A trip to the Medieval castle which lays close-by Cork, Ireland.

Few months ago some work colleagues of mine decided to spend their birthday at a castle. The plan was to rent the place for the whole weekend and bear in mind this was going to cost 2500 EURO, therefore many were not sure if it was really going to go ahead. However, luckily more than 40 people contributed money for the rent and the amazing party could finally kick of.

Friday, after work, we all took off on a 2.5 hour drive, we arrived in the evening in which most of us were tired, but despite of that the music started playing and people were enjoying a few or more drinks.

The next day we were meant to dress up in our medieval costumes for the upcoming grill party. Some people had bought their clothes, but we were surprise to see how many had actually made their own costumes.

At the very end of the night a surprise event was held for everyone. Each person was given a Chinese lantern that was lit up and send out into the sky. Sadly I didn’t manage to take any photos but all I can say is that It was a truely beautiful sight. 

For more photos please see the following link: Blackwater castle party