I’m just REALLY in love with this game, you know? (Mainly because it reminds me of Epic Mickey)
Anyway, I don’t really have any sort of story behind this other than I just wanted to draw some angsty Bendy. And yes, this IS a Steven Universe reference.

Also, random headcanon that Bendy’s “meltiness” largely depends on his emotions. He’ll start melting more and drip more ink faster if he’s feeling extremely angry/sad/anxious/any other negative emotions. And that he cries ink for reason. Yeah.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens, Parade’s End.

Sepia coloured Pigma Micron 01 and 05 with a bit of Sepia Pigma Brush on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper, (9x12)

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This is not really a drawing, but I want to tell the story about all of this. I got so much people saying: “this is so simple (but cool)” and I am really appreciate it. But the in real life before I get to this really simple and cute drawing I have to go through the long way to the thing that I really like. The point is it might look simple, but don’t you thing this takes less time then bigger drawings😌

“Are you going to just stand there for the rest of the day, John?”

“Oh no, I’m taking photos, too. What happened?”

“I miscalculated the intensity of the pheromones I was experimenting with.”

“Pheromones, eh?”

“Bee pheromones. Could you call a beekeeper now? This is getting a bit warm. Also, they are beginning to crawl into my shirt.”

“You’ll need help looking for those later, I presume. Wouldn’t want to leave any in your clothes, would we? And should you get stung, I have a cure for that.”

“What a selfless offer, doctor. I think I can imagine the ‘cure’.”

“Good for you.”


My entry for this month’s @sherlockchallenge: Experiment Gone Wrong

things i love(d) about you;

i. the creases around your eyes - they’d deepen every time i made you smile. it served as the perfect frame around your lively eyes. and like a painting, i felt you staring even when i looked away.

ii. every time you laughed - melodic music to my ears whenever i told a stupid joke. your laugh sounds like hope, the promise that tomorrow will come with the chance to try again. i never felt like i deserved to hear it.

iii. your gaze, when our eyes met - i don’t know how you did it, but with one look, you held the key to me. to lift me up or make my knees weak was a choice only you could make. i craved your spontaneity.

—  c.j.n.
it shouldn’t hurt
love shouldn’t hurt
but it does
but this love does
there’s a constant ache in my chest
every time i see you, i ache
and there’s this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach
a heavy feeling that builds up into my throat
i feel like i’m going to be sick but i never am
i just can’t say anything
i wonder if you feel the same way because you aren’t saying anything either

it shouldn’t hurt
but it does
and nothing makes it feel better
drinking doesn’t help
smoking doesn’t help
crying doesn’t help
sleeping doesn’t help
you don’t help

it shouldn’t hurt
but it does
and i can’t breathe when we’re in the same room
but not in the way that it used to be
i was once so happy
i still am happy
i’m not
i know i’m not
i don’t think you are either

it shouldn’t hurt
but it does
this silence is killing me
it’s suffocating me
drowning me
it’s been three days since we’ve said a word to each other
and i want it to end but i don’t know how
i want everything to end but i don’t know how

it shouldn’t hurt
but it does
i love you
you say you love m
but it doesn’t feel like it’s enough anymore

it shouldn’t hurt
but it does
i want you
but i don’t want to feel this way anymore
i don’t want it to hurt anymore

nevergetting-better: Hi :3. I was wondering if you could write something about my relationship….is like the best relationship ever..but at the same thing is not. :(

Anonymous said: Could you write about having the perfect relationship but the WORST at the same time :(

(cc, 2017)