Sansa, the Littlefinger 2.0, but not in the way you think

Heya! Well, I’m totally new in the Jonsa tag *waves akward hi* and well… I’d like to add my two cents to the tinfoil theories that are so fun to read (and to write, I must say).

I’m repeating: It’s totally tinfoil. Completely out of my head… or maybe not? (I know this post can also end in LF’s tag, but I already state that it’s not Baelish friendly). 

Well, here it goes.

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The Fate of Bran Stark

I want to talk about Bran Stark since he is often overlooked when it comes to the theories of how the war against the Others will play out as well as his eventual fate. His forward journey is perhaps the one that is the hardest to predict. Many seem to think that he’ll become enmeshed in a weirwood like the Tree-Eyed Raven but I don’t find that to be a particularly satisfying ending and the show seems to have put paid to that particular theory. The books and the show are diverging but Bran leaving the weirwood cave and the Tree-Eyed Raven makes sense when you consider how the narrative has framed his arc until now. Like his sisters, Sansa and Arya, Bran’s story has so far been one of apprenticeship and that narrative pattern generally ends with the apprentice finishing his/training, becoming a master and setting out for him/herself. What exactly is Bran’s role in the larger scheme of things? In this respect it is important to remember that Bran is in fact the single most magic character in the entire story. He is a powerful warg and greenseer – and it is those qualities that leads me to believe that he will play a crucial, if not the most crucial, part in the War for the Dawn.

Now is the time to put on the tinfoil hat and follow me into the realm of speculation.

Bran is, as already mentioned, the most magical character in the entire series and it is already suggested in the first book that he has a very special destiny. During his coma, he is contacted by a three-eyed raven who promises him that he’ll fly and shows him the heart of winter, which is terrifying (though we don’t see what Bran sees). In the second book, Bran is guided by another character with magical abilities – Jojen Reed who tells Bran that he has to travel beyond the Wall. Jojen has also dreamt of a winged wolf and a three-eyed crow – the winged wolf most likely referring to Bran. When he finds the Three-Eyed Raven, he is instructed in using his greensight to see the past and he is also continuing to exercise his powers as a warg.

The Last Hero

I convinced that Bran will play a crucial part in the final battle – for several reasons. One, he is the most magical person with his combination of warging and greenseeing. I suspect that his greenseeing will help him discover a way to end the threat of the Others. It is obviously important that he can see into the past. Secondly, I suspect that Bran will warg one of the dragons. There’s a reason that he is the most powerful warg in the realm and when he meets the Three-Eyed Raven he is told that “he will never walk again but that he will fly” (Dance of Dragons, ch. 13, Bran II). Furthermore, Bran’s story also shares a number of similarities with the legend of the Last Hero who went beyond the Wall to seek the help of the Children of the Forest. Could it be that Bran is going to have a role akin to the Last Hero? It is no accident that the Three-Eyed Raven, who is a Targaryen bastard, is specifically recruiting a Stark as an apprentice in magic against the approaching threat of the Others.

The Prince that was Promised/Azor Ahai

Throughout the story there’s a lot of talk about prophesies about a singular hero that will save the world from darkness. There’s Azor Ahai and the Prince that was Promised. They are seen as interchangeable Melisandre but it is unclear whether they refer to the same person.

There are several contenders for this role:

Aemon originally thought that it was Rhaegar Targaryen but later thinks that it is Daenerys Targaryen since she fits many elements of the prophecy.

Rhaegar thought it was his son Aegon and that his song was the Song of Ice and Fire (but that epithet only really fits Jon Snow as the son of a Stark and a Targaryen).

Melisandre thinks it is Stannis but in Dance of Dragons she only sees “snow” in her fires when she seeks answers on PwP/AA. That seems to point to Jon as well.

So who is the Chosen One, the hero to save the world? The figure of a Chosen One is one of the most pervasive tropes in fantasy fiction – but what if GRRM has decided to play around with the trope and have not one but three Chosen Ones to save the world? Who would they be? My theory is Jon, Dany and Bran – a Stark, a Targaryen and a Stark-Targaryen (symbolising Ice, Fire and the middleground between the two extremes).

The dragons are obviously going to play a crucial part in the war. It will be an epic battle between opposing elemental forces. The dragons are described as “fire made flesh” and it can be argued that the Others are “ice made flesh” since they melt when they are stabbed with dragonglass. There are three dragons and it seems that you have to be a Targaryen to be a dragonrider. Dany is already a dragonrider and Jon will most likely also be a dragonrider since he has Targaryen blood. Who will be the third? Not Tyrion as so many think (I don’t buy Tyrion as a secret Targ), possibly Aegon but not likely since he has been cut from the show and most likely is a fake (a mummer’s dragon). This is where Bran comes in. He is not a Targ but he is very powerful warg and I don’t think it is impossible that he’ll warg one of the dragons.

What will be Bran’s final fate?

Sadly, I fear that Bran won’t survive the final war. Why? Because I think that the bittersweet ending that GRRM promises will be a Tolkien inspired one: the heroes will win, important characters will be lost, the survivors will have to contend with a ravaged realm but some of them will also get a somewhat happy ending – and, most importantly, magic will disappear from Westeros. Why is that bittersweet? I think we’ll have to look at this in a Tolkienian vein: something awe-inspiring and otherworldly will be gone forever. Just like something beautiful and awe-inspiring is lost when the elves leave Middle-Earth for good.

What does this theory mean for the survival of the 6 main characters? (Yes, I count Sansa among the main characters). I have read an interesting take on these 6 characters, dividing them into Heroes (Jon, Dany, Tyrion) and Rebuilders (Sansa, Arya, Bran). This theory posits that the latter will survive to rebuild Westeros whereas the Heroes may all die. However, I wish to posit a different division with Jon, Dany and Bran as the Heroes (also the characters most associated with magic) and Sansa, Arya and Tyrion as the Rebuilders.

The Rebuilders are not strongly associated with magic and they all have skills that aren’t particular useful for a magical conflict but rather are rooted in the mundane world of politics. Sansa is learning the political game but she is also learning to manage a large household in the Eyrie – she will be perfectly poised to hold the homefront in Winterfell but also to lead the rebuilding. She also has the makings to be an excellent Consort, something that Tyrion notices when she is nothing more than a child. Arya is training as an assassin and spy and her skills could easily be adapted to the political game (spymaster) – though Arya’s forward journey is almost as difficult to predict as Bran’s. Tyrion is familiar with the political game but he is also a builder in a more concrete manner: he designed a special saddle for Bran and he had the massive chain made for the Blackwater Battle.

When it comes to the Heroes, I believe that the ones most likely to die are Bran and Dany. Bran because he is the character most intimately tied to magic and Dany because she is so closely tied to her dragons (also magic, they won’t survive the disappearance of magic). Dany’s death also fits nicely with the theory that ASoIaF isn’t a story about a Targaryen restoration. The original title for the last book was A Time for Wolves and the Starks are very much at the heart of the story. I have always seen Dany as a tragic character – the Last Targaryen and I believe that her story is not one of triumph but a swan song – the end of the Targaryen dynasty. Why? Because throughout the books (and the attending novellas), the Targaryens have largely been detrimental to Westeros. The Iron Throne is their creation and it is a toxic legacy that has riven the country with so much conflict and destruction that the people of Westeros are almost unable to face and withstand the real threat: the Others and the undead. Thus I think that Dany will be the last of her house and that she’ll perish with the creatures that are so intimately connected with her house.

What about Jon? I find Jon’s fate almost impossible to predict. I’d say there’s a 50/50 for his survival. One the one hand, he’s being resurrected for a specific purpose: to fight the Others. On the other hand, it is narratively unsatisfying to have him die again. Then there’s the fact that he also has a skillset that is very useful for post-war Westeros. He’s a leader of men and a military commander. He’s been made King in the North in the show and thus I think it mostly likely that he’ll be made king in the books as well (Robb’s will). Being the son of Rhaegar, he’ll also have a claim to the Iron Throne. However, I don’t think that the Iron Throne (or King’s Landing will survive). I think that the books will end with the rise of a new royal dynasty: the Starks and that the strongest political power will reside in the North.

In summation:

I think magic will disappear and the seasons will fall into a more “normal” pattern. I think Jon, Sansa, Arya (and possibly Tyrion) will survive whereas Dany and Bran will perish. The Iron Throne will cease to exist and the Starks will be the new political power in Westeros. Whether Westeros will remain a united kingdom or not is hard to predict – but I do find it possible for it to remain united under a Weirwood Throne instead of an Iron Throne.

However, this is all speculation and I could be completey wrong.


All are Character X Reader

Having none means no pairing (in some cases yet)

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   The 100

-The Late Hour of Dawn- -Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3-  A thief by nature, its given you a bad reputation around the camp. To find some peace from always having to defend yourself you find the early hour of morning is the best time to do so. However the choice on place is outside of the camps perimeter, and Bellamy is surprisingly slow to fixing that. (Bellamy)

-Lion Heart-  Bellamy has been your neighbor and friend for a long time, the knowledge of your parents abusive tendencies weighing heavy. Now in the guard, he finds the power to pull you away from that life, and into his. (Bellamy)

-Kaevkru-   You have been taken into Arkadia as one of the deathly sick. As you recover and Pike’s control spreads, it becomes apparent you and your fellow Grounders are in danger. You think if you can just make this underling Bellamy doubt a little more you can find a way out, but you’re not as good as using people as you hoped. (Bellamy)


-Shots in the Dark-  You’ve been picked up by a mysterious organization for your ability to turn invisible. You’re given a special suit and tons of money, but how much is that worth if the missions they send you on start stepping out of your moral code. (Bucky)

-Silvergate- Adopting you after being discovered in not the best of circumstances, Tony has to struggle with the very idea of parenthood. And then also the idea that you’ve developed super powers. And then also that you have a boyfriend. (Peter Parker)

-A Siren’s Scream-  Steve may finally be gifted with the perfect person, you. But you’re after something else. While it might pain you to do it, you’ve made Steve your choice in thrall, knowing few could stand against him, especially the man you want to kill. (Steve)

-Swimming in Stars-  Once his wayward captive, Loki visits you again, reminiscing on your time together and what time could be spent. But you’re a hero, one who can feel the emotions of others, and right now your own are muddied and confused. (Loki)

   Game of Thrones

-Battle of Contradictions-   A bastard Tyrell, books have always been your sanctuary from everyone else. While your reasons for being in Kings Landing are a mystery, as well as your debt to Baelish, the Battle for Blackwater nears and you offer your incredible book smarts to assist Tyrion where no others seem to.

-Given Time-  While Sansa may have passed up The Hounds offer, drunk as you were that night, you asked to be taken away. Away from your bitter sister Cersei and psychotic King nephew Joffrey. You didn’t realize the kind of repercussions that decision would lead to. (The Hound)

-Keep it Hush Hush-  Tyrion plays a little game of “Make up people’s lives”, and for you, the classic Assassin Bard. However the game goes a little awry when Jaime notices you acting suspicious, and someone ends up dead in the morning.

-Lost in a Viper Nest- The youngest Lannister, you were promised a long time ago to the Dornish prince Oberyn Martell in hopes to ease the feud between houses. Unfortunately your sister Cersei made sure the transition will be anything but easing. (Oberyn)

-What’s Destructed ‘round You-  With the better half of your family dead in a fiery blaze at the Sept of Baelor, you are now Cersei’s prisoner, the focus to take out her hollow frustrations, the prophecy inching her further into madness. Jaime can only stand by to watch, as his duty would bid him, for so long. (Jaime)

-White World, Black Cloak-  His new Kingship has got Jon thinking, worrying about his old wounds. To confide and ease his conflictions he goes to speak with you, an old friend of Ygritte’s, a worg blinded from a punishment of your grandparents. (Jon)


-Helpless-  Sad victim of the system you are, more than anything these days you are a beloved little pet to both Jerome and Barbara. And it takes a gentle hand to stop them from ripping each other apart to have you all to themselves. (Jerome)(Barbara) 

   Mad Max

-Silent Under the Stars-   After traveling with Max for a few months, you find a trinket you’ve long missed and are beyond elated to have in your hands again. However pulling something from Max you didn’t expect.

   Maze Runner

-Bitter Memories-  After years of competitive bickering and only weeks of being separated, you need to see Thomas again. Need to know if after everything that went down in the Maze a piece of you’re shared life together is still there. (Thomas)

   Teen Wolf

-Crown of Clovers- -Part 2- While the actual werewolves have their anchors, you seem to be the biggest for the whole pack. Despite the fact the supernatural has been kept a secret from you. However you might not be as out of the loop as you think.

-Eyes of the Dead- While you have always been a mystery to yourself, you aren’t to him. This creature you see as nothingness enveloping Stiles, decided’s you can be incredibly useful, the fact you know nothing is part of the fun. (Nogitsune/Stiles)

-Eyes of Fire-  You’re an Omega who has suddenly turned up to Beacon Hills, volatile and slowly losing your mind. Yet something about you has Scott’s senses in overdrive and he’s determined to help you in anyway he can, regardless of everyone and even himself saying not to. (Scott)

-Peitho-   Traveling the world and hunting monsters isn’t a half bad way to spend ones grief. In leaving with Chris, Isaac has experienced things he never even dared to dream of. Finding you was one of those things. (Issac)


-Serpents Armor- -Part 1- -Part 2-  While Helga has the reluctant Tanaruz, Floki is left with you. A strange and quiet tag along that wouldn’t leave the young girls side, though you two don’t seem to know each other very well. While you may not be Helga’s Godsend, maybe you still are all the same.

-Torch of Bellona- -Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -*Part 6-  Being a trouble maker has been your greatest thrill so far in your short life. Youngest daughter to King Aelle you spend whatever little idle time you can get tormenting your nephew Alfred and spying on King Ecbert’s court. This particular day proved far more fruitful than you could have ever imagined. (Ivar)

-*Gilded and Rouge- -Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6- A good year has passed since Vikings have landed and started their pillaging. The quiet farm girl you are, dreams of something greater have long since been abandoned and perhaps not for the worst, as you’re captured in a raid and made a slave. A slave to the Viking leader no less. (Ivar)

-*Withering Away Innocence- -Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4-  While he always thought his marriage would be filled with love making and wild hedonism shared with a beautiful woman, you seem more inclined to run away from him then scoot even an inch closer. You’re forced to confess, you’ve grown up very sheltered. (Hvitserk)

-The Green Lady- -Part 2-  After Hvitserk unwittingly desecrates your home, you demand an offering for his transgressions. Nothing too big oh no, a trifle drink for a faerie, you don’t understand what he is complaining about. Is catching the Sun and putting it in a cup really so hard? (Hvitserk)

-Only So Long-  Years of being married and Hvitserk still can’t stop teasing you with the worst flirting imaginable. And in front of his family no less! (Hvitserk)

-A Binding on Ichor- -The Morrígna- -Odin-  -Cernnunos- and -Anu- Ivar has been wrestled into a marriage with a Celtic princess. Celtic is a word that means nothing to him and makes one assumption after the other, the day spent moping and angry. Until your father and mother excitedly reveal how you’ll be celebrating the marriage. (Ivar)

-*In the Next Room-  You adore Ivar above all others, obsessed some have called it. But it’s all you have, these moments where he doesn’t know your there, that he can’t tell you to leave. (Ivar)

-I Understand-  Whether its five minutes or a few seconds, you and Ivar always dissolve into fights furious enough to shake the walls. Despite that, it’s rare for a certain unspoken line to be crossed. That is until Aslaug locks you two in a room to sort out your near non-existent differences, only to frustrate you both to a boiling point of honesty. (Ivar)


-Between Earth and Hades- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- Nearly old enough to be leaving high school, your mutant abilities have yet to manifest. In a school rebuilt and starting anew, filled with battered mutants, some are very prejudice against humans the way humans are prejudice against them, bagging a relief for their frustrations on you, the most human of them all. Professor Erik Lehnsherr spots the bullying and decided it’s time you found yourself. (Erik x Reader)

anonymous asked:

So Maester Steven do you mind clarifying some of what you said about he battle of the blackwater and the battle fo the Fords? Someone on Reddit is making the case that ultimately Tywins presence at the Blackwater didn't really matter, Stannis was too outnumbered for Tywins presence to matter, and ultimately Robb was always doomed by the alliance with the Tyrells. I was wondering how you respond to this claim.

Without Tywin showing up, Mace Tyrell doesn’t leave Tumbler’s Falls and the Tyrells never show up to the Battle of Blackwater - there’s a political deal on the table, but Mace needs Tywin to sign on the dotted line or he’s not going to move. (If you doubt me on this, see the first siege of Storm’s End)

And what people forget about the Blackwater is how important, and how fine-grained, timing was in that battle: Tyrion had fallen, the Gold Cloaks had broken, and Stannis’ men were prepping to get on boats and rafts and trans-ship to the northern bank when Tywin and the Tyrells arrived in the nick of time. Delay their arrival by even an hour or two, and Stannis takes the city. 

Sansa Stark Should Always Be Political

I’d like to talk about this misconception that is going around with Sansa Stark and politics. That it’s bad for her to have a political endgame, that her being Queen would be bad for her. This is not a ‘Queen Sansa’ meta, but a meta that is pro Sansa being in politics at the end of the series. There are several points I hope to get across

·         Sansa has a political responsibility to the world, specifically The North (and that’s a good thing)

·         Sansa would make a great politician

·         She’s not Littlefinger 2.0- she’s more than lying and cheating

·         She already has leadership experience under her belt- wanting it to lead to something is not foolish.

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anonymous asked:

Can you go more on detail why you think later asoaif books need an editor and how is unreliable narrator used?

This isn’t a particularly revolutionary opinion, but the sagginess of the later books is (at least in part) a product of the skipped five year timeskip. Originally after ASOS, the narrative was supposed to jump five years forwards, to give the younger characters a chance to grow up and learn the skills they needed - Jon holding the wall, Dany ruling Mireen, Arya learning to be an assassin, Bran to Warg etc. Then GRRM realised that skip wouldn’t work for the adult characters - has Cersei’s self destruction been going on in slowmo? - so he cut it. Which means the later books are heavy on the training montages and travelogues as he shuffles characters into position for the final act. Although a lot of the stories have merit - Tyrion realising how much his privilege as a lord sheltered him from the abuse other dwarves in Westeros face, Brienne’s on-the-ground look at how war has torn the Riverlands apart - I found it all dragged on a bit too much. Brienne’s story especially since the readers know where Arya and Sansa are and know everything she’s doing is doomed to failure - there’s dramatic irony and then there’s misery porn. 

As for unreliable narrators, every PoV character is biased, at least to the extent of seeing their own (stupid/awful) actions as reasonable. The most pointed example of how a character’s perspective colours the narrative is Sam and Jon, who give us two PoVs on the same conversation: in Sam’s chapter, Jon is the icy and implacable Lord Snow, trampling over Sam’s fears, while from Jon’s side we see he’s exhausted, frustrated, and struggling to maintain his facade of detached command. (We are also have Jon’s puzzlement over Sam’s odd reaction to an offhand comment about Bran which we, and Sam, know is because Bran isn’t dead as Jon believes)

Some other characters that take unreliable to the next level:

  • Cersei spends AFFC alienating her political base, staffing her council with incompetents and bankrupting the crown while congratulating herself on her A+ genius ruling. See also her blaming the washerwomen for shrinking all her dresses when it’s fairly clear to us that she’s gaining weight thanks to her drinking. 
  • Sansa misremembers traumatic situations as a defence mechanism - the most infamous example is rewriting the night of the Battle of Blackwater to involve the Hound kissing her.
  • Victarion ‘my plans are good and smart and people are wrong to laugh at me and it’s not my fault I beat my wife to death’ Greyjoy. 

anonymous asked:

This is something that has always confused me about the books - during the Hound's and Sansa's meeting during the battle of Blackwater, the Hound acts as though he is going to kiss Sansa but it doesn't say he ever did. Later in the books though, it's mentioned that he did kiss her. So did he actually kiss her or not? (Sorry if I'm wrong here, it's been years since I've read the books, but I distinctly remember being confused over this)

Well let’s look at it again first:

The blood masked the worst of his scars, but his eyes were white and wide and terrifying. The burnt corner of his mouth twitched and twitched again. Sansa could smell him; a stink of sweat and sour wine and stale vomit, and over it all the reek of blood, blood, blood.

“I could keep you safe,” he rasped. “They’re all afraid of me. No one would hurt you again, or I’d kill them.” He yanked her closer, and for a moment she thought he meant to kiss her. He was too strong to fight. She closed her eyes, wanting it to be over, but nothing happened–A Clash of Kings, Sansa VI

So no, the Hound did not kiss her. But in ASOS, Sansa misremembers the events from the night:

Sansa wondered what Megga would think about kissing the Hound, as she had. He’d come to her the night of the battle stinking of wine and blood. He kissed me and threatened to kill me, and made me sing him a song.–A Storm of Swords, Sansa II

According to George R. R. Martin, this misremembered “unkiss”  could play a role later in the series.

“You will see, in A Storm of Swords and later volumes, that Sansa remembers the Hound kissing her the night he came to her bedroom… but if you look at the scene, he never does. That will eventually mean something, but just now it’s a subtle touch, something most of the readers may not even pick up on,”-GRRM,

I highly recommend @valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl​‘s very interesting, thought provoking meta here that explores why Sansa invented the Unkiss and the purpose it serves in her story arc. - mod feather

Given Time

Originally posted by sansanfan97

Pairing: The Hound X Lannister Reader

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: None, just some good wholesome pain

While Sansa may have passed up The Hounds offer, drunk as you were that night, you asked to be taken away. Away from your bitter sister Cersei and psychotic King nephew Joffrey. You didn’t realize the kind of repercussions that decision would lead to.

It felt like a lifetime ago you drank and drank yourself thoughtless for the Battle Of Blackwater. A lifetime ago you had run away with the Hound where even Sansa wouldn’t. It was only months but Gods was it a lifetime ago. It was a stupid impulse, and the places it took you were terrifying and cold.

Highwaymen and soldiers alike commented on your beauty, then groped for it with dirty and mean hands. But the Hound was there, he was always by your side to personally kill every single one of them. At first you didn’t think you could possible be more afraid of him, but watching The Hound gut and behead and beat men into brainmash gave you more nightmares than your nephew Joffrey ever did.

There were little moments that gave you pause. Pulling a clean handkerchief from a fresh kill and handing it to you for the splattered blood on your face. The way he jokingly called you Lioness when you tried to hide your trembling from him. The lasting looks he gave you when he thought you weren’t paying attention, looks that made you wonder if he’d always given them and you just never noticed before this mismatched journey together.

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anonymous asked:

"(If you doubt me on this, see the first siege of Storm’s End)" What did you meant by that?

During Robert’s Rebellion, Mace Tyrell put Storm’s End under siege and maintained the siege until the end of the war. While most fandom focus on the Siege has been on Stannis and the people inside the walls, it’s important to think about Mace and the people outside the walls:

  • Mace put Storm’s End under siege rather than pursue Robert Baratheon into the Riverlands, forcing Jon Connington to personally take the field to try to run down the Stormlander army. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even when Connington was beaten at the Battle of the Bells and the rebel hosts of the Starks, Tullys, Arryns, and Baratheons united. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even after Rhaegar returned and marched to the Trident. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even after Rhaegar was defeated at the Trident, and nothing stood between the rebels and King’s Landing. 

Does anyone think that Lord Merryweather, Lord Connington, Lord Chelsted, or the King didn’t send letters in all that time, asking the largest contingent of loyalists in all of Westeros to come to the defense of the king? Pointing out that Mace could easily divide his enormous host and still keep Storm’s End under siege while making a decisive turn in the war by giving the loyalists a numerical advantage over the rebel host? 

Mace stayed at Storm’s End because it was safe, because he is by nature a cautious and conservative man. It’s the same reason that, when Renly was marching on King’s Landing with a massive, seemingly unbeatable host, Mace stayed behind at Highgarden with 10,000 men to keep him safe and stayed there while Randyll Tarly sorted things out at Bitterbridge, and then went to Bitterbridge once things were safe. 

So in a moment of profound uncertainty, with his daughter having been wed to a dead rebel and the Reach politically divided, is Mace Tyrell going to attack Stannis Baratheon on his lonesome, with only the word of Petyr Baelish as surety that he’ll get what he wants after? 

No. Because that’s not what happens. Mace stays at Bitterbridge while Baelish sends riders to get Tywin to force-march down to the Reach and sign onto the deal while there’s still time. And as a result of those riders and Tywin’s speedy arrival, they arrive just in the nick of time.

But any delay, even by an hour or two, means the Battle of Blackwater would have been lost. 

Sandor Clegane x Reader...

Imagine it’s you who Sandor takes away from Kings Landing during the Battle of Blackwater Bay

Word count: 1,377

You had always known there was more to Sandor Clegane than he would show. Sure, he was rough around the edges a little. He drank and cursed and didn’t even try to show that he gave a shit about nobility and titles. But he was nice to you and Lady Sansa, he truly seemed to care about what happened to you. But it wasn’t until the night of the battle…the Battle of Blackwater Bay when he came back to the castle, to take you away, that you realized how much he actually cared about you…not just about what happened. His hands were rough as they grabbed at your arms, shook you a little as if that would help you make a decision faster, and the wine on his breath told you he was not exactly sober.

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Sandor X Reader

[I wrote this for the dirtygot blog but since this is my second fanfic writing ever I am anxious to post it. I hope all the Sandor fangirls out there enjoy it! Feel free to give feedback, I’m a scientist so I don’t have much experience writing fiction.]

[Anyway, as this title says, this is a reader insert with Sandor Clegane from Game of Thrones/ASOIAF. Rated M for smuttyness, but I tried to make it very romantic too. 2,521 words]

“Getting Clean”

Today it felt like you had been riding forever. It had to be about late afternoon by now. You leaned back into Sandor’s chest as he guided Stranger through the wilderness. Thoughts of yesterday’s passion filled your mind. After the Battle of Blackwater, Sandor rescued you from King’s Landing to take you home and you became lovers to your surprise. While eating you out last night Sandor gave you the best orgasm of your life and today you wanted the full deal.

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Okay but could you imagine Podrick Payne’s autobiography?  This kid served as Tyrion Lannister’s squire throughout his entire term as hand of the king, he fought in the battle of blackwater, was witness to the purple wedding, followed Brienne of Tarth across half the kingdom (and if she doesn’t become a legend I don’t know who will), and now he’s got a front row seat to the taking back of the North by the Starks.

This kid’s going to be the fucking voice of these times, mark my words 

I love that quote in Game of Thrones where Salladhor Saan says, “You Westerosi are funny people, A man chops off your fingers and you fall in love with him!” and Davos just laughs and smiles fondly like yeah dude you aren’t being as subtle about it as you think you are, literally everyone know you’re in love with Stannis.

Imagine that you are the only person Sandor trusts and due to that he has told you his story. During the battle of Blackwater where he is confronted with his fear you are comforting him.

You were a Lady so a battlefield wasn’t quiet the place for you. But you didn’t care at all. As all the other ‘non-warriors’ of a higher register you were staying inside the castle. You were really worried because Sandor was somewhere out there. Of course you knew that he was a great fighter but you could never know what might happen. You looked out of the window of your chamber and saw the enemy ships approach.

You had just started to wonder how they were going to defeat them when you saw somebody shooting an arrow in the direction of the ships. Green fire started to spread and came closer and closer to the ships. You immediately knew how they were going to defeat them. They were using the wildfire. The second thought in your mind was Sandor. You knew about his fear of fire. You had once discoverd it when he was injured and you wanted to cautorize his wound. He had refused to let you do it and you had seen the fear in his eyes. After that he had told you how all of this happened. How must he feel now?

You rushed out of your chamber. You knew the approximate direction where the knights were located. After a while you had finally found Sandor. He was standing really close to King Joffrey. In the moment you wanted to approach him the ships started to catch fire. It spread even more rapidly than before. And then suddenly they exploded. Men were burning and jumping into the sea trying to safe themselves.

You looked at Sandor. You saw that he gasped and froze in shock. Because everybody was focused on the fire you could sneak there unnoticed. You softly grabbed Sandor’s hand and led him away from this whole scenario. He was following you like he was in trance. You stopped a few meters away in a dark corner where nobody would be able to see the two of you.

Sandor was still not really reacting and his eyes where still focused on the fire. Even though it was now further away from him and couldn’t do him any harm you still saw the fear in his eyes. You walked a step closer to him and just hugged him. It took a moment but then he instantly pulled you closer and wrapped his arms around you. Although Sandor was very kind and gentle to you he wouldn’t act like that when the King was that close.

You heard that he was breating heavily like he was having a panic attack. You started softly caressing his back and whispered to him that he was safe here and that you would not let anybody harm or ever let anybody hurt him like that again. You just stood there, holding each other, while the world around us seemed to end. You still heard all the soldiers screaming in pain when they were burning to ashes. You were scared too but you knew that you had to be strong now. For Sandor. He had protected you from so many things. From rapists to King Joffrey who didn’t seem to like you a lot. Now it was finally your time to do something for him.

After his breathing had finally slowed down again you started to let go of him. When you looked him in the eyes you could see the thankfulness there. You placed your hand on his cheek. “Are you okay?” you asked and looked at him questioning. He didn’t answer you and only gave you a small nod. He had never been a man of many words.

You softly grabbed his hand. “Let’s get out of here Sandor”, you said and started walking to the exit of the castle. Sandor stopped you. “Wait, first I have to do something. And then we will finally be out of here forever and never comeback.” He turned around and walked back to the battlefield. Before he disappeared he looked back to you. His words were gently and only you were able to hear them. But they warmed your heart. “Thank you little bird.”

GoT: Gendry: Season 7 & 8 Hopes n Dreams

k but Gendry and Orys Baratheon parallels because like… if he is gonna be a big thing in season 7 like everyone is rumoring and that he’s been seen in Belfast (Winterfell and the general North) AND Spain (Kingslanding and the general south) i wanna take a minute to talk about what he’s got.

He’s the last of the Baratheon bloodline. We all know that. But he’s also prolly the only living blood relative of Danaerys. Dont forget that Robert Baratheon’s Grandmother was Princess Rhaella Targaryen AND Orys Baratheon was a Targaryen bastard as well, making Gendry her only blood family (either than Jon of course, but we all know Jon’s gonna do shit.)

If he lives through the war of the dawn I can see him getting rewarded as Lord Gendry Baratheon of Storm’s End and reviving House Baratheon.

Now how will this come about I wonder. Gendry wouldn’t come up with that himself. I dont think Danaerys would come up with it herself because she would have to have someone explain everything to her. Now, who has an interest in bettering the realm? Ohh! Tyrion and Varys. I think one of the two or BOTH will tell Gendry that he has a shot at Lordship and of course Gendry will be all like “No I hate the nobility. I dont want to be one of them.” and then the answer to that will be. “Your distaste of the nobility is exactly why you should become a Lord. You have a duty.” 

“And duty? Why? Because the king fucked my mother in a brothel, now I have a duty to his house?”

“No, your claim to House Baratheon is merely an opportunity. Your duty lies with your young self, a bastard boy with no family wondering around flea bottom hungry. Any other highborn lord will sit in the golden stag dining room at Storm’s End and eat their supper while his people starve… I say, you would sell all those golden stags, wouldn’t you? You’d be content to eat at a simple wooden table knowing it wasnt on the backs of the lowborns. The last thing this realm needs is another castle full of pampered brats that don’t know a damn thing about the people they rule. If you live through this war I know I can easily convince our Queen to make you Lord Baratheon of Storm’s End. After all you are her cousin…”


I want the Acorn Hall scene to take place still even tho we’re way past it in the books. Maisie Williams is older now and Arya has completed most of her solo self-finding soul-searching mission and is now back in Westeros completing more of her list and then probably going home to Winterfell where Sansa is.

We saw Arya in some nice feminine clothes in Braavos. Personally, I think she’s pulling a “tomboy grows up and begins to appreciate femininity in her own unique way.”  thing that happens all the time. as much as people wanna say Arya will always be this dress and bath hating child forever, realistically it’s not likely.

The party traveling to Winterfell from Kingslanding is large so Sansa is planning a feast for everyone as a welcome back/to. I can see a nice sisterly moment where Sansa asks Arya if she’d like something nice to wear to the feast and when Arya isnt disgusted by the question and actually smirks a bit and maybe makes a joke about how pretty her brown old tunic is.. Sansa takes her hand and they go away together to pick out dresses and do their hair nice and we get to see them have this really innocent happiness again even just for a bit. then of course the only dress at Winterfell that will fit Arya is this acorn dress. then of course you know the whole Acorn Hall scene with Gendry. and I want Ser Bronn of the Blackwater to be the one that sings Featherbed and teases them because I love Bronn and I think that laughing and teasing them is totally something he would do, as well we have already seen him drunkenly singing The Rains of Castamere before the Battle of Blackwater, so why not sing My Featherbed?


Arya will wake up a day after the war of the dawn has ended and she’s all bandaged up but is not that bad and capable of walking. Sansa is by her side. She asks about a few people and finally asks about Gendry. By most everyone’s knowledge of yesterday they all thought Gendry was too badly hurt and wasnt going to make it. Arya runs to his room and takes his head in her hand and talks sweetly to him thinking that this is the last time she’s ever going to have with him. Then she gives him a soft kiss. Gendry then opens his eyes a bit and whispers, “Arya…”


“I’m… alright..”

and there’s a moment there she’s processing what’s been said. then the Maester of whoever is caring for people comes into the room not having heard the whispers, “Isn’t it great My Lady? I was just spreading a bit of a word to everyone about him. Most people, including myself, thought he was a goner, but then I started tending to his wounds and they werent even half as bad as we all thought. Cleaned and bound him up right as rain and knocked him out with milk of the poppy.” By this time now Arya is horrified. She let’s go of him and stands up, embarrassed. Gendry tries to console her, “Come on, Arya, don’t be embarrassed. It was sweet.” Arya immediately leaves because she has to, though she doesnt actually want to stay away. She goes to the kitchens and gets breakfast for them both and returns.  


“…but what’s west of Westeros? I’d like to see that.” I cant see Gendry wanting to adventure around the world with Arya and as much as I’d like to fantasize about Arya and Gendry being the Lord and Lady of Storm’s End and having lil Baratheon babies… i dont know…. I feel like after the war of the dawn and Arya has taken her vengeance and maybe ditched her list all together after having her blood warmed again by Jon, Sansa, and Gendry that Arya won’t want to stay in one place being a lady and wife and mother. it just seems weird for her to end up the lady of Storm’s End after saying she wants to see what’s West of Westeros.

UPDATE: I am just remembering Gendry’s talk with Davos. Davos was born in fleabottom as well. King Stannis gave him a lordship and made him the hand of the king. Davos almost didnt accept the Lordship but he did because he wanted his son to have a better life. But then his son died young anyways! And Davos may be clean and have soft bed but he’s no more safe or happy because of his Lordship. What if Gendry likes the picturesque ideas Tyrion and/or Varys tells him about how the realm doesnt need another pampered bitch ass lord? And that he can do the realm some good? He can help people? He was once one of them therefore he knows what they need? Well… what if Gendry doesnt really give a crap about the people???? Maybe Gendry is only seriously considering accepting a Lordship because it might mean getting to fucking relax and be safe and clean and fed… but then, wait, no, if he’s learned 1 thing during this wild ride it’s that castles and armies and nobility and money aint actually shit. it doesnt matter that Gendry would be a good and noble lord. sure the smol folk would love him but that doesnt mean he’d be safe and not create enemies just by existing. Ned Stark was kind and honest and noble and well liked and he still had enemies that wanted and got his head.

Here’s what I see and hope for: Gendry seriously considers accepting the offer of being Lord of the Stormlands. But then Arya comes to him after the war of the dawn and asks him what he thinks he’ll do next and where he’ll go. She’s asking him this because she wants him to come with her.. to see what’s West of Westeros. He tells her that he’s been offered a lordship. Arya’s taken aback by that, and asks, “So that’s it then? You’re going to be a Lord.” Gendry nods, “No.”

Does anyone remember that shot after him and Arya first met and they were first leaving King’s Landing? Gendry put his helmet on the cart and pulls himself up, and then he gives Arya a hand and pulls her up and they sit next to each other on the way to the wall.

what i am seeing is a mirror of that but on the boat sailing for a new world in the west of whatever. maybe they climb somewhere high on the boat. Gendry puts his stuff up on the sit and pulls himself up and then gives Arya a hand a pulls her up and they sit next to each other has they’re leaving King’s Landing for the last time just as they sat next to each other the first time. can you imagine the gifsets?

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is there any smut fics of sansa and the hound while they are at Kings landing?

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