blacktailed deer

i dont actually have a deer fursona set up it isnt like a real thing i just hypothesized that if i wasnt a hyena i would be a sitka blacktail deer and its great because Spag Stag!

i always felt like a really good alternate fursona for me other than being a hyena would be like an anthro sitka blacktail deer w unusually reddish fur that goes along w the genderfuck theme in that they’d be sometimes drawn w antlers and sometimes without antlers

Another Bust

As a hunter, I believe that one of the most important aspects of hunting is being okay with leaving the woods empty-handed. I didn’t shoot a deer this morning, but I did see five does and two bucks - one spike buck that wasn’t legal to shoot, and a perfect, mature, heavily-bodied four-pointer with a nice wide spread. But he was standing on a gravel road, and was too far for me to take a decent shot at with my Winchester. The fork-horned buck slipped away into the trees with exuberant confidence and was gone. 

I have no problem leaving the woods empty-handed. As much as I want the meat, and the hide, and the bones that a deer kill will provide for me, I don’t ever want the hunt to be a negative or stress-inducing notion for me. 

I enjoyed watching the sunrise, shared the company of an enormous great-horned owl, listened to a pair of king fishers quarrel in the marsh, and got to watch some beautiful deer today. Perhaps tomorrow I will have better luck. But if not, that’s okay, too. 

Blacktail deer skull I’ve been cleaning for the owner at Coelho Winery. I was rather tickled when he stopped by to drop it off, as he’s kind of a local celebrity around here.

My firearms expert introduced him to me while we were talking business at lunch at the local cafe, and he dropped the skull off the next morning. Wants this and a doe skull to sit over the restrooms at the winery for ‘men’ and 'women’. 

He took this deer himself last season. My beetles did a wonderful job of cleaning what was left of the flesh off for me!