what is this that just crossed my dash about how george blagden is spending too much time tweeting and not enough time being An Actor?

let’s be real – george blagden’s professional trajectory right now is one that any young actor interested in film and television work, including probably a lot of his fellow les mis cast member, would kill for. to go from “soldier 1” to grantaire (a role we all love, but hardly a star, especially in the film’s truncated version) to one of the leads on “vikings” is really remarkable. he obviously hasn’t been sitting on his heels for the last few years, so to assume that he’s, i don’t know, high on his twitter popularity and going to squander it, seems out of character.

honestly, it would be lovely to see george in some live capacity; ark and i were just drunkenly discussing how much money we’d throw at him for a cabaret show. but at this point, doing theater doesn’t make sense for him, when he’s got a television show running and a film (“the philosophers,” an independent picture he filmed in 2011) in the can.

also, i want to dissuade anyone from thinking that engaging with social media and doing press is not part of an actor’s job. in this day and age, it’s a rare star (only the biggest) who can get away without having a public presence. i guarantee you, there is someone on george’s team who is holding the reins on his tumblr – especially now as opposed to last autumn – and directing him to engage with his fans, to build buzz for the show. 

and buzz is critical right now. “vikings” has the potential to be renewed, and to turn into a multiple-year commitment. if that happens, then george has job security – the fucking holy grail for young actors.  everything that the cast does – the tweets, the liveblogs, the appearances at wondercon and the interviews – is aiming toward that goal.