blackthorn gym

Counting Stars [Lyra & ???]

The sun had set long along, and the temperature drop was noticeable, though not by a wide margin. Lyra sat on a grassy hill overlooking Blackthorn City. Challenging this gym would mean the final 8th badge from Johto, which would consequently grant her access into the Johto League. She was so close.

She attempted to forget about that, though. Her Umbreon lied at her feet, snoozing lightly. The glowing rings on his body proved to be an excellent source of light - she didn’t want to attract too much attention by making a fire.

The night sky was gorgeous - a rarity for VRO. The stars and moon shone so brightly she could swear they were almost real.

This is part of a series of logos I’m making where I take a pokemon gym and create a fictional sports team logos based off of the gym, the city, and a pokemon the gym leader uses. This logo is part of the second set of logos I’m doing which is based off of the Johto region. The first set I did was based on the Kanto region.

This is the sixteenth one which is based off of the Blackthorn City gym, and I’ve named them the Blackthorn City Dragons. Dragonair is the pokemon I’ve chosen.

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“Great Bowls of Fire”: 2 of my all time faves pkmn on this episode! (I think that’s Dragonite’s “outrage” not an “attack rage”…I’m such a nerd/otaku)