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the entire freezer is full of nothing but banquet chicken nuggets and fries

  1. dude. you live in a shared house. we all have to use that freezer, jackass
  2. banquet??
  3. ONLY chicken nuggets and fries???

me: *about to sleep*

my brain: the only reason you perceive yourself as a relatively mellow and laid back person is because you are completely engrossed by your daydreams, and constantly focus on those instead of your real life and the consequences of your actions and decisions. evidence shows that when you are forced to confront real life problems, you quickly resort to panicking. in addition to-

me: can’t we drag me in the morning

i cannot stress this enough

if you are an eligible voter in the US this coming election and bernie sanders does not have the democratic nomination

you. have. to. vote. for. hillary.

i am not fucking messing around

i am not gonna sit here while you write in names or go on some fucking strike. hillary is not on the same level as donald trump. all of you who act like that’s a hard choice are ridiculous. you vote for hillary clinton if she gets the primary. if you don’t, you give trump the presidency. clear and simple. normally i would not advocate against writing in names, but at this point writing in names would take away from hillary’s vote if she is the nominee–EVEN IF YOU WRITE IN BERNIE SANDERS, YOU GIVE TRUMP A HIGHER CHANCE AT THE PRESIDENCY, AND YOU DON’T WANT THAT.

not even a year ago y’all were laughing about donald trump. don’t fuck this up. in no world is hillary clinton as bad as donald trump.



A few notes:

  • Do this for every informative/news-related post you want to reblog. The fewer reblogs a false report gets, the less it spreads.
  • The best thing you can do for a false report is not reblog it at all, OR start your own post to debunk it, with a link to the original. If you reblog to debunk it, your reply will get lost in the huge amount of notes, and you will just end up spreading the misinformation further.
  • Sometimes a totally unlikely story turns out to be true! It’s even more fun to reblog it when you’ve confirmed that it’s real.
Bali Answers A Bunch of Questions

Anonymous said: if someone were to draw fanart of Farris, what would be the best way to send them to you???

submissions! or posting them and tagging me; i’d see it in my /tagged search or activity mentions. i’m flattered you’d want to draw them, so thank you!

Anonymous said: hey what program do you use?

it was photoshop 7 until a friend kindly gave me one of their old computers a few months ago, lmao

Anonymous said: Hey, I just wanted to say that seeing your art always makes me happy. Keep being awesome and keep drawing!


Anonymous said: Hi, I wanted to ask how and what you use to draw your art? I think you use your tablet (Do you use a tablet?? Idk lol) and I don’t really have one of those to hookup with my computer. Any suggestions?? Btw you got me started and hooked on Undertale and many of its AUs, so thanks for that!!!!

oh dude, i totally use a tablet. i can’t imagine trying to do digital art without one, lmao. i know some people can accomplish really impressive shit with a trackpad or a mouse, and i’m just like….i don’t have that kind of patience…

but as far as tablets go: if you’re looking for a good, cheap startup, i can recommend checking out monoprice tablets? they’re pretty decent, especially for how much they cost; i used to have a GIANT one that’d only been about $80, and they can go for as low as $35, depending on the size you want

if you’re willing to get a little more spendy, i’ve got a bamboo fun that was a little less than $200 new, and it works pretty nicely. the intuos line is also nice, but gets more costly, and i didn’t hear great things about the ‘draw’ tablet

i still dream of a cintiq…but i heard the ipad pro is amazing. i drew a little on one with just my finger at a best buy a couple weeks ago and i was just like holy shit. imagine if i were doing this with a pen

so…yeah! hope that was of some help! (and i’m glad you got into undertale, it’s some good stuff, hahaha)

Anonymous said: I’ve noticed that my art has been showing influence from yours recently; I’ve learned a lot from your blog and streams. So, I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome art senpai! - Potato

thanks for bein’ such a glorious nerd, my sweet popato chisp ❣


Did you see her as a monster?”

“ No.“

“She did monstrous things.”

“She still was human and so was I.”

.”..but why did you then leave her?“

“Because I was the monster.”