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hey can u write some less known facts about tom

Been staring at this in my inbox for the past day trying to figure out what to include. I’ll just include any random facts.

  • Tom Hardy is married to Charlotte Riley.
  • He has a son, Louis Hardy with ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed.
  • Tom was married once prior to Sarah Ward back in 1999 until 2004. His tattoo “Til I die SW” stands for that.
  • There is also a dragon tattoo beneath his bicep that is said to be dedicated to Sarah as she was born in the year of the dragon.
  •  Every tattoo Tom has has a specific significance to him and he’s said on many occasions how it documents his journey through life. 
  • He is a former addict and has been sober for over 10 years now.
  • Tom had a brief modeling career after winning a competition on The Big Breakfast.
  • After losing his shot at Hollywood due to addiction, it wasn’t until 2008 with his breakout hit Bronson that he was able to get recognized and Hollywood began paying attention to him again.
  • At the time of filming Bronson he was making $15,000 a year.
  • I believe he had a heavy hand in writing the script for Bronson (?) and making it happen. Once he had passed the script off the role of Bronson was almost given to Jason Statham but scheduling conflicts allowed Tom to reclaim the role.
  • Tom worked intimately with Charles Bronson and getting to know him in order to give as accurate a portrayal to Bronson as he could.
  • Tom has stated that it wasn’t until he began putting on weight and changing his physicality for roles, and playing physical characters that he began to get recognized and people began to pay attention to him.
  • After not getting a role (I can’t remember the film) early in his career, Tom got so frustrated and felt that he hadn’t had a shot to prove himself that he was about to enlist himself in the army to prove he could play a soldier.
  • Tom paints and has done some crafts. 
  • Tom has a clothing label with BLAG magazine.
  • He’s an advocate and ambassador for many charities, such as The Prince’s Trust.
  • He went to drama school with Michael Fassbender who was a year above him, I believe.
  • Tom equates his education similar to the movie Whiplash
  • The things that make Tom want to kill himself are romantic comedies. (x)
  • Tom Hardy equates the side of him that gets into him trouble and makes him reckless to a 400 Ib orangutan in underpants he calls “Arthur”.
  • Tom says he got into acting because he wanted his father to be proud of him.
  • Tom has a fetish for women’s shoes.
  • He’s stated he feels intrinsically feminine.
  • To him there is no difference between a 5-dollar performance and a 5 million dollar performance.
  • He thinks he looks cuter with a beard (I concur).
  • He’s described playing the role of Tommy Conlon in warrior as cathartic.
  • He speaks some French.
  • He’s of Irish heritage and that’s why he’s got the leprechaun tattoo.
  • Saying he’s a huge fan of Gary Oldman is putting it nicely. (Tom absolutely loves Gary and admires him).
  • Part of why Tom doesn’t relish in stardom is because he believes that everything he has could disappear in a moment’s notice and firmly believes that it could all end tomorrow.
  • When compared to Marlon Brando Tom has often said something along the lines of, “Brando is Brando. I am me.”

I’m running out of ideas tbh.


Official launch party of the BLAG clothing label | The Club at Cafe Royal, London | 16 July 2014 

Heartthrob Woodstock was there! Photos, from top: Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy pose with dog Woody; Tom with photographer and good mate Greg Williams; BLAG clothing label designers Tom Hardy and Sarah Edwards; Paul Anderson (currently filming Legend with Tom), Tom Hardy and Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian; Tom Hardy, Chris Edwards of Kasabian and guest; Tom Hardy, Kid Cudi and BLAG clothing label designer Sally Edwards; the BLAG clothing label designers - Sarah, Tom and Sally.

Photos: Dave Bennet/GettyImages


“This month it’s the ‘Lucky Sevens’ t-shirt featuring hand drawing inspired by the Sohos of London and New York, pirates, treasure and maps. In navy vintage slub style, art is in gold metallic print. Labels in the first batch will be handmade and signed by Sally A. Edwards, Sarah J. Edwards and Tom Hardy.
Reservation deadline Friday 19th April for the first batch - VIP subscriber members automatically receive this item.”