I discovered the writer, Leo Tolstoy, in a muddy ditch that held more blood than rain. One of the soldiers loved his words—and then, so did I. “All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.” That was so many years ago. But words on a page didn’t teach me that lesson. I learned it on my own. I learned it in trenches with bullets flying overhead; pressed back to back with grizzled starving men who would have laid down their lives for mine. I learned it from a ribbon tied around my ring finger. I learned it  from a kick inside my belly. I learned it from death, and hardship and brief acts of inexplicable kindness. I learned love from sacrifice. I learned love from living. And no matter where I’ve gone, or what I’ve done—all the dark things I do not regret, but will never speak off—that is the one part of me that I have always kept safe.


∂σ тнєу ѕтαят тнαт уσυиg?
ι ∂ι∂.


Black Widows besting the Stark men (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


make me choose - ewminho asked : natasha romanoff or lydia martin.

"I’m one of 28 young ballerinas with the Bolshoi/I’m one of 28 Black Widow agents with the Red Room— The training is hard/The training is hard— But the glory of Soviet culture/But the glory of Soviet supremacy— And the warmth of my parents/And the warmth of my parents— Makes up for/Makes up for…"


Mark Ruffalo on Bruce and Natasha’s relationship in Age of Ultron - for romvnov:

His relationship with Natasha deepens. There’s something similar about the two of them. I see them as lost souls. They’re kindred in some ways.