I’m in Brooklyn for the @mandukayoga apparel line launch and I’m getting very excited to participate in tomorrow’s panel about the future of yoga in the 21st century. @mindbodygreen is moderating what’s sure to be a pretty interesting and radical conversation between me and a bunch of other cool people about rewriting the Western yoga narrative. My bff @lisaismyname0 is riding shotgun for this trip, and she’ll be periscoping tomorrow’s panel around 1pm EST- I’m @jessnotjazz over there!

My friends at @mandukayoga are putting us up at the ridiculously nice @wythehotel- Lisa and I have been “oohing” and “aahing” over the most basic shit and I am literally in here feeling like the #blackweirdo version of Eloise at the Plaza. There’s the jaded hipster within that’s scoffing at me for being excited by things like the really nice showerhead or stupid soft sheets. But then there’s the much bigger part of me that feels like Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone 2” and she’s telling that hipster bitch to get her head out of her ass. It’s especially cool to be able to share my adventures with my loved ones, and it means a lot to have Lisa by my side during this trip. There are a couple of other friends (besides bae @nolatrees) who will be along for the #mynameisnola west coast tour- you can watch all of our off the mat antics on my snapchat. Even though my snapchat (@mynameisjessamy) is basically just random videos of me trying on clothes and eating. Which works out because I tried on most of the new Manduka line today and was steady acting like I was in my own music video. I am always doing THE. MOST.

Leggings- @rainbeaucurves
Top- @purelimesport
Fingers+Toes- @yogapaws

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I am so excited about this collab w/ @drcalyn- her awesome comics series about the life of an adorable curvy #blackweirdo will go on a yoga workout adventure for the next few Sundays, taught by a comic version of yours truly. Check out on 6/12, 6/19, & 6/26 for a bunch of poses that are fun and curve friendly.

(Btw, not to gush, but I’m just saying that these little curvy black comic nuggets are EVERYTHING. I can’t deal. Fuck a fat shamer, y'all. So happy for all of this fat black beauty. Thank god.)

(Also, I think those ballerina leggings look pretty great in purple- amiright, @mandukayoga? LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.)

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When I’m not working or doing #yoga, I can usually be found kicking it w/ @samanthargreene. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll have an exgf/roommate/partner in crime as fresh to death and awesome as her.

#Latergram before birthday brunch at @bukuraleigh with my family.

Top- @americaneagle
Shorts- Thrifted
Shoes- @sperrytopsider
Charlotte Hornets #Snapback- @Lids4hats

Top- @forever21
Skirt + Bracelets- @hm
Earrings- Thrifted
Shoes- @targetstyle

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