When The Flash Fanboys Get Schooled...

Commenter  on Youtube wrote:

I watch this show because I fucking love the Flash, but all of you fangirls bring your “ship stuff bullshit” because you think this is a damn romance show, and the writers are really dumb to listen to all of you fangirls, you got to be dumbass, it said on the wiki “Sci-Fi, action, superheroes” but this is nothing like the comics. 

You should better read the comics to know a thing about the Flash and his characters. And then, you’d know why we prefer Iris in the comics, or maybe you’re just a fangirl who prefer a romance show ? Do you watch Daredevil ? Luke Cage ? The Flash is suppose to be the same, Arrow was the same, until season 3 and the fuck up season 4. Now go fuck yourself with your ship bullcrap, snowfuckingballs, weirdfuckingawkward allen.

This was one of the responses:

“@Blackstreak Every superhero that I know has a significant other, even Batman at different times, it’s what makes them human. Their humanity is found in their friendships and the people they love, be they Wonder Woman or Superman. But I have to assume that you’re a raging imbecile, because this seems like basic comic hero lore. I’m assuming that you were borne of a woman, and not just dug up from the gutter? Which would imply that your dad had  a relationship with your mother at some point in their lives, and you were the result. 

Making families, and babies and creating a progeny, that’s how the world moves forward, and that’s something that still can’t be done without at least involving a woman. But I know how sexist and misogynistic you raging fanboys are.   

 I’m always surprised that people who love superhero shows can be such immense assholes. Like, Barry is  good guy who would never rag on a woman, not even the villains, but here you are being a hating-ass bitch for literally no reason. Be more like Barry, and less like a shitstain on a toilet. Neither Iris nor Caitlin deserves to die, and the fact that you think they do, makes me fear for the people in your real life.“