Fran had fallen asleep rather quickly after laying down beside him.

She woke up and the first thing she did was check the clock. Dear god, that was an unholy hour. So she drags herself out of bed, making her way to the bathroom. The mirror returned a tired image, one that she wasn’t exactly please about. She scratches her head and decides to shower, which woke her up somewhat. After that, she towel dries her hair and trudges to wake Jack up. 

She makes sure he’s awake and grabs her clothes. Alright. She just wanted to be comfortable, so nothing fancy. A little bit of makeup just so she didn’t look completely awful. Gillespie seemed nervous as he perched himself on the counter, watching both of them go back and forth. Alright. She was ready.

Fran groans as she takes a seat on the couch, waiting for him. “Holy shiiit, it’s sooooo early.” She leans to fold her arms on the arm of the couch and bury her head there. It would be worth it in the long run. 


Tom Hiddleston as Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

I love the transitions in this scene. The whole movie is full of these cinematographic gems. That’s why it requires constant rewatches.

Yeah, I was thinking of you gals, @leepacelady and @ladywyldfire, and your escapades at TIFF. I dunno, maybe you don’t really dig the whole pale, black haired, emaciated vamp look, which, btw, I don’t either, and if so you can just walk on, no harm done.

welcome 2 the nostalgia vortex

I am rewatching Due South because - I don’t know, nostalgia? anxiety? take your pick - and I forgot, y’know, I forgot the particular sparking animosity that exists in the friendship between Kowalski and Fraser, and I also forgot how much I like that dynamic in TV friendships (I haven’t seen it around anywhere in a while; granted, my TV watching is quite limited and has more depth than breadth, but it seems to me something that cannot exist in modern TV and that also existed rather uniquely in Due South, because 1) in modern TV there is no winking inside joke with the viewers that characters may or may not be non-straight; they are either in a non-straight relationship or they are not, and often show creators deliberately invoke queerbaiting tropes without the conspiratorial kindness that comes from at the very least the appearance of writers and audience engaging in a mutual subversion of show creators’ or stations’ heterosexual expectations; and 2) it seems clear that in Due South, unlike in similar partnerships that I’ve seen in other shows from the ’90s and early 2000s, almost everyone, from the actors to the writers to the producers, was in on the joke). 

anyway, there are certain conversations that are obviously indicative that there’s Something Queer, to quote Ray Kowalski, about the whole relationship - notably the one early on in which Ray asks Fraser to pretend he’s a woman and then whether Fraser finds him attractive, meanwhile telling another woman present that he doesn’t want her opinion, he wants Fraser’s? WHAT IS THAT. why would anyone write that. I still don’t know the answer - but of course also Kowalski’s continued use of the word queer, and his ugly things-unsaid divorce, and his heavy silver bracelet and weirdly experimental hair, which to me, a child of the ’90s, all code in flashing red lights alternative lifestyle alert, alternative lifestyle alert.

but the current episode I am on has Fraser and Kowalksi playing a word association game. 

“Chainsaw,” says Fraser.

“Massacre,” says Kowalski.

“Closet,” says Fraser.

“What kinda question is that,” says Kowalski, suddenly dangerous. 

“Oh, it’s nothing untoward, it’s just that if I say closet, another person might say ‘brooms,’ and another person might say… ‘carpentry,’” Fraser explains.

“Well, and I might say you’re losing your mind,” Kowalski bites back.

given the way my students talk about media and LGBT stuff, I assume that, to people in high school in a post-DADT or post-Obergefell v. Hodges world, this doesn’t sound like much…hilariously, in a similar way that it sounds like nothing much to straight people back in the DADT days, but ANYWAY that’s a cynical post for another day. however, I am obsessed with rhetoric and I was a kid raised in a weird dysfunctional household, meaning I am constantly and reflexively analyzing people’s word choices and tones and facial expressions, plus in a school district with no LGBT club, no gay teachers (oh, there were rumors, but they were ugly), no gay students (except, again, as rumors that did serious damage), and no gay family members (except the one distant cousin who is now in his sixties and who no one talked to for like ten years before they decided he was more important than Catholicism). 

the LONG STORY SHORT is that I have no idea why anyone would write this and act this in the way it was written and acted except to indicate to viewers who are looking for it that Ray Kowalski isn’t straight. like, there are so many other ways to play this that make it clear Ray is straight, including not addressing it at all, or making this closet remark into an actual (if gross and homophobic) joke instead of a weird fraught weapon!

anyway, my mind is chiefly boggling that somehow, a cop show from the ’90s manages to feel more authentically non-straight to me than dudes making out on current TV shows or even the 2005-2010 storylines that revolved around people figuring out how to come out (my entire experience of non-straightness is wrapped up in a specific kind of shorthand and a specific kind of fear!!!); in fact, the non-straight relationship that most authentically represents the real non-straight relationships I see in my life are Captain Holt and Kevin on Brooklyn 99! because they’re older, cautious, and don’t touch each other except in very specific brief moments of affection among friends, and I ain’t a spring chicken who lives in a city full of young exciting non-straight people who feel like walking down the street holding hands or kissing in public is not an inherently dangerous, radical, political act! 

wow, just a brief moment to say that DAMN I have a lot of internalized homophobia and a lot of anger about discourse surrounding non-straight relationships and expectations. thx childhood! thx modern media and modern mainstream LGBT discourse for creating an environment that makes me feel like a fringe homophobic dinosaur!!!!!!! thx @me for also actually being a fringe homophobic dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!!

Tried to draw something serious and ended up as Gluxa trash. As per yoogh. (<–that’s supposed to be a shortened version of “usual”, but I couldn’t figure out how to spell it, and since anyone that actually says “as per yoogh” is kinda lame, I’m not even going to care. Run on sentence ftw). 

So many mistakes, but I’m not even mad. My favorite nerd royals are actually doing something cute and not angsty for once. hahaaaaa i have so many sad drawings in my wip folder that tonight i was like “forget that! Let’s draw them as the dorks they really are!”

 I’m just gonna leave this here for y’all weekend questers while I pull a double at work :) Have a great Saturday!

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after a pretty vague ‘hey person we haven’t so much as spoken to in thirty years, we’ve totally changed and learned and we’d like you to let us in on that vague assurance alone’ from Cruella and Ursula, Regina argued in favor of giving them a chance. and welcomed them into her town. (which btw, a lot of people argued this was stupid. and like, i’m not disagreeing necessarily, but please make up your minds on what the fuck you want regina as a leader to do).

they literally showed just the smallest desire to work at redemption and Regina went to bat for them. has Zelena made even that minimal overture? no. so why should Regina trust her? why should she give her a chance? 

because Snow White did for Regina?

well, a) I think Snow would tell you that that was a pretty bad idea that cost them a lot of time and lives and just so happened to turn out okay eventually, which, great vote of confidence for the handing out infinite second chances policy, and b) newsflash: Regina Mills is not Snow White.

maybe that’s not fair. well, this is a constructed narrative and not real people, so take it up with the fucking writers. a lot of things aren’t fair on this show. consider why this one is the hill you’ve decided to die on.