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Why do you think is Melisandre so convinced that Stannis is Azor Ahai reborn? Do you know/have any theories as to why she thinks it's him?

Thanks for the question, friend!

I actually have a very precise answer, personally:

Melisandre didn’t see Stannis himself in her fires. She saw Dragonstone, and concludes its lord would be Azor Ahai.

First of all, we know Melisandre sees true visions of the future in her fires, but that she’s not always accurate at reading them:

“Melisandre saw another day in her flames as well. A morrow where Renly rode out of the south in his green armor to smash my host beneath the walls of King’s Landing.” (“Davos II”, ACOK)

We know this is the Battle of Blackwater, but no one could have deduced this at the time. The same thing happens with Jon Snow:

“I have seen your sister in my fires, fleeing from this marriage they have made for her. Coming here, to you. A girl in grey on a dying horse, I have seen it plain as day. It has not happened yet, but it will.” (“Jon VI”, ADWD)

We know it’s not real Arya, but with the information given to the characters at the time (reports that “Arya” will marry Ramsay Snow), Melisandre easily mistakes one Northern girl (Alys Karstark, herself fleeing a marriage to her great-uncle or first cousin once removed) for another.

We also know Melisandre is obsessed with finding Azor Ahai. So suppose she sees Dragonstone in her flames. It makes sense: home of dragons, seat of dragons, built on a volcanic island - a center of literal and figurative fire - Dragonstone is the perfect home base for the champion of the fiery Rh'llor. What’s the logical conclusion? “The Lord of Dragonstone is Azor Ahai."  So when she travels there sometime not long before the start of AGOT, she finds Stannis Baratheon, made Lord of Dragonstone by his brother Robert. Naturally, Melisandre would think this hard iron lord is the true Azor Ahai, the ruler of the island of fire and champion of the God of Flame and Shadow.

What’s the problem? Stannis isn’t the rightful Lord of Dragonstone. Robert put him there, partly as a gift, partly to guard against the last Targaryens taking back their ancestral seat. Yet for almost four centuries, the rule of Dragonstone belonged not to the Baratheons, but to the Targaryens.  Dragonstone was the farthest outpost of the Valyrian Freehold, and the island to which the Targaryens fled on the advice of Daenys the Dreamer. For around a century,  the Targaryens ruled the island as lords; when Aegon became Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Dragonstone was made into the seat of the heir apparent. No matter what, however, Dragonstone was the first and last “ancestral” possession of the Targaryens in Westeros, their true seat.

That’s where a very interesting possibility comes in. Once again, Melisandre is reading the signs wrong, IMO. For Dragonstone “belongs” to the next eldest male male-line Targaryen. A boy styling himself “Aegon VI”, supposed son of Rhaegar, is currently on a campaign of conquest in Westeros, but is he truly the boy Rhaegar once thought the prince that was promised? I don’t think so; he seems a fake to me. But what if Rhaegar had another son - one Melisandre has already seen when she’s “prayed for a glimpse of Azor Ahai”?

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

Here’s the second card in my ASOIAF tarot deck, with the Hound as the three of swords, also known as the Wound. It’s all about the failure of an ideal, just like little Sandor was once disillusioned by the brutality and abuse of his knightly older brother. I have him in a moment of absolute fear and dejection, fleeing the Battle of Blackwater and getting drunk in the dark of Sansa’s empty room. The three of swords can be a pretty daunting card, highlighting loss and distress, with literal swords stabbing through your heart. That said, this isn’t the end, but only a moment of distress. Depending on how you cope with your pain, you could learn from your experience and go on to better things. Perhaps all of this, and Sansa’s song and Arya’s decision to leave him alive, allowed the Hound to become the gravedigger. Or maybe it’s all tinfoil!

SanSan: Fascinated

SanSan: Fascinated

Rating: T due to dark and violent thoughts and some language

Notes:  Confession, this is a modified scene that didn’t quite work within the flow of my ongoing multi-chapter fic, “Kingstealer.”  If you haven’t read that, basically all you need to know is that Sandor and Sansa kidnapped Joffrey when they fled King’s Landing during the Battle of Blackwater, with plans to present their captive to King Robb.


Joffrey slumps against the tree trunk to which the Hound has lashed him, cold and dirty and aching from weeks of riding, wishing that he were closer to the fire that Sansa built, wishing that he had a knife to slash the throats of his captors while they slept, wishing that his drunkard father had never betrothed him to the traitor Stark bitch, wishing that Stannis’s archers had put an arrow through his sworn shield’s heart at Blackwater.  But most of all, he wishes that he weren’t so bloody hungry.

A few feet away, Sansa perches on a log by the fire in her squire’s clothes, skinning a scrawny rabbit that she will split between her protector and her hostage.  Joffrey knows by now just how that division will go; the girl will hand off the choice cuts to the Hound, keep a haunch or two for herself, and toss the head and feet and other gristly bits to Joffrey.  To keep his fury in check, Joffrey imagines how one day he will throw his two captors into a cell and make them fight over clean-picked bones until they starve to death or one of them kills the other.

Sansa’s bare hands drip with the blood of the hare, and she bites her lower lip, trying to pull the whole pelt off in one piece the way the Hound taught her. In spite of the night’s chill, a sheen of sweat makes her filthy face glow in the light of the flame.  She looks and smells like a leather tanner, and Joffrey can only recall with great difficulty how he once thought her elegant and beautiful, with a submissive demeanor that befit his future queen.  

Acidic rage sizzles through Joffrey’s veins, and he clenches his teeth.  The little bitch will never be a queen of anything, Joffrey will see to that; he will escape and bring back an entire army to run her down, she and the Hound both –

“Oh –” Sansa mumbles a mild woman’s curse in disappointment as she peels back half the skin, leaving the rabbit’s rear haunches still covered in fur.  Gods, she is so pitiful.  The Hound must have shown her how to do that a hundred times, Joffrey thinks, and resents the fact that Sansa’s incompetence means that his dinner is even further away.  

Sansa glances at Joffrey with a look on her face that he remembers seeing back at King’s Landing, that way she used to furrow her brow after she did something unbearably stupid and expected Joffrey to call attention to her idiocy.  Joffrey’s every instinct screams out to berate the daft little imbecile, but he can’t, not with the Hound so close by.  The warrior crouches just across the clearing, eyeballing Sansa as usual, as though she were the most fascinating highborn lady he ever saw.

Joffrey glares at his former dog.  You turncloak bastard. I know your secret, and you will pay for it with your life.  And hers as well.  After a week or so on the run with the Hound and Sansa, Joffrey discerned that his sworn shield’s betrayal was the product of a hopeless obsession with the girl.  Now that Joffrey knows all of the Hound’s tells – the constant staring, the lingering touches – Joffrey feels foolish for not realizing it much earlier.  It is pathetic – almost as pathetic as Sansa’s obliviousness to the Hound’s obviousl desires.  Joffrey decides then and there that after he escapes, he will kill them together.

The Hound rises and approaches Sansa, and Joffrey carefully returns his face to a neutral expression in case he looks over.  Sansa bites her lip, her deepening humiliation evident, and Joffrey suppresses a gleeful grin as he waits for  the Hound to snatch the half-prepared rabbit away from the useless girl and finish the job himself.  To Joffrey’s dismay, the Hound instead turns the mistake into a learning experience and directs Sansa to cut and peel the skin off the paws with a certain flick of the wrist.  

She gets it right on the first try, then glances up at the Hound to get his validation.  Revolting, Joffrey thinks, a highborn girl seeking a traitor’s approval.

The Hound pats her shoulder roughly.  “As deft as the king’s butcher,“ the Hound mutters, then tears his eyes from the girl to get the spit ready for the fire.

Joffrey wants to puke.  /He/ never got compliments like that from the Hound, and he was his King!  The beast probably thinks it will help him get into Sansa’s smallclothes.  Maybe it’s not such a bad strategy.  His looks certainly won’t get him in there.  Joffrey glances back at Sansa to check out her reaction.

Amidst the sweat and grime on her dirty face, Sansa’s eyes light up.  She gazes at the Hound’s back with a very strange look on her face and blushes, which she often does when he talks to her.  A small, shy, closed lipped smile forms on her face as she slices open the rabbit’s abdomen.  There is something about that smile that looks familiar to Joffrey, and it annoys him that he cannot quite place it.  But then the Hound rises again and tosses an old shriveled plum into Joffrey’s lap, and Joffrey dares not stare at Sansa any longer.

Later that night, when the fire has burned down to embers and the moon lights up the clearing, Joffrey gazes over at Sansa again, who is still awake since she drew the first watch.  She should be listening for intruders, or pacing the clearing like the Hound taught her, but she is just staring at the Hound’s snoring bulk.  She goes over to him and pulls his thick cloak up around his shoulders, and he shifts, as if he knows she is there.  All through her watch, she keeps checking on the Hound to make sure that he is comfortable.  It’s almost as if the idiot girl is fascinated by the sleeping Hound.  

Fine.  They can have one another.  When Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne again, they can suffer together too.


If you liked this, you might enjoy my story “Kingstealer” - this is a part of that universe, if not “on screen”.

( lordoflions )

She had never imagined herself in this position -
staring at the face of her executioner. She had
always been careful, with her fires and her words;
potions and powders tucked carefully away,
enough to ensure her safety. 

            But she had placed too much faith in the power of her King’s
            army, and their ability to seize King’s Landing. They had failed,
            her King among the fallen. The warriors of the false King had
            stormed Dragonstone within the weak, and ( defenseless as they
            were ) the Priestess, the Queen & the Princess were all taken captive. 

For her role in aiding King Stannis, she was sentenced
to death - denied her wish of execution by fire &
instead set to have her head separated from her body
& affixed on the battlements of the Red Keep. She had
accepted her fate, and so when asked to plead and beg
for her life - said nothing

Loras being summoned back to Higharden moments after burring Renly
Loras being forced to fight with the Lannisters as soon as he arrives in Highgarden
Loas having to join Joffrey’s Kingsguard straight after the battle of Blackwater
Loras having to join Tommen’s Kingsguard straight after Joffrey’s death
Loras having to hide destroy his rainbow cloak before he had the proper chance to wear it
Loras blaming himself for Renly’s death

Loras not having any time to mourn the man he loved  :c
The True King Vignettes Chapter 1 - The Meeting, an a song of ice and fire fanfic | FanFiction

“ An AU story where Stannis Baratheon is victorious at the Battle of Blackwater Bay and other AU scenarios. This series of vignettes is primarily a vehicle to ship Stannis and Sansa Stark with acknowledgement of pre-ship between Sansa and Sandor Clegane. Stannis Baratheon/Sansa Stark”

Day 7: Favourite Episode.
This is really difficult because there are so many good episodes. I feel like the first episode is really cute because it’s the introduction and everyone is so fresh and cute, and when you contrast it to the last episode of S1 there’s just such a drastic change in the characters. So I think from S1 it will be episodes 1&10.

The episode that sticks out for me most in s2 is the Battle of Blackwater. I just really liked how it was filmed and seeing things from the perspectives of both sides which doesn’t tend to happen in other shows/films.

In season 3 I like episode 10 where Daenerys frees the slaves and they chant Mhysa. I really disliked the Red Wedding sequence just because it wasn’t how I imagined in the books. It wasn’t shocking because I knew it was coming. I was angry they decided to kill his wife and it was just ugh.

Season four, episodes 2 and 9 take the spotlight. Joffrey is finally killed, and I liked the battle between Wildlings and men of the nights watch.

Season Five:
Episode 8. Hard home! That is probably my most favourite battle scene in Game of thrones so far and it was completely original! I just liked how it was shot and the characterisation of wildlings and it was just perfect.


Awkward moment when many Americans actually do this…

Explore the Evolution of the Visual Effects in ‘Game of Thrones’

One of the major calling cards for Game of Thrones – besides their willingness to kill off any number of prominent characters – is their brilliant usage of visual effects. In a featurette by io9, the man responsible for achieving the grandiose spectacles, Joe Bauer, walks the viewer through how he and his team created the best special effects from each season – from crafting Drogon’s fiery retaliation against the Sons of the Harpy, to the enormous fight sequences like Battle of the Blackwater, Battle of Castle Black, and Hardhome.

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