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okay listen since the beginning of 2017 i’ve been sensing something really different about dnp and it’s been strangely just .. open. they seem more open to their audience and are allowing us to see more of their lives and it’s adorable ok. shameless flirting left and right i don’t think i’ve ever third wheeled this hard . they’re so much more touchy on camera and have included many things and aspects in their videos that most likely would’ve been cut a few years ago and it’s so endearing that they’d trust us and just continue doing what their doing and having no shame in showing the public how much love and adoration and respect they have for each other. most internet friendships don’t last very long but look at dnp over here defying the odds. very soon it’ll be 10 YEARS of dan and phil together and creating content with each other. you’re gonna come here and tell me that it’ll be 10 years of them being together almost all the time and they’re not in love? i hear all this talk about how they’re best friends so it should be okay blah blah i understand HOWEVER how many best guy friends do you see acting as loving as dan and phil?

tl;dr / dnp are in love and it’s making me emotional

Hello all! Kids clothing store worker here again and boy howdy I have had some….interesting customers come into the store. Sorry if this gets long, I’ll put a TLDR at the bottom :)
- Yesterday (9/16) I had a lady come in wanting to do a return. Now, our return process can be semi-long, depending on if the customer is in our system, if they have a receipt, etc. Lady doesn’t have a receipt for two out of seven items, and isn’t in our system so I can’t look in her purchase history. Okay, no big dealio, I just have to look up the numbers and price (the tag was cut off on all of them). I tell her this, and she starts going BALLISTIC! She starts screaming “Can’t you just put it in?!?! You put the other ones in!! I don’t have time for this….blah blah blah old lady screaming blah.” She asks to speak to the manager. PFFFTTT ok go right ahead :]. I get the manager (who is mexican and has a bit of an accent) and when she comes up you could tell right away the lady had a problem with the manager. My manager is sugar sweet and tries to explain everything to her, but the lady just says “I'l work with this one (points to me),” totally dismissing her. So now this old lady hasn’t only established to the entire store that she’s a bitch, but that she’s a racist bitch. So I say “well you did ask for the manager” and she starts screaming that she never asked for me to get a manager and that I just walked away from the register and got her. :))))))))) 🎵why the fuck you lyyyiin🎵 Eventually my poor manager just repeats the same thing I said earlier, and goes into the back again. The lady finally left, and my other coworker and I bought my manager lunch :). You’d think if her time was SO valuable she wouldn’t spend it yelling at retail workers and being a disgusting person….
- Today (9/17) about 20 minutes before closing, three young boys (about 12/13 maybe?) come in, and from the looks on their faces I just knew they’d be little snotrockets. Just those nasty shiteating grins. One of them asks to try on a dress because he has a “sister the same size.” I say okay, which I immediately regretted. While that one was in the dressing room, the other two are cackling about how “lame of an excuse” the sister thing was and running around messing the store up. Just generally being “should’ve-swallowed” brats. I ask the keyholder I’m with if I can ask them to leave. She says no, they “might buy something.” They take pictures of their friend in the dress and eventually leave. Guys, it looked like the Tasmanian devil came through our store. Right. Before. Closing. With two of us it luckily didn’t take long to clean up, but whyyyyyyyy thoooooooooo.
Thanks for letting me rant 💞, won’t be the last time I’m sure

TLDR: Racist lady screams at me and straight up dismisses my manager for being mexican. Three teenage boys decide to be idiots and mess up the store 20min before closing.

Who Would Love Him?

Please note that this train of thought/possible theory goes along with 2CT.

There’s one part of the manga that has always caught my eye. After Madam Red finds she can’t kill Ciel, she turns to Grell to scream something about how, “This child is my…” Before she can finish the sentence, she is killed.

Now, this could be that Grell was simply impatient, but I have theorized so much over that unfinished line. Ann could have easily said that Ciel was her nephew. That wasn’t a big deal. Everyone knew that. She could have easily have said that it was her sister’s son as well. So, why cut off that line.

Let’s look at 2CT for just a minute. If all that stands true, then ourCiel is the sickly one. He wouldn’t have been able to go out or even to play as much as the real Ciel. However, there would have undoubtedly been watched over by someone - and Ann was a doctor. In fact, she had become a doctor specifically to treat her sister’s asthma.

In fact, when we learn about ourCiel having asthma, we see a flashback where he sees Madam Red treating him.

So, here’s my little train of thought begins. Ann was a doctor who had specifically gone into the field because a loved one had asthma. She was also in love with Vincent, and had at least helped deliver her sister’s babies. No doubt, she had wanted to be the one to have Vincent’s children.

After they are born, ourCiel is very sickly. He had to stay indoors more and was sometimes stuck in bed. Ann did treat him, and actually found herself caring for himself caring for him as more than just her nephew.

She could have easily have seen him as the son she wanted to have.

Of course, she would have known the truth, but it would have been a fond fantasy for her. She was caring for Vincent’s son as if he was her own.

Later, she would get married and get pregnant with her own child, but that ended in tragedy. After getting out of the hospital, she went to visit her sister. She was still hurt, but she still have those she loved. She loved her sister and Vincent. She loved their children, and even thought of the one son as her own. Of course, when she gets there she finds the mansion engulfed and flames and it appears everyone is dead.

This leads to Ann killing the women, until ourCiel returns. Unlike most people, she could tell that this wasn’t the realCiel. This actually hurt her more. OurCiel didn’t have to become the watchdog or anything like that. It wasn’t his job. He could have lived with her. She would have been more than happy to raise him as her son. She would have stopped killing and been happy again, but that didn’t happen. Of course, she didn’t call ourCiel out on his lie. She just stood back and watched as the child she had thought to be her own slipped further and further away.

Of course, this is all just a random thought and possible theory.



Hello Ladies and Gents

Hiya y’all. Riley here. It feels weird writing a post without Dark here.. wheeze. Anywho, I am here to clear up a few points of confusion in order to make things as easy as possible.

“Figments”, “the Void”, and “Figment Darkiplier” are not cannon. They were not produced by the original creator of Darkiplier (Mark Fischbach), and are an interpretation made by yours truly. What that means, is that it is not an openly sharable idea that can be passed from person to person without credit.

This link brings you to a super boring page that describes the ownership of the developed idea of Figments, the Void, the Council and specifically my ASD Darkiplier. Myself, solely as a creator, developed the Figment character, the Void location to match, the Council, and the ASD Darkiplier.

What the page also mentions is that you are FREE TO USE THE FIGMENT AND VOID IDEAS. However, they are some expectations to such a use. Obviously, you were not the one who came up with the idea. It is also not a cannon character (not a creation by the original owner). Therefore, it is expected, and necessary, for those who desire to use “Figment” and “the Void” in specifics with what I myself have created, to offer proper credit.

Take it as the same as someone reposting artwork that is not theirs, without stating where they got the art from. Essentially, lack of credit is the same as claiming it to be your own.

The proper credit details just making it accessible somewhere for where you got the idea from. Tagging me once in a random rp post from a month ago counts, as long as it can be found somewhere. If someone asks “cool figment idea”, you are also expected to respond with “thanks, ASD got me hooked af on that one.”

It sounds all lecturey and eew and I’m not mad at anyone, but I’ve seen a few counts where it has been used on other blogs without any mentions or whatever and blah blah. I hold onto my creation very dearly, and I don’t want anyone else trying to take from me what I worked hard on.

Also side note: I’m not stating Darkiplier is my character cause hell to the no, that belongs solely to Mark Fischbach. So, if you want to do a Dark character as a figment, totally cool. Just with dat credit for the figment part, you feel.

Anywho, I love y’all and am super happy to see lots using the figment stuff to make their own characters. Keep it up y’all, and sorry for sounding like a fucking parent.

shira-dt  asked:

Is there any difference (personality wise) between DS! Dream and original Dream nowdays/not the younger ones (how do you few original Dream personality nowdays too)

There are major differences between classic Dream and DS!Dream regardless of age, and especially when they’re older. Frankly, the differences are intricate and specific enough that you’re better off just looking at everything I’ve posted tagged #swap dream rather than me trying to explain it all…

My perception of classic Dream does tend to differ with other people’s, since I quite dislike the way that most people interpret him… people typically say things like Dream is an innocent and adorable marshmallow, klutzy and pitiful, and needs to be protected, and blah blah blah, and I don’t see how that’s possible.

Dream is an adult, he’s been around for way longer than everyone else, and fricking heck, do you have any idea how much knowledge he could have if he’s been alive for that long, and been in the real world for that long? He’s suffered through numerous mistakes and has certainly learned from them. I can see him as being airheaded, but he’s not a naive little child. Dream should be interpreted as smart and able to solve problems, not the center of more problems. I can see him beating himself up for making the wrong choice, because he thinks he should know better by now.

Also, enough of the Dream doesn’t know swear words shindig, everyone. I think he chooses not to swear.

Additionally, people see Dream as too high-strung when he’s trying to be serious. Dream needs to have more relaxed behavior, but is hurting on the inside, and desperate to make sure people don’t know that he’s hurting, because he’s everyone’s hope, and he’s not supposed to show signs of weakness.

Anyway, rant about Dream’s character interpretation done XP

DS!Dream is quite different from this, yet there are still traces of it. DS!Dream refuses to show weakness. He’s ambitious and blinds himself with his own motives, trying to shut out his emotions to do what his logic tells him his right. He’s very mature, except only sort of, because deep inside, he hates losing.

I think the best way to understand his character the fastest is probably to read the dreamswap stories. It might not be enough for a complete understanding, but it’s a place to start at.

Amy Appreciation Post- livestream edition!
//you might notice that I put my tag on the top right unlike on other collages I’ve made- that’s because this one is 100% me. I took the pictures myself, and set it up and blah blah. I’m really proud of this one ^^ I hope you all enjoy!
@peeblesprotectionpatrol tagging you because you usually find my things anyway but I enjoy when you like my things ^^♡

There wasn’t nearly this much hate for Scalia BEFORE that trailer. Too many people thought this ship was impossible, which is weird because most of us Scalia shippers say it building it since around season 4. It was pointed out multiple times over the years, but no one who didn’t ship them took it seriously.

Now it has snuck up on them and they’re acting like it came out of nowhere. Interesting fact: Your intentional ignorance doesn’t mean that there was no setup, Scalia shippers pointed out MULTIPLE instances of where it was being setup, and according to that interview we were right.

And some of you, mostly Scira shippers, are taking the WestAllen approach to anything happening that you don’t like: It’s all racism. Every where, every time, no matter the context, everything is always racism. Even if we have no evidence at all that you’re being racist, it’s internalized racism.

Which, I’m sorry, but that’s the simpleton’s approach to all of this. I’ve seen few posts here on tumblr not acknowledge how badly this show treated Scira. Even while you bitter assholes insult us constantly, most of us acknowledge that.

But we’re not responsible for that. I don’t know why that is so difficult to comprehend, but Scalia was always a crackship. Maybe attacking us is easier than attacking the, you know, people who are actually responsible.

On top of that, you idiots are probably bitching about nothing. For all we know, this is a short lived relationship. It personally wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they have Scalia happen but end it before the final episode. I don’t know if that will happen, but with these writers it definitely could.

The fact of the matter is that we still don’t know anything, and you people are already losing your shit. Let’s address a few of the complaints.

Scott is cheating on Kira! They never officially broke up!

He’s been called single for the entire first half of this season. As for not officially breaking up, we don’t know that yet. There’s obviously going to be a time jump. And even if they didn’t, Stalia never had a real breakup scene either. That didn’t stop Stydia from happening.

Scott is breaking the bro code by dating his best friend’s ex!

Not if he asks his friend first. This argument absolutely hinges on the idea that Scott wouldn’t talk to Stiles about this, which is incredibly stupid. This is the very definition of creating an excuse to be angry. I’m pretty sure Stiles will be fine with it.

There was no buildup to this!

See above. There was plenty of buildup to this. Your ignorance isn’t evidence of anything other than your ignorance.

I just want to be a bitter, arrogant asshole in your tag and I don’t actually care about intelligent discourse!

Oh trust me, we know. None of your discourse has been intelligent enough to suggest otherwise. Right now, it’s just you whining a lot.

Something something racism, blah blah racism, you are all racists!

Whatever you say, complete stranger who knows nothing about me but has somehow reached the idiotic conclusion that who you ship defines who you are. I’ve been a Snowbarry shipper for years now, which means I’ve had the WestAllen fandom accusing me of being a racist merely for existing. If I can deal with them for multiple years, your accusations are even more childish in comparison. At least they believe their delusion, you’re just jumping on the simplest thing you can find in order to justify your pathetic anger.


Just a message to all of those people who are invading our tag. You’ve gone from annoying to just simply pathetic at a startlingly rapid pace. Be angry all you want, but grow the fuck up and stay out of the Scalia tag. You’re not being edgy, you’re not telling it how it is, you’re not being rebellious by posting in the fan tag, you’re not being whatever delusion you’re making yourself believe in order to keep being an asshole. You’re being a whiny little baby. That’s just the way it is.

If anything, mocking your stupidity is going to give me some entertainment until The Flash comes back and the WestAllen fandom accuses everyone of racism another fifty freaking times.

I love how we’re talking about the shit Liam gets from the fandom, everyone goes through a flashback frenzy and recalls all the shit the other members have gone through in the past. I also love how when we credit Liam for something splendid he did, all on his own, everyone immediately tags it as “all boys are so lovely” bless 1D blah blah.. 


re: Life Senjou no Bokura Spoilers

I can’t stop anyone from checking the raws and posting their summary on other websites but please stop discussing it through this blog’s ask. (´・ω・`)
I don’t mind them and there are some points really REALLY I want to address but I want to keep this blog spoiler-free. I don’t want to reveal the story without the visuals since my slob of a narration will just ruin the brilliance of Miya-sensei’s writing.

In light of the recent chapter update, I think I should put out a warning (albeit a little late.)

If you don’t want drama cliffhangers, wait until we finish working on the whole volume before reading.

There’re just 2 chapters and an extra left so I think we’ll be done in about 15-20 days. I seriously want everyone to continue reading even if you felt betrayed by c.3!

Here, I want to go into detail as to why I avoid spoilers as much as I can. It’s wordy and some might find it to be a rant (I’m not ranting! I’m pretty indifferent but I like reasoning with people haha) but if you’re interested, read on under the cut. I’m open for discussions too. Leave a reply/shoot me a message (・∀・)b 

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all i’m trying to do is keep up with bts by going through the tag since i don’t follow that many bts blogs but no i can’t keep dodging thousands of “bts reaction to you blah blah blah” and bts imagines and other diabolical nonsense like can i PLEASE just see a few nice pics and gifsets of my mans without having to go through absolute hell to avoid the nonsense being put through the tag just…please i don’t deserve thsi


Its kind of annoying that people need to put others down just because they like killing stalking. What’s the point you’re trying to make ? putting others down for their likes? “ but it’s about murder and such and blah blah ” well let’s just remember it’s a story. I mean I really don’t like sangwoo but I’m not telling people that their opinions are shit and that they shouldn’t like him that’s not my place to tell them what to do. Live your life ignore the killing stalking tag just avoid. It’s better to not give it the time of day. Remember these are just characters for a fictional story. So we all just need to calm down. Also please respect koogi she is a sweet little sunshine that is putting work and effort to her work so we can enjoy it and also support her and buy her stories. Who could be mad at that precious lady? I hope she gets better. So please stop dissing people’s interest and respect others!

@d-a-girl-n7 @joz-stankovich @vorchagirl @blacksheep33512 @apologeticlou @polarelle & others who liked/reblogged/commented &/or left some nice tags under (yes, I check all of them xd) my last wip.

I’m flattered and humbled by your attention and sweet words and compliments. It means A LOT to me. I’m a downer and my own worst critique - never completely happy with the results of my work and kicking myself over every single tiny mistake (that only I can see). It’s as good for improving myself as it’s disencouraging to do anything ever. 

Soo, when you guys come and tell me it’s good in you like it my first reaction is disbelief that eventually turns into gratefulness. For many, shitty reasons I don’t draw regularly and still have a lot to learn but you can be sure that I hold every single of you nice words close to my heart (god I’m such an awful sap, sorry).

Thank you all very much for your support.
You guys are great… 

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P.S. @polarelle - the answer about the lines is crazy perfectionism which is the thing that I really hate it about myself…

Sam doesn’t mention it when all of Cas’s small belongings end up somehow in Dean’s room

Doesn’t mention his toothbrush sitting there with Dean’s

Doesn’t mention their stolen glances and smiles and blushes.

Doesn’t mention their deep stares as they talk, as if each of them can see into their souls through the eyes.

Doesn’t mention the first time Dean leans in for a kiss as Cas’s about to leave for some food, suddenly remembering Sam, coughing and ruffling Cas’s hair with a “Drive save, And DON’T YOU SCRATCH MY BABY.”

Doesn’t mention Cas dragging Dean off after long hunts and not being seen again for far too long.

Doesn’t mention Dean and Cas often emerging from rooms after a little while, clothes distraught, hair mussed, and faces happy.

Doesn’t mention how close they sit.

Or how longing those looks really are.

Or the way they talk about each other like they’re the world

And they finally have it.

Because Sam knows.

hi okay well, this is a really long post and i apologize if it ruins your dash or whatever you can kind just scroll past it but i /need/ to get this out i NEED to. so i started hunter x hunter maybe a month ago and as of right now i’m on the chimera ant arc and i’m aware of how reckless gon is being and i like have things to say

so a lot (a lot lot lot lot) of the people who watch hxh and ship kill/gon (i do too) have been talking about how bad their relationship has gotten and i agree but there’s a lot of things people disregard which really sucks

so like firstly lots of people have been mentioning how gon basically tell’s killua what to do and truthfully killua does do what he says because of the strong feelings he has for gon but it seems like so many people just kind of miss the things gon has done/does for killua and gon’s value for him???

so firstly i’m gonna start with my favourite scene from the entire show in episode 75 even if it goes up to 90k episodes this will always be my favourite

so here you see bisky asking gon what he’ll do when he finds ging (the father he’s been looking for and wondering about every single day of his life okay like he took the hellish hunter exam and everything just to meet his father) and you know what gon says? this:

he says he’ll introduce him to killua.. after not seeing your dad for 10+ years and when you possibly (although he didn’t) get to see him for the first time ever you’re gonna introduce him to (and i quote) your “best friend in the whole world” instead of asking him why he left and all those things

but nah i’m not done because gon cares for killua just as much as killua does for him and everyone acts like he doesn’t sigh

so do you remember when illumi “manipulated” killua in episode 20 during the hunter exam arc? 

so this was a really intriguing part of the story to learn illumi disguised himself and and all of that to make killua unaware of his presence up until that point…so any ways, after illumi used his nen we all know killua killed leorio’s next opponent once the match began

everybody was angry about this once they were receiving their hunter cards saying killua had been manipulated and kurapika + leorio were testifying as best they could…but truthfully, neither of them actually had the guts to do anything about it but of course GON did

well if you watch hunter x hunter and have made it past the hunter exam arc then i hope you you see what i see:

- gon recklessly attacking illumi being the weaker

- illumi not resisting although he’s much stronger

obviously illumi knows how far his abilities stretch which is why (in my opinion) he didn’t really have any anger towards gon nor did he kill him even though we all know (at this point in the show) he could of done it without even blinking

i’m sure gon knew that too but his anger towards illumi for causing killua so much stress made him act recklessly and although gon always does do the right thing he usually kicks the person’s ass and let’s it be but he INSISTED for illumi to apologize to killua and although he didn’t gon still bickered with him enough until he decided to go get killua himself

which is my next point 

in the mini arc of the zoldyck family/mansion gon went through so many struggles to get killua back and it isn’t talked about enough because the zoldycks are some crazy ass people not to mention the best assassins in the hxh universe - but gon still wouldn’t give up on getting killua back from them

so i’m gonna stop this post before it gets wayyyy too long! but to wrap it all up, although killua’s desire to be accepted and cared for by gon is way too unnatural and quite overwhelming, gon cares for killua in his own ways that he just expresses weirdly because he’s /gon/ and gon isn’t exactly easy to understand

all in all they are a /team/ and even if they split apart (manga blah blah) in the end i am sure they will find their way back because generally the main essence of the show is their friendship and dependency on each other

“I told you to be patient
I told you to be fine
I told you to be balanced
I told you to be kind
In the morning I’ll be with you
But it will be a different kind.”

“Who will love you?
Who will fight?
And who will fall far behind?”

- Skinny Love by Birdy 

For Taryn/Kay/Tary/Ryn/Rynny/babe/homie/double-double; @tweekay. For being the only one who could withstand my weak emotions during Art Program Crash No. 324982394230. ilysm.

This week has been very Juvia-filled anyway. 

This was a little redraw from my lil Juvia comic something or other blah blah blah it’s filled with angst okay. If you can’t handle the feelz, don’t try to handle the feelz. Don’t try to handle the gruvia tag in general. I hear there is a funeral in there.

So my other, other art style called; it wants a lil spotlight too. Why are all my other art styles calling me out all over again wtf why do i have to many my god ice keep your life in check.

@neato-ft​, @acnomogia​, @baerandish

Losing You - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by lennonblack

A/N: Well I had a nice A/N, but firefox decided to crash. So, blah, blah, blah, this is kinda what happened to Gwen Stacy. I also said something about Gwen Stefani so you all can dwell on that while I have to redo the dreaded tags and warnings and otherness and sob.

Prompt ( 1 , 2 ): “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.” (requested by @hautemami )

Warnings: Attempted kidnapping (I mean, he succeeded for like, 10 minutes), near death, and angst.

Words: 1493

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So I haven’t posted here for awhile now.

Ever since that Ashley Madison hacking happened. I found out that a lot of my friends, girlfriends, follow the SB tag here on Tumblr.

Which I have no problem ofcourse. But, the scary thing is that they follow the tag not because they wanna join or because they support us.

They follow the tag because THEY HATE US AND THEY’RE JEALOUS.

All of em are saying how “its good that those girls are gonna get busted” and “the sugar babies in the SB tag on tumblr are scared to be outed”

Blah blah blah. And honestly when I read that, I got so pissed off.

Its like, why follow us if your only reason is too get jealous? Why can’t we all be supportive of each other?

Anyways, I just found my 3rd SD. We just met today for lunch and I guess he really likes me since he gave me money on our first date.

I would like to post more on here like money shots, gifts, trips, but seriously it doesn’t even help other SBs to be motivated anymore, it just creates jealousy.

What ever happened to the old SB tag where everyone was so supportive of each other?



Lord English was breaking Paradox Space apart in order to lead Vriska to the location where he hid his juju. But why would he lead Vriska to one of the few objects said to be capable of defeating him?

Because he wanted John to get the powers.

John does get them, learns how to retcon the comic, blah blah blah… until he winds up confronting Caliborn alongside the other kids.

Caliborn proceeds to activate the juju, sucking John, Rose, Dave, and Jade inside it and trapping their souls.

Lord English wanted John to get the powers, because it allowed him to complete the timeloop and trap John’s soul inside the juju, taking one of the few people capable of defeating him out of the picture entirely. Not only that, but he got rid of Dave - and Dave’s sword, which was also capable of hurting LE - in one fell swoop.

Even John’s retcon powers were accounted for and part of his plan all along.

Things to Remember: SasuHina Month!

Brought to you by: Kia, a non-profit blah, blah, blah

1. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously!

There’s no need to stress about one day… if you can’t think of anything just relax, check out art/fics/etc. and maybe get inspired by others!

2. Ignore The Hate!

There are bound to be people that “Don’t get why you ship it.” or “Why does a crackship need a month?” That’s fine! Don’t go on pointless rants with boo-boo heads!


It’s all about respect! Please! Yeah, I know its cute. Yeah, yeah BUT please be sweet and respectful to the artist!

4. Make Sure To Tag!

To help sasuhina-month out make sure to tag your post or whatever to “SasuHina Month” (correct me if I’m wrong) also check them out for more information!

5. Support Each Other!

It’s always nice to get some feedback! Remember anything can be handled in a polite way! It’s time for celebration!

6. Have Fun!

We have, what, 30-31 days of SasuHina goodness? Let’s make them count!