam’s perspective.


I never was good with new people. And I wasn’t very happy when you came.

One day, Ink just came “home” with a baby, claiming that it was my “new brother”. I didn’t understand what was he saying with that, and then he showed you to me, my new little brother.

I wasn’t happy with this. I didn’t want a brother. I mean, Ink couldn’t even take care of me, why would he want to have another one? To let them here alone and forgotten with me? Wow, good plan, dad. However, he told me that you only would be staying with us for a day so I could get to know you, since bonding with brothers was very important and blah blah blah…

We spend a few hours talking about you and how you came to life. Apparently, you were just an accident, but not a bad one. And since he created you, you were my brother. Well, step-brother, because Blueberry was the other one that created you. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous… you were going to have caring parents and a better life than mine. What if Ink actually forgot entirely about me?

Yeah, the idea of having a brother was becoming less and less “exciting” to me.

But then, just before I started to think more things like that (which I thought was very rare for me), Ink suddenly had to go (I wasn’t surprised, with his work of protecting AUs and all; he barely had time to be here), cutting our conversation just when I actually started to enjoy it. Ink stood from the sofa and was about to open a portal when he realised something important:

Who was going to take care of you?

He told me that Blueberry and… Honey… I think, were with the other versions of them and he couldn’t take you to wherever they were. So, he had only one option… that I didn’t like, at all.

Why I had to take care of you?! I didn’t ask him for a brother and I didn’t know how to take care of a baby. I was five years old! I was starting to learn how to write and read! I remember arguing with him for a while, until I had to accept.

But not without asking something in return, of course.

In the end, he went to do whatever he needed and I was left alone with you. An awkward atmosphere formed where we were, since you found my face very interesting and kept your eyes on me for a really long time. I tried my best to ignore you, but you were too much persisting and even threw me some mini bones at me to gain my attention.

What a smart baby, huh? Well, we were magic skeleton monsters after all. But it was becoming annoying.

“What do you want?” I asked you and you only looked at me and babbled something. I instantly felt stupid, remembering that Ink told me you haven’t said your first word yet. how would you even tell me what you needed? You kept looking at me and then, surprisingly, your stomach made a noise.

Right… now I had to feed you.

Making something for you was horrible. I mean, we were in the Anti-Void and only had some snacks since we didn’t really need to eat, but being you a recently made creation, obviously needed to consume something, even if you had your HP full. Eventually, I found some milk and gave it to you, ending getting milk on my face and shirt because you apparently didn’t know how to drink it.

That was enough for me.

Usually, I’m not a person that gets mad easily. However, I did get mad that time. I stood abruptly from my seat and went to clean my face, leaving you alone on the sofa. Ink told me to not leave you, but I didn’t care. I wanted to be alone and so I did. I went to my bedroom (well, it’s not a real bedroom… just a bed that Ink made for me) and stayed here for a few hours. Maybe three or four…

It wasn’t until I heard a soft sound that I didn’t get up from my bed. And when I did, I instantly paled: You were lying on the floor crying softly. Your soft cries barely reaching my non-existent ears. And it wasn’t the worst. No, no.

You were blushing and sweating a lot. Were you sick? In that moment I didn’t know.

Quickly, I went to your side and picked you up, checking if you had hurt yourself from the fall. Luckily you didn’t have any bruises, but your skull was very hot. Now you were sick? And I was alone.


How you could get sick so easily and fast? I didn’t understand that at all! Was that the real reason of why Ink brought you here? So he could watch over you while Blueberry and Honey were busy? If that was the reason, he was very irresponsibly by leaving you with me: a child, taking care of another child!

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t use magic to help you, I couldn’t ask Ink for help, I couldn’t open a portal and find Blueberry… I couldn’t do anything. And I was scared.

What if something happened? What if you started to feel worse? What if…

What if you died?

Those thoughts were swirling in my head, making me fell worst and worst. I didn’t want you to die.

Come on! You had a great life ahead! You would have a caring family and friends and maybe… maybe we would have been friends! I should have watched you. Maybe if I haven’t left you alone…

I couldn’t help to feel guilty, even knowing that it wasn’t my fault that got sick. In that moment, I didn´t cared about anything, just you.

It was in that moment when Ink decided that he should go home, and so he did. He came to the Anti-Void and found me on the sofa, hugging you like it was the last time I’d see you and honestly, that’s what I thought. He rushed to my side, worryingly asking what was wrong. I wasted no time and explained him what happened, apologising for being a bad brother and almost crying

Almost, ok?

What I wasn’t expecting was that Ink just took you and, with a quick spell, healed you. I mean, I knew magic were fast and efficient but, that was just too fast. When I asked him why, he explained that you were having some problems with your soul.

You see, brother (and also you, reader), Ink told me you were created without a soul, since you were just a magic drawing. So, he made an artificial one for you with the same paint he used to create you. Apparently, he didn’t want you to become like some “evil flower”.

Your soul was like your eyes: a blue diamond. And that soul was filled with Prussian blue paint that could give you the emotions you needed. It seemed like your body wasn’t used to having it yet and would make you sick from time to time. I didn’t quite understand that, but I was relieved when he said you would be fine.

The rest of the day was peaceful. Ink and I talked about random things while you slept. It was… nice, being with them like we were a family. That’s what we are, right? Yeah, right.

Eventually it was time to bring you back home. Ink said that you won’t be coming anytime soon because he wanted to protect you from dangerous people (aka, Error). It kind of made me sad, not being able to talk you again for a long time, but… it had to be done, hadn’t it? Ink made a portal back to Underswap and gave me time to say goodbye to you. After that, he started to walk to the portal, stopping when you started to squirm under his grasp.

Curious, I walked to the portal. You immediately looked at me and gave me a huge simile, saying (or trying to say) something that made us look at you in surprise:

My name. Yes, my name!

It was kind of babbled and wasn’t my full name but… It was your very first word. And it wasn’t “dad” or “mom”… no, it was “PJ”

You didn’t have idea of how happy you made me that day. The day when I found you, disliked you and then liked you and accepted the idea that we were brothers. And, in the bottom of my soul, I hoped to see you again.

Maybe having a little brother wouldn’t be that bad, right?


I hope you liked it! It was an idea I had for while uvu and really needed to make it. We now know more about Print and PJ’s relationship. I won’t say PJ likes him because he’s not my character and don’t want to say incorrect things (since he isn’t one to make friends). So, I only will say that Blueprint’s first words made him very happy.

I’m sorry if it looks rushed, but this isn’t a story. It just PaperJam talking with Blueprint and telling him the story (with some people spying on them(?))


David & Clementine supporting Javi while Jesus is jesusing


HEY MY DUDES SO I wanted to do a give away for my followers but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I decided to just do a mass give away instead! so Instead of 1 or 2 winners I will be doing 10 winners AYE! 

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Thats it my babys, my inbox is always open so feel free to message me any questions I might have missed. ♥

Blah blah blah so Tumblr wont delete my blog, This giveaway is not affiliated or related to TS Entertainment or B.A.P alike ^_^

Wip Community Lot (of some sort)

Sometimes the sky is pretty when it’s pink, but not when it makes everything have a pink cast. *Grumble*…..Makes it difficult for color picking. Anyhoo, took a few build elements from Jax Brewery on Decatur St. in NO. Early stages so it’s gonna change especially in the back. Needs to tie in with the other side lot and have at least something for the stairs to go to. 

This is everything so far. Lots and lots more detailing to come. I probably should make a list of what I actually want all this stuff to be with RH rugs and lot types. This is all going to be the town center and everything around it will be houses and maybe parks. 

since i’m full of salt and quite frankly have run out of fucks to give at this point, i’m instigating a new blog policy, which is this: anyone who wants to tell me or my friends or anyone else for that matter that we “shouldn’t ship shallura” because “blah blah something teenager blah blah” has to first explain to me, in detail, how exactly they came to the conclusion that “teenager” is synonymous with “legal minor” or “literal child”, when “teenager” covers everyone up to the age of 19, and 18/19 year olds are legal adults in many countries.

I’m also gonna need you to explain to me, in detail, why you think Allura is old enough to:

  • stand next to her father on the flight deck during a deadly battle against Zarkon for the fate of the universe
  • pilot the Castle of Lions
  • lead Voltron and make life-or-death decisions about their missions
  • attack Haggar head-on, risking her life in the process
  • make the decision to sacrifice herself to save Shiro
  • command the respect not only of a group of teenagers but also of the Blade of Marmora commanders

…but is still somehow not old enough to have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with Shiro, should she wish to do so.

Furthermore you also need to explain to me in detail why you think Allura is old enough that Shiro:

  • defers to her authority
  • follows her orders
  • does not see it as his place to tell her she cannot go on missions if she wants to
  • consistently calls her by the deferential title “Princess”, further reinforcing her rank and status…

…but she’s STILL not old enough to actually date him, despite being old enough to boss him around.

Whilst you’re at it, you can explain to me how exactly you think issues about differences in physical development, maturity, and life experience map out when dealing with an alien princess from a race that canonically ages slower than humans - meaning that even if Allura is a ‘teenager’ by Altean standards, in human years she’s probably at least 100 years old - likely older - and we don’t have enough canon knowledge about Altean physiology to draw any meaningful conclusions about physical development.

And you can also go ahead and explain the logic behind dismissing the official material that refers to Shiro as one of “five Earth teens” as “obviously wrong” but still accepting material that refers to Allura as a “teenager” as “obviously right” - even though both Allura and Shiro are drawn and written in a way that indicates they are older than the other characters on the show. You also need to explain to me why you think the argument that “Allura just seems older because she’s been through so much trauma! She has to act mature because she’s a leader! She’s obviously a teen!” is perfectly valid, but “Shiro just seems older because he’s been through so much trauma! He has to act mature because he’s a leader! He’s obviously a teen!” is… somehow… laughable and ridiculous? Hmm why is that?

I’m also gonna need you to explain to me why exactly you think Shiro, who is at most 25-years-old, is “too old” to be shipped with Allura and somehow so over-the-hill he can’t possibly relate to her, even though they’re shown in canon to be on the same wavelength a lot of the time and to both have a serious and a silly side. Bearing in mind I have an entire sideblog dedicated to the fact that Shiro is actually just a huge dork who’s always confused and needs an adultier adult about 80% of the time.

And then you can explain to me where, exactly, in the canon of the show there’s any example of Shiro patronising Allura or talking down to her, or him treating her like a child or subordinate, or anything else that might suggest an unhealthy power imbalance between them. And if you do actually find anything you also need to explain why and how that “power imbalance” overcomes the more obvious power imbalance inherent in Allura being able to physically pick Shiro up and hurl him across the room.

Furthermore you can also explain to me why you think the show has scenes between Shiro and Allura that are transparently and obviously romantic if Allura is “too young” to be shipped with Shiro like… how did those scenes make it through a writers’ room, Dreamworks, and Netflix in order to appear before us if it’s “so gross”? And if you think the writers are gross for “tricking us” into shipping “an adult with a minor” by putting them in romantic scenes together - why are you still watching the show? Why do you have a zero tolerance policy towards “pedophilia apologism” when it comes to policing what people do on tumblr, but you’re perfectly prepared to overlook canon romantic scenes between “an adult and a minor” and continue watching the show?

I’m gonna need you to do all that without either (a) characterising Shiro as a 45-year-old soccer dad who doesn’t know how the internet works or (b) infantilising Allura to the point that you erase her canon strength and maturity in order to paint her as this naive irresponsible little girl who somehow… still gets to lead Voltron? Because reasons?

And no, the answer is not “she’s a princess!” because you know who else is a princess? This adorable 2-year-old:

And I don’t see anyone handing her the keys to an aircraft carrier and sending her off into battle.

The fact is you can’t explain any of these things, although I mean… have fun trying. Because the evidence for shallura being a respectful, equal ship between two people of similar ages who trust and support each other is basically… the entire canon body of Voltron. Meanwhile the evidence for this being “toxic” and “problematic” is “she got referred to as a teenager a couple of times in some spin-off materials”. And if that’s literally all you have to go on… yeah. You got nothing. 

Story time

I have one of the most embarrassing fears. It’s not even one that I can just get over if I truly needed to, its one that I have considered getting tested for a phobia.

I am scared shitless of butterflies.

One summer me and my family went to Moncton, New Brunswick for a family vacation, it was a pretty big deal and an 8 hour drive away.

One of the tourist attractions there was a ‘butterfly house’, which is exactly what it sounds like. A giant tent filled with giant butterflies.

At this time in my life I did not know just how scared I was of butterflies.

So we’re all pretty excited, we get tickets and listen to a tour-guide thing explain that it’s important not to hurt the butterflies, blah blah blah.

We finally get into the place, and I kid you not I nearly passed out on the spot.

The butterflies were fucking huge.

I had then taken extra precautions which included pulling down my sweater sleeves and putting up my hood. I wasn’t about to let one of those things touch me.

My sister and mom were having fun, just holding out oranges and letting the butterflies fall in their hair and generally looking like a Pinterest photo shoot, while I was almost pissing myself cause I was so scared.

Then, my mom took a picture of my sister with butterflies in her hair, and turns to me to ask for a picture. I then held out an orange slice and spent 20 minutes gathering the courage to let a butterfly sit on my hoodie long enough for a picture.

As my mom took the picture, another GIANT butterfly flew over my head. I freaked out and ducked to avoid contact with the scary butterfly.

So now my mom has a picture of me in a butterfly house crying, only my face visible in one corner and a butterfly covering half the screen.

She won’t delete it.

I'm Too Tired For You To Buy Me Dinner

Just take me home
So I can sleep

I’m too gone to be here
Just tell me your problems
And I’ll say, ‘there, there’

I’m too fragile to be your rock
Sharp and brittle

I’m too disillusioned to be of use
Playing imaginary hopscotch
On an imaginary playground

I’m too old to be the next new thing
Bitter bitter
Dark and bitter

I’m too repetitive to land a book deal
Blah blah blah
Let’s point out everything wrong with the world using shiny catchphrases

I’m too blue to sing the blues
I’d rather make robot noises
And walk past you without making eye contact

I’m too hurt to take myself seriously
Tar in my lungs
Sarcastically coughing

The monsters under my bed said they need some space

These are the jokes, kid.

The other day about an hour before my shift was over we had a bit of a rush and had a line of customers and was trying to get all of them checked out in a timely manner (I’ve actually been complimented a lot lately for being fast, so yay!)
This customer comes up and I greet him and begin checking him out and he immediately demands to know where my name tag is and I just tell him I don’t have one right now. -

Real quick: I don’t wear my name tag because I have an uncommon name and last name combo and have been found easily on social media by a lot of creepy customers. I have one with just a shortened version of my name but I lost that one and my ASM was going to make me a new one.

- anyway then he starts saying that I’m suppose to have a name tag and keeps chastising me. A lady standing off to the side who was apparently with hime starts chuckling like he was joking. At this point I was annoyed and embarrassed and stressing about the line of people building up. He then goes on to say “and you’re not even smiling, you’re suppose to always smile at the customer, how am I suppose to feel welcome blah blah blah” and the lady keeps chuckling and saying “your something else” to the guy and this makes me angry because:

A)I’ve always gotten shit for my resting face my whole life and at work I always make it a point to smile at customers, including this asshole

B) my store manager was just a few feet away which could have gotten me in trouble since he’s been on our ass about our “delight score” (our friendliness and customer service score)

C) I don’t know how good anyone would feel being talked down to even jokingly while ankther person just laughs at you

When he saw I wasn’t even the slightest bit amused, he said he was kidding but I was so mad and frankly didn’t give two shits about his shitty ass “joke” and told him “Well I smiled and greeted you and have been pleasant the entire time, so I honestly don’t know what else I can do for you” and gave hime his bag and receipt not even bothering to smile anymore.

All of a sudden he was apologetic and said “oh, I don’t want to start any trouble. I’m sick and I was just joking. ”
And I was like, um okay? So you thought it’d be okay to talk down to and embarrass an overworked cashier and hold up the line.. as a joke??

“Look how far you’ve fallen.” His voice echoed in my ears as I approached the container they had put him in. I grit my teeth and hoped he wouldn’t realize why I was there. “The bright lure…..”

“Yeah. We get it. We were made to be ruled and blah blah blah. Tell me something new.” I cut him off. His eyes narrowed at me. Even in this controlled state, he knew who I was. I wouldn’t have expected any less of him. “Loki. This is madness. Stop this.” A smirk grew on his lips. 

“And why should I (y/n)? For you? For the people you work for? How do I know you are not like they are?” He asked. I bit my lip. He already knew the answer. I doubted he would have forgotten that after being away for so long. 

“You know the answer to that Loki.” I whispered as I moved closer to the glass. Fury was bound to send someone in here to get me away from him. I had limited time and I needed to get this done. Even if Fury didn’t like my methods. “You always have and you always will. No amount of mind control will affect your heart. You know it and I know it. Deep down, you know the answer to your own question.”

“Is this love, Agent (l/n)?” Loki asked with a smirk. I froze for a second then continued to walk right up to the glass. I stopped right in front of it. He had to see what being away from him for this long was doing to me. He had to see what he was doing to me. This was not Loki. Not my Loki. He had to see that. Fury knew I would be able to get through to him. Maybe even break the hold on his mind. Thor thought I would be the light to guide Loki out of this dark tunnel. I hoped they were right and I wouldn’t let them down. I wouldn’t let HIM down. I couldn’t let him down. 

“Loki…..” I trailed off as I placed my hand on the glass. He watched me from the other side of the cage. I took a deep breath. I hadn’t told him this in so long. It had been years. “Loki, I love you. Please. Snap out of it. I love you. But not like this. We need you Loki. Thor and I.” Loki scoffed. I met his gaze. “I need you. Please come back. Snap out of it and come back.” I kept my gaze locked onto him. I knew agents were on their way. They had to be. I just knew it. Loki got up and started to walk closer to the glass separating us. There was an evil look in his eye and I didn’t know why. 

“This is the basest sentimentality. This is a child at prayer. Pathetic. You lie in the service of liars and killers. You pretend to be separate. To have your own code. Something to make up for the horrors. But they’re a part of you. And they will never go away.” Loki was right up in front of the glass. I could see his eyes and I took a small step back. Blue. Not his normal green. Blue. Something was definitely not right here. This wasn’t working. My hand stayed on the glass, even when he slammed his fist against it. “I won’t touch Loki. Not til I make him kill you. Slowly. Intimately. In every way he knows you fear. And then he’ll wake just long enough to see his good work and when he screams I’ll split his skull.” My eyes went wide and I pulled my hand off the glass. I took several steps back. This wasn’t Loki. This was whatever was in his mind. “This is my bargain you mewling quim.” The agents I knew were coming finally arrived. I raised a hand to hold them off. 

“Here’s my bargain.” I said. I held my head high and looked Loki in the eye. “Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. Boyfriend’s. Head. Or. Else.” Each word was punctuated with a step until I was right in front of the glass. 

“Or else what?” Loki asked evilly. 

“I will fucking destroy you. He is mine. Now get the fuck out.” I growled. Loki’s eyes glazed over and for a second I thought something bad was going to happen. Then he smirked evilly at me. I watched his eyes. Green started to tint the blue. Not fully but it showed Loki was gaining control. 

“Claim loyalty to me and I will give you what you need.” Loki said. He winked at me and I knew he was winning the fight. I smiled back at him and put my hand against the glass.  

“When do we start?” I asked as Loki’s hand rested against mine with glass in between. 

Long time no see.

I don’t know if any of your readers, especially  new readers remember me? But I’m the girl from the party story time and also the movie story time, well the movie date being the last one I told you all about. I was catching up on my favorite blog, this blog and I was looking through the story time tag all this week, and I was happy to see someone asked about me (thank you sweety) and I would love to give you an update on everything, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! since I told you all about my personal love life, you all are like sisters, so I don’t mind having girl talk and giving you all the hot tea (I use our fake names so it’s ok).

If you remember I called him ‘Sota’ well unfortunately he and I are no longer together, we dated for a good while, the BEST relationship I’ve ever had,  but don’t be sad ladies because honestly that was the best months of my life AND, AND, We are still friends. We still talk here and there, not as much as before, but we still vent about things and talk time to time. I do miss talking to him every day, But guess whose not going to cry? Me, ok I did, but what ever.

This is when the tea gets hot! I know my life is always full of tea, but girls let me catch you all up on what happened AFTER we broke up. Ok the reason why we broke up is because

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