blackwood manor


“I rode by, um, the old Blackwood manor,”  Liam paused and turned his eyes downcast, not wanting to look at Serra or Alira. The mood of the table shifted, both girls sat up a little straighter and his father’s expression hardened.

Yes?” prompted Jaymes.

Liam cleared his throat, “The Smallhill’s have claimed the land as theirs. Claimed it’s been left and needs to be taken before the savages settle there instead.”

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We’re being very selective in the casting of “Blackford Manor.” We haven’t even asked Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence, or Chloe Grace Moretz to read for the part of Josette.

Josette Grey: (late teens - female)

Josette is a sweet and genuine, but very curious, young woman who lives in the 1920s. She’s from a poor family and just got her first job as the maid of Blackwood Manor. Her young spirit is stifled by the responsibilities of her job and the strict manner of her situation in this time period; but her youthfulness comes out from time to time. Sometimes it seems she’s the only living spirit in the house.

Voice: Sweet and girly voice with a calm attitude. A nice singing voice would also be helpful.

I think I found a direction I want to go in for my game art; I found an old clue box art that had this kind of very surreal cubist style, and I figured I’d give that a shot and combine it with some painterlyness. Fun result I think, it hits the realism I wanted but also is very classic game cartoon art = )