VIDEO: #GeorgeWashington vs #RobertELee who’s more RACIST? It’s @realdonaldtrump vs Mainstream Media, Common Sense, Liberal #SnowFlakes and ALL THE REPUBLICAN COWARDS! I don’t know how #PresidentTrump is doing it, I would be going CrAZy dealing with these morons! I AM SO SICK OF White Liberals “Standing” with gaslighted and uninformed #BlackPeople on issues that are LITERALLY MEANINGLESS to the #BlackCommunity.


#BlackPeople #BlackMen #BlackWomen #BlackFolks PLEASE TELL ME HOW REMOVNG A STATUE IS GOING TO FEED YOUR CHILDREN? How is it going to bring back the jobs Obama & Liberals shipped to Mexico and China? In 50 years they will be protesting Martin Luther King statues bc he as an adulterer and a hypocrite since he was a pastor, he should be condemned! IF YOU THINK THAT ANALOGY DOESN’T WORK, trust me it’s does. I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT IN A MILLION YEARS that Black People be in their FEELINGS AND BE EMOTIONAL CRY BABIES OVER SOME DUMB A$$ statue in 2017. This country is truly turning into #Idiocracy! In 50 years I doubt the majority will be able to think for themselves #BraveNewWorld.

CLEARLY ALL #TRUMP WAS SAYING IS if “You People” want to remove a Robert E Lee statue because he represents racism, well OWNING BLACK SLAVES represents racism too! So where does this end sensitive emotionally fragile people? Let’s start the book burnings as well!

THEN YOU GOT THE SNOWFLAKES’ PANTIES IN A BUNCH saying stuff like George Washington wasn’t a traitor to the Country AS IF THAT’S why people were protesting the General Lee statue because he represents traitorism. This is so frustrating, meanwhile Trump want the majority of the black community to not pay federal taxes or have a tax rate of 15% but NO CAN’T ACTUALLY SUPPORT SOMETHING IN YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST. Removing statues now put bread on the table.

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA & THE GLOBALISTS have literally made people marshmallows! Ppl are so pliable and easily controlled and manipulated to buy into anything they want them to buy into cuz they have NO DISCERNMENT, NO KNOWLEDGE, they are just a BUNCH OF FOLLOWERS!

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I was leaning over to reach into my backpack at the bus stop and when I stood back up, this sweet girl came up to me and said: “I’m sorry I don’t mean to bother you but I just had to tell you that you just made me feel so much better about my body. I saw you and I thought “wow she’s so beautiful and she seems so confident” and then I saw your stretch marks and thought “I didn’t realize that even someone as tiny as you can have stretch marks and that it’s normal and beautiful! Why don’t I have the same love for my body that has stretch marks too?” And she started to tear up and I just asked if I can hug her and we just sat there and I held her for a minute as she was fighting back tears. We exchanged numbers & IG’s and I just spoke from my heart and told her how important she is and body positive mantras and tips for self love that I live by that could maybe help her too.

even though she was telling me how much I was helping her, i don’t think she realizes just how much that meant to me too. I will remember this exchange/conection with that beautiful soul for the rest of my life