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You keep people at arms length so they can’t see you up close. You say everything’s uglier under a microscope. Yes, you are imperfect, but that’s what makes you real. The moon wouldn’t be ours if it didn’t have craters. And anyways, I like you better without the halo.
—  Mt // let yourself be human

The Sims 3 will always be one of my faves purely bc I’ve spent the last few hours embroiled in a deep lesbian political scandal as the sim I’ve been playing as has been flirting with every woman in town to prompt campaign donations to further her political career, she is one promotion from becoming leader of the free world and has retired her sultry temptress ways to a small wealthy domicile with her loving gf, leaving the town a husk of heartbroken ladies and vengeful husbands to said heartbroken ladies

Y'all can I just say what an amazing thing lazysonas are? I mean I love (insert fandom) sonas a lot but lazytown ones are just super wholesome and good? Usually lazysonas are either kid characters or at the very least a fellow resident of lazytown, and just like the canon kids they almost always are characterized by multiple flaws and things the owner doesn’t like about themselves, but then by being put in the lazytown world those bad traits become both endearing and something said person try’s to change/ sportacus helps them through their flaws. I’ve even seen ones that use their negative flaws to HELP characters like Robbie deal with his own problems. Bottom line lazysonas are amazing and healthy and probably one of the most wholesome self insert concepts in any fandom ever❤️

I love that post about Sarah Jacobs being in the musical and coming in before Once and For All, but I also propose, Sarah coming in originally in the paper selling scene before That’s Rich. Maybe have Jack try one of his selling strategies on her? Or even better have Jack push Davey to sell to her. C’mon that is comedy gold. 

I know my original content has been… less lately, since acowar. Even just before it came out, I was pretty burnt out on it all. So I just wanted to say sorry if any of you have noticed a change; I know I’m reblogging a lot more than I was before because I don’t have the energy/motivation to do my own things, and a lot of it is non-sjm stuff. And I think a lot of my stuff was driven by asks immediately after acowar, anyway, not necessarily things I wanted to post.

A lot of this has to do with acowar itself, and a lot of it has to do with the fandom. It’s just not as welcoming of a place as it was before. People feel like they can’t enjoy the book, they feel like they can’t criticize the book, and so what does that leave us with? Pretty much nothing to discuss. A bunch of posts based on gifs that get really old scrolling through. It’s a bit frustrating. Not to mention the negativity towards one another. It makes it difficult to get excited about coming up with new ideas and posts and such.

So anyway, I’m probably going to keep that trend up, tbh, of doing more reblogging and less original stuff, and more general book stuff for a while, rather than just acotar/tog. I do have a bunch of fics/prompts I’m working on, so I’ll still post those, slowly but surely. I’ll still post stuff if it comes to me, it just might be a lot less for a while.

Monday things

I had the best naturopath appointment today - she was so thorough and had plenty of insights and suggestions. Really hopeful that working together we can sort out some of my health issues.

My ear still hasn’t unpopped from our flight home. I’m pretty much deaf in my right ear because of it. May need to see a doctor if it doesn’t start to improve soon.

So lovely to come home to a warm, clean house. Our house sitter left it cleaner than we had. It’s a mess now though with F’s stuff imploding everywhere.

Speaking of F, during the trip and now on our return, he’s started this flouncing / drama-filled sobbing any time we say something to him that might be slightly corrective. For example, gently reminding him to use a tissue instead of his sleeve (and I mean very gently reminding), we get a storming off, sobbing, shouting “SORRYYYY!” as he goes. No idea where it came from but we weren’t expecting this “four-ager” to show up while we were away.

I was taking a nap and then I kinda woke up but didn’t, so I was in the perfect state to have a bit of a sleep paralysis experience, and it happened, though it started as an apparently funny and harmless thing.

I looked at the window and there was a llama  (yeah, a fuckin llama outside of a 4th floor in Germany), so I giggled. I could only see his neck and head, and the animal looked dark compared to the sunny day outside, I couldn’t even see the face clearly. 

Then I felt he put one of his foot on my back. Since I’m in physical pain, it was kinda nice actually, but the damn llama stared way too much, looked weird and didn’t move, so I started to feel creeped out by it and then I got nervous by the fact that the llama (lmao) still had it’s foot on my back. I tried to remove the foot but I didn’t have enough strength to Suddenly, I started to sense something coming out of the mattress, these were human or who knows what hands, that grabbed my own hand, forearm and everything, trying to immobilize me. Gladly, I was conscious enough to know that it wasn’t real, even though it felt real and was scary af, so I just forced myself to fully wake up.and everything was gone and things didn’t turn worse, lol.

Literally all I remember about eyepatch dude is that his name was Zephaniah but he went by ‘Zeph’. He was supposed to become king at some point in the future but noped out and became an adventurer instead.
He was completely into fencing, and had an older brother named Siege, who he didn’t get on with.
(Siege had also noped out of ruling … that poor Kingdom omg. Their parents were still running the show at that point but it was just like “wtf are our sons?”)
I was 14 years old and completely loved the pair of them lmao.

Sometimes, I read really compelling arguments that make it hard to argue that Su is in fact Sokka’s daughter and then I convince myself maybe the writers intended it.

But no argument makes it okay that, if true, Sokka was literally never a father to his daughter and it just infuriates me and I just don’t want it to be true why do the creators torment me like this?

insanity6666  asked:

Here's a little tidbit I noticed when I watched Moana (50 times in a row). During the Backstory scene, when Moana tries to get him to open up, she asks "Is it why your hooks not working?" and that... poked my brain. She didn't say "Why can't you use your hook" or in any way suggest that Maui was the problem, that he was the one broken or useless (if we want to be dramatic about it). She may not realise it, but I thought it was nice. Stating it's the hook that's not working, not Maui. Toodles!


Because she never does really blame him for not being able to use it? Right away when she’s trying to figure out what the problem with the hook is, she doesn’t blame him or try to ask him why he couldn’t get the hook to work. What his problem with the hook was. It was always hey, why isn’t the hook working or hey, maybe you can try this to get it to work? Maui isn’t the problem. Maybe he’s not aware of this himself, but Moana does. She knows that the issue lies within the hook,and she knows it’s a problem that can be fixed.

Even right away when Maui’s moping around about how they’re never going to make it to Te Fiti and she wants him to try and use it again, that’s the word she uses. Try. She doesn’t command him to use it, tell him to get up and use it, to get over it. She asks him to try it, because she knows the hook is where the problem lies and that just telling him to use it anyway won’t work. Because it won’t work. 

Trying, on the other hand? Taking a chance with it to get it to work again? That’s a different story entirely, and I think it’s the trying that got the hook working again more than anything else.