subject to change: currently the track list on the amazon page is as follows:

 1. Prologue - Mark Ledbetter
 2. Bikini Bottom Day - Company
 3. No Control - Kelvin Moon Loh
 4. BFF - Ethan Slater
 5. When the Going Gets Tough - Nick Blaemire
 6. (Just a) Simple Sponge - Ethan Slater
 7. Daddy Knows Best - Emmy Raver-Lampman
 8. Hero is My Middle Name - Lilli Cooper
 9. Super Sea Star Savior - Sardines
 10. Tomorrow Is - Company
 11. Poor Pirates - Pirates
 12. Bikini Bottom Boogie - L'ogan J'ones
 13. Chop to the Top - Lilli Cooper
 14. (I Guess I) Miss You - Ethan Slater
 15. I’m Not a Loser - Sea Anemones
 16. Best Day Ever - Lilli Cooper
 17. Finale: Bikini Bottom Day Reprise - Company
 18. SpongeBob SquarePants Theme - Company  


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she’s you, you, you

and my most favourite girl to see is her with me

as long as she’s you

I’ve been putting together a huge dump of SpongeBob Musical drawings I’ve compiled over the last two months, and was gonna wait to post this but…gaaaah I love how it came out so much so I couldn’t wait. XD

This took sooooo long. I’ve always wanted to try lineless art but all the tutorials I looked at were useless so I finally just sat down and tried everything…and I finally figured out a short cut (if you can call it that because this still took a good 3 ½ hours). I love the result HOWEVER I don’t think I would try this again…it took waaay too long and I got so frustrated with it and almost gave up. Glad it paid off in the end.

So this is Plankton and Karen using David Zinn’s costumes for those wondering. They’re pretty smexy. <3

losman212: A little girl with cerebral palsy took time to meet with us hero is her middle name. #spongebob   #humbled


sometimes it takes a little apocalypse to…spice things up.
oh karen. gazing at your screen right now, i feel the very earth move beneath my feet.
it is moving.

nick blaemire + stephanie hsu as sheldon j. plankton + karen plankton in the spongebob musical (2016.)

New SpongeBob Cast Members

So here’s our new Mr. Krabs (good operatic baritenor):

Here’s our new Plankton (he’s no Nick Blaemire but pretty good voice, yeah?):

Here’s our new Pearl (she freakin’ KILLS it, miss Emmy but LOVE this girl. Apparently she’s making her Broadway debut, she was a finalist at the Jimmy Awards):

Lin’s standby and Charles Lee from Hamilton is in the ensemble:

Brynn Williams from the original cast of 13 the Musical is the new swing (yes this vid is old):

So what do ya’ll think? They got good voices, I think they’re good choices overall.

I will never understand why Dogfight is so under appreciated.

I mean, just look at it!

It’s not like the music isn’t good, the music is absolutely fantastic and goes from upbeat bops to heartbreaking solos

It’s not like the composers of the show aren’t popular- Pasek & Paul, the writers of Dear Evan Hansen

It’s not like they didn’t have the most amazing cast- Lindsay Mendez, Derek Klena, Annaleigh Ashford, F. Michael Haynie, Nick Blaemire (and more)

It’s not like the story wasn’t good, I cried like 10 times during the show at least.

It’s not like they don’t cover important issues, like PTSD

It’s based off of a movie

The characters are loveable and have depth.

What more could you want?

If you haven’t listened to Dogfight, please do, it’s one of the most beautiful and underrated musicals out there.

I will never be satisfied until this show pulls a Be More Chill and rises from the dead.