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anonymous asked:

It suddenly came across my mind that what if Helen was the one who got taken away by the Faeries instead of Mark and like I was wondering if you'd have any au headcanons on it? :)

ooh ouch, that’s interesting. (sorry I blanked on this a little bit, but I really love the idea!)

  • Since she was the oldest present she went downstairs with Katerina instead of Mark, who called the Clave to get the children to Idris.
  • Helen would most definitely resist against the Faerie’s as long as she could, even after they tell her that all of the kids are “dead” and try to get her to drink their wine/eat their food and despite Meliorn’s torture. She know’s Faerie and Faerie’s well so their tricks are not lost on her.
  • In this scenario I imagine Aline was there in Los Angeles with her and by association, probably Turned by Sebastian like her father, so she’s fueled by the hapless thought that maybe it wasn’t true the kids were killed, though Faerie’s couldn’t lie, because she didn’t think she could live with herself if everyone she’s ever loved had died all in one day
  • It’s rare that Gwyn ap Nudd would take females into the Hunt but he takes mercy on her, finally coaxes her into drinking his wine to join him to ride among the stars and collect the souls of the dead rather be a slave to the Seelie Court, which is where she otherwise would have ended up.
  • After that Helen refuses to look into anything reflective for quite sometime - she doesn’t want to see her mismatched eyes, doesn’t want to see herself become something that she knew she wasn’t. Eventually, over time, that mindset goes away.
  • When Jace and the other’s confirm that her siblings are in fact alive and Meliorn had lied because he was half-faerie, Helen like, loses it. Mark is too young to take care of the children all by himself, they need her, and she needed to get to them.
  • She tries to leave with, she really does - because it doesn’t matter if they’re going to Hell, she’ll go with them if that meant there was a chance to get back to her kids - but she knows the Hunt would kill her if she did and knows she would be no help to them if she was dead.
  • Like Mark, she warns the Clave as much as she could without getting caught. Jia is more prepared to believe her because of her relationship with her daughter but is bitter with the thought that if Aline hadn’t been with her in Los Angeles she wouldn’t have been Turned.
  • Overtime Helen loses a part of herself to the Hunt; let’s that mischievous fae-child festering within her take hold of herself, the one she hadn’t felt since she was small and living in Faerie with her mother.
  • She adjusts more to being called by her Welsh name, Elen. She learns to speak Welsh fluently eventually.
  • Many Faerie’s tend to call her Nerissa, because of how much they look alike - especially since now, one of Helen’s eyes looks like her mother’s. The first time one does, Helen clenches her fists and looks away and tries not to cry. 
  • The next time another one does she punches them square in the mouth and Kieran laughs.
  • She keeps the Penhallow ring on a chain around her neck. It’s something that she fiddles with often when she finds her memories of Aline flickering; she panics when she can’t remember her voice, so Kieran helps calm her and reassure her that the memories are not lost forever. The same with her siblings, though Helen has no physical ties back to them to help her remember Octavian’s name or Drusilla’s smile. 
  • She doesn’t try to love someone else again.
  • Helen is one of the Hunt’s best because of her Shadowhunter training, and many Hunters learn to respect her over time where once they hadn’t because of her lineage (and not because she was female. Gender biased does not exist in Faerie).
  • She names her horse Gwyneira, which means “white as snow” (hint: Wrangel Island anybody??)
  • When it comes down to choosing between staying with her family after the murder investigation - where she feels like an outcast - or going back to the Wild Hunt, the choice is not as easy as she once thought.

Some of the Shadowhunter Families

Morgenstern -> family ring: a star

Fairchild -> family ring: faeries

Lightwood -> family ring: a torch

Herondale -> family ring: herons

Carstairs TID/TDA -> family ring: a pattern of castles or crenellations

Blackthorn TDA -> family ring:a pattern of thorns



Shadowhunter Families and Symbols

“The legend of the origin of Shadowhunters is that they were created more than a thousand years ago, when humans were being overrun by demon invasions from the other worlds. A warlock summoned the Angel Raziel, who mixed some of his own blood with the blood of men in a cup, and gave it to those men to drink. Those who drank the Angel’s blood became Shadowhunters, as did their children and their children’s children.”

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