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Summary : A wonderful Negan!Smut my amazing friend @milkwede co-wrote with me.

Pairing : Negan x Reader

Warning : Smut, smut, smut, mentions of public sex, Dom!Negan… sort of?

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Sunshine cracked through the curtains of your room, causing you to awaken at the warmth and light that shone down on your face. Once you were fully awake and able to see your surroundings clearly, you notice Negan, your boyfriend, wasn’t beside you to greet you with a morning kiss as usual but instead, there was a note that read:

Babygirl, I’ll be meeting with the other men today to determine what happens next, what we need, blah blah fucking blah. You know where to find me if you need anything at all.. Anything.

You roll back over onto the bed and begin to think about the first day you arrived here to your new home, images flashing through your mind of the steamy night you two shared together.

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It makes me kinda sad to see how other girls put each other down. “Ew have you seen her eyebrows” “omg she should just stop doing makeup, she’s so bad at it” “what an ugly haircut” “she looks horrible in that top” and blah blah blah. We need to stop with the hate and negativity and love each other more. Heck I’m still learning makeup techniques and trying new trends everyday. Nobody is perfect. We are all a team & should be supporting each other 💕Spread the positivity around :)

Story time

I have one of the most embarrassing fears. It’s not even one that I can just get over if I truly needed to, its one that I have considered getting tested for a phobia.

I am scared shitless of butterflies.

One summer me and my family went to Moncton, New Brunswick for a family vacation, it was a pretty big deal and an 8 hour drive away.

One of the tourist attractions there was a ‘butterfly house’, which is exactly what it sounds like. A giant tent filled with giant butterflies.

At this time in my life I did not know just how scared I was of butterflies.

So we’re all pretty excited, we get tickets and listen to a tour-guide thing explain that it’s important not to hurt the butterflies, blah blah blah.

We finally get into the place, and I kid you not I nearly passed out on the spot.

The butterflies were fucking huge.

I had then taken extra precautions which included pulling down my sweater sleeves and putting up my hood. I wasn’t about to let one of those things touch me.

My sister and mom were having fun, just holding out oranges and letting the butterflies fall in their hair and generally looking like a Pinterest photo shoot, while I was almost pissing myself cause I was so scared.

Then, my mom took a picture of my sister with butterflies in her hair, and turns to me to ask for a picture. I then held out an orange slice and spent 20 minutes gathering the courage to let a butterfly sit on my hoodie long enough for a picture.

As my mom took the picture, another GIANT butterfly flew over my head. I freaked out and ducked to avoid contact with the scary butterfly.

So now my mom has a picture of me in a butterfly house crying, only my face visible in one corner and a butterfly covering half the screen.

She won’t delete it.

FNAF: The Musical - sentence starters

1. “Blah, blah, blah. That’s completely absurd.”  

2. “Hey, I heard they hired a new guy, and it’s his first day.”

3. “Don’t touch me.” 

4. “Midnight already?” 

5. “I’ll check out all the cameras to see what they do.” 

6. “They’re coming here just to eat me like juicy flesh-fruit!” 

7. “Hey, New Guy, are you all right?” 

8. “They’re breaking down the door!” 

9. “He sounds so terrified.” 

10. “Something here just reeks of blood and suffering.” 

11. “I’m armed with more than a light.” 

12. “Oh. That’s new.” 

13. “Let’s drown him in the toilet.” 

14. “So… what am I here for?” 

15. “Something’s breathing out beyond the door.”  

16. “That’s not good.” 

17. “Who wants to listen to some awesome tunes?” 

18. “What should we do? I’m good at panicked screeching.” 

19. “Please don’t kill me! I haven’t even caught up on Steven Universe yet!” 

20. “I’ll fill the void with noise. Just focus on me!” 

21. “Why would they keep a rotten cupcake up here?” 

22. “Shut that off, or I will kill you!” 

23. “You know, laying low is usually done quietly.” 

24. “Somewhere, something’s hiding in the dark.” 

25. “Somewhere, ______’s out there roaming free.”

26. “Hey, it’s me. I swear we’ve met before.” 

27. “Don’t be afraid, though. They just like to say ‘hi’.” 

28. “Time to play!” 

29. “Wow, weird. Everything turned out okay.” 

30. “I really thought you would all turn on each other by now, but you didn’t.”

31. “What is this thing?” 

32. “One mistake’s all it takes, and this may go bad.” 

33. “Why’s my closet making pirate sounds?” 

34. “Let’s say hi, he seems a bit jumpy.” 

35. “Is that something in the vent?” 

36. “Open the door! You’re gonna blow a fuse!”

37. “I wanna go home.” 

38. “I should probably override the door controls.” 

39. “Somewhere here’s a thing I’m supposed to find.” 

40. “Is he always like this?” 

41. “And I’m kind of wanted for attempted murder.” 

42.  “Camera’s down. Look sharp, you’re on your own.”


{ ‘Sacred Twenty Eight’ } part I - part II - part III

In the early 1930s, a ‘Pure-Blood Directory’ was published anonymously in Britain, which listed the twenty-eight truly pure-blood families, as judged by the unknown authority who had written the book (widely believed to be Cantankerus Nott ), with ‘the aim of helping such families maintain the purity of their bloodlines’. The so-called ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ comprised the families of…

i used to love everything about you:

the stars glowing in your eyes,
the gold covering your heart,
the bright smile on your lips,
the silky sound of your laugh…

now that time has passed i know

fire when liquid still burns,
pure metals are icy cold,
lips can make your stomach churn,
silk can cut you to the bone.

the softness of your skin, 
the lightness of your touch
-imaginary hints of presence,
blurred border between real and not.

i used to love everything about you
but you are not the ‘you’ i thought i knew

—  i made you up; d.m
Fabric Store Phone Call

So I just read the post talking about customers bitching instead of letting you help them and boy, do I have a story for that. First, let me say I normally don’t mind answering the phone at work (unless you get the questions like “how much is your cotton” because it’s like we are a fabric store, there are literally dozens of cottons) but this one customer really killed my phone vibe. I pick it up and it’s an elderly woman on the other end (about 80% of our customer base is elderly women) and she wants to get a new piece of fabric because the one we cut is apparently so crooked that she can’t use it. So I tell her that she can come back in with the fabric and the receipt and the manager will be able to help her. She then informs me that her grandson bought it and she lives out of town; I say fine, he can bring it in blah blah receipt blah blah managers. She pauses, and starts going into very specific detail about how crooked the fabric is. First, I’m like, most of the fabric panels like the one she’s describing have cut marks on them because we charge by the panel, so how crooked can it be; and she’s also the worlds slowest talker on a day where the store is actually getting very busy. Now, I let her go through the story twice more just to make sure she’s not giving me new details that will make this difficult down the line, and I get this suspicion that she’s somehow trying to get me to refund her money/exchange fabric over the phone? Which is literally impossible? So before she can do the story for the FOURTH time, I have to interrupt her with “I’m sorry there isn’t anything else I can do for you right now, we can get this all squared away as soon as your grandson comes into the store. Now, is there anything else you needed help with?” She responds with “no”, pauses again, and I swear is about to start the story again so I tell her to have a nice day and hang up. I’m almost surprised she didn’t call back and try to magically get money/fabric through the phone with someone else after all that.

Teen Wolf 6x10 Sneak Peek - Justification For Why Lydia Pulled Stiles Back.

People are hating on the new 6x10 sneak peek because the person calling for Stiles isn’t Scott and Stydia is forced blah blah blah, but has it every occurred to any of you that this tether they have goes into more lengths than it seems? I feel as if a tether is a relationship you’ve never had anything like. Back in season 3, Allison’s tether was Isaac, Scott’s was Deaton, and Stiles’ was Lydia. Allison had a relationship with Scott and he was her first love but something about what she had with Isaac was different. Don’t fight me guys, I like Allison and Scott more obviously but Allison and Isaac had a different dynamic as a duo together and it only grew throughout the season which is why he could pull her back. What she had with him was something she never really had with anyone, such as Scott because of the difference in the relationship. Scott has Deaton as a tether because Deaton was the only person in Scott’s life who made him feel like he had a father. Deaton was the father that Scott basically never had. They’re connection is incredibly strong and with something like that, something that Scott hasn’t had, Deaton can bring him back. Then we get to Stiles. Stiles had never been in a relationship with anyone at that point. Throughout his life, he’d look at Lydia and see nothing but what he likes about her, despite how she acted on the outside. He saw what she didn’t offer to anyone. He had never had a connection like that with anyone, it was something he only saw in her. That episode, we now have confirmation that she was beginning to see it back, hence why she can pull him out of a dying state. She finally felt what he did. I feel like that episode was a confirmation of the tethers being permanent after they were resurfaced. That episode played a huge role in 6x09. Stiles and Lydia’s tether’s were shown. Tethers are so strong and are hard to be broken. Now call me crazy but Stiles and Scott both went under freezing water as their tethers were being marked. Scott and Stiles didn’t get to pull each other back, meaning that their tethers to each other are just kind of .. there. We all know that they were the like the brothers they never had but it was never really officially shown through death. 3x11 has more of an impact on connections than anything anyone can really see to be honest. So now that Lydia is the one who can make the rift appear and pull him back, don’t be surprised because she did it before with him when he was officially gone. With a tether built up like that so strong, it’s kind of hard for it to just vanish. The tether never faded because it was only built up more throughout the seasons especially in 5x16 (I think he finally got the chance to pull her back to be honest. I feel as if Lydia would’ve been forever gone if it wasn’t for Stiles being there because of their official connection but that’s for a different conversation). As of right now, Lydia is the only one who can pull him back because their connection and/or tether had become official through bringing him back once before. Like I said, if you think back on it, 3x11 is a huge major key factor in 6x09. No one has a love like Scott and Stiles, but they both went under in 3x11. No one has a love like Lydia and Stiles, and she was the one to resurface him the first time. It’s officially their tether’s responsibility to be drawn to each other ever since that happened between them two, hence why Lydia is the key to saving Stiles.


Ayyyooo! My first ever video review is up! It’s over the new and limited edition Too Faced Sweet Peach palette~! 
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Post “checkmated”

I loved the little scenes between Oliver and Felicity

I loved that while Oliver was upset that Susan was kidnapped it was more a “crap, someone else is going to die because of me” then a “someone I love is kidnapped and I’m going insane” (i.e. Felicity or Thea)

I loved how EVIL chase was, especially the scene where he killed his own wife

I loved loved loved the bromance scene with Diggle

But…I keep feeling like I’ve seen this before. City’s against Oliver blah blah. Darkness is unescapable.. blah blah. In shackles psychologically tortured…. is any of this new?

So the other day I was scrolling around on here and I saw someone bitching about misha and cockles and blah blah blah, nothing new. Then they brought up Vicki and how she was “homely” at best, basically calling her ugly and how danneel and Genevieve are so much prettier. That really bothered me, like they fell in love when they were 16 and have been together ever since. They grew up together, do you know how hard it is to make it work for that long and be so young? Do you know how lucky misha and Vicki are to find the love of their lives at such a young age? And still be so in love? Misha still tears up when he talks about them getting engaged, he says his only regret in their relationship is not getting together sooner. And to discredit that because Vicki might not be a super model? Like honestly, fuck you.
Fuck you and everything you stand for.

I enjoy KH with all my heart (HAH) but there are some things that annoyed me to hell and back on my first (and next) playthroughs:
  • the shark in Atlantica
  • the Iron imprisoner 
  • getting lost in Monstro’s stomachs
  • walking in on Sephiroth in KH1 like the piece of shit I am
  • the Phantom (fuck you forever and ever)
  • BUT FIRST YOU GOTTA GIVE THE PRINCESS BACK HER - blah, blah, blah, you know the rest
  • that one card in re:CoM that made the entire room pitch black
  • that stupid fire-spitting fat heartless nightmare
  • on that note, if I see Agrabah one more time I swear to fuck
  • getting my ass handed in DDD on critical
  • also that Frankenstein-Pete? WHAT
  • Captain Dark at Command Board
  • the car heartless (this guy deserves a fuck you from me and everyone else tbh)
  • falling down Oogie Boogie´s stupid mansion
  • trying to locate all treasure chest in DDD without a guide (seriously I just gave up at some point)
  • Vanitas Lingering Spirit literally killed me inside
  • the new ape heartless in 1.5 you can’t fucking dodge its attacks
  • defeat all enemies in 1 turn
  • no AP left
  • Monstro swallowing you even though you need to be somewhere fucking else but his stupid stomachs
  • the Peter Pan command board 
  • TORNADOS (as if a graveyard wasn’t bad enough already)

so yeah how about that huh

Dan’s Livestream // 7.12.16

He’s wearing the sadboys jumper

He will not be wearing a tank top in his new video


“That is Phil’s chin”

He couldn’t remember his password 

He still has a cold that he’s had since Seattle 

He took medicine on camera it’s getting personal

“It tastes like sad rocks”

“We’re not doing that anymore are we?” when asked about the Haru pillow

He missed the company of everyone on tour

GoT discussion

“Dan’s sexy cough voice”

Said tour is literally the biggest thing he’s ever done and he felt very important

Pajama week

Deep discussion about the world continuing regardless of their big happenings

“Thank you for caring”

“I have a feeling that [Austrailia] won’t be the last tatinof announcement”

Pokemon Go

He may just get the Australian version because he wants it so badly

They played Mario Kart last night and Phil won 

He thinks they should work together but Phil just wants to crush everyone

He got very worked up about the whole Mario Kart situation 

YouNow broke nice goin

The airport backpack incident 

“I. Am going. To get. The backpack.” -Phil 

He wasn’t playing Angry Birds he was playing his Star Wars game cmon Phil

Pastel discussion 

He doesn’t know what “pastel” is I don’t know him

Talked about the new Dil video

The light up shoes were a gift

“I got a message that just said Phil. Same.”

They were going to upload a video about the AUS tour but they sold out so quickly 



He tries to remember to floss

He doesn’t know if he’s ready to be a grandpa 

Rosanna is one of the nicest people he’s ever met

They’re making donuts 

“Enjoy Dan and Phil successfully baking”

Talked about their tour documentary on YouTube Red

There’s loads of footage from even before the tour started

He missed the liveshows

Jacksepticeye gets the Dan seal of approval

He doesn’t have like any yellow clothes

He played lots of Guild Wars

He’s proud of Phil for finishing Doom

He listened to Radiohead which he loved but Drake was eh and he loved Death Grip

He loves Bo Burnham 

“On the drugs again. You know Dan.”


He’s going to do another anime recommendation video

They watched Fruits Basket and Death Parade

Talked about the pizza v models incident

“They looked like Haru”

They may make something physical to commemorate tatinof??

Someone from their tour team gave him a llamacorn pinata 

He put on the Gatorland hat

Phil video spon 

Talked about Bates Motel which he highly recommends 

They saw The Conjuring 2 in theaters which he loved

“I’m glad that you’re smiling”

He wore the weed jumper so much because it didn’t wrinkle too badly

He doesn’t think he watches enough comedies


Discussion on how people are uneducated on BLM 

Yes he supports gay rights as he’s said before

Heterosexual pride was started as a joke but people got upset about it and got it trending and attention 

Basically the internet is good and bad and everything is confusing lmao ^^

Undertale genocide route is a maybe 

“Hello Hawaii how are you?”

They did 5 videos with the Fine Bros so look out for those

He wish he could’ve hung out or filmed with Nathan Zed

His opinions on dick is “nice” idk don’t even ask

He has like 40 pairs of earrings but he only wears his plain black ones

He was in love with their NASA tour guide #willneverforget #phandivorced

Opinions are terrible

Vaping (not actually don’t come complaining to me about this its a joke)

He ate lots of pancakes but not as many as Phil

A cheeky leg

Filming a DINOF video soon

“It’s the little things”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |

Thursday things

I’m glad yoga is cancelled tonight - my wrist / thumb issue has flared up again to the point I’m back taking anti-inflammatories. The thought of doing downward dog or any other position that requires my hand flat on the floor makes me cringe.

I keep thinking it’s Friday. I wish it was. One day to go. Working from home tomorrow so at least the commute is cut out. One week until I start the new job - can’t wait. I’ve been attending some of the meetings as a transition and it is so… good. Using my brain in a totally different way.

Trying to organise the details for our trip now - things like travel cards (done), new suitcases (done), and figuring out options for SIM cards. If anyone has any tips for US / Canada prepaid mobile (ha, “cell”) and data plans, please let me know. Trying to work out what to pack is proving to be challenging - hooray for visiting multiple climates in one trip - but as the husband keeps reminding me, we’ll have access to both washing machines and shops. (I’m actually really excited about doing some shopping - even with the exchange rate at around $1US = $0.70AU, pretty much everything still works out cheaper).

I spent almost two hours on the phone to my best friend on Monday night. She lives three hours away and we don’t talk often enough - but even still, we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Hoping to go visit over Easter.

Still reeling that F starts school next year (this is not a surprise - I don’t know why I’m so shocked). I’ve started researching schools even though I’m fairly certain he’ll attend the one closest to home. There’d have to be something substantially wrong with it not to go there; it’s about a 300m walk with no streets to cross. Need to book in and meet the principle and do an official school tour (we’ve played in the school grounds and playground since F could walk on weekends, plus it’s one of the local voting centres during elections).

Urgh. What am I going to cook for dinner?

Me today...
  • had to deal with a miffed colleague because she is apparently with me about a decision our superior made
  • talked with the ministry of finances of our state on the phone over the new program/process we are going live with on Wednesday
  • ordered the last minute posters for the lecture on Wednesday where I am one of two hosts (which lead to aforementioned miffed colleague who apparently wanted to give the lecture all by herself)

Also me today:

  • I ordered the complete “Rose of Versailles” anime box *squee* 
  • wore my “For the Horde” shirt and my Mario-mushroom earrings to work
  • am watching “Thunderbirds” right now… 

being a responsible and reliable adult only lasts so long… seriously… if people knew what I am doing in my free time… XDD