Wishlist Wednesday! #11

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WISHLIST WEDNESDAY!!Quickly becoming my favorite day of the week because, duh, I love shopping. I am, as always, psyched about this collection. I’ve said it before but my Wishlist Wednesday collections are items that I myself would buy in a heartbeat (and often they’re from online stores, local shops, or small businesses that I regularly patronize and love). There’s generally not a “theme” to…

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Something different today for those that like it a little strange 😉🌑 These goodies are from @blackwillowgallery and there’s so much more I wanted! More pics and review on the blog (link in bio) by blackcatnails

Ouija Boards are like magic in a way. You wouldn’t be looking at them right now if you were not attracted to them. That means they are also attracted to you! Allow one into your life: