Some of my followers are a bit too young to remember about this.
It was on the 4th of April 2004 in Najaf, Iraq.
A few US servicemen (Marines mostly) and a group of private military contractors were stuck on a rooftop. They held their position for hours against hundred of Shia insurgent of the Mahdi Army.
Among the PMC guys (from Blackwater, boohoo the evil, etc) was Travis Haley, better known for having been the CEO of Magpul, and Ben Thomas (who was, by his own admittance, “a Navy SEAL for five minutes”, quiet a controversial character).
Despite all the political/ethical questions around the persons involved, I think this is an interesting part of the war in Iraq.

Oh, I should add: with them, there were a few soldiers from El Salvador who were really hardcore people. And one Spanish soldier who didn’t run away like the rest of his team.


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I should preface this by saying I’m not sure that it’s finished, but I like where it’s at and I don’t like having to force more words, so it’s done for the moment.

I learnt to walk,
By following the goat on the mountain side.
I learnt to see,
By watching the hawk high overhead.
I learnt to hear,
By listening to the lone coyotes howl.
I learnt to speak,
By talking to the trees.
I learnt touch,
By floating in the ocean.

I learnt of you,
By forgetting everything.

I think the fact that Jacob imprints on (and let’s face it, eventually falls in love with) Renesmee doesn’t bug me because it all ties up everything far too neatly. It doesn’t bug me that the hatred between Edward and Jacob that has built for 3.5 novels is suddenly gone.

It bugs me because falling in love with an immortal literally goes against EVERYTHING Jacob stands for. He’d have to keep morphing forever to stay in her life. Jacob has made it clear before that he hates the idea of immortality and eventually he’ll stop morphing and grow old. That can’t happen if the person he’s in love with is an immortal. Jacob is a shape shifter, yes, but SUCH a big deal is made of the fact that ultimately HE IS HUMAN. Can we also comment on the fact that Jacob despises the idea of imprinting. He despises the idea of so tightly belonging to someone else. Imprinting is a rarity. I’m very disinclined to believe that so many of them would imprint, and what’s more, someone who was so set against it would.

And you know what makes the whole thing about that even more irritating? The fact that just before Renesmee was born, LEAH TOTALLY GOT IT. She understood Jacob and his reasoning behind things. She understood and AGREED with his ideas of immortality, of imprinting. She understood his pain of seeing the one you love fall in love with someone else. There was some serious bonding going on there. Leah was perfect for Jacob and had so much character development potential. Yet once Renesmee was born, Leah as good as vanished. The woman who actually UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED with Jacob was disregarded for a child who, innocent as she may be, literally makes everything Jacob stands for go to ash.

THAT’S what maddens me. Stephanie Meyer had a great idea with Twilight and I love it - but it’s as though everything had to fit into Bella and Edward’s little family to be a part of the story. And I believe that Jacob was to be a part of their family really, he was always going to be there for Bella; but putting him with Renesmee was just wrong in every conceivable way GAH.


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