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I was informed that @ohnips was super transphobic and racist on her twitch stream on 8/8/17. I was sent this video by one of my kind followers. You can find out more on ohnips from my #ohnips tag. If google does not answer a question you have related to gender, feel free to ask. 

My transcription is under the cut with the most interesting quotes in bold.

Please reblog this and let trans people and allies know what this woman believes in. 


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Binary gender is a theory that mainly white men have enforced in order to retain power for themselves.
Man is logical, strong, stable. Woman is emotional, weak, precarious. Of course, men are human and therefore not perfect, so the best use of her is to support him where he is struggling.
Absolutely none of these conclusions are based in any sort of fact or logic. Humans are logical. Humans are emotional. These are not antonyms. It is destructive to each to glorify or demonize either.
That is not to say that one cannot take joy in knowing their gender intimately and fully. Personal gender is vastly more important than theoretical gender, just as people are vastly more important than theories.
Just think about it. Remember. Your gender does not make you more or less of anything but you. I hope you are a good you.

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Hello! So I am absolutely terrible at arguing, but my OC is not supposed to be. He is way more persuasive and clever than I am, and he can easily win a debate, so how can I RP someone who is far above my level? I'm afraid of writing weak arguments that will make him look stupid.

It’s actually really easy to be good at arguments and debates, especially if you’re in an rp setting and can make shit up. :D Here are some personal tips from me on how to construct an argument. Remember the PEA! Point, evidence, analysis. Before constructing any argument, try to know what your point is. Try to write a topic sentence, as concise as possible, like “The Avengers will kick the X-Men ass in a battle located in New York City”. Evidence! Try to have at least three pieces of evidence possible in order to back up your point, and always analyze this evidence afterwards. “Because The Avengers have Captain America” Evidence! “Who really has a nice ass and no one can beat his ass cause he has the best one, duh!” Analysis! “Because Wolverine will totally help the Avengers. As seen in graphic novel blah blah blah, Wolverine’s loyalty lies with the Avengers and not with the X-Men.” That’s basically how I would do it in any sort of essay writing slash pseudo debate scenario. 

Here are some links to help you with constructing arguments:

Depending on how you want to play your character, there are a lot of ways to be persuasive. Your character can be more intellectual, coming up with good points to persuade someone to do good. Or, your character can be cunning and achieve it through subtle psychological hints and body language. For example, if you’re drinking with someone, every time that person laugh, by taking a drink you can make them associate the happy and free feeling of being drunk with you. So they naturally listen to you more. Obviously, that’s really sneaky, so it’s up to your character traits on whether that would be included. All persuasive characters have one thing in common and that’s confidence. So as the writer, you have to be confident in what your character’s motivations are. Be sure that you know why your character is persuading someone to do as such. Is it because they always want to be right? Or, is it because they are more manipulative?

Here are some links to help:

And for playing someone more clever than you are, google helps. Really. I’m currently playing an electrical engineer and I have no idea how to even begin. But it’s always about the research. When a specific topic comes up like, building a tiny robot camera, I google how to build a robot camera. It’s legitimately all I do for every character. When I roleplay Hawkeye, I think I had thirty tabs open at one point telling me how to shoot an arrow and how to calculate wind direction affecting said arrow. So you know, bullshit a little bit, and google a little bit. Throw really long words at your roleplayer and it’s all good. 

Here are some links:

Hope that helps!

2 August 2017

[Wishing Well with Sweaty Boxing Aaron, Zak and Adam]

SWEATY BOXING AARON: *Punch Punch Punch* Not sure if this Plot of mine has any actual purpose but damn I look good doing it. (FANDOM: We agree! *Heart Eyes*)

ZAK: Come on son! Give me all you’ve got, I might forget you exist again for another five months after this!

ADAM: Don’t forget to give me some too Aaron! I matter! But also…don’t push yourself too hard.

ZAK: *Throws a really slow punch that Aaron would totally be able to avoid if not for the Plot*

ADAM: Zak! Plot! Why do we need to hurt Aaron more?!

ZAK: He’s fine! You’re fine right?

SWEATY BOXING AARON: Yep, all good here. Let me just catch my breath for a moment and then I’ll go back to looking good for the fans. (FANDOM: We appreciate your commitment!)

ADAM: Look, I’m taking my Aaron Sitting duties really seriously alright? I’m overcompensating because I’m not gonna be around for much longer. So…you’re working him too hard.

SWEATY BOXING AARON: Shut up Adam! I’m letting you be part of my Plot to give you screen time before you go, now just stand there and look pretty while I carry on.

ZAK: Hey you just lost your first fight to a pensioner even if it was just for Plot purposes!

SWEATY BOXING AARON: *Laughs* *Smiles* (FANDOM: Look at him! *Heart Eyes*)

ADAM: Look at him! *Heart Eyes*

[Hotten General with Rebecca and Lawrence]

*Blah Blah Blah Lawrence is in hospital so that he can almost die yet another time before he eventually finally goes…we hope…we’ve been promised…it’s only a matter of time*

REBECCA: No Dad! You can’t die! We have so many things to do together yet! Like raise your grandchi– Oh wait, sorry, I got caught up in logic there for a second. My mistake. What I really meant to say was, we have to go to Vegas! Yep…Vegas. Cause I’m suddenly super sentimental about Vegas. Remember that one time I was sneaking around with Robert to plan a surprise trip to Vegas for Aaron for his birthday? Those were the days. (FANDOM: Actually, compared to now, those were the days…#WhatHaveWeBecome) Actually the whole reason I was able to get them a deal was because I’ve been secretly planning our trip to Vegas for years and years. But since Robert and Aaron basically imploded in part because of me right before they were due to go, I took their cancellation and turned it into a deal for myself for the two of us because that’s absolutely what the Plot is going to let us do when you get out of here, go to Vegas! (FANDOM: Have fun! Don’t come back! We won’t miss you!)

[The Woolpack with Robert, Diane, Paddy, Chrissie and Tim]

*Chrissie and Tim are having a drink* *Chrissie is thankfully aware he is her uncle no and is not trying to make out with him* *Chrissie is working that bright yellow jacket*

ROBERT: *Watches from the bar* Ooh a new person! Involved with the Whites! The last time I was trying to convince myself not to think about Aaron, almost exactly two years ago, I threw myself into trying to get everything I could out of the Whites and Home Farm. Maybe I should try that again. Tell me everything about this man.

CHARITY: I don’t know actually, probably her next victim and yes I’m using that word on purpose to set up a line she will say later.

PADDY: *Appears in a scene with Robert* (FANDOM: *Gasp*) Pint please! Diane. Oh sorry, I still used to stringing those three words together. I guess I just miss have you behind the bar. (FANDOM + CHARITY: We do too!) Would you like another drink?

DIANE: Oh no thanks, I have to get in a dig at Doug cause he’s well…Doug and then I have to run to force you two to have a scene alone together. Bye!

ROBERT: *Don’t leave me Face* *Smooth transition into AARON Face* Have you seen Aaron?

PADDY: From what I hear, because I’ve been preoccupied with my own Plot that I set in motion due to my own awful cheating Plot, you and Aaron have broken up and now I no longer have to be nice to you.

ROBERT: I’m worried about Aaron. #AreWeBackTogetherYet

PADDY: Well don’t be. He doesn’t need you. I warned him about you. Even came up with that fantastic nickname, Mr. Shifty. You remember, it was that time before the time I used you as a shining example to Marlon about a couple that followed their hearts and took risks to be with each other when I was trying to help him with his doomed relationship. But anyway, I’ve been too busy with my own Plot to pay any real attention to yours even though Aaron is supposed to be like my son, but whatevs, so now I’m totally overcompensating in this scene because who knows when I’ll get the chance to care and get a dig or two in at you again…

ROBERT: *But I really do care about him and I want to tell you how much Face*

PADDY: Nope! Don’t want to hear it. Stay away from him!

*Chrissie and Tim discuss the fact that she had inappropriate feelings for him and it was really cringeworthy for a bit. She tells him she doesn’t want anything to do with him because he probably needs some more motivation to want to take the Whites down. Chrissie informs him that her last victim was one Andy Sugden and she is very much Lawrence’s daughter and framed him to get revenge and get rid*

MR. SHIFTY: *Listens* - right, I remember last summer when I was all ‘let’s destroy the Whites so that I can clear Andy’s name’ Then I brought in Rebecca to help…fuck! - *Gets ideas swirling around in that pretty blonde head of his*

[The Woolpack with Aaron, Adam, Zak, Charity, Robert and Tim]

*Aaron, Zak and Adam enter* (FANDOM: Weren’t you supposed to be in a tshirt Aaron? #SpoilerPhotosAreMisleading)

CHARITY: Hey, got the Dingle newsletter about the boxing Plot! Now I can call you Rocky, Aaron!

ZAK: Well if he’s Rocky, then I’m Apollo Creed cause I ‘knocked you out’!

AARON AND ADAM: *in unison because the bromance is real* Yeah, by accident! *Smiles* *Laughter*

ZAK: Hey look a baby!

MOSES: *Is adorable*

CHARITY: Yep…aren’t you glad you swerved that one, Aaron? More trouble than they’re worth. Have to actually look after them. Who needs that?!

ROBERT: *Enters* *Immediately clocks that something is not right with Aaron and it’s not just because he’s actually smiling* *Sees black eye* *Concerned Husband…er…Bystander Mode Activated* What’s happened!!!????

AARON: *Opens mouth to speak*

ADAM: *Extreme Aaron Sitting Mode Activated* It’s alright bro, I’ve got this. You’ll get enough dialogue and scenes after I’m gone. What does his Plot have to do with you, Robert?

ROBERT: Umm…I just asked a question. No need to bite my head off. I just care about my husb– Aaron…

ADAM: Well…stop! Stop caring about anyone but yourself! Everyone’s been telling you that you’re supposed to be selfish and self serving. Why won’t you cooperate?! Aaron doesn’t need you in his Plot. He’s got me. So back off!

AARON: *Well that happened Face* *Turns back to bar*

ROBERT: *Reluctantly leaves and goes to sit down with in eavesdropping distance*

TIM: *Exists*

MR. SHIFTY: *I’ll show them selfish and self serving Face*


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what's interesting is that men break hearts and woman break hearts. men do dirt to women and women do dirt to men. yet only men say things like “i hope i don't have a daughter" out of fear of karmic retribution. i've never heard of a woman, who when reflecting on all the ways and all the men she’s done wrong, worry about karma in the form of a son. now don’t give me this crap about how women don’t do blah blah blah like men because i can tell you stories. women who only sleep with married men, golddigging women, women who trap men with babies, women who cheat, women who have babies by one guy yet purposefully lies to another guy so that he believe it’s his and etc. so women do mad dirt to men but they never seem to be concerned that all that karma will come to them in the form of all that same dirt they did being done to their son. never.

am i wrong? if i am not, the next logical question would be why should men worry about it?

~ TalentSwap, Part Three: The Finale That Never Truly Ends! ~

Ohhhhh snap! Are you ready for the 10k finale of TalentSwap I know I am! 030!! I’ll keep this short and just get into the fic for you all :pp

Thanks one more time to @hellofriend304​ for editing and helping me out with the logic behind this fic, you’re the beeeest and thank you and yaaaay and thanks again and blah blah blah, ahaahah! <3333 But seriously, thank you for your help ^3^

Part 1 Here! and Part 2 Here!

Warning: There’s an execution in this fic, but it’s not super duper graphic. And yeah, typical DR trial stuff in here 030 

Ennnjoy! ^u^

~ TalentSwap, Part Three: The Finale That Never Truly Ends! ~

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Seventeen in Hogwarts

Original Request: Seventeen in Hogwarts^^

A/N: I really hope this is okay, I spent a lot of time thinking what house each would be lol

All 13 members are here, I just put 11 of them after the Keep Reading because it’s really long….1287 words….

Seungcheol: As the leader of Seventeen, obviously he belongs in Gryffindor. He is the type of person who would sacrifice his life to protect his friends and fight the evil itself. When he sees you he would fall in love with your charm and proud ego. And in order to impress you with his wizarding skills (idk what to call it), he would fight different students from Slytherin, only to find out you’re also in Slytherin. Oops.

Jeonghan: He’s “quiet”, like a mother figure, but also can be quite the devil…but I think the Sorting Hat would still put him in Hufflepuff (what a potato). I feel like he wouldn’t go all crazy for someone yet, but he would meet you in Potions class, scared and worried. But you were a top student and you offered to teach him, earning his trust and winning his heart. He would treat you to some candy at Hogsmeade and fantasize walking with you in a sunny meadow…something like that.

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The Very Thought // Obi Wan x Reader

Three anons asked :

1. Can you do an imagine where obi wan has to protect you so you go back to your home planet and to not raise suspicions that you are being protected you have to introduce him as your boyfriend and obi wan takes advantage of the situation? Thanks! 2. Can I request (AND IM SORRY ABOUT THIS) and obi wan and reader where it’s like the episode two but instead of anakin protecting you (as padame) it’s obi wan 3. Can I ask for someone telling Obi-Wan you like him, and he tried to talk to you but you keep avoiding him easily. Later, he finally finds you privately and has to grab you by the arms kinda angrily bc he likes you back and is frustrated at you

I combined all three to make ONE EPIC OBI WAN IMAGINE FTW!!!!!!! I’m fucking insane I noticed.

I’d like to dedicate this imagine to @blackbloodcells because she is so incredibly sweet and she made my night!

“Obi Wan, she confided in me. I know she likes you for a fact!” Anakin tells his Master, as they waited for your arrival.

“Are you absolutely sure? Because I’m not one who likes making a fool out of myself”, Obi Wan responds to Anakin’s pleads.

“Yes, Master. You better stop talking about her because here she comes” Anakin states as he spots you from across the landing along with Master Windu. Anakin leaves his Master as he returns to more training.

When you reach Obi Wan with Mace Windu,  Master Windu speaks, “Master Kenobi, Senator (Y/L/N) will explain the details of the mission to you on the ship. Good luck and may the force be with you.”

You smile and bow to Mace as he leaves.

“Master Kenobi, always a pleasure” you greet him with a smile.

“The pleasure is all mine, Senator. Follow me” Obi Wan smiles back, leading you to the ship you will be taking. You were always fond of Master Kenobi and over the past year, you developed a small crush on him. Nothing monumental.

As you both boarded the ship and prepared for take off, Obi Wans asks, “So the details of the mission?”

“Yes. So, you just need to make sure I’m safe at all times. It’s been rumored that there is an organization trying to assassinate the Senators of my family. Sound simple enough?” you ask. He nods his head. “But here’s the catch. My family cannot know you are protecting us. If they do, the more obvious our location and blah blah blah” you mock, causing him to laugh. “So, you have to pretend to be my…boyfriend” you say hesitantly.

Obi Wan’s eyes widen. “Oh, okay. Uh, no problem.”

“I hope this doesn’t weird you out, I just want my family to remain safe under all circumstances” you try to explain.

“No, of course”, Obi Wan responds, understanding your logic as you let out a sigh of relief.

One can only imagine what Obi Wan was thinking. Anakin was right. Maybe she is just saying this, so I can develop feelings for her. Maybe she made this all up and is introducing me to the family.

As the ship lands on your home planet, you walk off with Obi Wan. In Obi Wan’s mind, he wondered if he should take the situation seriously or take advantage of the situation he was in. Yes, he always found you an intriguing person and gorgeous to the eyes, so he decided to have some fun. Maybe really delve into the part of the boyfriend to see how you would react. He then speaks, “Senator (Y/L/N)?”

“Oh please, Obi Wan call me (Y/N)” you smile.

“(Y/N), uh if your family does ask, how did we meet?” he asks you. You think for a minute. He was actually taking this seriously, you thought.

“Oh, well you could say we met because you were a secretary in hopes to one day become a Senate?” you ask, almost at your parents house.

When you arrive to your parents house, you knock on the door and your mother stands before you with open arms. “(Y/N), dear!” you laugh and hug your mother tightly. “Who is this?”

“Oh, Mom. I’d like you to meet my boyfriend..” you say, hoping Obi wan would jump in with a fake name.

“Ben. Lovely to meet you, Mrs.” he shakes your mother’s hand who looks impressed with the man you brought home. You introduce ‘Ben’ to the rest of your family including your father, older brother, and finally, younger sister.

“(Y/N)!” she squeal as she runs to you.

“Livia!” you see her run into your arms as you pick her up into a tight embrace. “Obi-Ahem. Ben, this is my sister, Livia” you introduce her to Obi Wan.

“Lovely to meet you, Livia.” He takes her hand and places a small kiss on it, causing her to erupt into a mess of giggles.

The rest of the day you spend talking about family, government decisions, so on and so forth. At one moment, you dismiss you and Obi Wan to go play with Livia. As Obi Wan watches you interact with your smaller sister, he thinks of how beautiful you are. Your smile when you laugh illuminates the entire room and your laugh is music. The way you tuck your hair behind your ear he finds adorable and when you look up at him smiling, he can’t help but smile to.

All of a sudden, a strange thought occurs in his mind. How would you interact with your children? Wait, what? he thinks. The more he sits on the thought, the more he realizes that he likes you back. The very thought of you makes him happy and he smiles at the thought.

As night draws near, you bid your farewells to your family and leave the house.

“Your family is very kind and they seem like wonderful people”, Obi Wan tells you. You smile at him; the same smile that has been driving him mad for the past few hours. You have to tell her what Anakin told you, he thinks to himself. “Uh, (Y/N). There is something I need to tell you” he speaks.

You turn around before you board the ship, “yes?”

Obi Wan breathes in. “Before we came here,” he starts, “Anakin told me that you confided in him. He revealed to me that you have feelings for me” he admits.

Your heart drops. Oh no. He isn’t supposed to know that. Why did he tell you sooner? You must have sounded like a fool when you asked him to pretend to be your boyfriend! “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I must have sounded like an idiot!” you exclaim, boarding the ship.

“(Y/N), I jus-”

“This is so embarrassing. I can’t believe you Obi Wan! How could you!” you yell.

“Can I say my part of the story now?” he asks you. You huff and he walks over to you and takes your hands.

“I like you, too.”

“You what?” you say in shock.  

“After spending the say with you I realize that I like you more than anyone could imagine. You are loving, and kind, and beautiful and I want to be with you.” he says, sincerely.

You don’t have words. You stutter out a few miscellaneous words before he laugh and reaches down to cup your cheeks and kiss you. You melt into him and wrap your arms around his neck. When he pulls away, he says, “Now do you believe me?”

“Oh yes!” you laugh as you pull him in for another tender kiss before you take off for home.

Gratsu Christmas Event

Day : 4th December (sorry I’m late)

Prompt: Coat

Rated T

Summary : "Dear Santa, for Christmas this year, I wish I could meet the person I need in my life, and who would need me as well.“ What if Santa heard Natsu’s desperate prayer? What if happiness was closer than he thought? 

Make a wish

Zeref cursed when he opened the oven. A strong burnt smell came out of it and itched his nose. Mavis had forgotten to watch the Christmas cookies…again. The young man sighed as he put them on a plate, wondering if they could have some decent food for the holidays. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise coming from the entrance of the house.

"Natsu?” Zeref asked and headed towards the kitchen door.

He opened it just in time to see a flash of pink disappearing in the hallway leading to the bedrooms of the house, then heard another loud noise indicating Natsu had slammed his door. Zeref knew the risk he was taking, but he still followed him and knocked on his little brother’s door.

“What?!” A muffled irritated voice exclaimed.

Zeref took that as an invitation to come in. Natsu was lying on his desk chair, staring blankly at the wall, a frown on his face.

“Is something wrong?” Zeref asked carefully.

Natsu didn’t answer, but the older man recognized his face… It was the face he made whenever he was deeply upset, and wanted to talk about it. But he would never spit it out if Zeref didn’t insist. Having a seventeen year old brother was too complicated for his taste sometimes.

“So…” Zeref began as he sat on Natsu’s bed. “How’s Jenny?”

“I broke up with her.” Natsu answered abruptly.

‘Bingo…’ His brother thought as he sighed. “What happened?”

“I didn’t feel anything for her. So I ended it. End of story.”

“Okay… How did she take it?” Zeref asked, feeling it wasn’t over.

“She insulted me and told me she never loved me anyway, blah blah blah, just about my popularity, blah blah blah, she doesn’t need me, blah blah blah, you’re not breaking up with me, I am… Typical.”

Natsu rolled his eyes as he spoke, clearly showing his exasperation towards his ex’s behavior.

“Oh… I’m sorry… Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t care about her. And it’s not like I didn’t know why she dated me.”

“Then… Why did you date her ?” Zeref didn’t understand his logic.

“It’s better than nothing. And I thought…why not give her a chance ?” Natsu looked at him with his big tender eyes.

Zeref smiled at such kindness. Natsu was too nice for his own good sometimes.

“But I admit that…” Natsu looked down at his feet. “…her words hurt me. We spent one month together, and yet nothing else but my popularity thanks to football interested her… ”

“She wasn’t worth it.” Zeref stood up and hugged him. “But you’ll find someone who wants you for who you are… High school is not an easy part of life, even for popular and nice boys like you. But trust time… There’s someone out there who’ll see who you are inside.”

Natsu hugged him closer, then gently pushed him away to make him understand he had had enough physical interaction with his brother.

“Thanks. But it’s not like I didn’t try, you know… I dated a lot of girls, but none of them tried to know me, or saw me the way…she did.”

Zeref frowned as he saw him play with the key-shaped pendant of the chain he always wore around his neck.

“How long has it been?”

“Three years tomorrow.” Natsu answered and looked away.

“Okay…” Zeref nodded and patted his head. “I guess you won’t be home early?”

“Yeah. I’ll leave after school to visit her. And then I have a party, so don’t expect me for dinner.”

“As you wish…”

The young adult would usually protest at this, since he was technically replacing their parents who retired in the countryside, but this time he decided to let go without a fight.

“By the way,” Zeref smiled and tried to ease the atmosphere. “You didn’t write your letter to Santa yet, Mavis is not gonna be happy.”

“Seriously…” Natsu rolled his eyes and cackled. “How old does she think I am ? Even Wendy doesn’t want to do it anymore…”

“Maybe, but she still did it.” Zeref smirked. “And if you don’t, I can’t guarantee you’ll spend Christmas in one piece. You know Mavis.”

“Yeaaah, okay… I’ll do it.” The teenager grumbled as he crossed his arms on his chest.

His older brother laughed lightly then walked away, leaving Natsu alone, contemplating his empty desk. He sighed as he opened a drawer and took a paper sheet.

“Stupid Mavis… I’m not five anymore!”

He took a pen and started to write.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year,

Natsu paused and fixed the wall in front of him. What did he want for Christmas?

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I wish I could meet the person I need in my life, and who would need me as well.

“Man, what did I write…” Natsu snorted and crumbled the paper. “I guess that’s not something you can do, right Santa?”

He tossed the sheet in the bin and took another one to start over.

“Okay… Focus now.” He told himself.

“Natsu! Dinner!” A feminine voice yelled through the house.

“Comiiiing!” The teenager answered and stood up slowly.

He left the room, forgetting about his secret wish inscribed on the abandoned letter.

Read it on FFN, if you prefer. 

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think Snape is less popular than the other maurader era characters? I've seen people write more with James even than snape. Thoughts?

I think that a lot of people glamorize the Marauders (well, James/Sirius/Remus because everyone hates Peter and conveniently forget about him because he’s pudgy and ends up betraying them years later), because it’s the whole “best friends getting into shenanigans and having fun and doing CRAZY things in school! MAGIC SCHOOL!”  A lot of teen girls like it because they can slash the fuck out of Sirius and Remus (and sometimes James too).  They write them as being fun loving little scamps, but from what we learn, that really wasn’t quite the truth. 

There are many reasons people don’t like Snape (and I don’t know if I really want to go into the WHY so much as much as the WHAT, because that seems to vary based on the person):

  • Snape is ugly. Hooked nose, Greasy Hair, jaundiced emaciated body. Like…this sounds like a dumb reason not to like a character, but people really are that shallow, especially since, in most stories, the ugly characters are generally always the bad guys, so it kind of makes sense. It doesn’t help that Snape is written very carefully to look like the bad guy most of the time.
  • Snape is unpleasant and unlikeable.  He scares Neville.  He thwarts Harry.  He takes points and gives detentions to people Harry likes.  People don’t like that, therefore they hate Snape.
  • Snape calls Lily a “mudblood” as a teenager.  Draco says it a ton of times and he’s one of the antagonistic characters in Harry’s life (it also makes Hermione cry). A lot of people hate the fact that people use this word, as it is a slur, so they hate Snape as well (those who hate Snape for calling Lily a mudblood but fangirl all over Draco deserve a special place in hell, though).
  • Snape enjoys the “dark arts.”  People say that this is why he wants to teach Defense. But most people conveniently forget that it is DEFENSE AGAINST the Dark Arts, not DO THE DARK ARTS class.  Snape is one of the only characters who cures/can counteract serious curses and other things that are really Dark and Evil, but most people seem to conveniently forget this.  Even when Snape is DADA professor, he doesn’t teach everyone Sectumsempra. But most people don’t seem to understand that liking scary or bad something doesn’t make you scary and bad by extension.
  • Snape acts like a bully.  He’s got no bedside manner or tact in many situations. He expects children to act like mini adults and be responsible and hand in their homework and punishes them severely if they don’t do what he tells them to do. In short, he’s a hard-ass if you’re a lazy ass. Many people empathize with lazy asses over getting shit done for some reason. 
  • If you’re young, it’s easier to see GOOD and EVIL instead of “GOOD and PRETTY GOOD and MOSTLY GOOD and KINDA GOOD and ACCIDENTALLY GOOD and DID SOMETHING SHITTY A COUPLE TIMES BUT USUALLY GOOD, and so on and so forth. Young people tend to keep a running tally on the “good” and “bad” things a character does (and adds points for attractiveness and angst), and then makes a final judgement of GOOD or BAD.  Some adults do this as well so it’s not just a kid thing, but it does happen more often with young folks.
  • Snape does shitty things.  He’s got a Dark Mark. He has a crappy past that is not very well explained. There’s a lot of things you can assume or make up to fill that space.  A lot of people choose to fill it with “Snape ate babies and murdered nuns.”
  • Snape dies in the end and does not get a happy ending of any sort. His desires are not realized. He doesn’t get his name cleared with anyone except for Harry (who still doesn’t really like him), and everyone hates him.  To be honest, he dies a villain’s death (or maybe a mid-boss’s death). He’s the “bad” guy who dies before the Big Finale in a stupid way that keeps him from really being part of the big confrontation between the Hero and the Big Bad. Or, to make it simpler, he’s the bad guy who got betrayed by the Big Bad. A lot of people use this as “proof” that he deserved to be seen as a villain and not a hero of any sort.

In the end, it’s not my job to force people to love Snape. But they should learn that just because Snape is not their favorite, doesn’t make it fine and dandy to go around being a jerk to people who identify with the character or simply like Snape for whatever reason.  

It’s the underpants rule, ok? They’re my Fan Feelings. I Have Them. I cannot be Logic-ed or Shamed out of Having Feelings.  The same goes for everyone else.  If you find out that someone absolutely loves Snape and you do not, the best thing you can do is just say “oh, interesting,” and change the subject.

Because you know how shitty it feels when someone goes “I hate [insert your favorite character here] because of BLAH BLAH BLAH”?  Yeah. That’s how it feels for people who like Snape who are constantly being told that liking Snape makes them as bad as he was….by their standards.

So, in the end, here are the three most important things to take away from my long rambling rant:

1) Be nice to each other.

2) Respect your differences.

3) Like the things you like and be happy.

For fuck's sake, Coco Chanel was *not* a Nazi, and stop saying she was.

Coco Chanel was a very complicated women who was very far from being a saint, but a card-carrying member of the Nazionalsocialist Deutsches Abteilung Partei she was not.  She had an affair with a German officer and was accused of spying in the post war-hysteria of shaming and identifying any French women who had affairs with Germans.  After the war, her business had to go on a decade-long hiatus, but Coco Chanel was lucky to not have her head shaved and be forces to walk through the streets of Paris, displaying her shame.

That all being said, she wasn’t a saint or a martyr.  She took advantage of the Nazi’s anti-Jewish laws to take out Jewish competitors in the perfume business.  BUT SHE WAS NOT A CARD-CARRYING NAZI.

It irks me to see constant “Chanel was a Nazi, if you reblog a Chanel quote you’re a Nazi, too, blah blah blah blah blaaaaaah” SJ grandstanding because it’s a gross oversimplification, a black-and-white view of history that dismisses much of the realities of history and the realities of today.  It denies honest self-reflection and promotes “I am not an active White supremacist, ergo I cannot ever be racist” type logic.  SO STOP SAYING SHE WAS A NAZI AND ACTING ALL SMUG WHENEVER SOMEONE MENTIONS CHANEL.  IT IS FACTUALLY WRONG AND UGH JUST WRONG.

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Do you have any birthday hiccstrid Drabble?? It's my birthday today so....

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I whipped this up super quickly, but I hope you enjoy it! Have a wonderful day, eat lots of cake, so and and so forth. <3 :)

The surprise party Hiccup planned for Astrid didn’t go as planned… but it did yield results. 

Her eyes snapped open as soon as she heard it.

There was a sharp pop and an explosion that followed only seconds afterwards; the unmistakable whistle of a diving Night Fury was quick to follow. All the while, a cacophony of yelling filled her ears, so she  immediately sat up in bed to practically leap towards her window.

Astrid saw gray smoke and Hideous Zippleback gas spilling into an otherwise clear sky, pouring out of what she assumed to be the grand doors of the Great Hall. The toxic gas in the air was ignited, which only resulted in more shouting. Dread filled her and her stomach twisted.

Oh, Gods.

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Little things

I feel so sorry because we’ve been so inactive these past days and i want to thank you all for not unfollow us :) It means a lot. 

Well, this post it’s about a very unique and special song named little things, i think we all know the song and who sings it, but if you don’t know, this song is sung by One Direction, really beautiful song written by Ed sheeran x

Why did i decide to write a whole post dedicated to this song? What is the purpose? Well, through out 2013 i noticed that this specific song had a slightly impact on Niall and Harry, of course all the boys used to sing it with so much passion but never as deep as Narry. I believe the most of us(narry shippers) realized it last year, not only because that song gave us a lot of narry moments but because we saw their reaction to this whole song. I’ll show you and explain why i think this song it’s their song, it may sound soppy but i think that’s the reality.

Why do i think it’s their song? Too easy, the way Harry looks at niall whenever they are singing Little things isn’t usual. It’s definitely not, this song it’s special, i honestly don’t know why but it is, at least for them.

Let’s talk about the recent Little things performance (x) i don’t see anything weird, i just want to show you THE WAY HARRY LOOKS AT NIALL when he sings his solo it’s so deep and aaahhg, too many feels my bad.

So in this one (I was a little upset because Harry appeared just a little at the begining of his solo, though we all could see that he was looking straight at niall) again, Harry looking at niall with so much love that my heart melted.

Perth, Australia, this video it’s full of Narry, both of them are singing to each other. I found it really cute that Niall looked at harry a few seconds and then Harry looked at niall but niall turned his face around. They did this like 3 times, damn feels. 

Dublin, this video it’s cute for multiples reasons, narry it’s obviously one of them. Harry sang his solo to Niall once again. Surprise? Not really

Anyway, i can’t be the only one who thinks little things it’s a narry song, can i? Hopefully not !

Also, i want to point out that this song surely means something to niall, something deeper than everything i’ve ever thought about. 

Los Angeles, this concert for me, wasn’t quite normal. Why? Let me explain…

  • Harry and Niall were not together
  • Niall seemed distant(a girl i’ve talked a few times confirmed this, she was there and she said that everyone near her were commenting the same)
  • Harry was gone

Harry sang his solo looking straight at Niall, though Niall didn’t look back. And Niall cried when his solo came. Weird…

Let’s not forget, the time Harry sang “I’m in love with you and all NIALL little things”

i looked for the gif/video of this concert but i couldn’t find any. Sorry..

it was in this concert though, they’re so cuteeeeee!

Now, my opinon. Little things it’s written by Ed Sheeran, right? And he wrote it when he was 17 i believe. I’ve noticed that both of their solos have a sort of relationship with each other, let me explain you why…

1. “I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape,you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but  you’re perfect to me”

  • We all know that Niall has had problems with his voice, he barely sang in “Up all night” and a lot of “Fans” used to say that he wasn’t enough for the band, that he couldn’t sing, blah blah blah, right?. 
  • Niall also was judge because of his weigh and body. He was very popular because “he ate a lot” which made all these articles saying that he had overweigh and that his body wasn’t great.
  • Honestly, i can’t find any sort of logic reasons for this part but there must be one. We all know that Niall is perfect in Harry’s eyes. He had said it multiples times whenever he sings his solo to Niall.

2. “You never love yourself half as much as i love you , you’ll never treat yourself right darling but i want you to, If i let you know, i’m here for you, maybe you’ll love yourself like i love you”

  • I honestly think that Harry has had problems with himself, he’s in the public eye, isn’t he? and these “gossip sites” write a bunch of things(majority bad things) about the boys, specially Harry. I do believe this has had a massive influence on him. Because he isn’t what they say and he has not power to prove it. 
  • Honestly? i think Harry doesn’t trust himself enough, i think he believes that he isn’t enough. I can’t be the only one, can i? 
  • Niall loves Harry way too much.

Obviously… Ed wrote this song long time before he met 1d, he couldn’t have written it about narry. But maybe, he changed their solos a little? We all know that Ed is one of Harry’s best friends and it wouldn’t be weird, would it? 

Anyway, these are pure thoughts, nothing confirmed. I don’t want this narry situation to become in Larry 2.0 so i don’t want this to look over-analyzed. I just thought that Narry|Little things deserved a post and it happened. It’s clear that Little things means a lot to them and i believe it has to do with Narry.

Thanks for reading loves :) If you’ve got any disagreements with me/this post let me know here x, and if you have any suggestions for our next post you can ask them there too. Love you all, thank you for not unfollowing us :) 


Mind Palace: The Woman (What We Have So Far...)

Watched TAB again (for the 5th time) and still not over it. Especially, that teeny-tiny Adlock part we got. My shipper heart is happy. But again, as usual, just like all my serious meta about this crazed pairing, I would try as much as possible to be impartial.

With that bit in TAB, I can’t help but try to understand (for the nth time) my OTP. Despite shipping them since the ACD canon, I acknowledge and love their dynamic due to the fact that this is not a romantic pairing. They are complicated and truly fun to analyse. Plus, we are bluntly given information to digest, conspiracies aside. In short, we work with what’s literally there.

In ASiB, Sherlock took Irene in his Mind Palace. Not his representation of her but who she was, as physically presented to him, in his thought sequence (see gif below). And since we’re focused on the Mind Palace occurences here, I won’t dig deep into Karachi anymore (but worth the mention tbh because duh, haha).

After that, Irene had been presented to us after ASiB in various forms, again via Sherlock’s mind palace. Which is interesting because these scenes are our windows to Sherlock’s thought processes. This is both his conscious and subsconcious thoughts we are dealing with.

Magnussen identified Irene as one of Sherlock’s pressure points, yes, but I didn’t settle for this. It was Magnussen’s POV and I want to have more solid points.

In TSoT, Irene appeared in Sherlock’s Mind Palace. I found it funny because for a moment, Sherlock was distracted–nostalgic even. The way he said, “The Woman, she knew. God knows where she is,” with Irene touching his face, then catching himself by telling her he’s busy is clearly him trying not to let her distract him. It also made me think that if ever a day was slow on cases, he might just let her linger.

Next is in HLV. I’m not sure if anyone still missed this but when Sherlock was in that solitary cell with Mind!Palace Moriarty, Jim mocked Sherlock by saying “Mummy and Daddy will cry, The Woman will cry…” And again, this is Sherlock’s subconcious. John, of course, was the cause of his strength to carry on, I recognize that. But… why Irene? If he never counted her as someone of importance, if he never acknowledged their connection, then why that thought?

Lastly, this one from TAB. Knowing that these were all in Sherlock’s head made me recount the entire conversation with John. I looked at it as canonically as possible (as presented by the episode, just to be clear). Lady Carmichael was a character from the past, someone in Sherlock’s hard drive as based on the facts from this case he was analysing from 1895. Now, the thing is, she was regarded highly by Sherlock, thus segueing to the idea of marriage, romance etc. Now consider how John had always been Sherlock’s compass (reality or mind palace-wise) so this was his emotional/recessive self talking to him. The idea of a woman similar to Lady Carmichael’s stature and intellect and “ability to see value in something” blah blah blah (whatever it is that Sherlock said to sass Eustace Carmichael) reminded him of Irene. It was as if he was still questioning what it is in him that might have caught Irene’s interest. And as usual, Sherlock shot down Mind!Palace John’s inquiry.

“You must have impulses.” / “Why are you alone?” He was asking himself what he really wanted. Why was he denying these things? But as usual, his logical self dominated. A representation as to why whatever he felt for Irene could not be qualified as something as simple as romance.

He felt invaded when John told him he glimpsed at his watch because it was something private, hidden, but something he wanted close by (because watches of men during the Victorian times were like cellphones or something). She was represented in his mind as herself, not altered to fit the Victorian hallucination, not someone he was guilty of, but herself. The Woman. The Irene Sherlock knew her as.

So yep. That’s that. Adlock feels and shizz. I can’t get my head straight for a fic so I ended up with this. Peace out! xx

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There's rules to falling in love.

One always treat the other person how you would like to be treated. 

Two stay ahead of your loved when it comes to gifts. Surprise them before they are able to drop the hint. 

Three keep people out of your relationship.

Four take your time.

Five never give up.

Six communication is key.

Seven please your partner sexually.

Eight bend the rules.

Nine no one’s perfect. 

Ten love them unconditionally.

I use to think I loved all down packed. I knew the right things to say to make a girl talk to me. Seems like  had an answer to all the questions. I just didn’t have a girl to question me.

Somehow, having all the right keys to falling in love never seemed to work the way I wanted to. I found myself logically thinking maybe relationships aren’t for me. The kind of girls I seemed to attract either I either felt genuinely stable, or I was too blind to realize I deserved better. You know..?

Now that I think about it over the course of my previous relationships, I seem to find myself thinking how wrong I was. Anyone can point a finger at someone and blame them for their wrong doings. But truly blaming yourself and coping is a tough thing to swallow. 

I could even come to argue and say my exes or people I use to deal with were stupid. They were immature. Blah blah blah.. but in the end, I was the stupid one. I dated them. I dealt with them. I put up with their immaturity. It was my fault. I had to swallow the thought of being with them because you can never erase the past. 

So I found an ultimatum. I call these.. the rules to falling in love.

The question is..

Can I?

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what do you make of Abby's and Kane's relationship on the Ark? At first we've seen them in an almost hostile dynamic, which makes the sudden shift to physical and verbal comfort so interesting. I don't believe in the "in love as teenagers" thing but it still makes you wonder how it shifted so easily? Or maybe it's just their personalities and circumstances? Also, when do you think did Kane start to fall in love with Abby (even subconsciously)? love your metas btw! :)

Here’s a few things we know about Abby and Kane pre-season 1.

- Abby said Jake was Kane’s friend
- Nigel said Abby was Kane’s friend
-  Thus: Kane was Jake and Abby’s friend.
- “Friend” doesn’t have to mean close. Kane was not at Jake’s execution.
- Kane and Abby have been colleagues for years “Kane has been trying to get [Nigel] for years.” If that wasn’t discussed at the council, then Abby still had to be close enough with Kane to know that.
- Kane and Abby may have often disagreed about issues as Jake seemed surprised that she agreed with Kane about the oxygen issue.

I’m speculating that Kane and Abby were on friendly terms (polite at least, not necessarily close) before Jake died. Why? Because she seemed angry at him in season 1. If she was indifferent towards him in the past, I don’t think he would be able to get a rise out of her. If she used to consider him a friend and then felt like he turned into an enemy who betrayed her and who he used to be, you can see why that would be irritating.

Kane also became a scapegoat for Abby, about Jake and Clarke but also about the larger issues surrounded the Ark. I found it interesting that she focused so much resentment on him, not Jaha (the one who actually betrayed her). I think this is because she didn’t understand where Kane is coming from. To Abby, Kane was cold and unfeeling, which is dangerous. He was a wall she couldn’t get through to at all, so he got her hostility instead.

Kane and Abby think very differently, and this makes it difficult for them to communicate with one another. In season 1, they talked at each other but most of the time, they weren’t connecting. They each heard “blah blah blah” from one another. This is because Kane uses logic and facts, and Abby heard “you don’t care about anyone” and Abby uses emotions and hope and Kane heard “scientifically unfounded.”

Abby also misjudged Kane in season 1. She labeled him as power hungry – to the point that even a lot of viewers still believe that is true of season 1 Kane; in actuality when he was offered a chance of begin chancellor, he turned it down. This is also the point when Abby’s view of him shifted as well. In 1.05 in that moment before the culling, Kane told her that he told Jaha to not sacrifice himself because the ark couldn’t afford upheaval and that he left someone at the radio for Raven. Abby just stared at him like she didn’t know who he was – because she didn’t.

Kane started seeing Abby differently after she pirated the ark com systems and all the people volunteered for the culling. “Abby’s announcement proved to be very convincing.” I firmly believe that he is the one who advocated that she not be floated, that her medical expertise was necessary (because that sounds like Kane logic right there). However, he didn’t really believe in her perspective until after Raven radioed that the hundred were alive. That’s when Kane was forced to change his entire view. Kane is reliant on logic and statical probabilities - that’s why he was “so sure” they had to go through with the culling, because in every scenario he ran, he was right, and yet, he was wrong: the hundred were alive. Who was always saying that despite evidence that said otherwise? Abby. If he had just listened to her, waited a day, two days, those people would still be alive. Abby is never directly mentioned but it’s there, at least the shift in his perspective. There is a margin of error in all facts and sometimes you have to just believe that there’s that possibility otherwise.

In the few scenes we have of Kane and Abby together for the rest of season 1, the tension between them is gone and they are more in sync with each another. I love the scene in 1.09 when Kane and Abby have the exchange about Diana Sydney and wordless glances. Their interaction is natural and familiar, I imagine that it’s reminisce of their relationship pre-Jake’s death. This also make Abby’s reaction in 1.13 clear, when she doesn’t want Kane to stay behind on the Ark – because she just got the Kane she used to know back. In truth, Abby would have objected to anyone staying behind because that’s who she is, but the way she looks at him…

She cares about him, and I don’t buy that that’s just something that came up 2 days before after years of indifference. She cared about him before all of that as well, which is the reason their relationship turned hostile before shifting back to that quasi-friendship. That’s the only scenario that really makes sense to me.

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While I can understand why people ship incest, what I don’t get is why people need a “political” reason for it.

Like Elsanna from Frozen, for example. The main reason why fangirls ship this is because in their words “all the men in this movie are horrible and it’d be misogynistic if the girls end up with them”. So following your logic it’s A-Okay to rape your sister if you don’t want a man? Dear fucking god.

Which is another point i don’t like from tumblr: any heterosexual relationship is evil, abusive and blah blah blah. Meanwhile any femslash relationship is instantly good, with no problems whatsoever.

I guess as long as they have vaginas, everything is fine and dandy! Even if there are woman abusers and violence in lesbian relationships in real life, and most of the female characters in femslash ships are abusers in canon as well, this is a subject tumblrinas prefer to not think much.