blackwidow ing

flutterhunter  asked:

To continue the hip-hop/breakdancing Trini, she tries to teach the moves to everyone else to add to their repertoire of fighting moves, because historically, Capoiera is a dance-like fighting style meant to take down opponents that are stronger, more numerous, and better armed than you. For an exact scene, imagine Trini taking down Kimberly by doing a handstand, locking her legs around her neck, and bringing her down on the floor, and she's just... laying there LONG after Trini gets up.

You know what? I love this. There is a lot of headcanons about Trini being (rightfully) flustered and rendered useless around Kim but I’m LIVING for the opposite. Yes to Trini blackwidow-ing the sHIT out of Kimberly and Kim being absolutely STUNNED (and turned-on because what’s even the point otherwise)