One of my #wcw is this girl right here @pastellillies
She’s one funny mofluffin person I haven’t known her for a loooong time but it feels like I’ve known her forever she’s one of my only friends. Honestly having her as a friend is amazing, she listens to me whine about my crap..and she’s so good at being a friend and being honest. She’s been through a lot too and I understand everyone goes through rough periods of time, but I just wanted to remind her and all of you that you guys should try to at least fake positivety, even if it does get old after a while, seeing your beautiful smiles could brighten anyones day and the more you fake it the bigger the chance it will sooner or later be a real smile and attitude c:
Plus she’s my black twin

#blacktwin #sheszebae #bestfriend #amazingperson #stronggirl #rad #sohardcore #dessy #youbettershipus #dessyforlife

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Blacktwin Demo Reel

What I like about this reel is the confidence Blacktwin exhibits by showcasing some shots that wouldn’t normally make it into a traditional reel. I’ve grown accustomed to seeing reels with overstylized, jam-packed visual snippets meant to dazzle, blind and (hopefully) impress. What is lacking in these reels can be context and sensitivity. For me, Blacktwin swims upstream with their self promotional piece.

Blacktwin Demo Reel was originally published on Digital Canvas